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Last 50 tweets from @_eciruam
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
WORLD RECORD!! 6.37s. Great start to my career. Thank You God🙏🏾
8,407 23,401
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
Howard student: How do you feel about the FBI keeping tabs on civil organizations lead by POC, but paying little to no attention to white terrorists?

James Comey: That’s not the reality

FBI: *Gets tip about Nikolas Cruz 1 month before the shooting*

FBI: *pays it no attention*
198 344
I’m trying to go live in Wakanda!
0 1
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
Oh my god. 17 OF MY CLASSMATES AND FRIENDS ARE GONE AND YOU HAVE THE AUDACITY TO MAKE THIS ABOUT RUSSIA???!! HAVE A DAMN HEART. You can keep all of your fake and meaningless “thoughts and prayers”.
64,004 228,315
ig~moe_swift Retweeted · friends were brutally murdered and you have the nerve to make this about Russia. I can not believe this
31,763 128,846
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
The #BlackPanther cast shares their favorite moments from set.
  · Sprinklr · en
16,006 34,501
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
Obama (2012) sits alone in a classroom after meeting for hours with parents of Sandy Hook victims.

Trump (2018) sits at a disco party he threw at his private night club after spending 14 minutes with victims at the hospital in Parkland.

These pictures speak louder than words.
22,698 38,486
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
Did anybody ever see a teacher do some crazy shit because they were so pissed at an unruly student

Would you have preferred the teacher had a gun in that situation

No I didn’t think so
3 22
After ‘Black Panther,’ Now Is the Time for a Storm Movie
  · DestroyTwitter · en
141 253
0 2
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
Shole is. And get a dark skinned Black woman for the role too.
1,224 2,325
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
Chenzia 🤤🤤😍
0 1
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
Y’all love to act like it’s a crime to PAY $40,000 a year for school and want to be physically comfortable at the same time.
21 77
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
Sunday is the day when you realize you should have focused a little more on school during the week.
  · Buffer · en
6,763 29,115
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
This is Anthony Borges, 15. He used his body to hold a classroom door shut, protecting 20 other students inside as the gunman fired through the door, hitting him five times. Let's pray for his speedy recovery. 🙏🏾
78,419 203,317
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
Chadwick Boseman but it’s just 43 seconds of him laughing
7,571 18,192
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
niggas wanna be me so bad... i cant even be me
2,914 23,449
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
Life is only as good as your mindset.
48,849 69,347
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
Is Wakanda trying to profit off of gentrification and the displacement of working class BP in Shaw?
Is Wakanda’s president constantly hopping in bed w/ Trump & other WS?
Is Wakanda a country that protects rapists and shames sexual assault victims?
If so, then yes, we are Wakanda.
41 71
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
Lmao Never Seen A Midget Dyke Before
9,597 19,317
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
Kindergarten teachers in 2023 lookin at their attendance sheet and seeing "Wakanda Williams"
11,653 24,354
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
Even mother nature excited about Incredibles 2 we all been waiting too long
3,197 6,481
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
19,180 31,730
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
“Don’t scare me like that, colonizer!”
Entire theater:
7,141 15,026
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
mom: if ya friends jump off a bridge, you gonna jump too?

me in my head:
42,187 100,620
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
@AkhChronicles She would’ve got messed over at my school
2 7
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
If teachers had guns, she'd air this room out SMH
12,390 24,962
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
The director of #BlackPanther Ryan Coogler. (Only 31)
He had $900k budget for Fruitvale Station it made 16 mil. Had 40 mil bud for Creed it made 173 mil. Marvel gave him 200+ million budget for Black Panther. Most ever given to an African American director.
He did a GREAT Job.
8,095 16,871
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
“Hey Auntie.” - N'Djaka
I would trust Ryan Coogler to flip my income tax check at this point.
3,076 5,283
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
Doctor: “are you sexually active?”

*mom watching me*

17,949 72,109
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
“Hey Auntie.” - N'Djaka
Imagine being given $200 million to make a movie and you make that money back in 72 hours in just the United States. We’re not even counting the money being made overseas
  · Twitter for iPad · en
16,632 42,489
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
pause... stop scrolling... and me tell this ain’t the waviest thing you ever laid eyes on
42,837 125,743
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
Howard alumni want us to stop saying Howard is in shambles like we don’t walk on the yard everyday and see Douglass on life support but we better chill cause they didn’t have ac in quad
40 125
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
I’ve been murdering niggas in GTA, Saints Row, Mafia, Battlefield, and etc since i was like 7 years old and I’ve never thought about shooting up a school.
5,297 9,441
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
Fest SZN starts next week y’all 🙃
2 3
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
student: *begins packing up to go*

teacher: *places hand on gun* “i’m sorry does the bell dismiss you?”
25,032 59,525
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
15 years old. Heart of a lion. RIP, warrior.
36,734 116,206
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
I’m sure whoever was in charge of this trip for theses elders got fired immediately
18,720 28,126
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
trinnie 🇵🇭🇹🇭🇲🇾
Sad to see Peter Wang, 15, left off so many lists of the Florida victims. We need to remember ALL of them. Peter died holding the door open so his classmates could escape. His parents were immigrants. He loved Disneyland and wanted to see Black Panther.
21,886 47,082
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
"That black kid was acting aggressive and belligerent and i feared for my life so I had to shoot them"
114,301 258,395
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
Class: *talking over the teacher*

Teacher: No No! I’ll wait! *places hand on gun*
11,675 31,325
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
I need this to go viral... very important facts right here.
82,204 96,886
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
RT when you get it!!!! 😂😂😂😂
60 63
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
A week after Civil War. I saved you a click.
6,278 18,968
ig~moe_swift Retweeted ·  
"Can I go to the bathroom"

93 100
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