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Last 50 tweets from @BenjaminHarvey
1 4
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
Riad Hamade رياض حمادة
We just posted this job in South Africa. Another great opportunity at Bloomberg
  · LinkedIn · en
5 3
Is Sudan going to be the next Muslim-majority nation to normalize ties with Israel?… via @markets @BBGAfrica @bpolitics
0 0
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
Thatcher-loving presidential candidate has radical plans to overhaul #Nigeria's economy. #Atiku #Buhari… @markets
26 23
Nigeria's election just got a lot more interesting. In exclusive @BBGAfrica interview, the opposition candidate proposes radical economic changes:… @economics @business @bpolitics by @PaulWallace123 and @DulueMbachu
14 17
Nigeria's opposition presidential candidate has big plans if he wins. He says he'll replace the central bank governor, float the currency and cut the government's stake in the state oil company to a minority. Exclusive @BBGAfrica… via @bpolitics @business
7 5
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
Mideast read of the day by @SameralAtrush Two very different versions of Tunisia’s progress since its Arab Spring uprising were on show this week… via @bpolitics #Tunisia
9 25
Fascinating story about #Tunisia, where economic despair sparked a protest movement that became the Arab Spring. But democracy hasn't brought Tunisians prosperity, and they're still protesting… via @bpolitics @business @economics by @SameralAtrush
7 10
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
This is one to watch, for the one-time "best hope" after the #ArabSpring:
#Tunisia’s powerful labor federation will go ahead with a day-long strike after talks with the government collapsed… via @bpolitics @SameralAtrush
7 6
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
Islamic State says it attacked American troops and their Kurdish allies in Manbij. That's likely to complicate the planned American pullout from the country. Worth noting that Manbij is at the heart of a dispute between U.S.&Turkey… via @bpolitics
3 1
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
ICYM by @SameralAtrush on #Libya Haftar plans to secure #oil areas in southern push… via @markets #OOTT
4 7
Hopes of a post-Mugabe revival in Zimbabwe lie in tatters, as it reels from foreign-exchange and fuel shortages, and a dearth of political leadership. A national strike enters a 3rd day, by @mikecohen21 & @bclatham via @BBGAfrica @bpolitics…
2 0
Kenyan security forces struggled to end an attack by an al-Qaeda affiliate on an upmarket hotel and office complex in Nairobi. At least 15 have been killed, AP says… via @bpolitics @BBGAfrica
4 2
When the Zimbabwean government ordered internet service providers to shutter parts of the web in an effort to curb anti-government protests, it also plunged homes into darkness because people couldn't pay their electricity bills online… via @technology
4 0
The Shutdown's Bad. Buckle Up Because It Could Get Much Worse… via @bpolitics @business
2 1
The ICC acquitted Ivory Coast ex-President Gbagbo of crimes against humanity after seven years of detention, paving the way for his return to the world's biggest cocoa grower as it prepares for elections this year… via @business @BBGAfrica @bpolitics
2 2
With President Mnangagwa in Moscow, Zimbabwe descends into chaos… via @bpolitics @BBGAfrica @business
1 0
Alrosa PJSC, one of the world’s top diamond miners, is returning to Zimbabwe in the latest example of Russia expanding its footprint in Africa… via @markets @BBGAfrica @business @bpolitics
2 1
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
It's a scene redolent of the events and debates held in Tahrir Square Cairo in the months after Egypt's uprising. But you will no longer see scenes like this in any other Arab country. Outside Tunisia the freedoms of the Arab Spring have long been eclipsed.
4 13
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
Many Tunisians celebrated revolution's 8th anniversary today with an event in the capital organised by union and Nahda. On the sidelines, heartfelt and heated (but polite) debates on what good the revolution brought
10 20
In Zimbabwe, filling up now costs more than anywhere else… via @business @BBGAfrica
1 0
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
Lebanon tries—again—to reassure markets after bonds plunge… via @markets
2 4
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
Turkmenistan president cusses his country athletes for bad performance, then shows them how he is good at bowling (hitting strikes all the time), then shows his gym progress and goes away on white X5
621 1,504
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
What to do when the U.S. threatens harsher sanctions? by @natashadoff and @AndrianovaAnna
2 2
Russia dumps $101 billion of its dollar reserves in pivot to China… via @markets @business
46 37
Pay attention to Africa in 2019, there's a lot happening… via @bpolitics @BBGAfrica @business
  · Twitter for iPad · en
13 20
Congo, a country the size of Western Europe that has been led by the Kabila family for 20 years, may have just seen its first transfer of power via the ballot box in six decades. Or maybe not.… via @bpolitics @BBGAfrica @business
  · Twitter for iPad · en
4 5
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
The unveiling of the iPhone was a seminal event in the history of technology. I’ll never forget it. So glad I left the Consumer Electronics Show in 2007 to fly to SF to attend. Jobs convinced me to do so without telling me the product. “Walt, this will be as big as the Mac.”
