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Last 50 tweets from @podesta_lesley
I love this initiative! Keeping women fit, building inclusion. Great job 💜 ⁦@WomeninFootball⁩ ⁦@bonitamersiades

Kick-starting soccer for women at the grass roots…
Lesley Podesta Retweeted ·  
Vital every person - no matter who they are and their circumstances- who puts their hand up and says they're struggling with their mental health is believed.
Lesley Podesta Retweeted ·  
The research is clear, dad needs to be close and involved in their children’s lives.

The teenage years can be awkward, but Dads have to find ways to engage with their kids.

Listen to this week's podcast:

#drjustincoulson #podcast #teenagedaughter #dad
Lesley Podesta Retweeted ·  
Are you a young person experiencing bullying, not knowing what to do? The first step is to reach out and talk to someone, whether it’s a teacher, family member or a trusted adult. We have an online support centre filled with help and advice to guide you
Ok parenting Twitter I have a conundrum for you: child up vomiting 330-5am then slept til 830am. Now full of beans, eating everything... and we have a Christmas park party and a family dinner on the books for today which she desperately wants to go to.
Replying to @ellenstrickland
She will be ok. Vomiting is pretty standard. Maybe make sure she drinks a lot of water and go easy on the party food today
In reply to @podesta_lesley
Hilarious! I thought you were being sarcastic!! 😂 😘
Replying to @1RosieThomas
Nah. I thought it was one of those terms that had crept into language and I’d missed it Was googling away trying to work it out 💕
In reply to @podesta_lesley
Those pesky 280 characters prevented me from saying INCREDIBLE!
Replying to @1RosieThomas
Ha ha ha. I’ve been googling INCRED as an acronym. Abbreviation Boomer
Replying to @tweetinjules @DanTehanWannon and 8 others
Thanks @tweetinjules we are very pleased to contribute to the national efforts to keep young Australians smart & safe online
SO grateful for this one. 11 years ago today we met while she was visiting Melbs from Perth & after FINALLY feeling a MEGA awakening from someone INCRED, we began a relationship. She moved a year later & the rest is history. Here’s us toasting in the house we just bought #LGBTIQ
In reply to @podesta_lesley
Hi Lesley, we've responded to your DM. Nat.
Replying to @Qantas
Hi. Your response was to ask me for my case number. The one I sent on 18/11. Sent ASAP. Hope to hear from you. Thanks
A chilling story of what happened when a female CEO becomes the target of angry critics - a rapid descent into misogyny and vitriol. It demeans us all. @raelenecastle @pacificann1231 @pipms #EnoughIsEnough
Thank you @WayneKeithSmith for calling out the ongoing personal vitriol directed at @raelenecastle for having courage and doing her job in difficult times. @pipms @pacificann1231 @malechampions #EnoughIsEnough #courageinadversity #supportnotabuse…
Lesley Podesta Retweeted ·  
Thanks @Craig_Foster in talking to @FinancialReview about #SaveHakeem “in the sense of rediscovering our humanity towards refugees, the campaign was good for us as a country..these are the most courageous people.” #HumanRights #sportandhumanrights #sport #refugees #leadership
In reply to @Qantas
@Qantas nearly a month ago you promised a review and response after you canceled my flight & put me on an earlier one WITHOUT notifying me. I am still waiting. Thank you . #qantas
In reply to @rynoliddell
Unbelievable that society can fail children like this
In reply to @marcialangton
It was so refreshing and such a relief to hear this respectful discussion. Long for civil public discourse again
Thrilled to see this great recognition for the award winning Digital Licence - helping over 300,000 Australian and NZ children and families to build digital literacy @tweetinjules @DanTehanWannon @amandaj3rd @samyor @MCG58 @NCAB_AMF @eSmart_AMF @TheCybercop1 @JamesMerlinoMP
We're proud that our #eSmart Digital Licence was so highly recognised at the @ACSnewsfeed Digital Disruptors Awards last night! 🥳 A huge thank you to ACS and everyone who helps deliver this product to students around the country. #reimagination #ACS #disruptors
Lesley Podesta Retweeted ·  
Congrats to the winners of our Service Transformation for the Digital Consumer Team Awards. @alannahmadeline (NFP/NGO), @Noisy_Guts (Government) and @MyriotaGlobal (Corporate). #reimagination #ACS #disruptors
In reply to @patbods
The Queen, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall greet @NATO leaders at Buckingham Palace tonight.
OMG. It's £5 for *an espresso* at #NATO. FIVE. POUNDS! ☕
Replying to @latikambourke
Ha! Go to any city hosting a multilateral meeting or organisation. I once spent $40Aus for a sashimi in Geneva. A sashimi! Not a platter. A sashimi.
Lesley Podesta Retweeted ·  
New Therapy for Depressed and Anxious Teens: Start Doing MORE on Social Media | Let Grow - interesting #cbt to deal with #anxiety in teenagers.…
Just checking with other Gen X’ers (and Boomers - hell, why not?) - do we all accept that the “verse, versus, versing” battle is lost and that we should cease raging against the dying of the grammatical light?
Replying to @MartinPakulaMP
Yesterday I heard @DebFrecklington say “the team are” over and over again. It distressed me so much. Please keep up the fight.
By far the best piece of audio journalism I’ve heard. Amazing work by ⁦…
Lesley Podesta Retweeted ·  
In reply to @alannahmadeline
It's very sad so many kids need your assistance but it's also wonderful you are able to make such a difference to their lives with your support. Congratulations and thank you for your wonderful efforts. It is great donors can see the direct benefit donations can provide.
One of the most soul destroying things about parenthood is having a bunch of people entered in your phone as “so-and-so’s dad/mum” and knowing you appear as a similar entry in their phone.
Replying to @srpeatling
It’s ok. There are worse things. I still have people listed as “ hairdresser who doesn’t talk nonstop” and “ creepy doctor who is open on weekends”.
In reply to @podesta_lesley
good heavens i never thought you’d be a facebook defender
Replying to @firstdogonmoon
Also - in whose interest is it to undermine social media?
In reply to @podesta_lesley
good heavens i never thought you’d be a facebook defender
Replying to @firstdogonmoon
I’m not a defender I just refuse to pile on and try to blame everything on social media. It’s so lazy and opportunist.
In reply to @podesta_lesley
which bandwagon?
Replying to @firstdogonmoon
Everything in the world is FBs fault
Every time I listen to Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Give it Away”, I think of this:
Is Mark Zuckerberg the most dangerous man in the world? I shall do a cartoon about it that will fix him!
Replying to @firstdogonmoon
Don’t get on this bandwagon. Unless you are just being a paid agent of MSM?
Lesley Podesta Retweeted ·  
Today is #GivingTuesdayAus. 🎁 You can help bring comfort to a child affected by violence with a Buddy Bag this Christmas. 🎄Just $50 will provide one bag to a vulnerable child in their time of need. 🎒 Donate:
Lesley Podesta Retweeted ·  
This is so heartbreaking. Vaccinate your children. It saves lives.
Lesley Podesta Retweeted ·  
We love our tiger family. Thank you Richmond. You make us so proud 🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯
Lesley Podesta Retweeted ·  
A great milestone. One the Tiger Army should be proud of. Not possible without the support from our members and fans. Good to have the Skipper and all the boys back on deck to mark the occasion. #strongandbold
Lesley Podesta Retweeted ·  
We're proud to announce that our total contribution to our preferred charity partner, @alannahmadeline, has surpassed $1 million 💜
Richmond reaches $1 million donation mark for Alannah & Madeline Foundation
Lesley Podesta Retweeted ·  
The AMF does such important work protecting children. Thank you Richmond fans for your outstanding support. @podesta_lesley @alannahmadeline
In reply to @podesta_lesley
But... wasn't this all started by an article positioning her as some kind of clothes horse? Selling out lines etc? It's not like she was doing something else entirely and they just randomly started on her clothes, or was it?
In reply to @podesta_lesley
Disagree, what pile on she courted the media people can comment she is promoting brands which is unacceptable given she is the PMs wife and we the public pay
Replying to @thomasvarcoel
People can criticise a strategy about promoting brands all they like. I’m objecting to criticising how she looks or her choice of clothing. There is a smugness and bullying that comes through that is objectionable
Lesley Podesta Retweeted ·  
In reply to @FreddieCampion
I’m voting for Biden so he can finally fix the four big problems facing society: jibber jabber, hogwash, tommyrot, and flapdoodle.
Privileged anti-vaxxers are pretending to help the Samoa measles epidemic they helped cause by sending...vitamins?

