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Last 50 tweets from @ScottPorch
In reply to @ScottPorch
It’s a good point. But I also think / hope that poor experience you describe could be improved w innovative playout systems that deliver #StartOver & #CatchUp timeshift experiences. 👍
Replying to @brianlring @RichBTIG and 6 others
For channels that show episodic programming, it’s crazy to me that @PlutoTV doesn’t start you at the beginning of the episode regardless of what time you start watching.
Scott Porch Retweeted ·  
I've seen enough. Rep. Steve King (R) has been defeated in #IA04.
Had long planned to have the Republican National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, a place I love. Now, @NC_Governor Roy Cooper and his representatives refuse to guarantee that we can have use of the Spectrum Arena - Spend millions of dollars, have everybody arrive, and...
Losing so many followers! That’s fine. I’m not going to stop tweeting about #BlackLivesMatter or injustice or the fact that police brutality is a thing. You are welcome to follow or unfollow. I didn’t care about metrics at 90, I don’t care at 90,000.
In reply to @brianlring
I hope all of you saw this move today by @roku. See what I mean about linear TV not being dead? #toldyaso…
Replying to @brianlring @RichBTIG and 6 others
Ad-supported linear channels make sense for news and sports, but starting at a random point in a random episode of a 2nd-tier TV episode is not a good user experience.
Scott Porch Retweeted ·  
Trump asks Melania to smile during today's photo op.
Scott Porch Retweeted ·  
The DC mayor's office says federal officials, including at the White House, inquired about their powers to take control of the city’s police department. City officials objected and threatened a legal challenge
In reply to @ScottPorch
"The 1925 Federal Corrupt Practices Act, as adjusted during the Watergate era, imposes penalties on anyone who “promises or pledges the appointment … of any person to any public or private position or employment, for the purpose of procuring support in his candidacy.”
There is a lot to cover right now. But TV and newspapers focusing so much on looted stores-- and not stuff like THIS-- as *the* story? It's journalistic myopia and malpractice.

Bands of looters-- many (all?) of whom see unconnected to protests--are bad. This is so much worse.
Replying to @TVMoJoe
This isn’t the preferred narrative either. This is fog-of-war stuff.…
In reply to @ElijahSchaffer
This video shows the hit that was causing his death. By @ zople IG
In reply to @ScottPorch
He legally can't announce intent for a specific cabinet position. He can suggest that someone is chosen for his cabinet, he just can't indicate a position.
Sharing my ⁦@washingtonpost⁩ op-ed about what a just Justice Department would be doing right now & how we create a new way forward. Because there is no returning to normal. We’ve been through this too many times. We need action now to honor George Floyd.…
Replying to @vanitaguptaCR @michikokakutani and 1 otherfalse
I’m a lot more interested in @JoeBiden announcing who his Attorney General and head of DOJ’s Civil Rights Division would be than who his VP would be.
Telling people to vote when the Democrats just nominated the most conservative option from their field for president and are vetting the second and third most conservative options for VP -- the author of the crime bill, a cop, and a cop -- feels pretty empty
If Trump wants to help end all of this chaos, #HeShouldResign.
legal jargon just feels wholly unnecessary, tbqh.
Scott Porch Retweeted ·  
Gov. Charlie Baker (R-MA) gets emotional when talking about Trump's calls to "dominate" protesters: "When the country needed compassion ... it was simply nowhere to be found.”
Scott Porch Retweeted ·  
Market Cap Comparison -- Tech Platform Dominance growing by the day -- may need a 🔍 for legacy media soon
Scott Porch Retweeted ·  
We can hear the explosions from the streets as Trump is speaking in the Rose Garden.
Scott Porch Retweeted ·  
The President of the United States tear-gassed peaceful protestors in order to clear the way for a useless photo-op outside the White House—just after vowing to activate the military against our own people.

Lives and our democracy are in danger.
Scott Porch Retweeted ·  
This is a president who lauded white supremacists, ordered kids ripped apart from their parents, and just days ago envisioned “the shooting” starting. He will do anything (except govern).

He is a danger to the welfare of Americans and must be defeated.
Scott Porch Retweeted ·  
Police outside the WH just repeatedly bashed a cameraman as they pushed back protestors - just now on @ABC7News
Scott Porch Retweeted ·  
In one of saddest days in American history the country just witnessed the President of the United States starting a riot for the purpose of having a split-screen backdrop to his law and order speech basically calling for martial law.
Scott Porch Retweeted ·  
Here is what was happening outside the White House as President Trump was giving his Rose Garden address and saying he is an “ally of all peaceful protestors.” Peaceful protestors being tear gassed outside of the WH gates. I confirmed because I was teargassed along with them.
Thanks ⁦@cliffdorfman⁩ and ⁦@StarburnsAudio⁩ for having me on the ‘Stuck at Home’ podcast to talk about ⁦@hbomax⁩. To everyone else, please listen!…
This is a good time to revisit ⁦@NYTmag⁩’s ‘1619’ series about 400 years of racial oppression in the United States.