  · Twitter for iPad · en
989 3,757
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
WATCH: @elonmusk shakes hands with China's Premier Li Keqiang after breaking ground on Tesla's $5,000,000,000 factory in Shanghai #TeslaChina
4,384 30,239
Donald Trump’s national security adviser miscalculated if he thought he was going to come to Ankara and lecture Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan about Syria…
31 41
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
Recall that Saudi Arabia assumed an oil price of almost $80 in its 2019 budget. If Goldman is right and oil ends up at $62.5, the deficit will nearly double to 8% of GDP instead of the 4% projected in the budget
12 16
Military officers seize Gabon’s national radio and read a statement saying they want to install a “restoration council” in what appears to be a coup attempt… via @bpolitics @bbgafrica
13 4
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
Paul Whelan, the U.S. ex-Marine held in Russia on espionage charges, is also a citizen of Ireland. He has sought consular assistance from the four (!) countries where he holds passports.

May help explain why the State Dept. response has been muted so far…
US citizen held in Moscow seeks Irish consular aid
1,326 2,027
Sudanese protesters brave bullets and tear gas as they seek an end to al-Bashir's three-decade rule… via @bpolitics @BBGAfrica @business
5 2
Sudanese Protesters Call for End to Al-Bashir's Three-Decade Rule @bpolitics…
0 2
Authorities in Iran are preparing to block access to Instagram, extending their crackdown on social media to the only major platform still freely available.… via @technology @business @bpolitics
7 7
To any journalist followers who speak Arabic and are looking to start 2019 with a great new job... Check out this job posting for Bloomberg Bureau Chief in Egypt & North Africa:…
Egypt & North Africa Bureau Chief, Bloomberg News - Cairo | Cairo
8 3
The family of an American detained in Moscow last week on suspicion of espionage says he was a former marine who was in Russia for a wedding… via @bpolitics @business
0 0
As Bashir cracks down on continuing protests against his nearly 30-year rule, Sudan seeks foreign cash to ease the economic crisis that started them.… via @bpolitics @business
3 2
They didn’t think this through
11 99
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
Russia has detained a U.S. citizen in Moscow on suspicion of espionage
  · SocialFlow · en
23 39
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
🌍A New Year's resolution for the planet: Cut down on your red meat intake.
  · SocialFlow · en
142 275
Trump has been on Twitter defending his decision to leave Syria. Lawmakers in his own party say it harms U.S. interests and cedes influence. Israel will ask the U.S. to slow down. Russia and Turkey are stepping in to shape Syria's future… via @bpolitics
3 1
Interesting development in Israel as Netanyahu heads to early elections. A poll shows he could lose.… via @bpolitics @business
0 1
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu says Brazil has told him it will move its embassy to Jerusalem… via @bpolitics
0 3
Russia Detains U.S. Citizen in Moscow on Suspicion of Espionage… via @bpolitics @business
4 3
Russia says Assad's forces have taken control of Manbij, a town 40 kilometers from Turkey's border that had been held by the U.S.-backed Kurdish YPG until Trump announced the U.S. was leaving Syria 10 says ago.… via @bpolitics @business
7 2
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
Syrian government forces now in control of Manbij, the Kremlin says -- less than 24 hours after U.S.-led coalition denied it.… via @bpolitics
5 2
President Trump's surprise visit to U.S. troops in Iraq insulted some powerful groups in Baghdad's parliament, who are now calling for the U.S. to leave:… via @bpolitics @business
0 1
Kremlin spokesman says Assad forces have retaken Manbij: BBG
17 31
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