That's like the NRA sending band-aids to victims' families of mass shootings.

No thanks.

#Samoa #SamoaMeasles #antivax
It’s all about selling vitamins and supplements. Just like the NRA- promote demand for the product, market it as a “ right”. Disgraceful.
I’m really irritated by the gross pile on about Jenny Morrison and her clothing. It’s demeaning. It’s insulting. It’s not clever or smart. It’s just rude. #BeKind
Why building social connections based on respect & empathy are the so important if we are to build fairer, happier communities and individuals @hinduja
"The struggles that are a part of the human condition actually bring us together, rather than divide us," shares Dr. Sameer Hinduja, IBPA Board Member and @onlinebullying Co-Founder. Listen to the @ConnectSafely podcast with @hinduja at #Empathy #Bullying
My thoughts are with all staff who work across our prisons system, especially the dedicated #CorrectionsVic team who will be particularly touched by the Jack Merritt story. #SpringSt…
Replying to @BenCarrollMP
Such a tragedy and the response by his father was so gracious.
Child: hairdresser
Preteen: teacher
Teen: journalist
Now: charity worker
child: rocket scientist
preteen: wedding planner
teen: museum curator and real estate agent
now: physician assistant
Murdered woman found stuffed in freezer, 2 little boys without a mother, husband on run and @australian p 3 story today leads with neighbors saying she was a nagger. Really? That had to be your opener?
Replying to @deemadigan
So depressing. Original Spectator has terrible politics but some first class writing. The Oz version is terrible
In reply to @podesta_lesley
He’s just covered Paul Kelly ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Replying to @carlyfindlay @stevepoltz and 1 otherfalse
He did it last night too! Isn’t he grand? He does a great cover. Did he talk about hook turns?
In reply to @podesta_lesley
Lovely pic! I love how he smiles with his whole body!
Replying to @carlyfindlay @stevepoltz and 1 otherfalse
He is the kindest man
So great to see @stevepoltz play again tonight. We first met at @BobEvansMusic in 2009. Every time I see Steve play I’m in awe of his incredible song writing and energy. ❤️
Replying to @carlyfindlay @stevepoltz and 1 otherfalse
He is amazing. Saw him last night
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