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Last 50 tweets from @aantonop
Andreas M. Antonopoulos Retweeted ·  
So yesterday was Guru purnima in India, which we celebrate to thank teachers. So here is my list from crypto world, in no particular order. #ThanksCryptoTwitter
Andreas M. Antonopoulos Retweeted ·  
it's mind boggling to me that the best barb the Mnuchin has is that Bitcoin is based on thin air

- makes people wonder what backs money generally. spoiler: doesn't end well for USD
- causes dissonance. "if BTC is unbacked, why is it worth something? what am I not getting?"
Stop focusing on price!
Go read a book damnit!

I've got some important news to share with you:

This is my last week as CTO of @ZeppelinOrg.

After 8 years of working full-time in the blockchain space, and the last 5 building Zeppelin, it's time for me to look into a new adventure.
Replying to @maraoz @ZeppelinOrg
Congratulations on all your achievements Manu and good luck in whatever you do next.
Andreas M. Antonopoulos Retweeted ·  
1952: Persecution
2009: Apology
2013: Royal pardon
2019: Alan Turing on the 50 pound note.…
Andreas M. Antonopoulos Retweeted ·  
Eric Garner's killer will not be charged.

The U.S. citizen who filmed the killing, Ramsey Orta, faces up to 50 years in jail.

NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo has been punished only by being demoted to desk duty. He walks free among us.…
Andreas M. Antonopoulos Retweeted ·  
Excited to announce #LetsTalkBitcoin podcast will record a live show at @TrainBlockchain August 29 with hosts @aantonop, @gamerandy, @JonathanMohan & @S_Murphy_PhD. Make sure to join us for this rare event! #BTC2019 @TheLTBNetwork
Are you a developer or technologist who is new to open blockchains? 'Mastering Bitcoin' will help you understand how #bitcoin works.

Also available in several other languages!
Excited to announce @TheLTBNetwork podcast will record a live show on August 29th for @TrainBlockchain with hosts @gamerandy, @JonathanMohan, @S_Murphy_PhD & myself. Join us for this rare event - it will be a fun one: #BTC2019
surveillance capitalism : companies
surveillance authoritarianism : nation-states
surveillance _______ : civil society

cc @robreich @glenweyl
Replying to @RhysLindmark @robreich and 1 otherfalse
Sousveillance society
Athens, it is always a pleasure! Had a great time at the Bitcoin & Blockchain Tech meetup. Special thanks to my patrons for coming to the Happy Hour.

If you would like early-access to videos, participating in monthly Q&As and more, see: #AMATour2019
Bitcoin Q&A: CoinJoin, privacy, and network bifurcation
Andreas M. Antonopoulos Retweeted ·  
ICE: “This is a warrant.”

Activist: “No it’s not.”

This citizen stopped ICE from arresting 2 undocumented immigrants because he knew his rights.

As #ICERaids start today, know your legal rights & proceed accordingly
Just got back from China.

The mass detention of Uighurs in Xinjiang is like some big awful secret that no one dares mention.
Andreas M. Antonopoulos Retweeted ·  
Are you new into #cryptocurrencies?

1. Own at least 0,0025 #Bitcoin.
2. Have a plan to own at least 4 #BTC.
3. Try to earn #Bitcoin.
4. Don’t forget to learn Bitcoin.
5. Follow @aantonop.

#BitcoinIsBack #bitcoin #Bitcoin2019 #bitcoins #bitcoinmining $XBT #BTCUSD #Blockchain
In reply to @ACLU
Legal americans also have rights as do those immigrants who are fairly waiting in line to immigrate. We have the right to know our taxes are being used for us and not others.
Replying to @Geopilot @ACLU
All people under the jurisdiction of the United States have rights. Their immigration status doesn't change that. If you think the DHS is going to stop at violating the rights of *those* people you haven't been paying attention.
In reply to @aantonop
I wrote the text. Your 5-pillars were by far the best definition of a crypto I could find!
Andreas M. Antonopoulos Retweeted ·  
When invasion of privacy occurs at this scale, no fine — even a $5 billion fine — can adequately provide restitution to the over 87 million people whose rights were violated.

Once lost, a person’s rights can’t be restored.
Andreas M. Antonopoulos Retweeted ·  
We have rights if ICE agents approach us in public.
In reply to @aantonop
@aantonop You were on Dutch television yesterday (0.45)
#Libra #RTLZ
Replying to @PerryFeenstra
This is awesome! They actually showed the 5 pillars argument
@aantonop @aantonop @aantonop
@aantonop @aantonop @aantonop

