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Last 50 tweets from @billmckibben
Really big news in the biomass fight: Drax, which is the villain it sounds like, has been dropped from important green index. do not burn trees for electricity!…
Vermonters--this should be a unique evening--physics backed by a string quartet…
Scientific consensus on climate change has gone from 97% to 99.9%. But I'm betting that the Murdoch press has what it takes to find that one guy!…
A thoughtful account of last week's important nonviolent sit-in at the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Think of the exact polar opposite to January 6.…
If Glasgow is overflowing with trash during #COP26, it might set the right mood…
The best thing about the @FordFoundation's massive divestment yesterday may have been the language @darrenwalker used. He said they need to steward their assets for perpetuity, but:
"There is no perpetuity without a planet."…
Aligning our investments and our values
In reply to @mcbyrne
i mean if these folks only knew much thought goes into each sentence of climate policy and into each protest
Replying to @mcbyrne
yes, very good catch. it seems almost like a push poll
One interesting detail from Suffolk/Globe/NBC poll: Voters want change, but 47% say they want "thoughtful, incremental change" over the "bold, transformational change" progressives favor.
Replying to @EllenBarryNYT
it is interesting. but does it seem to you like the word 'thoughtful' is fairly loaded in this context?
best thing I ever did was join the climate movement
Replying to @DeirdreShelly
definitely the best thing you ever did for the climate movement!
Ground-breaking Oxford University paper deserves much more air time. It overturns the common thinking that decarbonizing will be hugely expensive (it’s not –in fact it saves us $14-26 TRILLION), but also shows that 100% renewables can displace fossil fuels within 25 years

Replying to @AssaadRazzouk
Thank you for highlighting this crucial paper. Energy transition is not a necessary sacrifice, it's a necessary bonus.
Andy is right--this may be the single most egregious use of "advertorials" I've ever seen.
The @postgreen's amazing climate team might want to tell the business side that this is a bridge too far, and their great reporting should not be undercut with this nonsense.
Ads that resemble pull quotes take things to a new level - The @washingtonpost Crosses a Line with Climate Stories Featuring Excerpt-Style Exxon "Ads"
In reply to @querxus
like generally speaking it's too little (and too late, it's frankly embarassing) and the statement the college put out is atrocious, but at this point I'll take it the win
Replying to @querxus
not only is the win important, the work y'all did to push for it over the years educated thousands of students, faculty, and alumni. it's really hard to put in words the gratitude you're due!
I can't tell you what's going to go down at Glasgow, but I can tell you the Patti Smith concert/rally there the night before it starts is going to shine like the sun. @Pathway2Paris
Tickets here:…
What’s happening for a Fossil Free Future? A Day of Action on October 29th. #StopTheMoneyPipeline and target ⁦@jpmorgan⁩ Chase #ThirdAct
In reply to @VladGutman
...someone didn't think of your galaxy brain point. Pipe down.
Replying to @VladGutman
every word of this thread is accurate, necessary, and helpful!
In reply to @billmckibben
has smith divested yet?
Replying to @robogreen @mtholyoke and 1 otherfalse
yes, and wellesley too
What a day for divestment!
First the Ford Fdn, then Vassar, now @mtholyoke College, where @MHCDivest and others have been pushing for a decade! Oldest of the 7 Sisters, it's been home to Helen Pitts Douglass, Lucy Stone, and so many others. Go Lyons!…
In reply to @fbnewsroom
Right now 30+ journalists are finishing up a coordinated series of articles based on thousands of pages of leaked documents. We hear that to get the docs, outlets had to agree to the conditions and a schedule laid down by the PR team that worked on earlier leaked docs.
Replying to @fbnewsroom
I know you don't have much money, but you might want to hire a pr team that has head of "an embargo." Because this is utterly typical and normal procedure--what's not is your whinging.
In reply to @billmckibben
and mine as well. glad so many of us wrote them!
Replying to @robogreen @Vassar and 2 others
that's what gets it done!
It appears that @Vassar has joined the divestment tsunami today! One time home of @Janefonda, Meryl Streep, Jackie O, and Grace Hopper! Go Brewers!!
(and huge thanks to @vassarseed and others who fought for this)…
In reply to @JesseJenkins
(Or is it that acceleration itself that he's really objecting to?)
Replying to @JesseJenkins
yes. at 4%, the old business model is dead in a decade. at 2% they can ride it out considerably longer. that's what they're playing for, and the stakes are...a livable planet.
Meanwhile @Yale, we're still waiting........
Replying to @EdCamp486 @Yale
something is off kilter in New Haven...
In reply to @Canning4Oregon
Their endowment came from an oil claim: "the well is still active...we get royalties every year." They were concerned that their board was not on board for an anti fossil fuel approach. Needless to say, I didn't get the job. It's good to see this change. It's way past time. (3/3)
Replying to @Canning4Oregon
ok, that's a funny story. and also why shifting the zeitgeist matters so much. thanks for your endless good work!
Whoa--Humans ran the distance to Mars and back in order to remind our leaders that they need to run the climate race with real seriousness!

🏅570,000 people in 185 countries completed the 100-minute #TheHumanRace challenge.

