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Last 50 tweets from @ArnMrkan6
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
AKMAR Holdings, #Leaked4Afrin.
mertakdeniz - 123456
Kaan - 123579
admin - 34Akmar34
14 17
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
Please see Flyer below. Please be there to shed some light on this tragedy.Erdogan is killing civilians, destroying villages and causing a massive humanitarian crisis.NATO should stop tragedies, not create it. A NATO country is acting like a terrorist organization.
  · Twitter for iPad · en
4 2
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
🔴 It's a shame ❗ two shits 👹💩 C'est une Honte, un collabo reçoit un assassin ❗
Turkey's Erdogan is welcomed by the Vatican as he murders Kurds and destroys churches of Assyrian Christians - Free Speech Time… via @ISupport_Israel
Turkey's Erdogan is welcomed by the Vatican as he murders Kurds and destroys churches of Assyrian Christians The Pope welcomed the Turkish president to condemn Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Pope rushed to meet the president of the Islamic State of Turkey Not In order to to talk about the persecution of Assyrian Christians by the Turkish authorities and Not to talk about the murder of Kurds by Turkey But to attack Israel, the only country in the Middle East where Christians are safe and free. Turkish authorities have seized 50 church properties from Assyrians in Tur Abdin. The Islamic persecution of Assyrian Christians in Turkey must be stopped. Erdogan invaded Kurdish Afrin in Syria in order to "fight ISIS", but in reality he bombs Kurdish civilians. Turkey is committing war crimes against the Kurds. Why is the world silent? There are still countries that deny the Armenian genocide. Turkey is pressuring countries not to recognize Armenian Genocide because Turkey wants to repeat it with the Kurds. All Western countries must support the legitimate efforts of the Kurdish people to achieve their own state. It is very unfortunate to see that the Pope is more concerned about political correctness and Islam than the brutal persecution of Christians in the Muslim world. Christians are the worlds most persecuted religious group, according to studies Christians and other Non-Muslim minorities throughout the Muslim world are being persecuted for being non-Muslims. The Christian community in Iraq and Syria was completely annihilated by radical Muslims, anyone who could not escape and refused to convert to Islam was executed. The Western world ignores the cruel persecution of Christians in the Muslim world. Where are all the human rights organizations of the UN? Where are all human rights organizations in the West? Please pray for the Christian minorities in the Muslim world....
7 2
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
"(...)I protect this beautiful province and I avenge my fellow martyrs, innocent children and women victims of Turkish bombing.
Blood of innocents won’t be wasted and we’ll avenge them.
How they use airplanes and heavy weapons against us,we’ll defeat them with our simple weapons"
53 81
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
"What #Turkey's doing today in #Afrin is the continuation of a century of ethnic cleansing and #genocide against #Armenian|s, against #Kurds, and many others." - @ANCA_DC to @VOA_Kurdish at Capitol Hill protest against Ankara's aggression. #SaveAfrin #StopTurkey
109 93
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
Spam çağrılarına sessiz kalmayıp bu tiviti RT ve fav yapıyoruz dostlar.. :))
29 45
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
#Turkey-backed #jihadists attacking #Afrin have #ISIS's and al-#Qaeda's mentality. No surprise though.

"With Allah's permission and assistance, we will keep fighting you, oh #infidels [#Kurds], enemies of Allah!"

@CJTFOIR @OIRSpox @oirdcomss @IIICorps_CG
47 34
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
#Anonymous through account @anonymkurd1 is performing cybernetic attacks against the tyrannical government of Turkey. Edorgan you should have a expected us.
  · TweetDeck · en
21 16
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
Arab refugee family went to bed in this house, not knowing they'll not see each other again. Taha Mustafa, wife Amina, son Sulieman, daughter Zakia were killed. Only Safa survived the Turkish attack. Civilians need your voice ☞ #UNSaveAfrin
36 23
#UNsaveAfrin! Will you apply Int law&human rights to all people INCLUDING KURDS! @secgen. @UN_News_Centre. @UN_HRC. @UN. @UN_Spokesperson
4 2
Replying to @sevamurxaniyan :
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
Balafirên şer ên #Tirkiyê li ser #Efrînê digerin
EFRÎN – Balafirên şer ên artêşa Tirk a dagirker li ser bajarê Efrînê û navçeyên digerin.
15 10
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
Her 20 yılda bir evinin barkın yıkılması,
Her 10 yılda bir katliama maruz kalman,
Her 5 yılda bir politikacılarının tutuklanması,
Ve hergün birer, birer öldürülmek senin kaderin değildir ey kürt
Afrin finaldir sessiz kalma.

