Enhance your Twitter exploration with Topic Search

Discover more relevant Historical Twitter content to help you refine your topics.

Key Features

Targeted Search

Search for hashtags, words or users by entering one key word.

Content Expansion

Utilize search results from Topic Search to broaden or refine your queries in our Analytics and Vis tools for deeper insights.

Find matching accounts

Accounts often embody a particular term when they are relevant to a particular topic. Find those that have been created around your particular area of interest

Novel Words

It's not just hashtags and users that are created when new topics evolve around the world. Find popular words used in conjunction with your topic of interest.

Search function

You can use a partial word or hashtag and then filter by the type of result you wish; hashtag, word or user relevant to your entered topic.


Here you will find the top 50 results of the most used hashtags, words and users associated with your search term. You can also directly link to our Trend line or Analytics from the search where you will be further able to refine. This tools is available at all our subscription levels.

Start exploring today

Use Topic Search to refine your searches and unlock deeper insights within our Analytics and Visualization tools. Discover highly relevant Twitter content to bolster your exploration and understanding.