You kept your promise. Now it's time for world leaders @COP26 to fulfil their promise of $100 billion annually for climate action in developing countries.
Rockefeller divested early, and Ford divested today--the two great fortunes of the early combustion era, saying plainly that fossil fuel is in...the rear view mirror.…
Aligning our investments and our values
In reply to @billmckibben
Same! Back in the early 70s as a science college student at smog-filled UC Riverside, I went home & tried to convince my father (Ford VP) to go all in on electric and cape diem! It only took 50 years. Patience, I guess?
Replying to @roxannedarling @EllenD35 and 1 otherfalse
an important early effort pays off!
Pinch me! The Ford Foundation--the heir to the first great car fortune--is divesting from fossil fuels!
That's $13 billion out of the reach of Big Oil--and a huge symbol of the moral stakes!
Huge thanks to all who fought for this @EllenD35 @WallaceGlobal…
Remarkable to think of the amount of good and useful work an energy transition will require
Hi, Pique here! We're thrilled to release our first micro-doc on @ReJoule1 - a California based startup revolutionizing EV battery diagnostics and upcycling.

📽️Produced in partnership with @NewEnergyNexus.

Learn more about us and ReJoule in the thread!
In reply to @PaulEDawson
Does that include cremations?
not a worry. nor fireworks. nor the occasional campfire.
Bill McKibben Retweeted ·  
"If one wanted a basic rule of thumb for dealing with the climate crisis, it would be: stop burning things." @billmckibben

It's straightforward really we start by stop looking for new things to burn and stop making facilities to burn things.…
To Counter Climate Change, We Need to Stop Burning Things
Truly powerful article on the Alaska conundrum--the state is being ravaged by climate change, but its leaders won't ever break with the fossil fuel industry. An example of how to write about this stuff @Nat_Herz…
A fascinating strategy, aimed at saving a democracy.…
Meanwhile, some countries are actually stepping up to their climate responsibilities. Thank you New Zealand @AaronPackard
#BREAKINGNEWS We are quadrupling the climate aid NZ provides to the countries most affected by the climate crisis.

We will provide $1.3b over the next 4 years with at least 50% going to the Pacific. This means NZ is now providing its fair share towards global climate funding.
In reply to @SimonCopland
Considering they received coverage on almost every major commercial network in Oz & many around the world, I’d say they did a decent job of bringing the message about Glasgow and our poor climate action to the attention of many Australians, and pollies notice that.
Yes, this seems correct. I got interviewed for 20 minutes on some Aussie tv show as a result of them, and got to talk at some length about the insane rule of Aussie politics by the coal/gas lobby
My feed is filled with brilliant insider policy / comms folks engaged in full on expectation management. IMHO it’s misguided as the world has moved from having their climate expectations managed and what needs managing is the expectations of decision makers (upward).
Replying to @DCIvan
if only someone would work on managing physics' expectations...
The sun finally arrived in Utah, and just in time for Luke Jager to showcase our new training bibs. @soldier_hollow @LLBean @usskiteam
Replying to @Matt_Whitcomb @soldier_hollow and 2 others
does the LL stand for Lotsa Lungs?
I love this shit bc it's like.. k what's powering the device, how was that energy mix sourced. What's the impact of the components of the device? You could literally shake the cup... with your...hands. lol
Replying to @lightthematch
I actually want a large one of these i can just sit in.
Is it just us, or is it getting hot in Vermont? #vtpoli #climatechange…
Waiting in line to pay fine for arrest at capital. #PeopleVsFossilFuels #bbff #mniwiconi
Replying to @joyem_braun
The world's least efficient bureaucracy
In reply to @MikeGrunwald
fair on all counts. but it takes a day or two in my experience
i also fear the global impact. but perhaps i'm overstating--we shall see
In reply to @billmckibben
You've been a hero building the case for maximalism; you're entitled to your dismay! But the next step gotta be passing the next best thing. The goal isn't to avert disaster - we're already seeing disasters - it's to minimize harm. And as you know progress can breed progress.
Replying to @MikeGrunwald
fair on all counts. but it takes a day or two in my experience
It’s too bad if the senator from WV isn’t willing to pass a strong CEPP but (unpopular opinion alert) Democrats should figure out the best climate bill he is willing to pass and pass it. Better is better than worse - perfect left the building when Susan Collins got re-elected.
Replying to @MikeGrunwald
fair. but there actually comes a point past which 3 and 3.2 and 2.8 and so on are structurally similar--past, in other words, various points of no return. so perhaps a little true dismay is warranted here. he's costing us time, our most precious resource
Kyoto. Waxman-Markey. Leaving the Paris Accord. Now, the likely death of CEPP, per @nytimes. The U.S. has shown repeatedly that, on climate, failure is indeed an option.
Replying to @neelaeast @kate_sheppard and 1 otherfalse
In reply to @BryanAlexander
A couple of observations that might provide some hope: 1) Manchin's position can still change, and there's more negotiating to be done. 2) The energy transition has lots of momentum and the end of the fossil fuel era is inevitable. It's just a matter of how fast it happens.
Replying to @TCPatterson @BryanAlexander and 1 otherfalse
"just a matter of how fast" is truly the bottom line
In reply to @billmckibben
As much as we're justly dumping shit on Joe Manchin, we should remember his deed could be undone by one decent Republican. Why can't we push Mitt Romney or Susan Collins some/a lot more?
As tempting as it might be to burn it all down, even without the $150 billion CEPP program in the bill there is still $300 billion in clean energy incentives, as well money for as EV charging and grid improvements. Thats a hell of a lot better than nothing.
Replying to @hausfath
Yes, true. And yet the problem is that Manchin has systematically removed all sticks, leaving only carrots.
In reply to @billmckibben
You think history will single out one guy and not just generalize as The United States being the cause?
Replying to @kylebastien
fair point. but he's certainly making his bid for history...
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