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Last 50 tweets from @AlexBrundle
Always lovely to hit the fabulous @RoyalAutomobile

Thankyou to @mracinglegends for allowing me to present your award for Pre War sports car competition.

Pleasure to pick up a historic touring car championship class win for Mr P’s RS3100 ‘Cologne’ Capri.
In reply to @rachelburden
It’s DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) the good news is it’ll pass in a couple of days. Bad news is it peaks after 48hrs! 😬
You gonna tell her tomorrow is worse or shall I?
In reply to @Scotracer1987
They're actually *even* slower this year to keep a gap to the GTP (LMDh) cars, to the point where some of the drivers are concerned about the closeness in speed between them and LMP3s - there's a great article in Sportscar365 explaining it
Replying to @mortsquadqpop @Scotracer1987 and 3 others
My Buddies tell me GT cars are passing them on the banking
In reply to @AlexBrundle
Even slower?! Theyre bad enough in WEC
Replying to @Scotracer1987 @IMSA and 2 others
WEC 23 is also slower than 22
In reply to @AlexBrundle
Are the LMP2s on the same BOP as WEC?
Replying to @Scotracer1987 @IMSA and 2 others
no sir, still slower I believe
In reply to @AlexBrundle
IMSA Radio and IMSA TV - For those outside the US, and with no TV coverage in your country or territory
Replying to @demisfoster78 @IMSA and 2 others
TV is covered in the vid. I just didn't cover the IMSA Radio gang
For those choosing to watch the @IMSA @DAYTONA 24 Hours this weekend, perhaps for the first time.

Here's some info to help you enjoy the event - how to watch, classes, regs, and insight.

Don't forget you can always listen live on @IMSARadio

Have fun!…
Alex Brundle Retweeted ·  
Heroes - Ex-Servicemen and women - and unlikely @Rolex24Hours winners - A Summer story

TV Production Company of the Year 🎉🎉

2022 was certainly a fab year and we can't wait to produce more exciting content this year!

Thanks so much to everyone who voted for us and to @motorsportaward for hosting the event💚

#GTV #TheSportWeLove #TV #Production #Media
Take a ride…or more like a spin, with Francis “Formula Drift” Selldorf.

Our new guy decided to show of his sideways salley ability at @DAYTONA in free practice for @IMSA’s new VP Challenge.

160 mph. 😳

#IMSA #RoarBeforeThe24 #Roar24 #DriftKing
Replying to @Turnermotrsport @DAYTONA and 5 others
Rip right rear. Did well hanging on to that. Give him a hug.
In reply to @AlexBrundle
Nice question Alex. I personally started SimRacing because I wanted to experience the meaning of being a drive, and replicate what my idols do when I watch them from a television. Then, you can drive everything, Gran Turismo has some really nice fictional tracks.
In reply to @AlexBrundle
I can only admire your stamina!
Replying to @Zaack23
Real story, I just set up a new multi screen office. And I’m having fun trying it out 😂
In reply to @AlexBrundle
@AlexBrundle You OK in there? Your replies are (predictably) like a Harry Hill wresting match :-)
Replying to @Zaack23
😂 had to google that. Tried to help 🤷‍♂️ giving up now!
In reply to @AlexBrundle
Except it very much does. You want to know why we want to race in real cars on real tracks in a sim? Because for us, who aren’t born into rich families with motorsport ties, it’s the only way to experience racing on these tracks and in these cars
I'm onboard: that's not difficult to understand. The aim is to translate the truest experience Are tiny IRL vs Sim differences/ annoyances like the one at Daytona, in fact, detracting from that? You can remain determined to dislike me for existing perhaps I can help. 🙂
In reply to @AlexBrundle
I think your perspective is a different one because you've driven/do drive. For us in that community, it is purely about getting closer to doing what we aren't good/lucky enough to do in real life, if that makes sense?
Replying to @LPrentice44
Totally! my question is whether a fictional venue would be better at generating closeness and enjoyment than a scan of a real venue. In that case, issues like those at the Daytona - aren't possible. Unfortunately, off-topic aggression is drowning out constructive response 🫤
In reply to @AlexBrundle
Alex, if I'm entirely honest, I think it was just the way your question was worded. It came across as the same question people who don't simrace or even enjoy racing at all ask; Why sim race when you can really race? And that triggered a lot of people into that response...
In my experience, whatever question you write... Doesn’t seem to matter. That one is the question some will choose to read.
In reply to @AlexBrundle
The actual answer to your question is because unbridled imagination quickly becomes deeply personal. What i would want in my fantasy is different from everyone else. By staying close to reality we have tried & true tracks & cars that we know work reasonably well.
Replying to @AKinsella14
Now that’s an interesting point.
In reply to @AlexBrundle
Great response LOL. How out of touch are you?
In reply to @AlexBrundle
Look mate, if you wanna pay for me to drive some real cars, I ain't gonna stop you, but until then I'll continue to race the series that I can afford to race, that being, sim racing
Replying to @Billiamiscool
Doesn’t even approach the question I asked 😩🤷‍♂️
In reply to @AlexBrundle
You just say it because you've already raced cars and tracks that we can only dream about. Sim Racing is about get as closer as possible real life because it's the only way the we, the audience, can feel and do what we imagine you, real drivers, do IRL. Wake up.
Replying to @leobussinger
Sorry for trying to work out what the fanbase enjoy and why. I’ll be sure the ignore you in the future.
In reply to @AlexBrundle
It wasn't my intention to take that view, but I understand the problem. Opinions are valid from both sides and I think having a real driver weigh in is always valuable tbh
Replying to @JimmyBroadbent
Haha, you are one of us now buddy!
I'd say sim racing exists because a lot of people are desperate to get into a real car, but lack the considerable means to do so.

