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$25/user/month, $250/user/year
  • Latest trends
  • 7 day trend history
  • Globally Top Tweets
  • Local trends, top tweets, media, URLs
  • Detailed local trend pages
  • All features
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$95/user/month, $950/user/year
  • All PLUS features
  • Analyse any topic
  • Visualise any topic
  • 2 weeks of tweets
  • Create custom alerts
  • All features


$295/user/month, $2,950/user/year
  • All PRO features
  • 5 weeks of tweets
  • Create more alerts (30)
  • Slack integration
  • Dedicated Support
  • All features


  • All PREMIUM features
  • 2,4,6+ months of tweets for analytics and visualising
  • Over 2 years of detailed account statistics
  • Unlimited alerts
  • Additional billing options
  • All features
Note : Our free one week trial is based upon the Pro plan, but with 24 hour of tweets, limited visualisaion and alert creation.
Please see our Billing and Pricing FAQ and our Full Plan Comparison if you have any queries.

Pricing and Billing FAQ's

Is there a minimum subscription period?
No. We want to make it very flexible for you. Your subscription to Trendsmap is automatically billed monthly or annually, but you can cancel at any time. If you cancel you will retain access until the end of your current billing period.
Do you offer any multi-user discounts?
We provide discounts for organisations that wish to register multiple users on the one account. A 20% discount applies for 3 or more users, and 40% for 6 or more users within a plan level. Please Contact Us if you would like to set this up
What are my payment options?
Payments can be made with most credit cards (Visa, Mastercard) and PayPal (Account, Amex, Discover). We can accept direct bank transfer payments via manual invoicing (see below)
Can you invoice our accounts department for a subscription?
We can perform manual invoicing for annual Pro or Premium subscriptions, and some multi-user subscriptions. In addition to accepting payment by most credit cards and PayPal, we can also accept direct transfer payment via this method. We do not accept payment via Cheque. Please Contact Us to set up your account for custom billing.
Can I upgrade/downgrade my subscription from Monthly to Annual or from Plus to Premium to Pro?
You can upgrade by going to the Pricing page or your Accounts Page via the drop down menu on the left of the screen. If upgrading you will be charged the difference between the two plans on a prorata basis. If you are downgrading you will need to finish the month you are on and then the next month will be charged at the new rate.
Have more questions?
Please Contact Us, we will be happy to help.

Plan Comparison

See overview video
$25 per month or $250 per year
See overview video
$95 per month or $950 per year
Get the most from Trendsmap
$295 per month or $2,950 per year
Find out where latest trends are being discussed
Top trends, tweets, images, videos, links and accounts for hundreds of countries and cities
Top tweets, images, videos, links and accounts for each trend
Number of days available for top trends 7 7 7
Number of days available for analysis 14 35
Analyse any topic using powerful boolean queries
Search by emoji and see what top emojis are for each topic
Filter results by time, country, state, region and language
Learn which tweets are the most popular, influential, replied to or quoted
Get unique insights such as number of tweets, gender of accounts and sentiment
Identify who are the biggest influencers for any topic
Discover the tweets that started a trend
Find out where has the highest proportion of people discussing a topic
Create powerful visualisations and export for broadcast or web
Create personalised alerts for any topic 3 30
Number of days available for visualisations 14 35
Slack integration for alerts
Invoice payment option available
Dedicated support via email, or live chat
Note : All prices are per-user, multi-user discounts are available with a 20% discount for 3-6 users, 40% for 6+. Please Contact Us for more information
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