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Last 50 tweets from @alishan_jafri
Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
In reply to @RubikaLiyaquat
खूबसूरत अहमदाबाद । साबरमती रिवर फ्रंट के अलावा भी अहमदाबाद है कभी जाकर देखिए। वटवा, अहमदबाद का फोटो है।
Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
In Jan, a Gujarati family froze to death at the Canadian border while illegally trying to enter US. Months later, many from the same village, including a 12 year old, have packed their bags again – all in the search of a better life.
Fact: Partition was an unfortunate event and the formation of Pakistan is a bigger tragedy than that.
Replying to @anshulsigh
ये ट्विटर रीच के लिए डिस्परेट हैं। और कुछ नहीं है।
“Indian Man”
Indian Man Killed Australian Woman After Her Dog Barked At Him: Cops…
Best example of the pot calling the kettle black.
I request women that if they come across any leader or worker of Aam Aadmi Party, ask them what kind of culture they have that their minister who's lodged in Tihar jail is availing services from the rapist of a minor girl: Union Minister Smriti Irani, in Surat

Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
A man was killed after cops stopped & assaulted him, which led to his death.
Local Hindi media didn't publish prominently. So public is not aware. He is survived by a six month old daughter and three more orphaned kids.
If society knows, only then it feels, can HELP..1/n
Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
This week in The Buzz Cut: a woman upsets a stable nation, another woman stuns by existing, and a man sues for the stars.
Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
Journo request: Any local journalist from Ahmedabad/Gujarat please contact.
Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
"राहुल गांधी देश के लिए चल रहे है इसलिए 50,000 की फ़सल काट दी,"

खरगौन के मनिहार गांव निवासी हिमाला बाई ने अपने 1 एकड़ ज़मीन पर कॉटन की फ़सल लगाई।

पर उन्होंने जब सुना की यात्रा गांव से गुज़रे रही है और उन्हें ज़मीन चाहिए तो अपनी तैयार फ़सल काट दी।

"देश बचेगा तो फ़सल उगा लेंगे।"
Hello @swati_gs, You don't have to feel guilty and put out a tweet disowining him.…
Replying to @zoo_bear @swati_gs
Ankur Arya is also a Arya Samajist. Maybe that explains the guilt.
Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. I hope this year, I'm more kind and able to give back to institution and the almighty.

