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Last 50 tweets from @BillGates
This book is a must read for anyone interested in AI, machine learning, and machine vision.
When ballistic missiles can see
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1,794 8,805
Since 2000, @gavi has vaccinated 700 million children, saving more than 10 million lives. That kind of progress is thanks to the many Gavi alliance partners, including the UAE. #vaccineswork
905 6,040
When it comes to meditation, @andypuddicombe turned me from a skeptic to a believer.
Why Im into meditation
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988 5,930
Good news in the fight against TB: More and more South Africans are surviving the disease:
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765 5,569
Melinda explains why the next great programmer won’t look anything like me (which is good for them, and for the world).
Melinda Gates says the next Bill Gates wont look like the last one
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1,652 10,325
My kids tease me for being the most competitive person in our family. My latest challenge? A game called “Guess the Philosopher” with @tarawestover:
824 5,543
It’s no wonder Hollywood is turning this book into a movie. I couldn’t put it down.
I couldnt put down this thriller with a tragic ending
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1,236 7,774
Brilliant engineers and scientists around the world are working hard to get the next generation of toilets off the ground. And then there is Ronny Chieng...
Bill Gates Wants to Reinvent the Toilet - The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (Video Clip) | Comedy Central
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1,311 8,208
Everyone could use a few more books in their lives. You can’t go wrong with one of these five.
5 books I loved in 2018
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2,608 13,975
Five of the books I couldn’t put down in 2018:
2,006 9,476
One of my favorite authors, @sapinker, sums up why history is an imperfect guide for progress: “If history is about all the wars, all the disasters, you’re missing all this incremental improvement that can only be ascertained through data.”
Steven Pinker Thinks the Future Is Looking Bright
  · Sprinklr · en
797 4,466
Tuberculosis has haunted humanity for millennia—it’s even been found in Egyptian mummies. This is the story of a doctor on the frontlines of the fight against one of the world’s oldest diseases:
974 5,242
If you’re a science and data nerd like me, you may be interested in ‘Alice and Bob Meet the Wall of Fire’ and ‘The Prime Number Conspiracy’ from @QuantaMagazine and @7homaslin.
  · Sprinklr · en
751 4,397
Thanks to brilliant scientists in South Africa and around the world, there are signs of hope in the fight against TB.
Good news in the fight to stop one of the worlds oldest diseases
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875 5,666
Before we got married, Melinda and I talked about how we would give back. We agreed that, once you’ve taken care of your family, the best use of extra wealth is to help make the world a better place. Join us in one of our favorite traditions #GivingTuesday
  · Sprinklr · en
2,049 13,409
Last week I wrote about why I enjoy watching the @HBO series “Silicon Valley.” Here are six more shows worth catching up on. via @Likewise
Shows Melinda and I have watched together
403 3,285
Can we grow enough food to feed the world? Agricultural transformation is at the heart of reducing poverty and creating prosperity:
2,837 13,397
Considering the impact Silicon Valley has on our lives, I’m surprised how rarely pop culture gets it right. To understand how it works today, you should watch @SiliconHBO. Personally, I identify most with Richard Hendricks:
  · Sprinklr · en
2,881 15,524
These six toilets could change the world: #WorldToiletDay
3,377 12,029
The future is bright for the world’s poorest farmers because of innovative companies like @myAgroFarms:
705 4,352
Farm yields in many parts of Africa are just a fifth of those in the United States. Innovations in agriculture will make it possible for poor farmers to increase their yields:
  · Sprinklr · en
807 4,050
Whenever I travel for the foundation, the farmers I meet talk about one thing that holds them back: they can’t save their money. @myAgroFarms is one of the companies working on creative solutions to this problem.
How mobile phones are helping farmers grow bigger harvests
  · Sprinklr · en
839 5,696
I just shared the stage with a beaker of poop in China. Seriously. Here's why:
  · Sprinklr · en
927 7,286
The toilet hasn’t really changed in more than a century. But a new generation of technology could save millions of lives.
Why the world deserves a better toilet
  · Sprinklr · en
2,099 11,827
There are few things I love talking about more than toilets.
8,149 29,245
Climate change may be the toughest problem humanity has ever faced — but it's solvable. Washington has a unique opportunity to lead the way as a hub for innovation on clean energy. I urge you to vote yes on 1631. Ballots must be in the mail by Tuesday.
