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Last 50 tweets from @_waleedshahid
Waleed Shahid Retweeted ·  
Help raise £30k by 3rd June for groups supporting communities under attack by the far-right, and I will fly again above London on the 4th. Simple.… #stillnotwelcome
Jesse Jackson on single-payer health care in 1989:

"Piecemeal reforms at the federal level...are well-intentioned but insufficient...these patchwork proposals are expensive because they leave in place all of the waste and inefficiency of the current system."
love it
It’s been over 24 hours. No more spoiler alerts. Here’s why @AOC and I are officially on #TeamSansa now.
One thing that the pundit class likes to repeat is that black voters are "moderate."

In 1988, Jesse Jackson won 96% of the black vote on Super Tuesday running on single-payer, ending the War on Drugs, cutting defense spending, and free community college.…
Jackson Wins 96 Percent of Black Vote, 10 Percent of White Vote
Proposal: An inquiry to ban the phrase “walk and chew gum” on Capitol Hill.

All violators will be held in contempt.
Waleed Shahid Retweeted ·  
.@LesterHoltNBC sits down with the men known as the Central Park Five, and also interviews critically-acclaimed director @ava DuVernay, who is retelling the story of their wrongful conviction and the aftermath in the new Netflix series “When They See Us.”
Waleed Shahid Retweeted ·  
We are now just $1,600 from reaching our $30,000 fundraising goal! But we only have less than two hours from the deadline. Let's show the power of this grassroots movement to change Queens…
Waleed Shahid Retweeted ·  
Only one Democratic presidential candidate, @RepSethMoulton, backs @BettyMcCollum04's bill to stop using US money to imprison Palestinian children. That's shameful. It's time for Dems running for president to oppose blank-check military aid to Israel…
Hope to see @CabanForQueens win this one.
Queens residents: Who do you trust to protect you and your families? To safeguard your rights? To bring about the necessary change Queens so desperately needs?

Is it career politicians and prosecutors? Or is it a public defender who has ALWAYS done this work?
The real risk is signing Ndombele in the next week and running him out in a Wanyama jersey with some serious facial prosthetics, but I think it's a risk worth taking
Waleed Shahid Retweeted ·  
When i tell you I’m crying
Waleed Shahid Retweeted ·  
News: The Koch Industries PAC donated $1,000 to conservative Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar.…

Cuellar faces a challenge from the left in his 2020 re-election race from @justicedems, @DataProgress & others.
Waleed Shahid Retweeted ·  
The US has 705 billionaires. Collectively, they own a little more than $3 trillion.

The US has 44 million student debtors. Collectively, they owe about $1.6 trillion.
"Outside of active American combat zones...US gives most of its military aid through 'Foreign Military Financing': a line of credit through which governments can buy American weapons. In Trump’s 2019 budget request, 61%...goes to Israel." -@PeterBeinart…
Waleed Shahid Retweeted ·  
Waleed Shahid Retweeted ·  
Sir. Wait til you get in front of a crowd that actually knows what you’re doing. Knows the bill. Knows the generational damage. Wait. I hope I’m in the crowd.
No okok this is my real only GoT commentary, 2011-present:

I want a whole season of fighting over the relative importance of rebuilding brothels and rebuilding ships
Waleed Shahid Retweeted ·  
That theme song gon hit different tonight #GameOfThronesFinale #GOT
Waleed Shahid Retweeted ·  
TYRION: People love stories. And no one has a better story than Bran

Waleed Shahid Retweeted ·  
popeyes cashier: you want to wait on spicy?