Biryani khilao yaar! 😌
Replying to @Areebuddin14
Mubarak ho Bhai. Tunday chaliye.
Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
कल तक मुस्लिम था लेकिन आज जाटव हो गया।
@OpIndia_com 👏👏
This is Ankur Arya on whose channel, Vikas disguised himself as Rashid and justified Shraddha's murder.
In reply to @puneetsinghlive
विकास कुमार को राशिद खान बनाकर सवाल पूछने वाली मैडम हैं आयुषी प्रधान. पुलिस को अंकुर आर्य और आयुषी प्रधान से भी पूछताछ करनी चाहिए। n/n @Uppolice @bulandshahrpol
Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
#Delhi police arrested Rajwinder Singh for allegedly murdering an #Australian woman Toyah Cordingley. Earlier this month, Queensland government posted a $1 million reward —the largest in the state's history for a homicide investigation —for information leading to his whereabouts.
Vikas Gupta disguised as Rashid Khan to defame Muslims. Where are we headed! 😥😥
Vikas Gupta disguised as Rashid Khan to defame Muslims. Where are we headed! 😥😥
Meet Rashid Khan from Bulandshahr. He strongly believes that it is absolutely normal for Aftab to have chopped Shraddha into 35 pieces. Where are we headed?😢😢
Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
"राशिद" को बुलंदशहर पुलिस ने अरेस्ट कर लिया। वो राशिद नहीं, "विकास कुमार" निकला। #Shraddha #AftabPoonawalla
Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
In reply to @NuraRadha
If they even had an iota of love for the country or the soldiers who died trying to protect India's territory, they would have also asked: who killed them? Why did the Prime Minister sweep the matter under the carpet? What happened to Indian territory in #Galwan?
Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
Succumbing to widespread criticism, both in social media & women organizations, the Jama Masjid management withdrew its controversial order banning entry of girls unaccompanied girls inside the premises at all times, except for the prayers.#jamamasjid #delhi
Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
In reply to @akshaykumar
She wasn't being ungrateful, just holding up the mirror to us - if you don't have the guts to talk about Chinese incursions, stay quiet. There's no need to malign her.
Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
In reply to @akshaykumar
Ye sawal uthana ke Chinese sena hamari zameen pe agayi aur hum sote rahe, ye sarkar par sawal nahi hota hai ye sena par hi sawal hota hai, patrolling ki duty sena ki hoti hai sarkar ki nahi, (Shweta Singh AajTak anchor on Galwan clash)
Possibly sensitive media. Public access unavailable.
Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
This Canadian knows perfectly well that @RichaChadha didn't insult the army in this tweet, but pointed to the reality on the ground. Instead of standing up for a fellow actor, against a fascist troll army, or simply keeping quiet, he deliberately opened her up to further attacks.
Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
So they bullied @RichaChadha into apologising. She didn't have to. She wasn't mocking the soldiers who died saving India's borders; she was mocking those who were responsible for those deaths and their inability to stand up. Remember: "na koi ghusa hai na...?"
Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
Yet another incident of #moralpolicing case reported in #Mangaluru #Karnataka. A #Muslim youth was beaten up by a group of #BajarangDal workers while he was traveling with a #Hindu girl in the bus. Incident happened near Nanthur area of the city.
Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
Not just @RichaChadha, everyone who is a patriot should feel angry about Chinese incursions and Govt's silence on them
Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
जामा मस्जिद के बाहर लगा ये नया बोर्ड मन खराब करने वाला है. रील्स बनाना या कुछ और करना रोकना ही है, तो और तरीके हो सकते हैं. वैसा स्पष्ट बोर्ड लगवा दीजिए. महज़ लड़कियों को बैन करना विशुद्ध जहालत है. तहज़ीब का टोकरा लड़कियों के ही सिर क्यों धरा है?
Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
प्रधानमंत्री मोदी की चीन पर दो टूक: "ना कोई हमारे इलाके में घुसा है और ना ही किसी पोस्ट पर कब्ज़ा किया है."
Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
didn't know taking part in a genocide, posing with a sword which features as the weapon in many accounts of targeted killings, makes one a VICTIM.
this 'victim' belonged in jail for becoming the poster boy of mass killings. i'm not sure if his role was ever probed properly.
What wrong? The 1st picture explains Ashok's victimhood in great detail. He's sad that he didn't benefit from the killing of 2k people. If you're calling this guy a victim of “RSS agenda” then either you're suggesting that he lacks a brain or he was a footsoldier.
Savarna liberals are a big shame!

Richa Chadha's visceral hatred toward the SC people is well known. Ashok is already a victim of Manu Media and RSS agenda, now she is humiliating him.
Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
A rioter who killed, raped and pillaged is a "victim"? In what universe?
Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
6 साल की मासूम बच्ची से रेप करने वाले आरोपी शख़्स से बस 5 बार उठक-बैठक करवा कर मामला रफा दफा किया गया.

पंचायत का यह अनोखा फैसला हैरान कर देने वाला है.

आरोपी शख्स अरुण पंडित बताया जा रहा है, जो बिहार के नवादा का है. #rape

वीडियो क्रेडिट- @NBTBihar
As per this report in NBT, a “man” allegedly raped a six year old.

His punishment: 5 sit-ups. That's it.

This would become a national headline if the accused's name had not been Arun Pandit.

