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Last 50 tweets from @warcoresponted
Βίντεο για γερά στομάχια! Τούρκοι στρατιώτες δολοφονούν Κούρδισσες του YPJ…
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Replying to @apokalyptikodel :
@apokalyptikodel @velopky IS NOT YPJ... THEY ARE YJA STAR...
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أصيب مدني جراء قصف الاحتلال التركي على قريتي قوتا وكاره التابعين لناحية بلبله تزامناً مع القصف على مركز منطقة جندريسه.
وأفاد مراسل وكالة أنباء هاوار أن مدنياً يدعى كاوا أحمد حبيب من أبناء قرية قوتا، تعرض للإصابة في القرية نتيجة سقوط عشرات القذائف عليها.…
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Once you have such protectors with such morale in resisting and protecting #Afrin, how can you hand over your land? Afrin people decided to resist alongside their fighters and never let TSK/jihadists to take over their region.
143 320
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Few tweets of support after my @bbcbigquestions debut. Thank you! A better world is possible, we cant be distracted by the future of jihadists. They made their bed. Our efforts and thoughts must be with their victims and the future of Syria..
14 36
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The level of @BILD "#journalism":

Julian Röpcke shares a #Turkish propaganda video with obviously fake subtitles and condemns #YPG. He then asks whether someone can Kurdish to verify it.

The only problem: You don't need to know #Kurdish; There are no mute spoken languages.
62 89
1 2
#Sweden liberal lawmaker Fredrik Malm says #Erdogan is developing Islamist dictatorship in #Turkey, shuts down newspapers, jails critics. He also said Turkish military cooperates with Jihadists in #Afrin offensive, creates instability in Syria. @FredrikMalm
219 215
0 0
Resmi Kaynaklar Zaten Resmi Ajanslardan Açıklama Yapıyor Ancak Yerel Kaynaklardan Gelen Bilgilere Göre

Efrin Cinderes Kırsalındaki Çatışmalarda TSK ve ÖSO'dan Yaklaşık 30 Cenaze Hala Arazide Bekliyor..
63 120
0 0
Welcome to Starbucks Efrin !
Enes Sariaslan and Göksu Şahin were already served. Metehan Taşkin and Gökalp Kahraman are the next ones in the queue
18 48
0 0
#Breaking Shera district: Till today morning Clashes around the villages Dikmetashe, Diraqliya + Sarincak. Heavy weapon strikes +shellings around this areas and the village Cema. #EverywhereAfrin #Afrin #Syria #SDF #WolfHunt #SYRIA #EFRIN #AFRIN
1 0
AL-RAQQA-The People Council of Bir al-Hishem village issued a statement to the public opinion in which it condemned (..) the Turkish aggression on Afrin, and said that it is time for all countries to assume their responsibilities #EverywhereAfrin #Syria…
6 10
0 0
Nazmi Abdo, the resonsible of the emergency department in Afrin's hospital "Avrin" is pointing out the situation of civilians in Afrin from the doctor's perspective. He underlines, that the hospital staff has a difficult time as well, but is ready to master their task.
65 77
0 0
Dün gece #Efrin’de #QSD savaşçıları ile işgalci #Türk ordusu ve çeteleri arasında birçok noktada çatışmalar yaşandı. İşgalci ordu ve çeteleri köyleri de top ve uçaklarla bombaladı.…
1 3
0 0
SPRING IS COMING...BAD NEWS FOR TURKEY... HPG-YJA STAR -YPS- YPS JIN -HBDH WITH NEW FORCES WITH BETTER ARMAMENT...Ready to hit with an unnorthodox war the backs... without tourism will collapse economically.. Unles Turkey he starts a dialogue..and truce. #SYRIA #AFRIN #HPG
0 3
SDF THE WAR IS TRANSFERERRED.... because of the war there are no tourists going to Turkey..the Turkish economy is destroyed..instead of Turkey to engage in dialogue.. he preferred the war... lets watch....#AFRIN #DefendAfrin #Syria #SDF
1 1
1 0
SDF THE WAR IS TRANSFERERRED.... because of the war there are no tourists going to Turkey..the Turkish economy is destroyed..instead of Turkey to engage in dialogue.. he preferred the war... lets watch....#AFRIN #DefendAfrin #Syria #SDF
#Hatay - #Efrin : #YPG / #SDF / #YPJ attack the headquarter of #TurkishArmy / pro-#Turkish "rebels" operation in Kirikhan / #Turkey, 18 kms out of #Efrin border v ANHA
94 120
1 1
3 International fighters martyred in the Resistance of Rojava. Hv. Kendal Breizh (France) and Hv. Baran Galicia (Spain) fallen in Efrin. Hv. Baran Sason (Dutch) fallen in Derezor. Şehid namirin #EverywhereAfrin #Afrin #Syria…
  · Twitter Lite · en
249 246
4 1
We urge all the civilians to stay away from military points of invading Turkish army and affiliated terrorist groups in the region.
208 282
0 1
1)GOOD NEWS FROM SDF AFRIN!!! A HEAVY BLOW TO THE TURKISH ARMY AND THE JIHADISTS WITH IN THE OCCUPIED OF HATAY!!HATAY IS NOT TURKEY !!.#WolfHunt !!!#AFRIN @realDonaldTrump @SenJohnMcCain @EmmanuelMacron @sigmargabriel @NancyPelosi @mfa_russia @Jerusalem_Post @FoxNews @BILD @CNN
Seven Turkish troops killed, many others wounded in the action against the operation command of so-called olive branch operation inside Kirikhan district of Hatay, Turkey. Details to follow.
387 539
0 3
ROJBAS-MERHABA SDF AFRIN-SYRIA!!The fasting of the Great Forty begins leading to Resurrection and Easter!!!!Excuse me to forgive you!! #SYRIA #AFRIN #SDF #DefendAfrin #WolfHunt #EFRIN GOOD MORNING WORLD!!!!AZADIYE TE!!!!! FREEDOM COMES ALONG WITH THE RESURRECTION..!!!!
0 0
GOOD EVENING SDF-PEOPLE AFRIN-WORLD!! Tomorrow again!! #DefendAfrin #Syria #Efrin #WolfHunt #AFRIN
13 20
@warcoresponted Clearing Idlib? I dont think they can fight them in Afrin Al bab and Idlib
0 0
Replying to @MardelliKurd :
@MardelliKurd NO!! where i have yellow looking signs map ...
0 1

🔹İşgalci Türk ordusu ve bağlı terör grupları Ezaz bölgesinden Cilbirê ve Enabkê köyüne yönelik top atışları ile saldırı gerçekleştirdi.
2 1
0 0
@warcoresponted Let's hope Turkey attack manbij and SDF have a reason to take al bab area
0 0
Replying to @MontagneKane :
@MontagneKane US military does not joke will hit them it they get in manbij area...
0 0
#MAPAFRIN , 2 pockets which need to be cleared with the help of the Y.A.T.....#WolfHunt #AFRIN #SDF #DefendAfrin
7 9
#UPDATE: Today, thousands of people in Rome have demonstrated against the unlawful invasion war in Turkey in Afrin and for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan
51 50
0 0
Massive demonstration in Strabourg in support of Afrin, as internationalist solidarity group which set out from Luxembourg is arriving today after a long march.
53 73
0 0
Caught on camera: VIDEO shows the moment that #Turkish PM ordered his bodyguards to attack the #Journalist who shows the pictures of babies killed by #Turkey in #Afrin Operation in North #Syria , during joint press conference with #AngelaMerkel #Germany . #EFRIN #Efrine #YPG
225 176
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