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Last 50 tweets from @BenjaminHarvey
State-run banks have provided 85% of Turkey's new mortgage loans over the past 18 months as margins narrow and housing price gains slow. Graphic on @TheTerminal by @FercanY
26 26
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
Bugün 10:15 itibariyle Bloomberg HT'de @aksezen 'in konuğu olacağım.
4 10
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
The shooting at Florida's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is the 18th school shooting in the U.S. this year.
  · Media Studio · en
15 23
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
During assault weapon ban, the number of gun massacres fell by 37 percent.
After the ban lapsed in 2004, the numbers shot up again — an astonishing 183 percent increase in massacres and a 239 percent increase in massacre deaths.…
Analysis | Its time to bring back the assault weapons ban, gun violence experts say The key provision of the assault weapons bill was a ban on high-capacity magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds.
12,415 16,276
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
“EM crashes tend to have been triggered by #US #inflation breaching 3%- in the 1994 tequila crisis, the 1997-98 Asian-Russian crisis, the 2000 tech crisis, the 2008 global financial crisis and the 2011 reversal of #EM outperformance,” Daniel Salter, Renaissance Capital.
8 6
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
Erdogan warns U.S. troops in Syria to keep away from Kurdish forces
  · SocialFlow · en
8 4
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
“No one wants to start a world war over a volunteer or a mercenary who wasn’t sent by the state and was hit by Americans,” Vitaly Naumkin, a senior adviser to Russia’s government on Syria, told Bloomberg.
18 3
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
Boston Dynamics' latest robot can open a door and hold it while you walk inside
  · SocialFlow · en
450 694
Turkey’s Yildiz has asked 10 local banks to consolidate its debts into a credit of up to $7 billion, which would be the largest ever loan in Turkey — Saturday scoop on Bloomberg @TheTerminal
64 63
In case you didn't know, it's a Turkish company.
The global sweets company that owns Godiva is in talks with banks to reorganize loans
  · SocialFlow · en
14 15
12 13
Global Stock Slump Continues; China Gets Hit Hard: Markets Wrap… via @markets
2 3
Get Ready for Most Cryptocurrencies to Hit Zero, Goldman Says… via @technology
9 26
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
Why Smart Cooks Add Yogurt to Almost Everything…
  · Twitter for iPad · en
31 100
Bloomberg’s review of Nusr-Et / Salt Bae’s new NYC restaurant. By @kkrader…
7 3
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
Polar ice caps "were going to melt... but now they’re setting records,” says Trump as he considers staying in climate pact
  · SocialFlow · en
34 62
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
I asked Mom what it would take for her to stop smoking cigarettes: she told me 10k retweets because I could never get that. Please help.. I'd like for her to see me graduate college and do much more.
40,381 24,252
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
The steakhouse run by "Salt Bae" is one of a group set for a London IPO
  · SocialFlow · en
35 59
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
280 characters of lol
3 1
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
Turkish FM Mevlut Cavusoglu says President Erdogan will speak to US President Trump on Wednesday
  · SocialFlow · en
22 18
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
Getting into shape for Cosmos. By my measure, 6’2” and 260 lbs this morning. Leaving me to wonder what height & weight the White House physician would assign me.
  · TweetDeck · en
19,508 124,332
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
Also really liked this Turkish lira note for some reason
7 41
Travel tip: Stay away from @TheOrpheumNYC and the terribly rude manager for @STOMPNYC, who denied us entrance because we had a kid and refused to offer any options for a refund of 4 tickets. Outrageous.
5 6
Replying to @BenjaminHarvey :
Travel tip: Stay away from @TheOrpheumNYC and the terribly rude manager for @STOMPNYC, who denied us entrance because we had a kid and refused to offer any options for a refund of 4 tickets. Outrageous.
5 6
@broadwaycom Was refused entry to @STOMPNYC tonight by very rude manager @TheOrpheumNYC because we had a kid. Would appreciate you getting in touch to refund our 4 tickets. Thank you.
0 0
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
One specific line from Mark Zuckerberg’s big Facebook post may be spooking investors
  · Business Insider · en
10 7
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
I have lost weight by counting my eating hours, not calories. It works.
3 15
Nigel Farage, architect of Brexit, calls for a second referendum… via @bpolitics
1 1
How a Trump SoHo partner ended up with toxic mining riches from Kazakhstan… via @bpolitics by @MarcChampion1
0 2
A new study says much of the rise in inequality is an illusion. Should you believe it?… via @voxdotcom
2 2
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
Turkish officials are worried that this $100 million Farmville knockoff is a pyramid scheme, @cagankoc reports #tictocnews
16 15
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
This priceless reporter’s-eye view of editing at @nytimes was shared with me in 1995, when I joined the staff. I see the fingerprints of @ralphblu & @dgbxny
And is SAROBE-Met our own @samrob12 ? Anyway, I still love it. Ruefully.
885 2,571
Benjamin Harvey Retweeted ·  
This is my Reuters colleague Kyaw Soe Oo, in handcuffs, saying goodbye to his 3-year-old daughter outside a Yangon court today. He and Wa Lone (right) are brave and decent men who face 14 years in jail simply for doing their jobs. Please read and share:…
4,470 2,597
The story that's moving markets around the world: China May Halt Purchases of U.S. Treasuries… @business @markets
8 8
Players of a Turkish FarmVille knockoff spent more than $100m on virtual farm animals. The game's 26-year-old founder says he'll use it to build Europe's biggest dairy. Authorities say it looks like fraud.…. By @cagankoc and @kerimkarakaya34
15 11
Iran Can’t Keep Dictating Lifestyle, Its President Warns
7 8
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