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Last 50 tweets from @AliAminKhanPTI
Whoever and PDM celebrating the unconstitutional act victory and trying to steal Public mandate must know that count down of their disaster has started and rest assure u are not only messing with imran khan but with patriotic Pakistanis be ready to face the music INSHALLAH
ALHAMDOLLILLAH our all mpas are firm and are standing with the righteous leader imran khan for our generations and naya pakistan INSHALLAH will proudly announce victory against these mafias , looters , criminals and their handlers named PDM and This is beginning of their END
Zardari killed BB for money done crimes for money and spent so many yrs in jail for corruption same is the case of sharif family looted money done crimes for money went to prisons for corruption ALLAH AL HAQ hai now with money both trying to buy respect but getting lanat & lanat
No words only love and salute for standing for pakistan and our generations with Imran khan MASHAALLAH
MASHAALLAH congratulations to all Pakistanis today once again Imran khan defeated PDM,Corrupt mafias,lifafa media,judiciary,election commission,selectors and so called super power America with the power of people of pakistan WELL DONE all and HAQEEQI AZADI MUBARAK ALHAMDOLLILLAH
No one can ban us anywhere in pakistan our forefathers fought and given sacrifices to get independence , Born to cut necks not to bow them , my message to imported govt if Imran khan allows and orders me I will take over jaati umra and bilawal house within 24 hours INSHALLAH
Today is the decision day of ghulami or azadi and it’s in the hands of twenty constituencies people , one man imran khan fighting for pakistan against all corrupt political parties , 25 sold out media channels and our so called national institutions supporting Ghadars ( traitors)
We are proud of them and I am proud of u my brother for such positive and loving approach for these front line workers and our brothers sacrificing their happy moments in the line of duty
جب ہم اپنے پیاروں کے ساتھ عید منا رہے ہیں، @LGKPGovt کا عملہ اپنے قصبوں اور شہروں کو صاف رکھنے میں مصروف ہے۔ وہ ہمارے ہیرو ہیں. برائے مہربانی ان کے ساتھ احترام کے ساتھ سلوک کریں. قربانی کے فضلے کو مقررہ جگہوں پر ٹھکانے لگائیں۔ عید مبارک
This perfectly applies on pakistan recent situation and enemies of not only imran khan but pakistan also 👇
Har sawal ka aik jawab “hum neutral hain “ ? We are neutrals ?
Dear respected institutions of Pakistan, we have a humble question for you.

Why weren't these people ever arrested for making blatant statements against institutions while the people who promoted State narrative in 5th Gen War are being arrested? #PakistanUnderFascism
imran riaz when arrested raised slogans PAKISTAN ZINDABAD and our institutions knowing and still supporting corrupt and imported govt and secondly imposing regime change conspiracy by force now are proving they are part of it , DONT TEST OUR PATIENCE PLS #امپورٹڈ_حکومت_نامنظور
Search him out and learn from this fourteen yrs old guy about bravery and sacrifice for standing for his nation against slavery
Politics aside but the way this imported govt is doing price hike they are not even humans as this cruelty on humanity can only be done by evils shame on pdm and imported govt , Will anyone other than imran khan or pti will fight for people of pakistan ? #نااہل_کرپٹ_غلام_حکومت
Ali Amin Khan Gandapur Retweeted ·  
چلو حق نواز پارک چلو ۔۔
"کمر توڑ مہنگائی ، ظالمانہ لوڈشیڈنگ ، پیٹرول ڈیزل بجلی کی لوڈشیڈنگ کے خلاف اہتجاج۔ چیئرمین عمران خان 10 بجے بذریعہ ویڈیو لنک قوم سے خطاب حق نواز پارک میں براہ راست نشر کیا جائے گا۔
Joke and Quote of the century
Ab iss character ko mai Kya naam don zardari kay gunahon ki aur corruption ki saza bilo rani tasveer ko zoom kar Kay tasali kar lain yeah foreign minister hamari numaindagi nahi hamari badnaami karwa raha hai ya ALLAH pakistan par rehm farma aur inn ghulamon say Nijat dila Aameen
Molana always won from here right now mna molana son mpa also jui but pti is providing basic facilities this is the difference between imran khan and others and the reason people love and want only Imram khan as prime minister and pti in every province
Tank has severe drinking #water issues. Special package approved by @IMMahmoodKhan 25 #solar tubewells to provide clean drinking water to city & villages in the district tendered. Elected reps from here have always played negative role hindering development but Change is Here Now
Imported govt making modi happy by doing this but we along with the brave people of Kashmir and GB will fight for our rights and will get it from these Ghadars INSHALLAH
ZERO PSDP for Kashmir & Gilgit Baltistan & reduction of funds for KP's Merged Areas
in #budget2022 shows #ImportedGovernment's step motherly treatment of Federation units & anti-Pakistan agenda. New song for Liberation of Kashmir​ Coming Soon.
