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Last 50 tweets from @ARanganathan72
Garba celebrates the womb, or Garbha. Hindus dance around a clay lamp [गर्भ दीप] symbolising the divine womb ensconced in a body.

Muslims, expressly forbidden to worship anyone other than Allah 40:62; 17:22; 12:40; 3:64; 5:55 are welcome to worship Ma Durga [Aditi] and her womb.
All what these Congress loyalists are doing, is rearranging deck chairs on Titanic even as Rahul Gandhi steers the ship in search of an iceberg.

My views on @TimesNow with @navikakumar, on #CongFixedPollRow.
In reply to @ARanganathan72
Delighted to share results from my lab and that of Dr @shailjasingh75, led by Dr Jhalak Singhal, on the discovery that host SUMOylation negatively regulates protective immune responses & promotes Leishmania survival. Opens a new avenue for drug discovery.…
Replying to @ARanganathan72
The malaria parasite glides on the surface of our red blood cell before invading it. Published today, we show, in collaboration with @shailjasingh75 & Dr Saumya, that blocking glideosome protein phosphorylation and palmitoylation blocks parasite invasion.…
When the BJP banned SIMI, a Congress leader defended the terror organisation in court and demanded that the ban be overturned. Now that the BJP has banned the PFI, would a Congress leader do the same?

I ask on @TimesNow:
Quite incredible that, despite the ban on PFI for its terror activities and associations, @Twitter is still allowing @PFIkarnataka to not only maintain its verified status but also disseminate blatant anti-India, Islamist propaganda, clearly violating its own rules. @Rajeev_GoI
Let's stand with our #HeroesOfUmmah
The fight against fascism they put forward will always remain the same.

#StandWithPFI #ReleasePFILeaders #IndiaWithPFI #WeWithPFI
Popular Front of India, PFI, the outfit that chopped the hand of a Christian school teacher as punishment for blasphemy, has just been declared an UNLAWFUL ASSOCIATION with immediate effect by the Modi govt.

Brace for nationwide protests. In Pakistan, Syria, and India.
For decades, when Hindus warned of Love Jihad they were promptly branded bigots, as also were @swati_gs and @BefittingFacts for meticulously tabulating the cases.

Now when Christians are warning of Love Jihad, will they also be branded bigots? My views:
“What new business can be started with Rs 3.73 lakhs? How many jobs can be created with Rs 3.73 lakhs?” he asks.

With a loan of 80 rupees, Jaswantiben started her business of Lijjat papads. Today her turnover is 1810 crores. She employs 46,500 women. They make 4 billion papads.
In reply to @PChidambaram_IN
The average size of the loan to 26,750 beneficiaries is only Rs 3.73 lakhs! What new business can be started with Rs 3.73 lakhs? How many jobs can be created with Rs 3.73 lakhs? I am not surprised that the NPA ratio is the highest under the MUDRA loan scheme
FINALLY, we are seeing the face of New India, and the face is of @DrSJaishankar.

My views on @TimesNow with @navikakumar, on #NewIndiaThunders.
Remember the name Bhupesh Baghel, the last man standing between Congress and Congress mukt Bharat.
Tirupati's hundi collections since April alone are Rs 700 crores. Now the govt valuation of its properties is out - 7123 acres valued at Rs 85,705 crores.

But secularism means this temple comes under the Religious Institutions & Charitable Endowments Act. Thank you, Hindus.
I commend the Indian govt to have finally woken up & expressed solidarity with the Hindus in the UK. Disgusting that some Indians are outraging on this when they are the first ones to stand up for the Palestinians and the Rohingyas.

My views on @TimesNow:
Hold your dragons. The official mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party has not reported any military coup in Beijing or Xi being put under house arrest.

I trust The Hindu.
The arrest by Kerala police of a PFI activist recceing BJP & CPI(M) leaders, is noteworthy. Finally it dawns on them, that once Islamists are done with Hindu nationalists, they will come for Communists. No one is a friend. No one will be spared.

My views:
2 million infected; 85,000 dead - Lumpy Virus is wreaking havoc for our cows. Worse, foreign pox vaccines are only partially effective.

