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Last 50 tweets from @AliAminKhanPTI
Woh koan tha , woh mir jaffer bajwa tha #یوم_نجات_29_نومبر
Knock , knock , knock ……..Azam swati a senator of senate of pakistan is knocking for justice but our system is jammed by powerful mafias about whom maximum we and everyone keep asking “woh koan tha”tomorrow will tell u INSHALLAH kay woh koan thaaaaaaa………..
Ali Amin Khan Gandapur Retweeted ·  
Article 14 of our Constitution refers to "Inviolability of dignity of man"; so my question to our Honourable SC Judges is whether this provision is only applicable to the powerful of the State & for everyone else there is no protection of their basic human dignity?
Ali Amin Khan Gandapur Retweeted ·  
"History will never forgive General Bajwa" @MoeedNj

What's your take on this assessment?

Strongly condemn arrest of senator azam khan Swati by FIA , Haqeeqi Azadi is a must as otherwise no one is safe and will get fundamental rights in pakistan as imran khan said “azadi maang kar nahi Cheen kar laini parti hai “so it’s time of now or never .
INSHALLAH HUM kharay thay ,Hum kharay hain aur Hum kharay rahain gay , HAQ kay Sath , SACH kay Sath , EMAAN kay Sath , IMRAN KHAN kay Sath #ملتے_ہیں_پنڈی_میں
ALLAH ki shan Jis ka yeah pata nahi chalay ga kay yeah tha ya thee woh bhi Dhamkian day ga hamaray supreme commander ko . Zardari ki corruption aur gunahon ki saza hai yeah controversial gender
اس ہاف فرائی پرچی چیئرمین کا فوج کے چیف کمانڈر کو اس طرح مخاطب کرنے پہ کیا کوئی بیان آئے گا
Ali Amin Khan Gandapur Retweeted ·  
This fraudster who was on interpol lists went & got valuation done from a corner shop rather than Graff itself. The fake valuation is at 12m. Open challenge let’s go to the makers Graff. It was sold for Rs 5.7 Cr. Yet another fraud and lie by this criminal. It’s a circus.
Ali Amin Khan Gandapur Retweeted ·  
Pakistans Credit Default Swap (CDS) has topped 64%. International market pricing in the highest default risk. This is contrary to what initially Miftah and later Ishaq Dar have been saying. When @shaukat_tarin was FM in March the CDS were at only 5% compared to 64%,Reality check
Ali Amin Khan Gandapur Retweeted ·  
Shocking & condemnable. Our prayers go to the victims & their families as we stand with our Turkish brothers & sisters in this difficult time.…
Explosion in the heart of Turkeys Istanbul kills 6, wounds 81
Knock , knock , knock #چیف_جسٹس
Ali Amin Khan Gandapur Retweeted ·  
Gen. Bajwa Sb
The entire Nation knows by now, the extent of Extrajudicial Punishment given to me while addressing you by name, in a constitutionally protected tweet by a senior citizen and sitting senator. (1/12)
Rana killer stay in ur boots all u can do is give a threat sitting in Islamabad but remember” jo garajtay hain woh barastay nahi hain “ we will practically show and will give u a lesson and response on ground ,so better not to bark again and again as “barking dogs seldom bite “
We demanded and want fir on three persons major general faisal naseer crime minister shahbaz sharif and killer interior minister rana sanaullah , this fir crap paper is unacceptable and we will ensure to get our fundamental right by getting these above three individuals charged
Ali Amin Khan Gandapur Retweeted ·  
@ImranKhanPTI⁩ had promised a #Green #Pakistan - here is living proof and amazing progress of one of the 70 #Myawaki forests planted in 2021 and gifted to #Lahore under the #10BillionTreeTsunami as a #NatureBasedSolution@WWF⁩ ⁦@IUCN⁩ ⁦⁦@wef
I on behalf of all participants of raiwind ijtema thank my leader Imran khan for his always concern and care for his countrymen and nation and we are always ready for any call by our leader anytime till our life and death for our leader INSHALLAH
چئیرمین عمران خان نے ہدایات دی ہیں کہ رائونڈ اجتماع کی کل دعا کے پیش نظر جہاں بھی احتجاج کی وجہ سے سڑک بلاک ہیں انہیں کھول دیا جائے تاکہ دعا کے لئے سفر کرنے والوں کو پریشانی نہ ہو. لانگ مارچ اور احتجاج کے اگلے مرحلے کے بارے میں اعلان کل کیا جائے گا
Three people should resign starting from General faisal followed by shahbaz sharif and rana sanaullah or we will cross everyone red lines and red zones from now onwards . ENOUGH is ENOUGH
They have crossed the red line now they will have to resign it’s not our demand now it’s what we want and will make them do what we want by hook or by crook . ENOUGH is ENOUGH
IK has named 3 names who are responsible for assassination attempt on him & to be nominated in FIR & demanded they be removed from their positions immediately. The 3 are: Shahbaz Sharif, Rana Sana & Maj General Faisal. Nation wants action against this triad.
