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Last 50 tweets from @Ashadahya
In reply to @RBraceySherman
The decision to become a parent as a Black person is a very serious one. Life for Black people is precious and the fear of losing another loved one to police violence and racism is too great. @ClintSmithIII’s piece illustrates this decision powerfully:…
Becoming a Parent in the Age of Black Lives Matter
In reply to @RBraceySherman
What happened to Emerald is why I fight for reproductive justice. We should be able to decide if, when, and how to grow our families and be able to have families free from violence. Black lives must matter.…
Again. Last year, police in San Leandro, CA pulled Emerald from her car—while she was wearing hospital clothes from a visit that day—and then stomped on her stomach leaving a shoe print. She miscarried a few days later. My heart aches for Emerald.
We're less than a month removed from armed white men storming state capitols because they couldn't get a haircut or go to Menard's whenever they wanted. But the National Guard is activated when protestors march against police violence.
In reply to @RBraceySherman
Anti-abortion activists can’t bother listening to actual Black people about what we need and want, only join in to co-opt when it’s convenient. They’re racist to their core. It’s just that simple.
In reply to @RBraceySherman
Violence doesn’t happen without a perpetrator. Police are the perpetrators. Anti-abortion folk spend all day calling us murderers—even making billboards demonizing Black women—but can’t be bothered to even tweet that police are the ones killing us on TV. They don’t actually care.
In reply to @RBraceySherman
Where is the outrage from the supposed pro-life crowd for Emerald Black? Where are their statements condemning the systemic police violence that caused her miscarriage? Where are their calls to have the officer fired?…
In reply to @RBraceySherman
She’s tweeting about reforming “systems” but neglects to say white supremacy, which her movement is born out of, or call for the police to be reformed or abolished. Do not let the anti-abortion movement co-opt our liberation efforts nearly a decade too late.
You’ve got all of these violent words for us Black folks who have abortions and the providers who perform them but have yet to mention that it’s the POLICE who are beating and killing us on live TV. You can keep your performative attempt to co-opt our liberation and uprising.
It’s about respect & human decency and how we share that with each other. #ShowYouCare…
White people talking to white people. More of this please. If you’re white and you believe yourself not to be racist, yet you don’t talk to your white friends like this or stand up beyond tweets for Black people... you simply aren’t who you think you are.
ANTIFA isn't an organization.

ANTIFA has NEVER killed a single person.

ANTIFA simply means "anti-fascism," it's a fairly small, highly decentralized movement.

What Trump is trying to do is label anyone who speaks out against him a terrorist, which is what all dictators do.
In reply to @gloriousbeth
White evangelicals proselytize in black communities, offering resources that have been denied by oppressive systems in exchange for loyalty to an equally oppressive theology. Evangelism = colonization. It’s a central tenant of evangelicalism, & that is shameful.
In reply to @gloriousbeth
Anger re: de-segregation was the impetus for white evangelicals mobilizing & becoming the voting block they are today. & so many of the predatory structures & programs they uphold (like abstinence-only sex ed, which DOES NOT WORK) are purposefully deployed in black communities.
In reply to @gloriousbeth
Anger re: de-segregation was the impetus for white evangelicals mobilizing & becoming the voting block they are today. & so many of the predatory structures & programs they uphold (like abstinence-only sex ed, which DOES NOT WORK) are purposefully deployed in black communities.
If white evangelicals want to make meaningful anti-racist statements, they should acknowledge the inherent & structural racism of their fundamentalist faith system & stop being evangelicals.
In reply to @wihorne
That is why @LadyOfSardines wrote this lesson for her students, so that the textbook narrative about the "bad south" with dejure racism and "good north" with defacto discrimination gets challenged. It was/is dejure/institutionalized in North and South!…
How Red Lines Built White Wealth: A Lesson on Housing Segregation in the 20th Century - Zinn Education Project
I, a historian of racial capitalism, explained redlining to my white neighbor today, who responded "but how was that legal?" in literal disbelief.

Always amazed at how little white ppl know of the system designed to benefit them at the expense of everyone else.
Resist the “looter” v “peaceful protesters” narrative.

The power establishment pretends that they’re waiting to see a particular form of protest so that they can understand what racism is.

They already know. That’s why they allow the police to be violent everyday.
There are progressive Christians clapping for Judah Smith and Carl Lentz because they addressed racism today.