Why I support Initiative 1631
  · Sprinklr · en
1,838 9,472
A compelling look at how advocates and energy sector leaders are working together to tackle the real drivers of climate change.
  · Sprinklr · en
1,020 4,709
.@ava I can’t wait to see which stories you shine a light on in the next @TIME Optimist issue. I was thrilled to contribute.
It’s dark out there. But light keeps piercing through. Thrilled to guest edit TIME Magazine’s second annual Optimist issue following Bill Gates. True thanks to the TIME team for choosing me. And for letting me choose others. Submit your view of joy here:….
420 2,088
542 4,585
I’m at @Stanford today to talk about energy innovation. To prevent the worst effects of climate change, we need to get to zero net greenhouse gas emissions in every sector of the economy within 50 years. Here’s how we can do it: #StanfordGEF
  · Sprinklr · en
1,432 5,413
Thailand’s “Mr. Condom” has taught people that there is no reason to be shy about talking about sexual health:
  · Sprinklr · en
674 4,889
Technology is not an end in itself. What matters is how we use it to enhance people’s opportunities. As @melindagates writes in @CNN, that’s where the magic happens.
Perspectives: Melinda Gates on how we can use tech to help lift people out of poverty
  · Sprinklr · en
744 3,815
In a country where most people were uneasy discussing sex, Mechai Viravaidya pushed the conversation out into the open. Thanks to his efforts, Thailand became one of the first countries to achieve a decline in HIV infections:
  · Sprinklr · en
579 3,473
When people in Thailand want a condom, they don’t call it a condom. Instead, they refer to it by the name of the man who taught them the importance of using one:
1,142 6,286
Rwanda’s health system has become a model for other nations to follow. The country’s example should inspire all leaders to renew their commitments to primary health care. #Astana2018
2,961 8,613
In his home country, “The Condom King” doesn’t need an introduction. Mechai Viravaidya’s extraordinary life and work in global health has helped improve the lives of millions of people in Thailand.
All Hail the Condom King
  · Sprinklr · en
546 3,651
A polio-free future is within reach. @TVAshleigh is hosting @Rotary’s #WorldPolioDay event to highlight the road ahead. Here’s how to tune-in now.
Home | End Polio
  · Sprinklr · en
424 2,826
We must take bold steps to end polio for good. Two of the leaders of in this effort, @RotaryRassin and @DrTedros, share what it will take to finish the job. #WorldPolioDay
  · Sprinklr · en
670 3,980
As long as polio exists anywhere, it is a threat to children everywhere. The progress that we’ve made is thanks to the heroic efforts of health workers, governments, partners, and donors who are working to reach every child.
  · Sprinklr · en
1,779 9,504
Few people tell stories as well as Melinda. Whenever she gets back from a trip, I always love hearing her talk about the places she went and the people she met. That’s one of the reasons why I’m excited about her new book.
The Moment of Lift
  · Sprinklr · en
668 5,130
I try to visit India at least once a year, and every time I’m excited by something new that our foundation’s partners are working on. Here are a few notable updates from the @BMGFIndia team: #StrongerTogether
  · Sprinklr · en
965 7,304
Over the next year, I will be writing a lot about the effort to stop climate change. If you’re interested in a first look at what I’m reading and learning, join the Gates Notes community:
  · Sprinklr · en
1,202 8,109
In my home state, climate change is on the ballot. Here’s why I’m voting @Yeson1631 and why I’m encouraging my fellow Washingtonians to do the same.
  · Sprinklr · en
1,090 6,062
If all the cattle in the world joined together to start their own country, they would be the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases. Here are four more mind-blowing facts about climate change:
  · Sprinklr · en
3,213 9,600
We need the world’s brightest minds working on preventing the worst effects of climate change. I’m placing my bets in five key areas:
2,680 9,269
How many drivers would have to switch to electric cars to equal the annual emissions saved by replacing one coal power plant with a nuclear plant? Check your answer here and see if you can beat my score on the rest of this climate change quiz:
Can you beat my score on this climate change quiz?
1,033 3,856
I’m in Brussels this week to sign an agreement between Breakthrough Energy and the @EU_Commission. We’re creating a pilot fund that will invest €100 million in European companies working to stop climate change.
Climate change and the 75% problem
  · Sprinklr · en
2,046 10,233
Paul deserved more time in life. He would have made the most of it. I will miss him tremendously.
What I loved about Paul Allen
6,540 37,300
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