Everyone should pray for our leader imran khan may ALLAH always keep him safe for our country and generations , Aameen
We are peaceful but if u are not peaceful and will break the law and attacked our constitutional rights as U are saying and doing again and again and done earlier also , I repeat we are peaceful and will follow the law but rest assure u murderer we are not afraid of u mind it
A senator is asking for justice will someone listen or we should announce that HAQ maang kar nahi Cheen kar liya jaye ga iss mulk May ……..
“I request Supreme Court to take into custody my CCTV footage and rest of proofs”-@AzamKhanSwatiPk #حقیقی_آزادی_لانگ_مارچ
Rana sanaullah I will protect my people and it’s my fundamental right and I will react the way u will attack mind it and I repeat I will react the way u will attack I challenge and remind u our forefathers gave their lives for azadi and we will sacrifice ours for haqeeqi azadi
کپتان کے ساتھ پوری قوم ہے
اسلام آباد میں جانے سے کوئی نہیں روک سکتا
علی امین گنڈاپور کا بڑا بیان
#BOLNews #SpecialTransmission #AliAminGandapur #PTI #PTILongMarch #LongMarchOnFriday28thOct #LibertyChowk #حقیقی_آزادی_لانگ_مارچ #حقیقی_آزادی_مارچ
@jasmeenmanzoor @AliAminKhanPTI
INSHALLAH we will get haqeeqi azadi under the leadership of imran khan with the support of the people of pakistan and above all ALLAH #حقیقی_آزادی_لانگ_مارچ
Another traitor thrown out and sent to his original battalion,I am in advance announcing he is getting clear in disqualification case as that’s what was the price of his existence and morality a senate seat he got from imran khan for free and will get back by becoming his GHADAR
Show cause notice issued to Faisal Vawda! End of story.
They are corrupt they are murderers they are mafias let me be precise , short and simple they are bastards
Athar Waheed had as SP Gujranwala in 2009 openly proclaimed affiliation with Nawaz Sharif. Why is he leading this team bc one element of probe would be the documentary Arshad was associated with on Sharif's corruption. Sharifs & their cabal of crooks can never do anything honest!
No words only love and prayers that ur murderers may be exposed and given exemplary punishment in this world and the other world Aameen غلام قوموں کے بہادر روند دئیے جاتے ہیں
یہ ِملت تیرے خون کی قرض دار رہے گی
You shameless man. It was a targeted murder & it was under your govt that he was driven out of Pakistan then out of UAE. His last tweet was on your hiding in a car boot to go to Army House. He paid with his life for exposing all of you.
Replying to @ShireenMazari1
True ,these slaves earlier and now nalways compromised on blood of our countrymen these corrupt looters for money can go to any extent who were his enemies that he has to leave his homeland these sharifs zardari pdm govt and mafias were exposed by him for which he paid the cost
The murder of Arshad sharif should be inquired and as we claim to have the best intelligence agency of the world this is a test that they should disclose this conspiracy and truth as it’s a National security issue , our blood should be taken as blood nationally n internationally
Let there be no confusion, Arshad Sharif was murdered by a sniper bullet to his head. It was not an accident as is now being floated. He had told me head money had been put on his life so he had to leave Pak. Later he said he had to leave Dubai bec they had traced him there too.
