Whether you are a marketing agency looking to find out how the world is talking about a brand, a journalist wanting to find more information on breaking news or emergency management professional looking for news regarding disasters, our analytic tool will help you find the answers.

Powerful Search Controls

Find the tweets that represent your topic of interest, filter out false positives, and focus in on your area and language of most interest.

  • Analyse trends using hashtags, words, phrases, emojis

    Use complex Boolean expressions to get exactly what you want

  • Up to 10 weeks of data

    If you need more, please let us know!

  • Advanced Filtering

    Filter by region, full language support, recent and custom date ranges to assist you to get more actionable results from the segment you need.

  • Rich content

    Images, videos and emojis provide additional insights

Interactive Map View

A pannable, zoomable map showing multiple geographical representations of your topic. Focus on your specific region or look at the world

  • Heatmap

    See where your topic/hashtag is tweeted about around the globe

  • Conversation

    See where the conversation means the most to people on Twitter, and not just where the most tweets are coming from

Statistics and reporting


Gain insights on number of tweets, retweets, maximum tweets per minute (TPM), percentage of gender split for tweets and more.

Download data for your own further research

Our Pro 4 and above subscriptions provide the ability to download sections of the Analytics report into your preferred tools such as Excel to allow you do do further analysis in your tool of choice.

Tweet sources

See what applications the tweets are coming from. See if tweets are from iPhone or Android, desktop or mobile, or one of the many third party applications.

Tweet and User based content

Find out not only the top tweet content around your topic, but also the top users, and the biggest influencers.

Find the best content.

Learn which tweets are the most popular, influential, replied to or quoted

Top Tweets, Media and Links

Find detailed information on:

  • Top Tweets

    Most retweeted, quoted, replied and influencing

  • Oldest and Newest Tweets

    See the most recent activity, as well as find the tweets where a topic started

  • Media and links

    Focus on media and links by browse through a gallery of just the media relating to a topic. Filter by type to find great photos, viral GIFs and amazing videos.

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