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Last 50 tweets from @BarstoolBigCat
I’m in love with Anthony Miller
76 704
I would’ve been totally calm if the Bears were playing well tonight so it’s only fair that I say preseason doesn’t matter now that they suck again
18 440
Replying to @BarstoolBigCat :
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"Just give my asshole a little kiss baby" - anonymous
37 387
I would’ve been totally calm if the Bears were playing well tonight so it’s only fair that I say preseason doesn’t matter now that they suck again
18 440
Game 2 starter behind Cole Hamels
Step aside, Sister Jean.
  · Media Studio · en
2,508 8,009
131 1,709
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“Well I was born in a small town”

Ok pretty cool right on

“And I live in a small town”

Alright you never left

“Probably die in a small town”

I’m bailing on this story
95 693
You're welcome but shhhh
Thank you @BarstoolBigCat & @PFTCommenter for that secret Raiders under bet at the end of Friday’s @PardonMyTake!
0 12
1 88
Where Marion Barber ran out of bounds...
46 366
Replying to @AdamHoge :
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At the Mcdonalds headquarters in Chicago, Illinois about to make a video about who’s really making those french fries. Hint: it’s not the French....
641 4,148
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@BarstoolBigCat All this talk about football being soft but no one in the mentions talking about the huge breaking news of the Joe Thomas comeback.
3 54
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Been saying this for years: get rid of the pads and have them sign a waiver that says “you understand you will MOST LIKELY die while playing football.” Problem solved. as a bonus, the ones still down to play will be crazy as fuck thus improving the watchability of the games
  · Twitter Lite · en
33 317
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@BarstoolBigCat My 3-Month old toddler just came in the living room and told me "Daddy, Why do you like watching flag football?" I had no response. I am literally shaking.
31 849
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NFL turning soft like the NBA 🤦‍♂️
25 292
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Hockey season can’t come soon enough
43 326
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They need to be able to review this.
4 64
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“Soccer is impossible to watch with all the flopping”

Football is under attack, yes, by its own Pro League.
27 210
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Make Football violent again
62 315
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The NFL over correcting like this after suppressing the effect of concussions for years is so damn stupid
17 123
I just turned it off. I used to love football, now I can’t stomach it
@BarstoolBigCat Dude why are you watching preseason
0 2
10 209
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America has gotten so damn soft #HateToSeeThat
21 178
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NFL gone soft. Big opportunity for the XFL. They need to forget the good guy act and go with the opposite of this.
27 286
Big Cat Retweeted ·  
“Football is under attack”. This is true but not from outside influence. The NFL is the one shelling the game
14 167
Big Cat Retweeted ·  
@BarstoolBigCat Unbelievable. How am I going to explain this to the children
1 151
The NFL is going to be unwatchable this year.

They just called this helmet to helmet in the Ravens/Browns preseason game. 15 yard penalty and automatic ejection under the new rules.
708 3,962
Umm yes that is exactly what we all think, Coach
The full Q&A from Nick Saban that led to "You just think whatever happens, we just shit another player."
17 61
9 224
What’s the point of life now?
ATROCITY: Mike Gundy no longer has a mullet!
  · TweetDeck · en
84 243
226 3,261
Replying to @BarstoolBigCat :
Oh and I actually watched this movie on my computer, it was based on a crazy real life story and they still made it horrendous
3 297
126 dollars?!?!?
Box Office: Kevin Spacey's 'Billionaire Boys Club' earns abysmal $126 on opening day
  · SocialFlow · en
3,758 6,382
57 1,046
@BarstoolBigCat The whole not being able to pronounce names bit is getting old, just sayin
0 0
Replying to @serrato_88 :
Finally watched this week’s Hard Knocks and I think we can all agree Antonio Callaway is the next Jerry Rice and Devon Cajuste will be better than Antonio Gates
68 1,408
Waiter at brunch walked up to the table and asked me, "would you like more water?"

I responded, "no thank you".
5 607
Replying to @BarstoolNate :
@TylerIAm Filled me up on laughs so I didn’t even have to touch my fries
1 67
Replying to @FeitsBarstool :
@FeitsBarstool @TylerIAm John I had to delete my original tweet because I forgot they ban people for that now. Let me just say if you don’t eat those fries I’ll be v mad
1 294
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Sorry sir very sorry, I’m currently not home for the all important Jaguars preseason game 2 sorry sir
@BarstoolBigCat why are you not tweeting about Bortles
0 2
4 656
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When your listening to PMT and Hank says Maui @hen_ease @BarstoolBigCat @PFTCommenter @PardonMyTake
1 137
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I’ve learned that blaming your soft penis on your hair loss medicine during sex isn’t a great way to convince her you guys should keep trying
100 2,359
Big Cat Retweeted ·  
Michael Rapaport Gets Heckled About Barstool At A Basketball Game. Throws A Punch. Tattles To Cops All In 20 Seconds
269 2,935
This is the highest honor I’ve ever, and probably will ever receive in my entire life
61 2,435
Replying to @FrankieBorrelli :
I won’t say anything mean about Harry Kane because that goal hit the over, just happy he was able to score from such long distance
17 589
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Pardon My Take 8-17 with Rams Coach Sean McVay and QB Jared Goff + Mt Rushmore of sidekicks. It’s Friday, get yourself comfortable.

Listen Now ——->…
30 454
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My 63 year old father discovered podcasts. Even better (or worse if you’re me), he found ⁦@PardonMyTake⁩ and now I will be bombarded with texts like this 3 times a week. ⁦@BarstoolBigCat⁩ ⁦@PFTCommenter⁩ ⁦@hen_ease
12 667
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Josh Allen machine arm desktop wallpaper
121 1,414
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