We all will become NEUTRALS if will not make the one who says but is not NEUTRAL #CensorshipInPakistan
Link to Hum TV interview of Imran Khan disallowed by Conspirators. Such fear of the truth! A Senator is subjected to custodial torture & Imran Khan is banned on mainstream TV bec the truth is too painful for the local Conspirators! #CensorshipInPakistan
Strongly condemn the arrest of Saleh muhammad ex mna and police in uniform attacked his guards in uniform which is against the law and my message to IG Islamabad is tell ur subordinates they are not above the law and I have saved the video they should be ready for their turn soon
This is the reason aleem khan joined the looters mafia as in pti chors and zameer firoshs and mafad parasts cannot survive and stay along . As imran khan don’t allow corruption and the reason whole pakistan support and stand with Imran khan and we are proud to be his followers
میاں اسلم اقبال کی علیم خان کی غیرقانونی سوسائٹی کے حوالے سے پریس کانفرنس
Congrats pakistan won against mafias and eye opener for the handlers today elections results shows imran khan popularity and pdm all parties popularity as a mirror even if someone see it with eyes closed or is blind it’s a wake up call by the nation to all going against the wind
Mr Biden who are u to talk about our sense and sensitivity as well as our national security, Mr. u May be a god father of the imported pdm govt u imposed in pakistan along with ur touts n spies here,but Remember our GOD is only ALLAH don’t challenge our faith n stay in ur boots
We use to hear about banana republic but here we have gone far ahead of that institutions have become a joke and mafias getting paid with people tax money they are ruling people like slaves shame on such elements
ایک 70 سالہ بزرگ شخص کی بہادری کا لیول چیک کریں ، کل شب 3:23 منٹ پر محض یہ بتا رہے تھے کہ میرے گھر کو وفاقی تحقیقاتی ادارے کے اہلکاروں نے بڑی تعداد میں گھیر لیا ہے ، اعظم سواتی صاحب نے کبھی مدد کی درخواست نہیں کی بلکہ اطلاع دی ہے ، یار !! کم از کم عمر کا ہی لحاظ کر لیا کرو 👇
Just came to know that pdm govt pushing police to charge fir on Centaurus owners and family, who is pti prime minister Ajk and how come imported govt is trying to charge fir on his family members, we will inquire the incident also as now we smell conspiracy behind this incident
Thanks to My leader Imran khan for acknowledgement words for me and my team I am thankful to everyone who worked in flood relief and stood by the people as these are the things which make us stand high in this world and will also in the other world in front of ALLAH INSHALLAH
علی امین @AliAminKhanPTI اپ اور آپکی ٹیم نے جو کام کیا میں فالو کرتا رہا تھا۔ مشکل وقت میں اپنے لوگوں کی بڑی مدد کی ۔
Long live Imran khan for pakistan , our nation and generation , Aameen
Wake up pakistan these sharifs and zardaris now pdm loot ur money buy ur system and come back with pomp and show again now we have to throw them out along with the rotten system who facilitate them by different means,need to protect our generations and motherland by INQILAAB only
Shabo khud chor bhai dakoo Mafroor pura tabar aur pdm jaib kutray aur imran khan pti kay ilawa sab ki khamoshi pakistan kay wafadar aur ghadar puri qoam kay saamnay expose ho rahay hain thank you Imran khan for taking stand for haqeeqi azadi of the nation
So CrimeMinister admits he discussed appt of COAS with convict absconder NS whom he calls his Quaid, in violation of his oath of office & official secrets act. Unacceptable.
ALLAH sailab ki wajah say meray mulk kay jo log baghair chatt kay aur khaimon May Rehnay par majboor hain unn kay liyay barish Rehmat ban kar barsa aur Rehmat ki hadd tak barsa tu raheem hai Kareem hai hamari takleefat ko daikh kar hum par karam aur hamari hifazat farma Aameen
Economy is crashed by pdm govt and if pakistan went into default coz of this imported govt the nation will not spare the responsible ?
Finally even voice of PMLN strategic media cell does a hands up! Because even they realise the economy is in freefall with no one trusting this Imported govt enough to give them a financial crutch to lean on. #EconomicMeltdown
Economy crashed despite IMF deal,price hike is killing citizens of pakistan,imported govt making laws to protect their corruption cases ,pakistan under threat of default , results of regime change and who are responsible? Are declared Ghadars? the nation will never forgive them
Well done @1122Dikhan for ur tireless efforts to save lives during devastating floods in DIKHAN. The impressive figure of saving 8727 people & 1000s of animals with limited resources is commendable @ImranKhanPTI
Pictures shows Reality of looters corrupt mafia of pakistan
MASHAALLAH the trust of people on Imran khan by donating 5 billion in one hour for flood victims given a message to all that Pakistanis and overseas Pakistanis have only trust in imran khan as a leader and as their prime minister.The ones hurdle in elections have u got a message?
In reply to @IKPeshawar
How can a provincial Govt do this. Only the Fed Govt empowered by the Constitution.
It can be done as per law by the approval of provincial govt means provincial cabinet and all legal formalities are taken care of by my legal team
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