Gustakh e rasool ki saza … sar tan say juda …. Sar tan say juda
In reply to @Jhagra
3. Credit also to former speaker @AsadQaiserPTI for continuously following up on this; as to @AliAminKhanPTI & @FaisalAminKhan, along with ACS Shahab Ali Shah & Federal Water Resources Secretary Kazim Niaz for fighting the case for this national project in the CDWP on Saturday.
Ali Amin Khan Gandapur Retweeted ·  
In reply to @Jhagra
3. Credit also to former speaker @AsadQaiserPTI for continuously following up on this; as to @AliAminKhanPTI & @FaisalAminKhan, along with ACS Shahab Ali Shah & Federal Water Resources Secretary Kazim Niaz for fighting the case for this national project in the CDWP on Saturday.
Ali Amin Khan Gandapur Retweeted ·  
CrimeMinister wants world to "reprimand" India after BJP's attack on our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH. But what r u doing @CMShehbaz? Arab allies of India r taking actions but have u even issued a demarche or recalled trade official or taken any concrete action against Modi's India?
Ali Amin Khan Gandapur Retweeted ·  
CrimeMinister, his cabal of crooks
must get over their Imranophobia & deal with resolving the mess & econ hardships they have created for ppl of Pak! & convict Maryam out on bail really needs to move on from her daily rants ag IK or is she incapable of talking on national issues?
Not as politician I being son and brother of an Army officer on behalf of all the Army families strongly condemn and ask that who is responsible for this shameful day in our life and let’s not ask “woh koan tha “ as he knows like all of us know pls give us back our self respect
Shame on paid media who manipulate imran khan statements and to make their payers happy are going so much below the belt #ٹوکرا_صحافت_بند_کرو
Rana sanaullah u murderer u martyred our two workers humiliated our pakistani respectable families injured thousands of unarmed and innocent people ALLAH will punish u at the day of judgement but I will see u in this world remember every dog has his day ur day will be seen soon
Rana sanaullah u coward bastard u brutally attacked innocent Pakistanis and till now charged five firs against me in different police stations I dare and challenge u to charge fir against me in every police station but be ready for the revenge as I will take u to hell INSHALLAH
In reply to @AliAminKhanPTI
Sooner or later he will be again in prison!
