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Last 50 tweets from @amnesty
You got it 😉 Meet our new Secretary General @kuminaidoo.
4 14
Taner Kılıç has a message for all of you who have campaigned relentlessly for his release. Finally, from Taner himself.
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131 284
Hmmmm....not really🤔 But good try.
@amnesty Jean Claude van Damme?
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4 24
Since it's Thursday, we decided to throw something back.

Guess who this is?
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47 76
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Who is cutting onions up in here???
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13 41
Jump straight to 00:28 seconds. That moment made our day.
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70 164

Thank you.
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250 595
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“Bigger, bolder and more inclusive” - meet @amnesty's awesome new secretary general @kuminaidoo!…
16 42
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Preparing for my first press conference as Secretary General while sitting in the very chair where I decided to apply for the job, inspired by #Mandela’s letter to @amnesty directly opposite me
102 457
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I am so thrilled #TanerKilic is free at last. Taner, I look forward to the honour of meeting you, not in prison but with your family where you belong
194 441
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“Today we take a moment to celebrate. Tmw our struggle will continue, re-energized by the example set by Taner himself: a man who knows the importance of human rights & is willing to dedicate his life to defending them.” @amnesty's @kuminaidoo release of #TanerKılıç in #Turkey.
73 134
Over 1 million of you relentlessly fought for Taner Kilic's release. Today, he was finally freed on bail & is now with his family. This is what happens when people take action together. Thank you to each & every one of you who kept calling on Turkey to:

#FreeTaner 🌍🕯📢
254 513
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AmnestyInternational Retweeted ·  
No words to describe our joy. It’s been over a year of campaigning and struggle. More than a million of us joined our voices to #FreeTaner! Taner is finally free with his family. THANK YOU… @amnesty
77 184
AmnestyInternational Retweeted ·  
Ok now we can start to celebrate. Taner really is free!
344 1,077
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

This is the moment we have all been waiting for.

& today it happened.
357 976
AmnestyInternational Retweeted ·  
Great to welcome my new boss @kuminaidoo to @amnesty today! Looking forward to the ride...
15 39

Meet our new Secretary General.


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94 163
AmnestyInternational Retweeted ·  
Finally. I will believe it when he is in his wife’s arms. But it looks like finally, after a year long struggle from hell, our colleague and friend Taner will be released. Thank you all for your endless support. The struggle for justice continues in #Turkey.
99 233
AmnestyInternational Retweeted ·  
Great news: The Istanbul court has ruled for the release of Amnesty Turkey Honorary Chair Taner Kılıç!!!! Expecting his release by this evening. Celebrations will start then.…
363 546
Kumi's first day at work 😁
32 188
📢Breaking📢 We have just received news that a court in Istanbul has decided to release the Honorary Chair of Amnesty International #Turkey, Taner Kilic after more than 14 months behind bars. Updates will follow.…
219 393
AmnestyInternational Retweeted ·  
Delighted that the courts in #Turkey have finally decided to release @amnesty’s honorary chair #TanerKillic! But our struggle will continue for the full freedom of all those who are unjustly detained in Turkey
291 432
AmnestyInternational Retweeted ·  
Humbled to join @amnesty as Secretary General today. My first act is to write to the next president of #Zimbabwe about journalist #ItaiDzamara's disappearance in 2015. Whoever leads the new government must move to undo the injustices of the past
734 1,908
Say hello to our new Secretary General 😎
Humbled to join @amnesty as Secretary General today. My first act is to write to the next president of #Zimbabwe about journalist #ItaiDzamara's disappearance in 2015. Whoever leads the new government must move to undo the injustices of the past
734 1,908
56 154
Meet drag queen activist Madır Öktiş and @ladygaga's biggest fan, who is determined to have the voice of Turkey's LGBTI community heard. 📢🌈
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194 682
On the 5th anniversary of the #RabaaMassacre in #Egypt, when 900 were killed & 739 were arrested, including @ShawkanZeid, the dark legacy of what happened still looms over the Egyptian authorities, none of whom were held accountable for what happened.
Egypt:Five years after Rabaa Massacre, impunity continues to fuel unprecedented rights crisis
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85 89
We welcome #Malta's announcement to let #Aquarius disembark, followed by responsibility-sharing by other European governments.

But rescues shouldn’t be negotiated individually. This punishes rescuers & puts lives at risk. We want a reliable search and rescue system!
#Malta @JosephMuscat_JM, #France @EmmanuelMacron and EU Commission @JunckerEU take leadership role to provide solution for #Aquarius situation. A number of EU Member States will take migrants aboard the @SOSMedIntl #Aquarius.
138 156
59 108
Stop playing with human lives.

