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  • Interactive zoom map

  • Detailed trend information by location

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  • Global top tweets

Use our Interactive map to zoom

  • *Find the latest trends anywhere in the world.
  • *Focus on your own region
  • *Filter by words, users or hashtags
  • *Get 7 day historical information

Detailed trend information by location

  • *Find out what is happening in your home town, country or any one of over a thousand of other locations around the globe.
  • *See the top tweets, media and links for trending topic by location.
  • *Look at how active the topic has been in a particular location over the last week.
  • *Discover the overall top tweets, links by location.

Where else is your topic being talked about?

  • *Explore a hashtag, mentions of users or individual words across the globe.
  • *Where is your topic of interest being talked about the most?
  • *Zoom into regions for a more detailed view.

Global top tweets

  • *See the top tweets across the entire globe for the past 1 hour up to 24 hours
  • *Filter by language, type of user, images, or type of tweet.

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