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Last 50 tweets from @akshaykumar
An evening of fun, mischief and celebrating the #BestOfTheBest, women of Bollywood! Don’t forget to catch us tonight on @LuxGoldenRose Awards at 9.30 pm on @StarPlus .
420 3,766
Experience the soul of #2Point0 with this soulful track , Nanhi Si Jaan. #2Point0Theme

@2Point0Movie @DharmaMovies @LycaProductions
2,060 18,535
You can’t hold the storm! #2Point0 fever is on with #Honda X-Blade. Now turn heads on streets with your stylish X-Blade exclusively autographed by me. Now available for all 2.0 fans at @Honda2wheelerin touch points.
2,268 20,793
I am very happy to share that 412 districts of our country organized mass mobilization around Swachhata on #WorldToiletDay 2018. I laud the leadership shown by these districts to keep up the @swachhbharat jan andolan!
1,640 18,256
Akshay Kumar Retweeted ·  
Thank you Gippy bhaji 🙏🏻
#2.0 is a visual treat which has never seen before🙏 @shankarshanmugh is a visionary master...🙏🙏🙏 Congratulations @akshaykumar Bhaji @rajinikanth sir @iamAmyJackson @karanjohar @resulp
Love from Punjab...🤗🤗🤗
677 6,194
737 9,347
Glad you liked it :)
Just watched #2Point0 Amazing visuals😍 The story really got me thinking of how much time we spend on our mobile phones and the amount of damage it has on us and the nature. True fact but ignored. Loved it sir @shankarshanmugh @akshaykumar @rajinikanth @karanjohar @iamAmyJackson
983 8,946
684 9,963
Akshay Kumar Retweeted ·  
Inspired by @akshaykumar's "#Padman", a 13-year-old Dubai-based girl has adopted 250 girls from rural Maharashtra and donated sanitary napkins to them!…?
Inspired by Akshay Kumars Padman, Dubai-based Indian teen donates sanitary pads to tribalgirls
  · TweetDeck · en
1,099 12,548
Thank you Varun 😁🙏🏻
#2.0 is a visual treat which has never been experienced on Indian screens before. 👌👌 @shankarshanmugh is a visionary master. Congratulations @akshaykumar sir @rajinikanth @iamAmyJackson @karanjohar
3,113 35,587
1,240 19,325
Thank you Tusshar :)
#2point0 is blockbuster material for sure! A world class visual spectacle with a strong emotional core! @akshaykumar ji with his unparalleled energy & charisma towers over all! @rajinikanth sir is invincible as always! Kudos to #Shankar2point0 sir! 👏👏👏
996 5,420
660 8,646
Meet 3.0 in 2.0! The perfect movie outing for your children this weekend, #2Point0 in cinemas now!

BookMyShow :

Paytm :

@2Point0movie @shankarshanmugh @DharmaMovies @LycaProductions
8,185 62,584
Thank you Mahesh Babu :)
#2point0 is a cinematic gem!!! Gives you a never before seen experience... @shankarshanmugh sir ups his game to an all new level of sheer brilliance👌🏻 thoroughly enjoyed it 👍🏻👍🏻 Congratulations to @rajinikanth sir, @akshaykumar and the entire team of 2.0👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
12,394 82,620
4,740 43,703
Thank you sir 😁🙏🏻
#2point0 has taken Indian cinema to the next level, Enjoyed the mass and Stylish performance of @rajinikanth sir, @akshaykumar acting was excellent and enjoyed the movie thoroughly @shankarshanmugh congratulations to the entire team @LycaProductions @arrahman
7,348 49,277
1,172 10,372
Thank you :)
#2Point0 @shankarshanmugh sir movie was awestruck,epic film Loved 3.0character too the core thanks u so much for entertaining us always & ur always an inspiration sir, @rajinikanth sir 2.0reloaded,3.0was ultimate loved it sir @akshaykumar sir❤️@arrahman sir veralevel Bgm 👏👏
6,256 45,288
2,005 21,791
Big love to you all 🙏🏻
On the grand day of Release of #2point0, we, the @AkshayKumFansWB #West_Bengal_Fans celebrated the whole day in our style. #Road_Show, #Cracker_Show, #DJ.. Fans full of Excitement. We Loved the movie, enjoyed a Lot. Love n Respect for u @akshaykumar sir :)
295 2,808
728 7,662
Akshay Kumar Retweeted ·  
Here's one more reason to watch @akshaykumar's latest blockbuster @2Point0movie! Book your tickets on Paytm & avail up to ₹125 Cashback*. Code: CHITTI. #2Point0 @LycaProductions
540 6,362
Thank you for the phenomenal love always ❤️
614 5,883
#2Point0FDFS Celebrations By #AkolaAkkians At Manek Cinemas Akola