45 29
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
The people here are poor farmers. They have little possessions. But what they have is destroyed or stolen by the looting gangs. Turkey deliberately destroys everything people have & own. Erdogan is trying to perform a genocide.
56 42
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
Children killed in #Afrin 20-31 Jan : names, ages, date/place of death.
In case some ppl still believe #AfrinOperasyonu carried-out by 🇹🇷targets ‘terrorists groups’, it’s WRONG
Airstrikes & artillery deliberately target CIVILIANS & IDPs.
69 23
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
serefsiz dizzooooooooo
hirsiz katil
18 13
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
Turkey operation in #Afrin is an insult to USA before the Kurds. Turkey wants to take revenge on Kurds and USA because of the end ISIS In Syria and Iraq, if USA had Silent more, it would have lost all that was produced in the fight against terrorism in Syria, such as the Kurds
104 151
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
"We’ve received reports tt the city is overcrowded, electricity has been cut & water is an issue” #Afrin #Kurds @RedCross @RedCrossEU
11 6
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
If the #West fails to muster a basic degree of resolve, then the horror of the massacre of the #Kurds will be added to the #shame of watching their killer gloat atop the ruins of our honor. #SpeakUpForAfrin #supportkurdistan
263 390
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
In the face of #Erdogan’s cynicism, the international community is behaving like the three monkeys who see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. #SpeakUpForAfrin #supportkurdistan
136 328
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
Kurdish children, father &mother from #Afrin/#Efrîn fleeing from the ongoing indiscriminate #Turkish warplanes' bombings & Al Qaeda shelling on the city center.

Please,everyone support this hashtag #UNSaveAfrin to help save the lives of thousands of civilians frm Turkey/Al Qaeda
48 29
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
#UNsaveAfrin @UNO 37 Ülkedeki 200 Enternasyonalist Sayin Öcala`nin Özgürlugu ve Efrin Direnisini selamlamak icin yürüyorlar
8 10
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
Picture of Day: An old man at the hospital. He is looking after his granddaughter who got injured by Turkish artillery fire bombing Jindirese on 2 Feb. 2018 (YPG Press) #DefendAfrin #WomenRiseUpForAfrin
39 21
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
TR,devletleri dolaşıp 2018'e kadar Efrin'den TR'ye 700 saldırı olduğu yalanını sahte belgelerle sunmuş, saldırısını BM 51.Md kapsamında göstermiştir.
BM ve üye ülkeler bu yalanı ifşa etmeli, Efrin için acilen uluslararası koruma kararı almalıdır
203 179
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
New images showing Turkey affiliated jihadist group members plundering people's property... #DefendAfrin #WomenRiseUpForAfrin
83 51
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
21 19
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  

Children in afrin are dying. Mothers are killed. the father is being killed. now stop them now please..

47 31
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
17 26
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
Today Turkey arrested Green Party co-chairs Eylem Tuncaelli and Naci Sönmez. The @europeangreens call for their immediate release and an end to Erdogan's attacks on democracy.
73 52
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
Kobani 2015 & Raqqa 2017
49 76
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
Every day more wounded & killed Efrîn civilians
As #Nato Turkey & their mercenaries 24/7 target civilian homes
All killed civilians are called 'terrorists'
So their evil looks legitimate
117 54
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
#BreakingNews #Exclusive Interview @euronews with @SalihMaslem:"#Turkey is not different from #Daesh because they have grown up with their help,&they trained them, &even in #Afrin now they're using the remains of #ISIS escaped from #Raqqa & #Mosul"#NoFlyZoneForAfrin #TwitterKurds
122 101
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
Kurdish #SDF defeat #ISIS and capture British #ISIS Beatles in Syria, a grateful #TheresaMay thanks Kurds by selling weapons to Turkey and supporting Turkish invasion of #Afrin! #Rojava #Afrin #AfrinIsNotAlone
127 134
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
Just as the Irish female freedom fighters were eventually victorious against a powerful oppressor, so shall the YPJ be victorious over a powerful oppressor.
6 12
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
For 100`s years turks have done nothing but drinking our blood. No one can claim to not know the reality anymore.

7 6
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
#Anonymous #AnonymousResistance #ProjectTurkey #OpTurkey #AfrinGenocide #OpAfrin #SaveAfrin

Nevada Logistics : An Important Turkish Transport Compagny.
You Have Been #Hacked !

Site :
12 16
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
Afrin'de insanlık suçu işleniyor. Sivillerin yaşamı risk altında. Yasanan saldırganlığa dur demek için binlerce insan 12 Şubat'ta Lozan'dan Cenevre'ye yürüyor.
215 132
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
Harot Kevork, the last Armenian surviving in Afrin city whose family fled Turkey during the Armenian Genocide. Harot has now been living under the bombing & shelling of the Turkish Air Force & Army for the last 20 days.
13 9
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
Güzel bir yazı tavsiye ederim
5 11
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
Alikari bidin hevalno @RcaLevent
4 3
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
Arab refugee family: Taha Mustafa (40yr), wife Amina, son Sulieman (14), daughter Zakia (17) were killed. Only Safa (19) survived, with minor wounds. Their plastic slippers are still there ☞ #UNsaveAfrin
29 17
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
Hastag çalışmasını başarıya ulaştıran küçük yurtsever hesaplardır. Hesabı büyüyenin aynı orantı ile başka yeri de büyüyor.

72 57
Arîn Mîrkan #DefendEfrin Retweeted ·  
The 15-year old Dananda Sido was wounded in her legs and chest while running for her life in the street in the Kurdish village of Adamo ☞ #UNsaveAfrin
25 10
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