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Last 50 tweets from @BarackObama
Let’s all do our part this Thanksgiving to keep people safe and healthy. Celebrate virtually, if you can. Wear a mask. And as always, listen to the experts. The choices you make could save lives.
The balance of power in the Senate is at stake in Georgia’s runoff election. We’ve got two great candidates—@ReverendWarnock and @Ossoff—who need your support. Go to to find ways to get involved.
Georgia - Vote Save America
Michelle and I are eager to bring the Obama Presidential Center to our hometown—a way to honor the city we love, all those who came before us, and pay tribute to people coming together to do extraordinary things.
Barack Obama Retweeted ·  
Watch Now: @BarackObama joins @MBK_Alliance youth and community leaders and @CapehartJ for a conversation about leadership, democracy, and opportunity. Tune in on @MSNBC.
This was fun. I heard Tim and Fred were listening to some of the songs on my A Promised Land playlist, so I decided to drop in and surprise them. We talked about a lot, from Bob Dylan to old-school mixtapes to the role music played in my memoir.
My memoir, A Promised Land, is out today. I hope you’ll read it. My goal was to give you some insight into the events and people that shaped me during the early years of my presidency. Most of all, I hope it inspires you to see yourself playing a role in shaping a better world.
Music has always played an important role in my life—and that was especially true during my presidency. In honor of my book hitting shelves tomorrow, I put together this playlist featuring some memorable songs from my administration. Hope you enjoy it.
More than anyone else, I wrote my book for young people—as an invitation to once again remake the world, and to bring about, through hard work, determination, and a big dose of imagination, an America that finally aligns with all that is best in us.…
Im Not Yet Ready to Abandon the Possibility of America
Today, we’re reminded of our solemn obligation: to serve our veterans as well as they have served us. To all of our veterans and service members, we’re forever grateful for your commitment to our country—and your willingness to put it all on the line for us. Thank you.
Congratulations to my friends, @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris — our next President and Vice President of the United States.
Thank you Chiney, Nneka, and all of the athletes who are using their platforms and helping people vote in this election.
today... we are poll workers aka election clerks, helping people cast their ballots. ☑️
Rahul, you're helping make democracy work today. Thank you.
If you are in line to vote before polls close, you have the right to vote. Stay in line for as long as it takes. If you have any questions, call the voter hotline at 833-336-8683. We’ve got this.
Replying to @BarackObama
There's a reason some folks are trying to make it hard for you to vote: They know that if you do, things change. And that's why the answer isn't to stay at home. It's to turn out like never before and show them what this country stands for.
If you are in line to vote before polls close, you have the right to vote. Stay in line for as long as it takes. If you have any questions, call the voter hotline at 833-336-8683. We’ve got this.
This Election Day, everything is on the line. Our jobs. Our health care. Whether or not we get this pandemic under control. But here’s the good news: today, you can choose change. You can elect @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris. Let’s win this thing.
Barack Obama Retweeted ·  
Voting is your right. If you have questions, reach out to the Voter Assistance Hotline at 1-833-336-8683.
This is it –– today is the last day to vote. If you haven't already, find your polling place at
For eight years, Joe was the last one in the room whenever I faced a big decision. He made me a better president. And today, we have the chance to elect Joe and Kamala to build our country back better. But it’s going to take every single one of us. Vote:
I Will Vote
In 2008 and 2012, you placed your trust in me to help lead this country alongside Barack Obama.

Today, I’m asking for your trust once again — this time, in Kamala and me.

We can heal the soul of this nation — I promise we won’t let you down.
More than 100 million Americans have already cast a ballot in this election. Joel, Monica, and Andrés are three of them — and I got to FaceTime with them before they voted.

Join them and get out there and vote today.
Our administration literally left this White House a playbook that would have shown them how to respond before COVID-19 reached our shores. Joe and I revisited it recently. Take a look — and then vote for a leader who will get this virus under control.
On Tuesday, you can choose change. You can choose a better America. You can elect @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris. I am fired up to be back in Florida – let’s bring this home.…
Maaza, this is beautiful. Thank you for voting—and thank you for staying hopeful.
I voted today. It was one of the most emotional experiences I've had since becoming American. I wanted to hug every poll worker & thank them for their work & enthusiasm. I'm frightened, as many of you are, but the country we want is here, standing next to us.

Congrats on your first vote, Dewey! It will make a difference.
First time voting, in the books. In a state where my vote could make a difference.

It could’ve taken 4 minutes, 4 hours, 4 days or more. The next 4 years of our country are at stake, and the consequences could last a lifetime. VOTE.

We’ve got to vote up and down the ticket like never before for Democratic candidates. Join me for a drive-in rally in Georgia with @Ossoff and @ReverendWarnock.…
We can’t afford to be complacent. Not this time. Not in this election. Make a plan right now:
I Will Vote
2016 taught us to take nothing for granted and to leave everything on the field.