Garland To Posters , Stickers , Firecrackers , Chants For Akki Sir And Total 50+ Tickets

@akshaykumar Sir Welcomed In Akola Like Always

@LycaProductions @DharmaMovies @Akkistaan
158 1,568
539 6,087
Thank you :)
@akshaykumar sir's Film means festival for us. 🔥
Celebrated #2Point0FDFS in grand way😍
and yes #2Point0 is going to make india proud globally 💥
96 401
461 4,414
Only you guys matter ❤️ Thank you for the love
Grand fdfs celebration by @OdishaAkkians at maharaja hall,bbsr.
Only @akshaykumar sir matters.
When ur star is in the costliest film of the country then the celebration needs to be the best.
It's a festival time for all akkians.
#AkshayKumar 😍😍♥️
227 1,336
723 6,947
Thank you :)
Fdfs celebration by Khiladians Pune
2.0 is cinematic brilliance with kamaal performance by 2 legends @rajinikanth @akshaykumar bole toh zakaas
206 2,230
455 4,014
Glad you’ll liked it :)
Fdfs of 2.0 @akshaykumar @2Point0movie best movie ever sir u rock we love u
191 2,641
475 4,079
India's Biggest film #2PointO celebration by #Bihar_Akkians .
Best of luck for @2Point0movie .
Love u @akshaykumar sir 😍 @shankarshanmugh @LycaProductions @shilpa_lakhani
225 2,259
607 5,573
Thank you Veer Akkians 🙏🏻
Celebration Begins...
Poster Unveiling
Chandan Cinema

567 8,139
481 3,895
Thank you Simran :)
Congratulations on #2Point0 Marvellous creation it is!
Social message+Tremendous graphic.@rajinikanth sir this is Ultimate! Big salute to @shankarshanmugh sir!
@akshaykumar joins the league making it an entertaining visual treat.
Thoroughly enjoyed & watched it with my kids👏🤩
1,783 16,891
633 8,350
Here is Some Moments Of Grand Celebration of @2Point0movie #FDFS by #Puneriakkians ..
@akshaykumar Fantastic performance ,ur Versatile 😘😘😘❤ Lots of Love ❤
@DharmaMovies @iamAmyJackson @karanjohar
133 1,454
439 3,630
Thank you for the out of the world love 😁
531 4,413
Love you all right back 🙏🏼
#2Point0FromToday celebrated #2Point0fdfs at PVR PACIFIC, with 20 members #2Point0
Love You @akshaykumar Sir
241 3,188
484 3,916
WHAT A FILM!!!!! #2Point0
BLOCKBUSTER,Shankar is a VISIONARY...Chitti 2.0 & Kutti 3.0 were so ENTERTAINING, @akshaykumar @shilpa_lakhani killed it in the 2nd half & it all lead to an exhilarating climax
#2Point0FDFS #2point0FromToday. #अपनाPoster
240 2,824
423 3,679
Thank you very much 🙏🏻
#2Point0 Vera Level Experience. Seeing Thalaivar @rajinikanth in different avatars was mind blowing. Have not seen an Indian film like this before. Hats off to @shankarshanmugh sir👌 @akshaykumar sir as Bird Man is semma. @LycaProductions 👏👏#ChittiAndKuttiIndianAvengers
1,541 12,797
566 5,914
Thank you :)
#2point0 OUT OF THE WORLD EXPERIENCE . ALL INDIAN BOX OFFICE RECORDS WILL BE REWRITTEN 🔥 Bow down to Thalaivar @rajinikanth , The Master @shankarshanmugh , @akshaykumar @arrahman @LycaProductions @iamAmyJackson and the thousands of ppl involved !
Feel like watching on repeat 😇
4,639 34,498
557 6,818
@arrahman sir’s brilliant world class score !! Jus elevates the already outstanding visual to another level !!! What an experience on the whole
#NiravShah , Muthu raj , VFX team

