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Last 50 tweets from @ZacksJerryRig
Crazy how many "once in a lifetime" storms we've been having lately. 🤔
It should *not* be this way.
In reply to @GTWScar
I don’t understand how this process it gets worse every time I try to get a new wheelchair. It becomes a longer and longer process with more and more bureaucracy. I suppose they’re just trying to wear you down enough for you to give up.
In reply to @ZacksJerryRig
@ZacksJerryRig hey thats looks like the place in the videos!
In reply to @crazyreesie
Haha how long until the night sky has mid-roll ads?
First time I see an ad in the stars is when I become a rocket scientist myself just to shoot it down.
Pretty neat to see @ZacksJerryRig tear apart our beloved battery module! 🔋🔋
Hope we get some answers....
Replying to @ZacksJerryRig
This would be so much easier to fix if the batteries weren't glued in.... imagine prying out a bloated battery...
Possibly sensitive media. Public access unavailable.
Hope we get some answers....
It looks like there's a problem with Samsung Phones:
JerryRigEverything Retweeted ·  
After @ZacksJerryRig teardown on our Rivian R1T Battery Pack Module, @arocha_jordan and @DiNunno_Antonio breakdown all its components.

Full Video:
#MunroLive #TeardownTitan #Rivian
If we are going to act like models having an OnlyFans account is some kind of moral outrage and that they should lose their jobs over it, then we should have the exact same consequences for whoever looked at & reported the images in the first place.

We smacked the crap outta that space rock. 🇺🇸 'MERICA 🇺🇸. Let that be a warning to all other rocks in space.
In reply to @ZacksJerryRig
Won't watch, I've only recently realized on a podcast that your name isn't Jerry. Highly disappointed, unsubbed, thanks for wasting my time!
Thanks to @ZacksJerryRig for stopping by and helping us crack open the @Rivian battery pack!

Check it out here:

#munrolive #jerryrigeverything
Replying to @live_munro @Rivian
10/10 would take apart a truck again.
So much fun! Thanks for having me!
Thanks to @ZacksJerryRig for stopping by and helping us crack open the @Rivian battery pack!

Check it out here:

#munrolive #jerryrigeverything
New video in 15 minutes!
In reply to @ZacksJerryRig
Yes like your non-existing update videos of your humvee
Replying to @frvcel
Lol. Soon my friend. Soon.
Best thing about @ZacksJerryRig is the fact he is probably the only YouTuber doesn’t fall in the trap of wanting to have new tech gadgets, spreading the awareness of being mindful with the desire of unnecessarily buying new stuff.
Hype and marketing doesn't change the fact that tech only improves in *very* small increments year to year.

Everyone's got hobbies - upgrading yearly ain't mine. 🤷‍♂️

Getting out of the annual rat trap is rather satisfying though, everyone should try it.
Best thing about @ZacksJerryRig is the fact he is probably the only YouTuber doesn’t fall in the trap of wanting to have new tech gadgets, spreading the awareness of being mindful with the desire of unnecessarily buying new stuff.
Hey @benshapiro, our women warriors are among our best and bravest. How dare someone who’s never served talk like this.
Replying to @votevets @MeidasTouch and 1 otherfalse
is sad little minded man who bags his lumber at Home Depot.
Should I take apart a Rivian just to see if there's really 7777 batteries inside?
Woke up to 2 Million Subscribers on our Family channel! 🔥🙏
Excellent selection of books! Make sure to ship by Wednesday this week so they arrive on time! Any books shipped after that might miss the boat. Literally.
Getting books organized for our donation to the @ZacksJerryRig book drive.
Come find out how everything started...
New Episode! - @ZacksJerryRig on Tearing Down Phones and Building EVs!

Big yikes from me dawg.

