The Power of Historical Twitter Data

Welcome to Trendsmap, where the past meets the present for amazing insights into the world of Twitter. As a journalist, your quest for accurate and comprehensive information just got a powerful ally.

Why Historical Twitter Trends and Analytics

Uncover Trends and Patterns

Dive deep into the historical archives of tweets to identify trends, patterns, and shifts in public opinion. Track the evolution of stories over time for a more refined understanding.

Enhance Investigative Journalism

Investigate with precision. Historical Twitter data provides a rich archive to cross-reference information, trace narratives, and uncover hidden connections critical to investigative reporting

Fact Check with confidence

Verify facts by retracing the timeline of events. Ensure accuracy in your stories by referencing the original context of tweets, allowing you to fact-check with confidence.

Stay ahead of the curve

Be at the forefront of breaking news by analyzing historical data. Anticipate trends, predict developments, and gain a competitive edge in reporting.

Key Tools for Journalists

By leveraging these tools, journalists can access comprehensive trend search comparison and analysis to discover targeted, relevant content on Twitter, enhancing their ability to uncover stories, track evolving trends, and engage audiences effectively.

Targeted Search Tool


Allows targeted search for highly relevant Twitter content related to specific terms or topics. Helps in expanding search queries within other tools for deeper insights and content exploration. Search Twitter for hashtags, words or users related to a specific term.

Compare and Track

See how words, users and hashtags have been used over the past 10 years

Explore and compare how different hashtags, words or users have been used over the past 10 years of Twitter. Great for comparing different products, or topics.


Analytics to delve deeper

Advanced Search Filtering

Complex Boolean searches as well as filtering by region, language, and timeframes. You can use words, hashtags, phrases or all of the above.

Complex Analytics

Gain insights into tweet engagement and user behaviour over time to augment your storytelling. Follower data, images and videos are available to enrich the story

Shareable Reports

All reports generated a fully shareable via easy links.

Sample Reports


Here are some sample reports:

‘#bolsonaro or bolsonaro’ for the period he was in Presidency Bolsonaro

‘#covid OR covid OR coronavirus OR #coronavirus’ for the period of its start until 1st July 2023. Covid

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