Historical Data Visualisations

Need to show the spread of your hashtag or topic in an engaging way? Want to visually see the development of a trend over a 10 year period? Create unique visualisations to share with your team, for broadcast or to display on your website.

Complete display control

Advanced controls allow you to completely customise the visualisation display to suit your needs.

  • Show as much or as a little as you like

    Simply show the map displaying your topic or you can show more information such as combination of map, chart data and top tweets

  • Animate your way

    Control the length, speed and outlook of the animation

Display multiple topics at the same time

Compare two brands or hashtags to see the difference in popularity across a region or the world

Highlight different topics using words or emojis

Use words, emojis, and profile images to help immediately indicate to the viewer what it is about.

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