San Francisco police can now watch private surveillance cameras in real time… via @Verge
San Francisco police can now watch private surveillance cameras in real time
NEW VIDEO in 15 minutes!
They said it was impossible...
In reply to @RetroTechDreams
thought you’d get a kick outta this
I can’t stop laughing at how ridiculous this photo is.
Replying to @davidhogg111
I didn't know we were supposed to bag our lumber. I've been doing it wrong this whole time. 🤦‍♂️
NEW VIDEO - Apple Watch Ultra Review: Worth It Or Nah?
Replying to @MKBHD
I kinda want it though.
Apple Watch Ultra Overview!
Replying to @ijustine
Wanna trade straps?
Lets go inside.
New video in 14 minutes...
there’s something empowering about taking yourself out to eat

also def looks like im on a date and they didn’t show up 😅
Replying to @samsheffer
going to movies by myself in college was legit.
Crazy that the @Rivian R1T (which is a TRUCK) has less drag (.322) than a Ferrari F40 (.360) @Air_Shaper 🤯
There's too much dark money flowing in the shadows of our politics.

The DISCLOSE Act ensures groups that run issue ads to influence elections will have to disclose contributions above $10,000.

And foreign entities would be banned from making any contributions for these ads.
Replying to @POTUS
Sounds reasonable.
In reply to @ZacksJerryRig
@ZacksJerryRig I'm totally loving my new wood-scoring knife!
(Although, sadly it doesn't look like the color will last. The color has already begun to chip after a single day of use. And it's only been carefully used at my bench)
Replying to @CreatiVastARTS
Use it for awhile! If the chipping continues send me an email and Ill warranty it for you. (no time limit)
The Biden Administration’s inaction at our southern border is a humanitarian and national security disaster. It's time to put aside the partisan games and get serious about solving this crisis. Completing the wall, which Congress has already funded, is the obvious first step.
Replying to @SenatorRomney
*taken into custody* seems to me like the system is working.
In reply to @MKBHD
@MKBHD @ijustine @Mrwhosetheboss @ZacksJerryRig and other all technical content creators. Can you suggest which iPhone to buy. I am getting confused that 13 and the 14 are similar and it's better to buy 15 next year
Replying to @Ayush_Sapkota__ @MKBHD and 2 others
If your phone still functions - it's 100% always a better idea to wait till next year.
In reply to @MKBHD
We can do that now???
I'm gunna pay Marques to model my new line of pink fingernail polish.
Can you crack the code? 👀 01001110 01100101 01110111 00100000 01110011 01110100 01100001 01101101 01110000 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101101 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01110011 01101111 01101111 01101110 00001010
Replying to @USPS
Oh lemme guess! Is it..... Fire Dejoy?
I don't blame you. This is one repair I can't recommend people attempt.
Replying to @kwiens
Unless you have lasers!!
Always consult with the boss (wife) before buying expensive tech.
Who’s ready for Republicans to start talking about the biennial “mass illegal immigrant caravan” that just so happens to only be coming to our boarder conveniently right before every election?
Replying to @davidhogg111
"There are 10,000 people in the caravan!!!" *Shows old video clip of 12 people crossing a river*
New video in... *14* minutes.
In reply to @ZacksJerryRig
It's probably just time, effort and gefühl. Seing your work I don't think 5 axis CNC is the right way to go, but laser tube cutting could make for awesome projects The benefits in manufacturing small series precisely when minizing jigs and tag welds are amazing
Looking at these pieces makes me want to learn 5 axis programming.
Replying to @jeremy_fielding
I already know I don't have enough braincells for that.
Loving this knife and gave it a fresh coat of paint
Replying to @tevynlh1
Life is a DIY project! I like it!
In reply to @ZacksJerryRig
Do you have any phone number for the courier? My company requires a shipping contact phone number? Thanks!
Replying to @tadejbrunsek
You can use the customer service number for found on the website
Filming the Ioniq AutoFocus was fun with @EcoFlowTech's Delta Pro. It powered all the gear, lights, etc without hitting the truck's range.

If you don't need one as large as the Delta Pro, check out the new Delta 2 power station at 

Replying to @MKBHD @EcoFlowTech
I know your post is sponsored, but I've had that thing powering my barn for over a year now with no issues. 10/10.
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