Dear @narendramodi. Our indigenous ICAR anti Lumpy vaccine ProVac is 100% effective in trials. Pl sanction EUA at once.
Hatred for Hindus, Hinduism, and Hindutva, is now a global phenomena, just like hatred for Jews, Judaism, and Zionism. But while the Hindus may be Jews, unfortunately India is not Israel.

My views on @TimesNow, on the Birmingham temple attack.
The law may be an ass but that is no reason for a lawyer to behave like one.

My views on Dushyant Dave, the Jodha Akbar WhatsApp University graduate who, through his ridiculous & clownish arguments in the Hijab hearing, has shamed the legal fraternity.
Cinema halls open in Kashmir 32 years after they were forced shut by terrorists declaring them to be unislamic.

Hope the first film they run is the Kashmir Files.
The fate of the Hindus is sealed. If it carries on like this, India, the one natural home of the Hindus, might have to promulgate Right of Return like Israel does for Jews.

My views on the spate of Hindumisia worldwide.
Leftists open Hindu holy books and want to set them on fire, but when it comes to Islamic holy books they open them and are critical of the quality of the paper they are printed on.

My views on @TimesNow, on the Hijab & the shameless hypocrisy on display:
Iran. From Bikini to Burqa in fifty years.
The absolutely stunning discovery by Tata memorial that a local anaesthetic costing just Rs 75 reduces breast cancer recurrence post surgery by as much as 30% should have been front page news for days. Instead, we don’t even know the names of the discoverers.

Value your doctors.
Jinnah told his British Army Chief to invade Kashmir. He refused. Jinnah sulked. Patel told his British Army Chief to invade Hyderabad. He refused. Patel said, to hell with you.

To others we may owe our history but to Sardar Patel we owe something more important, our geography.
His father Mr Hari Jain fought to reclaim Ram Janmabhoomi. Now @Vishnu_Jain1 is fighting to reclaim Kashi & Mathura. Together the father son duo are fighting 114 cases for the Hindu cause. Future generations would do well to recognise the debt our civilisation owes to the Jains.
How can a 1500 year old Hindu temple be adjudged by Waqf to be on Islamic land when Islam is only 1300 years old?

Waqf Act is one of eight reasons why, forget second, Hindus are eighth class citizens in their own country. Here I elaborate on all eight:
Condemn in strongest possible terms the Sar tan se juda beheading threat given today to @eOrganiser journalist who supported Nupur @azad_nishant.

This must be taken seriously, @HMOIndia. Am glad that an FIR has been registered. Stay strong, Nishant; we are with you. ALWAYS.
Leftists and Islamists constantly chide the BJP for not running a secular government, but promptly crawl under the rock when asked what business does a secular government have in paying for and running religious Madrassas.

My views on @TimesNow.
Live visuals of ED team on its way to raid homes of eight ex Goa Congress MLAs.
देवियों और सज्जनों, हिंदी दिवस की आप सभी को एक तमिल भाषी की ओर से हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं। #हिंदी_दिवस
This anti-Brahmin campaign of Periyar is distressing. Whatever he says can only be said by a criminal or a lunatic. Put him in a lunatic asylum and let his perverted mind be treated there. - Jawaharlal Nehru to Kamraj

My views on DMK’s anti-Brahmin stand.
Getting distressing reports of @swapan55 sustaining injuries. This is him just after he was attacked during a peaceful demonstration.

Didi may not remember, Swapan da was one of only a handful from the opposite side who supported her when she was lathi-charged in Barasat. Shame.
An eye-opening, spine-chilling conversation between @SushantBSinha and @Vishnu_Jain1 that confirms, if at all confirmation was needed, that Hindus have been systematically and comprehensively reduced to being third class citizens in their own country.
Replying to @ARanganathan72
The entire village of Thiruchendurai including the 1500 year-old pre-Islamic Manendyavali temple is apparently Waqf property. 77% of Delhi land, including Delhi High court, is Waqf land. Waqf is the second largest land owner in India. Do check - your house might be on Waqf land.
You can airbrush history but you can’t airbrush a civilisation. Ultimately justice will prevail and Kashi Vishwanath will be rid of Aurangzeb’s barbarism.