Waleed Shahid Retweeted ·  
Whole season 7 and 8: I’m not Bran. I’m the three eyed raven
Tonight: Whats a three eyed raven? Gimme my crown. #GOT
Waleed Shahid Retweeted ·  
Very touching moment
people of color get full state power for 2 hours

westeros elites:
Game of Thrones is pessimistic about the prospects of multi-ethnic democracy.
the dothraki and unsullied just...walk away after their queen is murdered...?
Tyrion with a lame ass Marshall Ganz / Joseph Campbell / Buttigieg-esque speech about “the power of stories”

Waleed Shahid Retweeted ·  
Waleed Shahid Retweeted ·  
Extremely problematic. And I say this as someone who likes Joe.
There's always a tweet.
Remember what I previously said--Obama will someday attack Iran in order to show how tough he is.
Waleed Shahid Retweeted ·  
"Biden has close ties to Wall Street, he has a bad past with trade deals, he literally was the architect of the 1994 crime bill. I think voters have a lot to learn about his public record beyond Joe Biden being vice president to Barack Obama." -@alexandrasiera
Waleed Shahid Retweeted ·  
Sanders wants to increase funding for desegregation programs, including allowing the gov't to fund busing, and enforce desegregation orders. The plan is aimed at combating increasing levels of isolation among black and Latino students:…
Just hung up with @MorehousePrez who told me he had no idea @RFS_Vista was going to make this announcement today. Said he was "overjoyed" and hoped Smith's donation would encourage alumni donations across HBCUs.
Replying to @emarvelous @Morehouse and 3 others
Curious if Smith and Thomas support the free college and canceling student debt proposals by Sanders, Warren, and Jayapal.
Taxing billionaires and Wall Street would allow every American to go to college for free while also canceling almost all student debt.
Billionaire Robert F. Smith to pay off Morehouse grads' student debt. (The gift has been estimated at $40 million.)…
Waleed Shahid Retweeted ·  
Did you hear that Joe Biden was talking about climate change all the way back in 1987?

Someone give this guy a fucking medal. I guess we can go home now.
Waleed Shahid Retweeted ·  
Bernie can turn out a serious crowd. But using campaign infrastructure to exercise the power of people coming together is living union. This way, results can be achieved every day, not just Election Day. Building a movement to last. #1u
Waleed Shahid Retweeted ·  
The grandfather I never had is wearing a hat I ordered by the thousands

Don't freak out don't freak out don't freak out don't freak out
America’s wokest ticket brought to you by two white guys.
Waleed Shahid Retweeted ·  
I'm loving the climate/economic plan escalation going on. This is how America solves huge problems: people put forth bold ideas full of ambition -- ideas that stretch our imaginations and seem untoppable. And then someone inevitably tops it. So, who's gonna top @JayInslee's plan?
Buttigieg, asked about capitalism, tells crowd that Denmark has more economic mobility than the USA now. "What's the difference between Denmark and Venezuela? According to Republicans, they're both socialist countries. The difference is democracy."
Replying to @daveweigel
Danish Red Rose Twitter (@Spolitik) gonna have fun with this one.
Waleed Shahid Retweeted ·  
It's not about left vs. right, it's top vs. bottom. We need to appeal to the huge number of Americans, largely poor and working-class, who don't vote because they know their vote won't materially improve their lives. Let's put plans on the table that will deliver for them.
Waleed Shahid Retweeted ·  
The very real issue was that cities were poor.

The very real issue was that crack was charged way more than cocaine which had per number more white users.

The very real issues is that Joe Biden is lying.
Waleed Shahid Retweeted ·  
Biden’s characterization of anger isn’t only unhelpful. It’s, implicitly, a specific card. He simultaneously lauds founding patriots, men fueled by rage/outrage, then disparages anger in people, visibly women, today. My book, @ProfessorCrunk’s and @rtraister’s are all about this.
My new post: The climate plan that Jay Inslee is releasing (piece by piece) is more than a campaign document, it's a detailed roadmap for US decarbonization. The next president should use it, whoever that is.…
Waleed Shahid Retweeted ·  
Joe Biden: "This idea that the crime bill generated mass incarceration, it did not generate mass incarceration."
Waleed Shahid Retweeted ·  
"Time after time, Joe Biden has been on the wrong side of history...I think he thinks electability is about moderation, but I think it's about motivation." -@_waleedshahid
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