The first episode includes a story of a black American soldier who returned from WWII. He was beaten nearly to death in his uniform.…
Scott Porch Retweeted ·  
Do you think [see below] has the kind of personality and temperament it takes to serve effectively as president?

Yes 38%
No 61%

Yes 53%
No 43%

(ABC News/Washington Post Poll, 5/25-28/20)
I’ve been gradually updating my DVD catalog to @appleTV / @movies_anywhere when I see titles on sale, and Apple has a lot of great titles available today for $5 — Grand Budapest Hotel, Waiting for Guffman, Heat, Boogie Nights, Magnolia, Gosford Park, Anchorman, Tropic Thunder....
Apple Watch Series 3 takes way, way, *way* too long to update new episodes on the @ApplePodcasts app. I hope Apple addresses that in the next watchOS build.
‘Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian’ has become a better version of Blu-ray extras, and @DisneyPlus has more shows like it on the way.…
Scott Porch Retweeted ·  
[ Sept. 2019 ]

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Donald Trump is handling race relations?

Approve 32%
Disapprove 62%

(CNN Poll, 9/5-9/19)
Scott Porch Retweeted ·  
Police literally opening fire on the free press.
Scott Porch Retweeted ·  
After stoking the fires of white supremacy and racism your entire presidency, you have the nerve to feign moral superiority before threatening violence? ‘When the looting starts the shooting starts’??? We will vote you out in November. @realdonaldtrump
.@VH1 and @WorldOfWonder have missed a huge opportunity to expand the #RupaulsDragRace franchise the last few years. Where’s @TheBiancaDelRio late-night show? Where’s the @manilaluzon travel show? Where’s the all-drag multicam?
Scott Porch Retweeted ·  
We will be back. January 20, 2021
Scott Porch Retweeted ·  
HBO Max has acquired the streaming rights to #YoungSheldon, after it forked out around $600 million for the #BigBangTheory rights last year
Everything could go wrong.
Replying to @CapehartJ
A Minnesota get-out-the-vote rally.
In reply to @ScottPorch
But the point of the service is to attract NEW users... not give away more expensive content for free.
Warner’s focus in the near term is on converting 34M HBO subscribers into HBO Max subscribers.
In reply to @WaltLightShed
Does it make you and Rich twitch to see all the hot takes and analysis by people that don’t understand that HBO Max can’t be viewed the same way as Disney+ or Netflix b/c of its [convoluted and at times competing] business structure? Because it makes me twitch.
Replying to @film_girl @RichLightShed and 1 otherfalse
Amazon and Roku control the interfaces for somewhere between one-third and one-half of U.S. smart TVs and can essentially block HBO Max from working in those households.…
Roku has a lot of bargaining power here for a company with 6% of AT&T’s market cap. AT&T could get on more even competitive last-mile-distribution footing with Roku, Comcast, Amazon, Samsung, etc., by simply buying Roku for $20B. (⁦@jank0⁩)…
Roku has a lot of bargaining power here for a company with 6% of AT&T’s market cap. AT&T could get on more even competitive last-mile-distribution footing with Roku, Comcast, Amazon, Samsung, etc., by simply buying Roku for $20B. (⁦@jank0⁩)…
“Trump has been determined, Republicans in contact with him say, to hold a large-scale convention without an audience filled with masked people.”

A president at war with his own administration’s guidance.…
President @realDonaldTrump: "There's nothing I'd rather do than get rid of my whole Twitter account."
Scott Porch Retweeted ·  
If you had the HBO Now app on your device, you didn’t need to download the HBO Max app. It delivered as a software update and rebrand of the HBO Now app you already had.…
Scott Porch Retweeted ·  
Hollywood is turning to the technology that powers @EpicGames @FortniteGame and other video game technology to create virtual productions that might kick start filming once state restrictions are lifted…
Scott Porch Retweeted ·  
The @hbomax Letterboxd lists you need, with thanks to @robby__peters for the legwork.

HBO Max | TCM:
HBO Max | Warner Bros./MGM/RKO:
Film list: HBO Max | Warner Bros./MGM/RKO
Twitter — a media company — is finally starting to act like one.
Twitter added new fact-checking labels to hundreds of tweets, escalating its confrontation with President Trump.
Today I am signing an executive order to turn the Twitter "likes" button from a heart back to a star.
Replying to @azalben
I think you can just stand up and declare it.
Why more Ds believe the “Avengers model” might help Biden beat Trump.…
Replying to @RonBrownstein
Another factor: Announcing Stacey Abrams at DOJ and Keisha Lance Bottoms at HUD would make them both phenomenal campaign surrogates in very-winnable Georgia who can talk about what they would do in a Biden administration.
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