My views on @TimesNow.
Breaking: Hindus went to court and won the right to temporarily stop tens of thousands from washing their dirty feet around a shivling.
With profound grief one takes in the demise of one of our greatest minds Prof BB Lal who, undeterred by the Left mafia cancelling him, went on to make one astounding discovery after another, the existence of a grand temple under Babri among them.

To such men we owe everything.
Modi’s last days will be pathetic. If the God we worship is true, Modi would be eaten by dogs.

Father Ponnaiah, the man who made the above statement, tells the nodding Rahul Gandhi here, that Jesus is the real god, not like Sakthi. Bharat jodo indeed.…
Modis last days will be pathetic. If the God we worship is true, Modi would be eaten by dogs. Father Ponnaiah, the man who made the above statement, tells the nodding Rahul Gandhi here, that Jesus is the real god, not like Sakthi. Bharat jodo indeed.
Cost of Astrosat: ₹ 180 crore
Cost of Aditya L1: ₹ 378 crore
Cost of Chandrayaan: ₹ 386 crore
Cost of Mangalyaan: ₹ 447 crore
Cost of Brahmastra: ₹ 450 crore
Ours is a nation where a Hindu who built an empire that stretched from India to Indonesia is given an unmarked resting place run over by weed, trodden by strays, while a terrorist who killed hundreds has his grave turned into a neon lit shrine.

My views:
Supreme Court has sought Centre’s response on the Places of Worship Act. Thanks, @jsaideepak, for your intervention in the court today.

Modi must abrogate this BARBARIC act that denies Hindus their legal right to correct historical injustices. My views:
We did not win our freedom because some Sabarmati ka sant delivered it to us without khadag or dhaal. We won it because Netaji and his INA sent shivers down the spine of the wretched Brits, exhausted by the war and petrified by the naval mutiny.

My views:
Some images from the funeral of terrorist Yakub Memon.

This is not Kashmir, this is Mumbai, right where Memon’s bombs exploded and killed 260 innocent Indians.
Americans buried Osama at sea; Germans forbade a marked grave for Hitler, even removed tombstone from his father's grave. But here in India we offer prayers at Aurangzeb's mazar, decorate Yakub Memon's grave and turn it into a memorial. A scared nation, infected with appeasement.
In Hinduism, Religion is an offshoot of Way of Life, while in Abrahimic ideologies, Way of Life is an offshoot of Religion. That’s why Hinduism is not shackled by rigidity or diktats because the source dictates mutatability & eagerness to adapt.

My views:
I am confident that Rahul Gandhi, through his Bharat Jodo yatra, will manage to unite the whole of India. Against the Congress.

My views on @TimesNow.
How on earth can we call ourselves secular and at the same time have State governments run religious schools like Madrassas - Assam 614 and UP 517. Are we a banana republic?

Yogi and Hemanta should be congratulated not pilloried. My views on @TimesNow.
Will @DrSJaishankar inform Prime minister Sheikh Hasina about the systematic and relentless persecution of Hindus in Bangladesh (East Pakistan before 1971)?
Pakistan has been trying for 75 years to defeat us and, having failed miserably, is now indulging in cyber warfare thinking it can finally win. We will deal with its bot army like we dealt with its real one.

My views on @TimesNow, on #PakSmearsArshdeep.
Am old enough to recall that last ball six by Miandad off Chetan, the same Chetan who took the World cup's first ever hat-trick a few months later.

Arshdeep, you are a star and every Indian loves you. Ignore what Pakistani bots are trying to do here - they did the same to Shami.
The Narmada dam with its raised height now irrigates 2.4 million hectares of farmland, generates enough power to light up 1.4 million homes, and provides drinking water to 33 million people.

Never forget: Medha Patkar wanted to keep land parched, homes dark, and people thirsty.
An eye-opening, spine-chilling conversation between @SushantBSinha and @Vishnu_Jain1 that confirms, if at all confirmation was needed, that Hindus have been systematically and comprehensively reduced to being third class citizens in their own country.
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