We can’t just imagine a better future; we’ve got to fight for it and vote for it. If you haven’t voted yet, make sure to return your ballot in person or make a plan to vote at If you’ve already voted, text three friends to make sure they have a plan.
Barack Obama Retweeted ·  
If you can still vote early, then vote early today.

If you haven’t returned your absentee ballot yet, then return it today.

If you’re voting in-person tomorrow, then make your plan today.

Let’s end this — today.
Today is the first day of Open Enrollment. If you need coverage or want to renew coverage, go to right now and select a plan that works for you.

And then make sure you get out there and vote like your health care depends on it—because it does.
Barack Obama Retweeted ·  
Folks, there are just three days left to vote in this election, and we need your help to get people to the polls. Text three friends or family members and make sure they have a plan to vote.
Fired up to be with my friends @StevieWonder and @JoeBiden in Detroit to make sure everybody turns out to vote in this election. Tune in live.…
Don't boo — vote! Happy Halloween, everybody.
Three days, Michigan. Three days until the most important election of our lifetimes. Join me and @JoeBiden for our first car rally together from Flint.…
You could be the difference between someone making it out to the polls or staying home. And many states could be decided by a handful of votes. Join me and make some calls for Joe in the last few days of this election:
Always great talking to @KingJames and @MavCarter about everything from this unique NBA season to the importance of voting in every election. Tune in tonight and make your plan to vote:
If you're wondering how you can support @JoeBiden in these final days of the campaign, here are two ways you can help. First, donate what you can. It’ll help the team reach the voters we most need to connect with:
Replying to @BarackObama
Second, volunteer—you can make calls or text voters who can use a nudge to vote for Joe. You can be the difference between someone turning in their ballot or showing up to the polls on Tuesday—or not voting. Head to for ways to help the campaign.
If you're wondering how you can support @JoeBiden in these final days of the campaign, here are two ways you can help. First, donate what you can. It’ll help the team reach the voters we most need to connect with:
Chip in to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris
What we do in these next four days will not just decide the next four years, but the future of this country. Let’s choose hope over fear. I’m counting on you.
An important reminder as millions of folks across the country vote early or make plans to vote on November 3: You have the right to vote. If you run into any issues at your polling place, call 1-866-687-8683 or your voter protection hotline.
If we pour all our effort into these last five days and vote up and down the ticket like never before, then we will elect @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris. And we will leave no doubt about who we are and what this country stands for. Let's go.
Here are some helpful tips about voting in person this year. Do vote early if you can, don't get out of line, and a couple of other important reminders. If you're voting by mail, now is the time to drop off your ballot at a drop box or an election office.
Thanks for making your voice heard, Adam. I know a thing or two about being hopeful in the rain, too.…
Even after I waited in line for nearly an hour in the rain, the poll worker said I looked hopeful

Please vote
This right here is what it's all about. Tell your mom thank you for voting, Leta.
My immigrant mom just voted early in New York! She was so excited and wanted to have her picture taken beneath the US flag afterwards. The accessible entrance was super-fast. #VoteEarly #IVoted #AAPIVote
Stella, thank you for being a poll worker. You’re making a difference and helping folks cast their ballot safely.
What an awesome day! If you’ve never done it (like me), sign up to be a poll worker if you can- it’s pretty inspiring.

Voting this year is a whole different experience. People are out here in Brooklyn voting w passion. Thank you Bk for lifting my spirits. 💙
Barack Obama Retweeted ·  
With one week left until Election Day, I'm delivering remarks in Warm Springs, Georgia, on how we can unite to address the crises facing our nation. Tune in.…
Joe Biden @JoeBiden
We’ve only got one week left in this election. I’m in Orlando for @JoeBiden to get more folks to vote and use their voices to determine the direction of our country. Let's go.…
In Miami this weekend, I dropped by The Shop to talk with @KingJames and @MavCarter about the NBA bubble, the racial justice movement, and what's at stake over these next seven days.

Do not give up your power. Make a plan to vote:
Republicans love to say right before an election that they’ll protect preexisting conditions. Well, Joe and I actually did it — and he’ll keep protecting your health care as president. We’ve got eight days left. Vote.
In the middle of a pandemic, this administration is trying to dismantle the Affordable Care Act in the Supreme Court. Here’s how Joe and I fought to expand health care, protect millions of Americans with preexisting conditions, and actually get it done:…
Barack Obama Looks Back on His Toughest Fight
Felicidades, Sofia — I'll bet your car decorations alone inspired a few folks to head to the polls! Thank you for making your voice heard. It matters.
I am a Cuban-American woman, artist, activist, teacher, and first time voter! #todosconbidencaravana @cubanosconbiden
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