...the one guy who refuses compromise, understands the meta vision, and has called it time and time again. #bitcoin
Super excited to announce that I accepted a faculty position @uclcs starting January 2020. 😎 Looking forward to continue researching & teaching topics in applied crypto, privacy, & decentralized systems with the @uclisec crowd to make our digital technologies more trustworthy.
Andreas M. Antonopoulos Retweeted ·  
In reply to @mikeduncan
ICE is a much greater threat to the American Way Of Life as it is commonly understood than the people they are targeting. This weekend is bound to see innumerable abuses of civil liberties that all Americans of conscience should resist, document, and god willing later punish.
In reply to @ACLU
Really? You want open borders?
Yes I do. Also, protecting constitutional rights for everyone has nothing to do with open borders.
Andreas M. Antonopoulos Retweeted ·  
🗣️ Know your rights if ICE is at your door.
Andreas M. Antonopoulos Retweeted ·  
I’ve been thinking a lot about my next-steps, career-wise. And this line from @doctorow’s “Homeland” keeps coming back to me, helping me clarify my goals.
“You don’t need a *plan*, you need a vector.”
Did you take a photo with me at the meet-and-greet for the @bitcoin_ch meetup in Zurich?

Find your photo here:…
In reply to @aantonop
@aantonop if a nation decides that Bitcoin or any PoW coin should not exist and spend $100MM to kill it (to protect the national currency), they would succeed right?
Replying to @baswillems
No they would not succeed. They would waste 100m and prove that they can't stop it.
Looking forward to connecting with the Athens #Bitcoin community tonight! This is a free event, but please make sure to RSVP:…
Andreas M. Antonopoulos: Thoughts on The Future of Programmable Money
Andreas M. Antonopoulos Retweeted ·  
BREAKING: Following our lawsuit, nine Delta passengers just won a settlement restricting @CBP ID checks.

If you’re flying within the United States, CBP cannot force you to show your ID without reasonable suspicion when deplaning.

This is a win for our Fourth Amendment rights.
Andreas M. Antonopoulos Retweeted ·  
Excited to welcome @lopp as a #BTC2019 teacher! Jameson will teach you how to build an enterprise grade #bitcoin wallet + master concepts like fee estimation, key security, address derivation & more! Join us Aug 28-30 in Denver: #LearnApplyGrow @_CFour_
Andreas M. Antonopoulos Retweeted ·  
The "I'm not a Patron," version is live! Check out our talk with the one and only, Andreas M. Antonopoulos!

In reply to @aantonop
Can somebody tell me what AOL stands for
Replying to @Gopije7
"America Online" it was an early dialup service that offered a "controlled alternative" to the Internet. That model failed and they ended up dumping all their users on the Internet in the 90s
"The Internet of Money" =>
"The AOL of Money"
.@facebook has reportedly said that current regulatory restrictions mean it won't be launching its digital wallet service and cryptocurrency in India.
With #altcoins getting rekt, I wonder how much money @aantonop's multicoinery nonsense has cost people. #CryptoKeynesians #Bitcoinist
Replying to @BitcoinMotorist
I have never told anyone to invest in anything. I talk about technology, and I'm interested in more than one.
Andreas M. Antonopoulos Retweeted ·  
I sat down with @aantonop to talk about all things #Crypto. Why #capitalism is no longer capitalism and how the nation-state will change because of #Bitcoin and #Blockchain, you'll read it in the interview below:…

Thanks to @nic__carter for proof-reading
"Erlay can reduce the bandwidth consumption and optimise network use, while Dandelion is an antidote to the large number of spy nodes."

from LTB #403:…
LTB #403 Efficiency and Timing by Let's Talk Bitcoin! A podcast on Anchor
Did you take a photo with me at the meet-and-greet for the Scottish Blockchain meetup in Edinburgh?

Find your photo here:…
Did you take a photo with me at the meet-and-greet for the Coinscrum meetup in London?

Find your photo here:…
In reply to @aantonop
Hi Andreas, Thanks for speaking up about it. I'm sorry to hear this is happening and we would like to have our safety team get it looked into for you. Could you please DM us the email address associated to your account and details of the reported profile? Thank you -IK
Replying to @LinkedInHelp
Finally, a result. The impersonator who couldn't be taken down for *months*, is now down:…
"Five ways narcissists project and attack you."

Crypto Twitter: Read this carefully and pay attention to actions not words. They are dangerous and they are among us...…
5 Ways Narcissists Project and Attack You
Andreas M. Antonopoulos Retweeted ·  
#CyberpunkisNow Graphic with facts detailing how China's Social Credit System works & the advantages/disadvantages various numerical scores bestow.

Originally posted by Reddit user thoustan, I split the graphic into 2 images to make it more easily/readily readable here.
In reply to @aantonop
@aantonop Is this really you or this LinkedIn account is a scammer?
Replying to @louishliu
It's a scammer. I've reported them multiple times, for months now, but @LinkedIn @LinkedInHelp are terribly slow at handling impersonators. Meanwhile they're scamming people out of their money. Beware! Linkedin profiles are not verified well and impersonators roam freely.
Is it Antopanos day today? Or is July Antopanos month?
Blz Siir retweet for Andreas M. Antonopoulos

#bitcoin #cryptocurrency #btc $btc $eth $xrp
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