Salute to the nation who confronted brutality of imported govt for haqeeqi azadi march on imran khan call and I promise u all will take ur revenge from the bastard Rana sanaullah
Dar kar jeenay say lar kar marna hi inqilab Lata hai aaj agar hum nay pakistan kay liyay qurbani na dee to dobara na aisa Moqa milay ga aur na hi imran khan jaisa leader #امپورٹڈ_حکومت_نامنظور
#حقیقی_آزادی_مارچ Ab nahi to kab Hum nahi to koan …., woh mard nahi jo dar jaye halat kay khooni manzar say jis doar May jeena mushkil ho uss doar May jeena lazim hai , imran khan zindabad pakistan Paindabad
We are coming and we fight by announcing the war as we are not cowards, conspirators or traitors like imported govt tatoos , I will be coming with a flood of patriots via cpec motorway will enter from haqla interchange to Islamabad ROK SAKO TO ROK LO #امپورٹڈ_حکومت_نامنظور
Ali Amin Khan Gandapur Retweeted ·  
Ghulami Namanzoor


Script & VO @wasib25
@ImranKhanPTI @PTIofficial
Niklo pakistan ki Khatir 25 May 2022 #امپورٹڈ_حکومت_نامنظور
Ali Amin Khan Gandapur Retweeted ·  
انصاف یوتھ ونگ بنی گالہ کیمپ میں پاکستان کے استحکام، عمران خان کی حفاظت اور آذادی مارچ کے لئے بکروں کا صدقہ کیا گیا۔اور بعد میں اجتماعی دعا کی گئی۔#حقیقی_آزادی_مارچ
Shireen mazari is a brave woman we are proud of her and she always spoke for the sovereignty of pakistan and stood with the righteous we condemn and warn imported govt to stay away from her we will not allow Ghunda gardi by police or govt anymore
Ali Amin Khan Gandapur Retweeted ·  
Allhamduillah all records broken by PTI government in its 4th year. GDP per capita $1798, GDP size 67trn or $383 billion. Where are the pseudo intellectuals. Still no statement from PDM. Well done @shaukat_tarin @Asad_Umar @Hammad_Azhar @OmarAyubKhan @fawadchaudhry
Why we love imran khan ❤️
Pdm walo sudhar jao hamaray sabar ka imtihan na lo ghadaro Sazish karnay walo aur unn kay Ala karo sun lo junoon marta nahi bharta hai aur Dastaan bhi nahi rahay gee tumhari dastanon May #امپورٹڈ_حکومت_نامنظور
Sialkot May Jalsa hoga aur agar imported hakoomat nay tashadud ka raasta ikhtiar kiya to puray pakistan May inn ki entry band kar dain gay aur inn ko chupnay ki jaga nahi milay gee ghar say nikaal kar ghaseetain gay inn ghadaron ko
Ali Amin Khan Gandapur Retweeted ·  
In june 2021, Hamza threatened Dr Rizwan of FIA that he would personally take him down. This threat must be investigated immediately. #امپورٹڈ__حکومت__نامنظور
Ali Amin Khan Gandapur Retweeted ·  
Sethi u & ur chirya seem to have entered Twilight Zone between US Embassy & Pindi! R Movement is moving ahead ONLY on call from Imran Khan!U think public coming out is doing so on call from Peshawar? Fool! Nation has risen ag US regime change conspiracy! #امپورٹڈ__حکومت__نامنظور
Chief election commissioner If after polling votes against pti in punjab assembly by pti lota members and they being not getting disqualified is a question mark on u and every passing second is increasing anger and hatred of supporting horse trading against u #Resign
On whom this allegation is put by crime minister actually should respond we are waiting anxiously for the facts and findings on this issue and allegation on kp ?
#CrimeMinister SS trying to shift blame of his govt's incompetence & accusing #Pakistan's Security Forces of smuggling #wheat to #Afghanistan For info of everyone International Border is NOT under @GovernmentKP control. Looking forward to hear from @OfficialDGISPR on this one
Ali Amin Khan Gandapur Retweeted ·  
#CrimeMinister SS trying to shift blame of his govt's incompetence & accusing #Pakistan's Security Forces of smuggling #wheat to #Afghanistan For info of everyone International Border is NOT under @GovernmentKP control. Looking forward to hear from @OfficialDGISPR on this one
Ali Amin Khan Gandapur Retweeted ·  
I want to thank the people of Mianwali for making it the biggest ever jalsa in their history; & for their full support for Haqeeqi Azadi March to Islamabad. Ghulami namanzoor. #امپورٹڈ__حکومت__نامنظور
Ali Amin Khan Gandapur Retweeted ·  
اہل وطن اے اہل قفس تم خاص الخاص ہو عام نہیں
تم سارے گھر کی عزت ہو تم حاکم ہو محکوم نہیں
تم ہی ہوں محمد ﷺ کی اُمت نہ جھکتے ہو نہ ڈرتے ہو

ان شاء اللہ 20 مئی کے بعد حقیقی آزادی کی خاطر پوری قوم عمران خان کی کال پر اسلام آباد پہنچ کر اپنا فیصلہ دے گی۔
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