Trendsmap Pro

A Trendsmap Pro subscriptions provides your business with a comprehensive set of unique tools for understanding Twitter. You can register now for free introductory access to our Pro Analytics and Visualisation Tools.

Unique tools to help your business

Brands, Agencies and Marketing
Detailed analytics and Visualisations to help with your brands. Monitor your campaigns in real time. Use our unique Visualisation tool to rapidly highlight where and when your brand or campaign got traction.
Journalists and News Gatherers
Our tools provide real time insights into what is happening in your region, city or across the globe. Catch events as they unfold. Our Analytics tools provide further in depth analysis of trends.
Broadcasters and Publishers
Create unique map based Visualisations showing activity across a country, region or the world on any topic. Visualisations can be shared or embeded for broadcast.
Crisis Management and Monitoring
In this rapidly changing world, keep across events as they unfold. Monitor crisis in your region so you can respond appropriately. Our Alerts tool allows you to be notified as soon as things are said about your chosen topic.


Insights into Twitter trends

Our analytics tool is one of the core components of our Pro tools.

  • Develop better engagement with your community through greater visibility of important topics.
  • Gain detailed visibility over activity relevant to you and your business happening in any corner of Twitter.
  • Powerful boolean operators and filtering capabilities allow you to search and filter by location, time, language and more.
  • Explore the most popular tweets, images, videos, links, people, locations, hashtags and words of any topic.


Engage and share with our interactive visualisations

TV Show Popularity across the USA
  • Visually explore one or more topics across any geographical area.
  • Use the same powerful query and filtering capabilities to ensure you can show exactly what is relevant.
  • Easily incorporate custom visualisations into your website or social media pages.
  • Share a dynamic and interactive snapshot with your team.
  • Create visual content around new and breaking news to help explain a story where other visual content may be limited.


Keep up to date and don't miss out

Our Pro tools also include unique alerting capabilities. * Create alerts using the same powerful query and filtering. * Get alerts sent to your email to let you know when significant new tweets appear relating to your topic of interest. * Keep everyone in your team in the loop by sending the alerts to a dedicated slack channel. * You can configure each alert to find out quickly about time critical topics, or just let you know on a daily basis of new content to help keep abreast of content. * Create alerts to monitor topics that may appear in the future, you won’t get alerted until new relevant content appears.

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