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Comparing the popularity of different codes of football.

Search Flexibility

Track words, hashtags, or users across the last decade. Understand their usage frequency and how they’ve evolved over the fixed 10-year period.

Visual Insights

Gain visual clarity by comparing multiple search topics on the same graph over the last 10 years. Easily spot trends, changes, and correlations.

Contextual understanding

Explore associated tweets, events, and interactions for deeper context behind trends and fluctuations.

Key Features

Comparative Analysis

Compare different search topics side by side on a single graph over the last 10 years for a comphrehensive

Exportable Insights

Our Historical Pro subscription provides the ability to download key data for further analysis or presentations.

Great refining tool for future Analysis

This tool is great to assist in refining the most used words/hashtags/users to allow you to complete further Analysis using our Analytics tool

Know when things trended

Find the time periods where a particular topic really took off. No need to try to guess or research via other means. These trends will tell you exactly when something was happening.

Target Audiences for Topic Trends

Comparing the usage of #climatechange and #climatecrisis

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A powerful tool designed for journalists, researchers, investigators, and marketers. Track trends, investigate correlations, and uncover insights within a 10-year timeframe. Discover how Topic Trends can elevate your analysis and understanding of trends over the past decade

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