As an enthusiast, I want everything to be as close as possible.
Replying to @JimmyBroadbent
This is the danger/impossibility of discussing esports as an IRL driver. My point above is on how to max out enjoyment and get closest to the 'racing feeling' we both know. Instantly met with 100 x 'just because you can afford' etc. Seems impossible to cross that bridge.
In reply to @AlexBrundle
I think one of the best things about simulation is that we can safely enjoy driving vintage cars on vintage circuits such as the original Spa for example.
Replying to @Vernon34557510
Haha, I like unsafely enjoying this
In reply to @Vernon34557510
Do you sim in VR? The most immersive option.
In reply to @AlexBrundle
Gran Turismo has had some inspired fictional tracks over the years. Grand Valley, Deep Forest & Trial Mountain are my favourites.
Replying to @Vernon34557510
I mean ... Imagine this stuff in reality... terrifying!!
In reply to @Find_The_River
Exactly. For Alex & other IRL drivers, why would they bother with "almost there" sims? It's just going to be a disappointment for them because it'll never be as good as IRL. But for us, we're not greedy. "Almost there" physics, audio, visuals, rules etc...that's the dream.
I would like the most people possible to get as close to the 'feeling' of what I have experienced... as possible. Is an amazing fictional circuit, you 'really believe', better than a 'real track' you know in your heart is not 100% behaving. I suppose it's personal.
In reply to @AlexBrundle
That would be waaay to cool
Replying to @HorizonJuncture @Formula2 and 1 otherfalse
Brundle to F2 Confirmed
The final driver on our grid, and racing for @OfficialMPteam, will be __________
Might sign, shake it up a bit...
In reply to @AlexBrundle
Pretty much everyone I know sim races because they can't afford track days or an entire season of the local club racing. The cost of a year for me in a sim is less than a serious track day. Not limping for weeks when I run out of talent is a plus.
Fair, but the point stands... why not extend your enjoyment buy racing the track? It's not financially/geologically/politically feasible to create in reality... Extend the advantage... if you will?
In reply to @AlexBrundle
Why would we pay money to download tracks or cars that are complete fantasy? We could just load up any old game. Most of us want to feel as close to what you guys feel, going down Mulsanne in the dead of the night in a car that looks, sounds & acts like the one you drive IRL.
Replying to @BrakeCheck101
I'm mostly driving towards what is called the 'uncanny valley' in robotics. It could realistically be called 'F'ing Annoying Cove' in sim racing 😂 'Almost there' simulation annoys me too much to spend a great time driving it. I'd rather go 90 degrees left than 5 deg out
In reply to @AlexBrundle
If the sim can somewhat resemble to feel and immersion of a race car, and you can race Vs people online easily, that's all that's needed. Just because at the very top of the top people are using exploits and taking the fun out of it, doesn't make it a bad hobby.
Dude, I think it's a great hobby; I have every GT 1-Sport. I'm interested in the motorsport fanbase more than anything. interesting to understand what people are really looking for in all this.
In reply to @BrakeCheck101
The pro guys do racing as it puts money in their bank accounts, gains them prestige or they enjoy grinding away hours to find every tenth Out of the 16k people that signed up to do iRacing's Daytona 24, they're a minority. The rest of us just want to have fun & pretend we're you
Replying to @BrakeCheck101
I think that's the most honest thing I've read on twitter in ages! I'd pretend I was somebody much faster if I were you!
In reply to @AlexBrundle
I guess the answer is, to some extent, in the question. It’s a simulation. I know it’s only make believe but I get more satisfaction and sense of achievement when I do a hot lap and stick in on pole at Suzuka or Spa rather than some fictitious track.
Replying to @m_r_bates
Here to understand. The (slightly unfair) rebuttal is... If you do that at Daytona, you'll hit the wall so hard you'll limp for 3 weeks. At what point does the clarity of differential, or distance from reality. Undo some/all of that enjoyment.
Sorry! Small thing: Bigger thing: bigger thing Love my time in America; drive-through everything should be rolled out worldwide. Much as a love you guys ... this is sacrilege! 😆
Question for the sim racing community.

