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Last 50 tweets from @WelatoS
#AfrinWillPrevail Retweeted ·  
#YPG fighter Sjoerd Heeger ( Baran Sason) from #Netherland, has been martyred in the fight against #ISIS in #DeirEzzor on February 12 . Şehid Namirin ( Martyrs Never Die) #Rojava #Kurdistan #YPJ #SDF #Twitterkurds
46 51
#AfrinWillPrevail Retweeted ·  
Staffan De Mistura, UN Special Envoy for Syria, briefed the UN Security Council for allegations on Turkey's using chemical weapons and said that "if it is confirmed, this is a formidable situation that should be punished."
40 28
VIDEO: Turkish army assault on the village of Aranda in Afrin, with chlorine containing ammunition, heavily wounded 6 people.
118 48
0 1
Replying to @filitequto :
@filitequto @mehmedveg Biborin, ev herdû camer kî ne?
0 0
#AfrinWillPrevail Retweeted ·  
What exactly did the Turks expect the #YPG to do? The Turks invade #Syria (again) - the #Kurds respond by taking the fight into #Turkey. The main line of communication (in blue on map) supporting the ill-named #OliveBranchOperation runs through Kirikhan district.
124 174
They are on the footsteps of their master #Turkey, which is expert on replacing locals by Turks. #Ottomans did the same
Sitting in a Kurdish home in #Afrin Turkey backed rebels are talking about bringing their families and settling in Kurdish villages!!!
128 78
0 0
Bila xwedê ev direva we bixe qûna we!
Zeytin Dalı Harekâtı kapsamında etkisiz hale getirilen terörist sayısı 1614.
1,173 5,469
0 0
#AfrinWillPrevail Retweeted ·  
Şehîd Dilpak di berxwedana Serdemê de şehîd bû, îro dayika wî Dilpakek din anî ..
110 228
Zor rast e!
Dibéjin ma YGP dikare bi rejîma Suriyé re hevkariyé bike?
Çima na?
Li hember me, hézeke ku ji bo koletiya Kurdan her tiştî dike heye. Helbet mafé Kurdan jî heye, ji bo berjewendiyén xwe, bi her hézî re hevkariyé bike.
Helbet wé Kurd jî, li dijî dewleta kujer bédeng nesekin.
18 66
0 0
The problem isn’t #Erdogan himself but the very Turkish state in whole. Why are we so blinded to see this.
YPG Kobané direnişi ile Kürtlere dünyanın kapısını açtı.
Efrin direnişi ile de nihayi özgürlüğün kapısını açacak.
Tabii aynı zamanda bölgenin başına bela olmuş bölge halklarını da Erdoğan'dan kurtaracak.
49 240
0 0
YPG Kobané direnişi ile Kürtlere dünyanın kapısını açtı.
Efrin direnişi ile de nihayi özgürlüğün kapısını açacak.
Tabii aynı zamanda bölgenin başına bela olmuş bölge halklarını da Erdoğan'dan kurtaracak.
49 240
Replying to @memeddrews :
@memeddrews The problem isn’t #Erdogan himself but the very Turkish state in whole. Why are we so blinded to see this.
0 0
The kid shows picture of her father that we killed by #Turkey and its jihadist mercenaries in #Afrin.
'Bavê min nemiriye, bavê min şehîd e, serê me bilind rakiriye'
Kêliyek ji 'Berxwedana Serdemê'
18 44
0 0
Video soll zeigen, wie die YPG Menschen zwingt, Gasopfer zu spielen.
Wenn das wahr ist, ist es der Gipfel der Niederträchtigkeit und die Verhöhnung tausender Gasopfer in Syrien.
Kann jemand kurdisch, um es zu verifizieren???
  · TweetDeck · de
47 60
Replying to @JulianRoepcke :
@JulianRoepcke It’s barely audible to even understand to find out which language that they are speaking
0 0
#AfrinWillPrevail Retweeted ·  
Türkçesi:.Ateş böçeği

Kurdiya xwe:

6-agirê şevê
20 60
This really makes us trust and believe in #US administration in the White House
BREAKING: White House official says US thinks it is 'extremely unlikely' Turkey used chemical weapons against Kurds
  · SocialFlow · en
464 434
0 0
Min got ez kurd im, ez sê salan ketim hepsê
64 160
Replying to @mehmedveg :
#AfrinWillPrevail Retweeted ·  
Min got ez kurd im, ez sê salan ketim hepsê
64 160
@Twitter and @RT_Erdogan and #Turkey are brothers in crime
-Suspended some 10 accounts I created to simply report on Kurdish matters
-Deletes my tweets without asking me
-Withheld my account in Turkey, keeps harrassing me by sending Turkish court orders
-is now hiding ALL my notifications

But @Twitter is a free speech platform.
165 185
0 0
#AfrinWillPrevail Retweeted ·  
When you are a "rebel supporter" and a #ChemicalAttack allegation doesn't fit your agenda...

Suddenly, the "motives are obvious" of those making the allegation.
Suddenly, #SOHR is "notoriously unreliable."

And @Reuters doesn't rely on SANA: Mention it to smear the report.
68 65
#AfrinWillPrevail Retweeted ·  
Les #Kurdes, on ne le répétera jamais assez, ont été, en #Syrie comme en #Irak, notre digue, notre rempart, la muraille de vaillance et d’énergie qui nous a protégés de #Daech. #AfrinMatters #KurdLivesMatter
111 297
#AfrinWillPrevail Retweeted ·  
En #Syrie non moins qu’en #Irak, les #Kurdes ont été le verrou fermant des frontières dont les armées irakiennes et turques laissaient les portes battantes et par lesquelles s’échappaient des islamistes #AfrinMatters #KurdLivesMatter #SupportKurdistan
59 151
#AfrinWillPrevail Retweeted ·  
Succès du rassemblement en solidarité avec le peuple #kurde et la résistance d'#Afrin cet apres-midi à #Orléans (#Loiret). 3/3
#AfrinNotAlone #JC #PCF #YPG
6 10
Haha, idiots! It’s probably for drinking water, or for bath.
#Dersim #HPG
Eight-story underground #PKK shelter with swimming pool unearthed in #Turkey…
  · Twitter Ads · en
0 2
0 0
#AfrinWillPrevail Retweeted ·  
Turkey-backed Syrian rebels openly boast of planning to settle their families in Kurdish villages of Afrin:
"We will bring our families and possessions and put them in these villages"
English subtitled.
#Afrin #EverywhereAfrin
338 189
#AfrinWillPrevail Retweeted ·  
Head up we’ll win the next one! #Amedspor
3 65
#AfrinWillPrevail Retweeted ·  
A very shameful day in UK today
When YPG volunteer Jim Matthew was called to trial by UK govt
For fighting daesh w YPG. UK lost its mind. Those who fight daesh are on trial, daesh captured by YPG UK dont WANT to trial. Kurds shld deal w them
254 363
@PDKIenglish Wishing you luck on your Turkey hunt.
0 1
Replying to @coaltit :
@coaltit @PDKIenglish This on the iranien front;)
0 0
#AfrinWillPrevail Retweeted ·  
[1] Remember him? Herdem Musa, also known as 'Musa the Sniper' who killed at least 100 ISIS terrorists with his sniper rifle in Kobane.

I will share some exclusive photography that he took himself, taken from his private Facebook, and in the end a video that he shot himself.
152 384
Regeringens utrikespolitiska deklaration kan läsas i efterhand här….
Foto: Riksdagen/Anders Löwdin
17 38
Replying to @margotwallstrom :
@margotwallstrom Some can apperantly speak up:
Greek Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexandros Gennimatas says #Turkey has lost sense of moderation, common sense. “Apart from violating international law, it proves that it does not know geography,” he says #Greece
57 73
0 0
#AfrinWillPrevail Retweeted ·  
Twitter's email informing me that one of my tweets has been found to be illegal by a court in Istanbul.
My response.
The Tweet that made Erdogan cry.
21 54
Who gives a fck since comitter of this #WarCrime is the @NATO member #Turkey
#ErdogansWarOnAfrin #Erdogan
Guys my tweet of showing Turkish war crimes has been deleted, I will show more of video showing dead YPG/SDF before Turk bury them in mass grave. Graphic 18+ Plz RT
139 49
0 1
Earth to @RT_Erdogan, earth to @RT_Erdogan. Mayday mayday