@akshaykumar ‘s acting , jus presence , what an effort at this level of his career !! Hatsofffff👏🏻
527 2,747
531 5,645
Glad you liked it :)
#2point0 go enjoy the experience at the theatres!
To @rajinikanth sir @shankarshanmugh sir @akshaykumar sir and the Entire team Thanku for bringing this spectacle to life. @LycaProductions awesome 👏 🤖 #TheSuperOne 💫💪
1,505 13,299
444 3,934
Thank you
Thalaivaaaaaaaaaa Vera level👍😊 Every time when #Thalaivar @rajinikanth sir & @shankarshanmugh sir join it’s always Mass redefined @arrahman sir @akshaykumar sir #Nirav sir @iamAmyJackson @LycaProductions & entire team has pulled off a visual extravaganza in style👍💪Hatsoff👏👏
5,313 37,784
1,491 16,101
Thank you so much :)
You lived the character to perfection sir @akshaykumar And a salute to god’s child @arrahman The genius behind the camera @niravshah112 art @Muthuraj sir and my dear friend @iamAmyJackson for being a part of this epic film 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
3,337 26,714
1,035 9,511
Not just #GoodNews, this is the best news of the day 😁 Joining you guys on set real soon, till then sending my best wishes.

@DharmaMovies @karanjohar Sir @akshaykumar Sir #KareennaKapoorKhan Ji @Advani_Kiara #RajMehta Sir @ShashankKhaitan Sir 😊🙏🏽

It’s a Dream Come True When you get to Work with Your Favourite Productions House and an Awesome TEAM 😊


567 7,687
689 5,170
@rajinikanth sir @akshaykumar sir @shankarshanmugh sir 🙏🏼👏
Felt like a kid after long time :)
This is S-H-A-N-K-A-R-R-R-R
2,574 21,021
771 6,755
Thank you Milap
#2.0 is one of the most imaginative and ambitious films to come out of India! It’s VFX, concept and message are world class! Full ENTERTAINMENT! @rajinikanth sir is EPIC and @akshaykumar is MINDBLOWING! His emotions as Pakshi win the heart! @shankarshanmugh is a VISIONARY! 😍
717 5,221
480 4,082
Today the future of Indian cinema became the present thanks to @shankarshanmugh sir’s vision, @rajinikanth sir’s constant energy and @akshaykumar sir’s versatility. Chitti 2.0 you will always be the SUPER ONE! #Thalaivaaa 🙏🏼...(Can’t wait to get a Chitti 3.0 for my daughter!)
1,781 16,033
936 11,178
Thank you :)
A film of such a huge magnitude with a strong message, Robot 2.0 releases today. Wishing Thalaiva @rajinikanth and @akshaykumar all the best... Set to break all records.. #2Point0FromToday
1,134 10,974
635 8,165
Because this world is not only for humans! #2Point0FromToday...Catch it IN CINEMAS NOW!

@2Point0movie @shankarshanmugh @DharmaMovies @LycaProductions
8,719 83,823
Tomorrow.... the world will change!
Tomorrow...our world will change
Tomorrow.... will be the new beginning
the 3D wonder arrives tomorrow...
OUR destiny will change forever... TOMORROW #2Point0FromTomorrow
8,414 74,543
Akshay Kumar Retweeted ·  
Watch @akshaykumar say #PaytmKaro! Book @2Point0movie tickets on Paytm and get 50% Cashback* up to ₹150. Use code: ROBO150. #2Point0 #2Point0FromNov29 @LycaProductions
  · Twitter Ads · en
883 7,079
Akshay Kumar Retweeted ·  
And the bookings are open for 2018's biggest 3D extravaganza!!! Need we say more? Go secure the best seats right away :

@2Point0movie @DharmaMovies @LycaProductions @rajinikanth @akshaykumar @shankarshanmugh @arrahman @iamAmyJackson #BMSMovies
826 6,817
Here’s the news you’ve been waiting for... #2Point0 Advance Booking Now Open! Book your tickets now! #2Point0FromThursday

BookMyShow :
Paytm :

@2Point0movie @shankarshanmugh @DharmaMovies @LycaProductions
2,608 20,684
After 3.5 hours of makeup, the results were quite astonishing...definitely called for a selfie 🤳🏼 Witness the transformation in 2 days! #2Point0FromNov29 #2Point0
3,302 36,142
Here’s Team 2.0 , the creator @shankarshanmugh , the protector @rajinikanth and the destroyer (yours truly ) ahead of the press meet in Hyderabad today! #2Point0
3,786 39,885
The new face of evil will unveil in 3 days, experience it yourself with the #2Point0Filter! Try now -…

@2Point0Movie @shankarshanmugh @DharmaMovies @LycaProductions #2Point0FromNov29
4,426 41,769
Gifted the boys on the beach my training ball so they could jump higher and faster. They had been at it from 6-9am 💪🏼 Now this is what I call #FitIndia 🙏🏼

#MondayMotivation #FreeTraining #MorningInspiration
1,569 18,614
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