PS: See how the video gives 0 details
and has 2 RTs/likes.…
नवादा जिले में रेप के आरोपी को अनोखी सजा...देखकर आप भी हो जाएंगे हैरान..
You know the name when ANI doesn't mention it.
Khagaria, Bihar | A 3-year-old girl has been raped. Taking immediate action, the accused was arrested within 2 hours. Further probe on: SP Amitesh Kumar (23.11)
Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
The sudden passing away of @Asifrahmanmolla has once again reminded me about the unpredictability of life, and the impact and value of complete strangers in your life. You don't even realize the sudden bursts of joy they bring to your day, until they are no longer there.
Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
अपनी पत्रकारिता को दफ़न कर सत्ता से सवाल न कर विपक्षी नेताओं के खिलाफ नफरती बोल बोलते हुए नींद कैसे आ जाती है?
Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
The problem with current Indian news is that if the name of the accused is withheld its clear who it was
Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
In reply to @AshrafulMLA
Also, you are anti-India if you are a Muslim and don’t support @AamAadmiParty. @AAP4Assam since when did you engage your leaders in distributing Nationalism certificates?
Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
Another prime example of so called ‘Progressive Politics’ preached by @AamAadmiParty. Neither I nor does anyone else need Nationalism certificate from a chauvinistic and xenophobic individual like you @ElvinBaruah. Is this your view too @AAP4Assam? @Dr_BhabenC
Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
I'm deeply saddened to inform you all that my dear friend and brother @Asifrahmanmolla has passed away. May God bless the departed soul & give strength to the family.
Rest in peace @Asifrahmanmolla sir. You will be missed. 💔
Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
Wrote with @Krishnesh96 for @the_hindu on the failure of the draft Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2022 to protect citizens' privacy against increasing surveillance by not enacting comprehensive surveillance reform provisions, & instead expanding exemptions to agencies.
In reply to @Profdilipmandal
Hindus and Muslims living in different colonies is justified on the basis of food habits and culture, and so on and so forth. But with caste, these justifications fall by the wayside.
Replying to @Profdilipmandal
Social security, safety in numbers, and discrimination are some big reasons for religious seggregation. Jafferlot, Ghazala Jameel & many others have written about it extensively. Moreover, in cities like Benares and Lucknow, Ghettoisation is significantly less because of trade.
Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
SAARC university suspends five students for partaking in peaceful protests. One of the rusticated students suffered from cardiac arrest. SHAME ON SAU ADMIN! SAU ADMIN’s callousness is taking lives
Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
How does Acting Registrar @mabulaish sleep at night after students fall one after another at the SAARC governed institution of higher education? Protesting students expelled without following due procedure; rusticated student suffered from cardiac arrest
Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
A rusticated student of South Asian University suffered from cardiac arrest and is in ICU now because of the institutional violance done by university. #dowmonsauadmin

Alishan Jafri Retweeted ·  
In reply to @alishan_jafri
इतने घोर पापी पुरुष को जिसने अपनी पत्नी पर अत्याचार कर मार दिया, ये जिस समाज का व्यक्ति है उसे चिंता करना चाहिए कि वह क्यूँ गर्त में जा रहा है और पापी Agenda News Institution संगठन जो घटनाओं को धर्म के आधार पर बाँट कर हेडलाइंस हलकी, भारी, ठंडी और गर्म करता है उसको शर्म करना चाहिए
मेरा बॉयफ्रेंड मुस्लिम है,मैं उसी से शादी करूंगी ,मैंने उसके नाम का टैटू भी अपने हाथ पर बनवा लिया है ।
उसी अब्दुल ने इस लड़की को मारकर सूटकेस में पैक करकर सड़क किनारे फेंक दिया।
और प्यार कर लो अपने अब्दुल से बेवकूफ हिन्दू लड़कियों 😡🤦
मेरा बॉयफ्रेंड मुस्लिम है,मैं उसी से शादी करूंगी ,मुझे मत बताओ कि मेरा अब्दुल कैसा है,मैं मेरे अब्दुल के लिए मुस्लिम बनने को भी तैयार हूँ,मैंने उसके नाम का टैटू भी अपने हाथ पर बनवा लिया है ।
उसी अब्दुल ने इस लड़की को मारकर सूटकेस में पैक करकर सड़क किनारे फेंक दिया।
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