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Last 50 tweets from @xtina
Thank you! ❤️
The album that STILL inspires new artists to this date❤️ Thank you @xtina for making a mastepiece like Stripped, that is still just as relevant today.
In reply to @xtina
Anyways... beautiful is my fave song, queen. You told me I was gay and I believed you. And here we are. Still gay. I love you 🖤
You inspire ME!
In reply to @xtina
#17YearsOfStripped ’beautiful’, ’cruz’ and ‘the voice within’ just keeps saving me every SINGLE day and they always will for the rest of my life. someday i’ll be able to listen to those songs without crying but today’s not that day... 😭 thank you for inspiring me... ❤️
Christina Aguilera Retweeted ·  
In reply to @xtina
Thank you for this album, my queen. Stripped changed my life like no other record. These lyrics are the reason why I didn’t gave up on life a few years back when I was struggling with depression. My favorites tracks are “Soar" and “Keep On Singin’ My Song" #17YearsOfStripped 🖤
Happy 17th birthday to 4th studio album. My fighters… I love you!!! What are your favorite songs from it? 🖤 #17YearsOfStripped
It’s Friday bitches 😘 #fbf #Bionic
I’ve always loved to dress up and I’ve clearly never been one to shy away from a big hair moment! 😝 #TBT #BabyXtina Always been the #QueenOfHalloween
Forever muse 🖤🎃 @meettheaddams with my newest song #HauntedHeart is in theaters now!
Thank you for a beautiful night @amfAR ❤️
Growing up, I always loved the #AddamsFamily. It’s been so fun to watch the story of this classic family evolve over time. That’s why it meant so much to record my latest single #HauntedHeart for this new rendition of the movie🖤 Go see @meettheaddams this weekend!
Sometimes you just feel like dancing 🖤 #TheAddamsFamily
I remember stumbling on an #AddamsFamily coloring book in the attic at my grandmother’s house... And I think that’s what sparked my love affair with them 🖤 @meettheaddams is in theaters this Friday, and my song “Haunted Heart” that appears in it is out now! #HauntedHeart 💋
Thank you for sharing 💕
In reply to @xtina
My mum suffered from domestic violence and I was also a child, just like u, when I had to see my dad hiting my mum and I tried to defend her and got hit as well. Just like you said: bruises fade, father, but the pain remains the same. That’s why I connect to your music so much.
💙💙💙 was so sweet to meet you @KarolGmusic
*snap snap* 👌🏼👀🖤
I should warn you, my dear... 🕸🎃🕷
Halloween ready 🎃 Tune into @FreeformTV’s #31NightsOfHalloweenFanFest tonight @ 8pm/7c to see me perform #HauntedHeart 💋
This view...last night #TheXperience 🔥 Love you guys. 💋
Christina Aguilera Retweeted ·  
Ring in the New Year with the ultimate Xperience! We're teaming up with @xtina to send you and your BFF to Las Vegas to catch her Xperience residency on NYE! 🌟

Enter now:…
My heart is a haunted house. 🕸💋🕷
Loving this fan art. Who’s heard #HauntedHeart? 🖤🖤🖤 #NewSong
In reply to @xtina
Spooky season is coming, we'll be streaming Haunted Heart all month, as we should 👻🖤
It’s the best month of the year 🖤
Happy October, fighters 😘
Christina Aguilera Retweeted ·  
The season of Spookytina has officially commenced! #HauntedHeart 🖤🎶💀
So excited! 👻 my fave holiday 🎃
In reply to @xtina
Are you ready for Halloween, HalloQueen?❤️🙌🙌
In reply to @xtina
M-m-m-m-m-my heart... is full! I love the song and how playful your vocals were in it 😍. Can you just like exist and sing forever? 🙏🏼
In reply to @xtina
@xtina your phenomenal voice is on point 🔥😍👑🥰🦇🕸🕷🕸🦇 #HauntedHeart
Wild 😂😂
Giving Haunted Heart the promo it deserves. And i'm not done yet. I still have a few left with me and i'm going to make some more and give haunted heart more promo @xtina
In reply to @xtina
Oh @xtina is active today...let me hop on Twitter real quick so she can meet her new bff 😂
Love that you love it 💓
In reply to @xtina
we love haunted heart!! it’s so spooky, and I love the Back to Basics throwback vibe!!!
Love this 🖤
Inspiration of the night @xtina #HauntedHeart .
I love so much this monstrously magical duo that I had to make a drawing! 🖤

#TheAddamsFamily #MeetTheAddams #XtinaHauntedHeart
Oh good morning! 🌞
Literally the first thing I do when waking up is listen to #HauntedHeart its soooo good 🥴 good morning!
👻 what a good throwback!
Can’t get the new Xtina song out my head #HauntedHeart
Car or bed or plane? Live your coziest life 💖
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