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Last 50 tweets from @ArronOberholser
In reply to @ArronOberholser
Well, I didn’t want to publicly embarrass you by acknowledging you were fired before I got to the car park, but since you made it public...
Replying to @eamonlynch
I’m used to public embarrassment. I’m in television
In reply to @ArronOberholser
That’s why I fired you after one range session
When I walk onto the tee with a new swing move in Florida later this week. 😂
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Arron Oberholser Retweeted ·  
Our unbiased opinion...

Driving: @KennyPerryGolf
Iron play: @PaulStankowski
Short-iron play: @ArronOberholser
Wedges: @RodPampling
Bunker play: @jasongore59
Putting: Loren Roberts
Mental game: @BigEinBigD

You can watch them all this weekend at the Fall Classic!
A reminder that no one does ANYTHING alone.

Once a ball leaves the QB's hands, his job is complete.
Jimmy G won the game, the same as any 4th quarter comeback QB "wins" the game. If receivers drop the ball, and kickers miss kicks, how is his performance ANY different?
Replying to @Mark_T_Willard
All valid and well said points my dude. But, I’m still not convinced😜😜
Arron Oberholser Retweeted ·  
This game is officially nuts.
Russell Wilson is a bad man. Can’t stop that
On the leg of a free agent rookie kicker with his 4th team. What a moment for him....
Ok Jimmy G, the story starts to get written here..... you have any of that TB12 stuff?
In reply to @ArronOberholser
What we have here is an agreement to disagree my bro. You watch the Carolina game?
Replying to @Mark_T_Willard
Oh, you think the offense looks “real real”?
If Bourne drops another ball tonight...
Two top targets are out and the remaining receivers keep dropping the football. Jimmy G only flaw is the fumbles
Replying to @matt_deuce
Again, I get it. Agreed. But to me, I’m still not convinced.
In reply to @ArronOberholser
Haha...on a side note, you playing Taylormade next week??
Replying to @KyleThompsonPGA
Got an invite late, committed to something else.
Missing George Kittle badly, the offense can't operate without him. And then losing Sanders in the 2nd quarter was a killer. 2 best skill position guys.

Don't overreact, folks
Replying to @jasonrmcintyre
I get it, but even with those guys, I’m still, meh on the offense.
But it has for 2+ months is my point. Those games counted.
Replying to @Mark_T_Willard
I’ve been keeping up. I agree with you. They’ve never looked for “real real”.
No no no don't do this my dude.
Don't define on the tiny sample while missing top two targets.
Replying to @Mark_T_Willard
If the driver ain’t working, put it in play with the 3 wood. 😜😜
In reply to @ArronOberholser
Clowney is unstoppable tonight.
Replying to @KyleThompsonPGA
Guy is everywhere. Niners better be careful when they get to the showers, he might be there. Haha
No no no don't do this my dude.
Don't define on the tiny sample while missing top two targets.
Replying to @Mark_T_Willard
I get it, but man it doesn’t look great.
In reply to @ArronOberholser
Injuries. Plus too many guys coming off 4 week injuries. Losing Sanders and Kittle was devastating.
Replying to @Pooshdaddy
They are not deep with play makers. That’s apparent
Where are Skule and Brunskill when you need em'?
Replying to @Mark_T_Willard
Not sure who those dudes are, but this offense doesn’t look like an 8-0 offense. #allD
Niners don’t look like a real deal 8-0 team. Plenty of holes offensively. Not sure Jimmy G can beat the good defensive teams with his arm. Not looking like it so far tonight.
In reply to @ArronOberholser
In reply to @knbrmurph
Now if only this were at Candlestick ...
If it were only actually IN San Francisco 😉
That was frightening. How quick is that D line for the niners
Early returns: Chase McLaughlin -- stock up.
Marquise Goodwin hands -- stock down. #49ers
Jimmy G needs to settle in. Little jumpy
Great trip down memory lane from @GolfWRX Ryan Barath ‘Top 10 “modern classic” fairway woods of all time’!! My personal favorites were
1. Titleist 970
2. Callaway S2H2
3. Taylor Made V Steel
4. Sonartec
That V steel was awesome. Still sore at myself for taking the money and playing two fairway woods that never fit me well at all.
Thank you Veterans! Especially Alvin G. Hoelting (Decd) US Navy, 1st Class Gunners Mate. And Bill Oberholser Air Force, Lt Col Ret. And @minilunes US Navy!
Arron Oberholser Retweeted ·  
Thanks @GolfChannel for your excellent coverage of @ChampionsTour this year. Really enjoy all aspects of the broadcasts, especially your on air announcers @BobPapa_NFL @johncookgolf @HogansBoy @ArronOberholser #WhittWatson #BillyRayBrown and #LannyWadkins #SeeYouIn2020 #NiceWork
Arron Oberholser Retweeted ·  
Good morning, Sunshine! ☀️

Today, Mercury will pass between the Earth & the Sun, silhouetting it against our home star. This passage will begin at approximately 7:35am ET and last for more than five hours. Here's how you can watch the #MercuryTransit:
Arron Oberholser Retweeted ·  
To all of our Veterans, thank you for your service to our country. Happy Veteran’s Day! #LandOfTheFree #BecauseOfTheBrave
Arron Oberholser Retweeted ·  
The @ChampionsTour is an incredible Tour. Guys are still working hard and trying to get better. The quality of play would surprise a lot of people. Some big names will be joining us soon. Come out and watch if you get a chance next year!
Arron Oberholser Retweeted ·  
.@Jeff_Maggert’s reaction to winning the @SchwabCupFinale was incredible.

His wife’s was even better.
In reply to @shanebacon
stuck a dagger to @ArronOberholser in 2002. I think it was a playoff but sure they could confirm.
Replying to @PeteAnRepete @shanebacon and 1 otherfalse
Thank you for that painful memory😂😂, yes he hit an amazing pitch shot with nothing to work with in the hole for eagle to beat me on the 2nd playoff hole in Virginia. Well deserved after a shot like that.
Beautiful gift
In reply to @maxhoma23
One of my daughters is on the autism spectrum and she has taught me more than anyone in my life how to be happy, joyful, laugh off the dumb stuff, what being present looks like,& truly being engaged with a person. #FeelGoodFriday delayed
Arron Oberholser Retweeted ·  
3-shot lead for @schwab_matth in Turkey as he looks for his 1st @EuropeanTour win. Players with a 3-shot lead thru 54 holes go on to win 65% of the time on the European Tour the last 15 seasons.

Schwab hasn't shot over par in the final round of an ET event since April.
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