Pentagon announces that in 2019 budget it will allocate $550 millions for train-equip program for the Syrian Democratic Forces which is dominated by Syrian Kurdish forces. $250 millions of it will be for border security forces.
  · TweetDeck · en
157 160
0 0
#Turkey is openly preparing ground for legitimizing attacks against civilians in #Afrin
#Erdogan is spending sleepless nights as #YPG is spoiling his #Afrin dreams. (1/2)
#YPG #SDF #Syria
6 8
0 0
United shall we prevail!
But first #Bashur needs to get rid of oil lords
Gorran rep “Afrin is fighting the entire Kurdish ppl. It’s duty of all Kurds to defend it. Turkish attacks on civilians can’t be justified in any way” PUK rep: “After seeing the vill of Afrin people, I want let people of Southknlw that #Afrin wont fall & our enemy will be defeatd
73 105
0 0
Who gives a fck since the perpetrator is a @NATO member
#Afrin update. #Kurdish officials say school opened by UNICEF was bombed by Turkish army in Rajo h/t @sihanokdibo
323 171
0 0
It’s very interesting to see that those countries and organizations that kept #Turkey the most hated:
Military @NATO #USA
Economic #EU
New poll on rising Turkish nationalism. The percentage of Turks who have an unfavorable view of:
The US: 83%
Russia: 63%
Syrian refugees: 79%
Christians: 69%
NATO: 67%
The American people: 72%
Jews: 78%
Europe: 73%…
430 338
0 0
#AfrinWillPrevail Retweeted ·  
More civilians will have to be killed in order to keep (politically sensitive) Turkish deaths low. This is why Turkey began to muddy the waters weeks ago and why stories like this will become even more prevalent.
5 9
Yes and the parents of those killed Turkish soldiers agree to bury an empty coffin, since the corpses are in hands of #YPG #YPJ
Totally fcked up mentality!
There is an important difference. Killing people in Vietnam put the American population against the US government, but killing people in Afrin increases the popularity of the Turkish government...
18 20
0 0
@kasimileri_ You are working for #Erdogan's pro-al-#Qaeda "news agency" AA.
1 41
Replying to @KonstantinKlug :
@KonstantinKlug @kasimileri_ Is not abt #Akp neither #Erdogan . #Turkey would still be the sht country without.
And the #Turks seem to be in an eternal psychose.
0 1
@bekiroglu1 @DefenseBaron @AP As long there are AKP terrorist ruling Turkey, it will never become the nation the entire world hoped would become the beacon of the Islamic world. Truth is PKK today values the rights of women, minorities, and pluralism more than Turkey ever did since its foundation.
0 5
Replying to @braincomplexa :
@braincomplexa @bekiroglu1 @DefenseBaron @AP Is not abt #Akp neither #Erdogan . #Turkey would still be the sht country without.
And the #Turks seem to be in an eternal psychose.
0 0
What a woman, Shirin!
Thanks @StaceyDooley !
.@StaceyDooley and former Isis sex slave, Shireen, return to her prison in Iraq.
  · Media Studio · en
71 218
0 0
#AfrinWillPrevail Retweeted ·  
.@StaceyDooley comes face to face with an Isis commander who has raped over 200 women.
  · Media Studio · en
2,607 2,406
Replying to @Mustafaevran21 :
@Bekirevran21 Dibeje ku kurd bi sedan militanen daise, be dadheh kustine u kirine bin ax.
0 0
#AfrinWillPrevail Retweeted ·  
turks/jihadis using everything they got tonight to attack on Afrin, one thing they don't get is that YPG won't retreat. #TwitterKurds #Afrin #Efrin #DefendAfrin
62 82
#AfrinWillPrevail Retweeted ·  
@RehberBilgin @vvanwilgenburg I think 1 kidnapped chicken for a FSA fighter and 1 Turkey for a Turksih Soldier sounds like a fair POW exchange. #BringBackOurChickens
2 14
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