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Last 50 tweets from @Zendaya
Shoutout to my seeesssterrr @_DomNicole who's there killing the shit with Miss Janet✨✨ so proud of you!!!
264 3,870
Zendaya Retweeted ·  
Janet deserves everything
838 4,072
🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 did the hell outta that sis @Normani
.@Normani is a STAR. PERIOD. she was born to do this. keep in mind this is her award show DEBUT.
12,822 36,374
11,359 50,619
Zendaya Retweeted ·  
On this day in 1925, Muslim minister and human rights activist, Malcolm X was born. Gone, but not forgotten.

Rest in Power.
  · Media Studio · en
10,867 26,397
Zendaya Retweeted ·  
This has been my fear since February 14th, that another mass casualty shooting would happen before we did anything. Now, we have 8 more children dead and our leadership in Washington has done nothing. We do not need thoughts and prayers, we need action and we need it now.
10,863 35,199
Zendaya Retweeted ·  
Escaping the shooting at #SantaFeHighSchool

“I shouldn’t be going through this. It’s my school. This is my daily life.”
8,017 24,063
Zendaya Retweeted ·  
Santa Fe High School is the 22nd school shooting in America in 2018.
  · TweetDeck · en
23,639 40,270
I love my home man
Ever since woman called cops on African-American family using charcoal grill at Lake Merritt, Oakland has risen up with dance parties and a protest where activists are asked to wear “cookout clothes” to show it's not a crime to "BBQ while Black."
7,328 25,066
10,220 80,013
I hope y’all are happy😂
2,286 24,639
Twitter stop making me a moment for no important reason challenge.
3,676 53,248
@Zendaya Y’all stop. Her feet are nicer than all of ours.
  · Twitter for iPad · en
395 9,950
Replying to @melanin_mayaa :
Y’all ain’t bout to do my feet with the water warping 😂😂😂
2,990 42,371
Anyone who knows Noon knows he does not fuck with the pool (so proud mom moment) he got to the first step all on his own 🤗
20,523 239,155
My other half is a college graduate!!!!💫 (The pose consistency)
7,841 132,856
Listen here Miss Harrier....YEEEEEESSSSSSSS👏🏽👏🏽😩✨✨✨
974 5,040
1,275 17,012
forever trying to do golden hour like @zendaya can (pretty sure i almost lost my sight)
13 572
Replying to @ohstarmora :
To the Queens of my grandmothers...happy Mother’s Day.
2,794 46,801
I properly put together the simplest of shelves with no power tools and swear I can build a house.
6,900 105,626
bell ✩⋆ meeting my sunshine ☀️
I JUST MET DARNELL AT WORK AND WE WAS POSSIBLY THE NICEST HUMAN BEING EVER! I LOVE HIM AND ZENDAYA SO MUCH @DarnellAppling i’m sorry if I freaked you out I just got WAY too excited but thank you for being the absolute sweetest person ever I hope you enjoy the ice cream! 💓
96 937
Replying to @SpiderlingTom :
Zendaya Retweeted ·  
plot twist. I know my worth.
92,277 235,537
@SailorMunaaa @Zendaya Zendaya is what my prom expectation was but reality:
2 127
Replying to @alexiswore1 :
@alexiswore1 @SailorMunaaa What??? You look chic as it😍✨
45 413
We’re best friends now...not just in my head.
@spideysunwin @Zendaya we did yo. Had a dope conversation too!
974 17,770
8,834 88,516
Zendaya Retweeted ·  
my aesthetic is everyone drawing zendaya w a sword
3,412 24,062
@Zendaya you should do ig story and then highlight all those stories so they stay on ur profile forever
and when you get more fan art, just add it to that highlight
19 1,375
Replying to @gryscalepa :
Trying to decide how to display all this dope ass fan art from last night...ig story or ig album post?
1,812 44,007
Zendaya Retweeted ·  
Slaaaay ⚔️
28,684 146,300
Let's do this right, #BestDressed #metgala @Zendaya 🗡️🗡️
  · TweetDeck · en
41,634 164,857
48,845 364,486
My bad
@Zendaya i just wanna go on record to say you didnt have to do us like that
278 5,364
1,248 22,492
💖thanks babygirl
I don’t tweet ever anymore but Hi @Zendaya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless You!!!!!!
3,782 34,551
1,639 30,240
Hahahah I got you
When producers ask me what kind of role I want to play next, I’m gonna show them this picture of @Zendaya ⚔️🛡🗡
792 8,078
913 17,559
Zendaya Retweeted ·  
Peter Quill - Canon Space Dad ❤️
54,635 245,386
When you settle into character...
7,990 72,577
Zendaya Retweeted ·  
Knight in shining Versace. #Zendaya in a Joan of Ark inspired, custom-molded #AtelierVersace look at the 2018 #MetGala. Featuring gunmetal chainmail embellished with Swarovski crystals, flowing into a feminine fully beaded silk chiffon skirt. #MetHeavenlyBodies
9,206 40,564
Joan of Arc
10,011 107,667
My skin always likes to be on some shit and scare me the day before the why???
4,284 73,563
Do I wear Will I be wearing Rihanna’s bras...yes.
Sup, bra? 6 more days til @savagexfenty ...... category: #DAMN
29,889 164,210
111,930 524,039
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