We can create the most incredible circuits, cars, and series possible to code.

Why conform to the same circuits, cars etc., as reality. Leading to such comparison issues.

Does that lack imagination?

Extend? Create?
Pero esta maravilla de hacer pole en el evento del año en iRacing y hacer stream sin cámara del juego para intentar que no lo pillen 😂😂😂
Menos mal que es en el simulador definitivo, si fuese en otro sitio os estaríais riendo por meses.…
In reply to @AlexBrundle
Legitimately didn’t know your name was actually Alexander.
To all intents and purposes, you can! 😂
In reply to @AlexBrundle
Great are you graded Gold. Silver. Bronze
It’s always a great feeling to be ready for a new season 💪🏼💪🏼

Fast service from @ourmotorsportuk
🚨 New year, new opportunities

We'll be returning to @BritishGT with a new look this year, as @kelvin_fletcher has decided to step away from the team to pursue new career opportunities, so @Plowey takes the reins.

Best of luck, Kelvin! 🌟
Replying to @paddockmsport @BritishGT and 2 others
Good luck buddy @Plowey 👍🏻
I asked @MBrundleF1 what it was like to race F1 in the '80s.

Not because he's not told me, but because I wanted him to tell you!

The result is here:
In reply to @AlexBrundle
They don't look like racing boots Alex?
In reply to @seb7806
Didn’t think to get my hand up there. Ari.. one step ahead!
Evening Tweople….Non fiction book recommendations please, for numerous flights ahead x
Replying to @NataliePinkham
The power of now - Eckhart Tolle
Lots of interesting thoughts on this… from established fans who don’t want the racing messed with… to potential new fans who struggle to find/watch @FIAWEC The likes of Ferrari, Porsche, Cadillac will draw in new fans - how to hook them is the quandary.
Replying to @MartinHaven @FIAWEC
There are so many incredible ways to package what’s exciting about WEC. Trying to broadcast it ‘like it’s F1’ is not one of those ways.
Alex Brundle Retweeted ·  
What a morning of announcements 🤯 @zane_maloney @jakcrawfordrac1 @IGK_Zack6 & @enzofitti all confirmed to race in @Formula2 this season as well as @sebasmontoya58 confirmed for @FIAFormula3 🔥 @redbullracing also have announced their Junior Team line up for 2023 #TransferWeekly
In reply to @AlexBrundle
great, let's defend the company that hasn't paid its employees for a few months…
Replying to @ferbejarano2504
I was simply suggesting kindness, towards the same employees if possible. I have no details on this.
In reply to @SnoodyMcFlude
Fair enough i just hope as people who love sim racing the organisers of these big events do everything they can to make sure future events are rock solid especially when you have the current real world champion competing. It should be a huge added bonus helping to grow the sport.
That is entirely legitimate feedback.
In reply to @AlexBrundle
Ah I misunderstood! It's a natty solution. Kind of overcomplicated when a bloke with a lever would be simpler and maybe quicker.
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