Clapping for people who uphold white supremacy and whose churches have actively harmed Black people is not it.
Replying to @JoLuehmann
Meanwhile they still don’t fully affirm LGBTQ+ people. Same toxic theology. Just dressed up in nicer jeans.
Hard to escape the overwhelming sense that is all just a preview.
Grateful for this reminder that I don't really want to move back home.
Here is a gift to white people who insist they know what Martin Luther King Jr. would have said.

A thread
Did they just move the Los Angeles curfew up from 8 pm to 6 pm at 5:15 pm?
Replying to @franklinleonard
I got a notification for Beverly Hills 4pm curfew at 5:30.
In reply to @Ashadahya
We are alright here. There are no protests happening close to us, but I have used the opportunity to have some conversations with my son about what is happening and why. I am mostly worried for my friends who are close to what's happening, like you and your family.
Replying to @StephanieMick75
Thank you for being concerned. Yes it’s all about having conversations and raising our kids to know how to be the change. I am scared to think of the world they will inherit but with parents like you the world is in good hands.
In reply to @Ashadahya
That would be scary. 😫 How are your little ones doing?
Replying to @StephanieMick75
Thankfully too young to know what is going on. Sound asleep. How are you doing?
In reply to @Ashadahya
Replying to @StephanieMick75
Thank you. You as well. It’s a little scary hearing the shots getting louder and closer.
Curfew orders in again for Los Angeles. Started at 4pm in some areas. I can hear shots and shocks near my place. Terrifying. All streets are eerily quiet. Stay safe out there everyone. Please.
Cannot get over this stat that one-third of American homicide victims who are killed by strangers are killed by cops. And that there are as many civilians killed by cops in a year as there are cops who die in the line of duty in a decade.…
In reply to @JamilSmith
If you think that the defunding and abolition of police, as an institution, shouldn’t be on the table for discussion: are you looking at America tonight? Are you watching how these police behave, without provocation, when faced with people merely demanding dignity and survival?
Just a quick reminder the cops who killed #BreonnaTaylor are still on the job &the cops who killed #EleanorBumpurs were acquitted of her murder. Black women have been at the forefront of protesting police brutality and anti-black vigilantism for over a century. Who wil help us?
White Christians would've been at Jesus' crucifixion like "If he followed orders he would've been fine. The Romans were just doing their job."
“Police all over the country teargassed protestors, drove vehicles through crowds, opened fire with non-lethal rounds on journalists or people on their own property and in at least one instance pushed over an elderly man who was walking away with a cane.”…
Police Erupt in Violence Nationwide
Y’all make me so tired. How is a police sheriff telling people that he’d rather they parade than protest commendable?

He ain’t an ally, with smiles & friendliness he is trying to shut the protest that #blacklivesmatter  down. He is downplaying why they are there. Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️
Replying to @KyleJamesHoward
It's the "bare minimum" mindset that has gotten this country to where it is.
In reply to @charlotteirene8
I once opened for Andy Mineo (part of Prop’s cohort / 116 dudes) for a “let’s trick the kids into loving Jesus thru the power of RAP” concert event things. Twas... odd. 😬
In reply to @Ashadahya
Omg I wanted to be just like her when I was in college
In reply to @theKevinGarcia_
Keep going mama 😂
Don't get me started on SHOUT TO THE LORD ALL THE EARTH... Side note: I once interviewed Darlene when I was doing some backstage hosting for the Hillsong Conference back in 2007 or something. I felt SOOOOO special. *insert eyeroll at myself*
In reply to @Ashadahya
My prayers before the lord... the sweetest incense
Replying to @theKevinGarcia_
Indeed! We could keep going. The phrases just roll off the tongue.
Until we’re as angry about the conditions that led to these riots as we are about the riots themselves, we’ll continue to miss the point and mistake the symptom for the disease.

Riots are just the symptom.

Systemic racial injustice is the disease.
The widespread brutality, violence, and rioting we’re seeing from police departments across the country tonight should firmly dispel the “not all cops are bad” notion. It’s not about individual cops but the structure of “law enforcement” as a whole. It’s rotten to the core.
Minnesota public safety commissioner says white nationalists are organizing and coming to the state for violence and destruction. In other words, white supremacists are following Trump's lead.
Raise your hand if you want to see more anchors, correspondents, reporters, and commentators of color on TV on weekdays and primetime and not just on weekends or when the topic is "racism" and "diversity." ✋🏾
For those who are interested in research-based solutions to stop police violence, here’s what you need to know - based on the facts and data. A thread. (1/x)
In reply to @Ashadahya
And it's a shame, because I think a lot of them really do want to do good. He takes advantage of that. They ignore warnings. It's a symbiotic relationship of the worst kind.
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