By closing ports to the #Aquarius rescue ship with 141 people, including 73 children aboard, EU governments are trampling the principle of rescue at sea. This is pure cruelty.
Italy/Malta: Stop playing with refugee and migrants lives by closing ports
  · Sprinklr · en
121 170
AmnestyInternational Retweeted ·  
Much respect to @jaredgaut for standing up for his values on this. I spent 16 months documenting how @Twitter time and time again failed women experiencing violence and abuse on the platform and effectively silenced and censored many of their voices. #ToxicTwitter #WakeUpCall
12 18
Brave is fighting against injustice.
Brave is making your voice heard.
Brave is caring for others.
Brave is love in the face of hate.
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792 1,312
AmnestyInternational Retweeted ·  
We want to live in a world where rescuing other human beings from drowning is the obvious thing to do

#Aquarius is stranded at sea. 141 survivors aboard, including 73 minors (67 unaccompanied), 50 Eritreans, 55 Somalis

🆘A safe port to disembark survivors is URGENTLY NEEDED
247 289
AmnestyInternational Retweeted ·  
I would say these women are going to change the world one day, but they already are. ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

#MondayMotivation brought to you by @thelilynews & @amnesty for #YouthDay via @Val_Voshchevska @angelasingh24…
25 61
#Azerbaijan prisoner of conscience Ilgar Mammadov’s early release is long overdue! His case has become symbolic of the enduring injustice & brutal reprisals against government critics.

Dozens still remain behind bars & with no hope of a fair trial.
Azerbaijan: Prisoner of conscience Ilgar Mammadovs early release is long overdue
  · Sprinklr · en
33 46
No child should ever be forced or tricked into fighting in conflict by armed groups. But this is what has been happening in the Kasai region of the #DRC.

#TakeAction and send an urgent message to DRC's President Joseph Kabila to protect these children!
Protect children exposed to gruesome violence in DRC's Kasai region
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76 92


  · Sprinklr · en
145 258
Hey @Jack, we're fans of the UDHR too 😉 How about Twitter develops a publicly available human rights policy that states its commitment to respect human rights in all its operations? Would be a good first step? For more check out #ToxicTwitter report:
Toxic Twitter - The Reporting Process
Agree w all of this. Our early values informed our rules. We likely over-rotated on one value, & then let the rules react to rapidly changing circumstances (some we helped create). We need to root these values in human rights law. A starting consideration:…
147 549
133 273
AmnestyInternational Retweeted ·  
Period poverty exists at universities, @FizzerBlack says. That’s why she created the #WorthBleedingFor campaign.…
  · TweetDeck · en
26 24
AmnestyInternational Retweeted ·  
.@JaclynCorin is inspired by “the kids who are doing something to make a difference.”…
  · TweetDeck · en
9 13
AmnestyInternational Retweeted ·  
- Eu acredito junto com vocês! Estamos Juntos! Vocês me inspiram!
- ¡Yo creo junto a ustedes! ¡Estamos juntos! ¡Usted me inspira!
- I believe together with you! We are together! You inspire me!

✊🏽🖤 #YouthPowerAction !!!
@amnesty @amnestypress…
10 20
This #YouthDay, meet 26 y.o. Shafee, who was part of #FeesMustFall protests—the largest student-led movement in South Africa since 1976—against rising student fees.

He is one of the 13 young activists the world needs right now. Read his story here: 🌍🕯
72 122
AmnestyInternational Retweeted ·  
Thank you to @Val_Voshchevska @angelasingh24 for covering my story and the #worthbleedingfor campaign. I feel incredibly inspired by all the amazing womyn activists featured!
  · Twitter Lite · en
10 18
AmnestyInternational Retweeted ·  

& this is why. Check out their inspirational stories in @thelilynews on #YouthDay (which @angelasingh24 & I gathered at @amnesty's Youth Summit.) Still have doubts that young people rule? Didn't think so.…
16 41
AmnestyInternational Retweeted ·  
Here are 8 reasons why young women rock this #YouthDay via @thelilynews.

@SMwarania, @JaclynCorin, @ParedesYilda, @FizzerBlack, @Kanimonster_, Mariana, Amal & Karin - thanks for sharing your stories with @Val_Voshchevska & I!…
15 31
AmnestyInternational Retweeted ·  
My fellow Youth human rights defender please check their story on…
17 24
AmnestyInternational Retweeted ·  
This #YouthDay meet @raullsantiago - a 29 y.o. who lives in a favela in Brazil - fighting against violence in his community through theatre & demonstrations. His tattoo reads ‘Believe’ because “even though it’s hard to have faith, it’s a reminder of how far we’ve come” ✊✊✊
14 25
One year ago in #Charlottesville, #US we saw the tragic results of what happens when authorities fail to ensure the safety of those targeted by the hateful ideology of white supremacy.

We stand #AgainstHate.…
Amnesty International USA Statement on Charlottesville Anniversary and Rallies Amnesty International USA
85 124
We asked 8 eight young women (@SMwarania, @JaclynCorin, @ParedesYilda, @FizzerBlack, @Kanimonster_, Mariana, Amal & Karin) how they’re taking action in their communities. This #YouthDay, read their inspirational stories (via @thelilynews.)
  · Sprinklr · en
44 83
"We’re doing it for them." With other young activists @JaclynCorin & @MattxRed created @AMarch4OurLives. They say friends who lost their lives in the Parkland high-school shooting would have wanted them to take action. Read their #YouthDay story: 🌍🕯
25 53
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