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Last 50 tweets from @Byoussef
Bassem Youssef Retweeted ·  
In reply to @Byoussef
@Byoussef, author of The Magical Reality of Nadia, shares what the #PowerOfStory means to him. Learn more about the Power of Story and download the NEW catalog, updated for Spring/Summer 2021, at!
Amazing first show at the Miami Improv . Two more shows tomorrow night . See you there
This week 19-21 March at the Miami Improv book your tickets through this link…
Bassem Youssef Retweeted ·  
Two shows left tonight and two tomorrow for @Byoussef for res 330-923-4700 or on line
اشوفكم الساعة عشرة بالليل بتوقيت القاهرة.
Bassem Youssef Retweeted ·  
In reply to @Byoussef
@Byoussef @TammyPescatelli @TomCotterComic. For res 330-923-4700 or on lune Bassem March 11-13 Tammy March 19-20 Pablo Francisco April 1-3 Tom Cotter April 16-17
Bassem Youssef Retweeted ·  
The pandemic hasn't slowed comedian Bassem Youssef, who performs this week at the funny stop…
Bassem Youssef Retweeted ·  
When the ancient Egyptian amulet Nadia wears starts glowing, she discovers that it’s holding a hilarious – and helpful – secret. Can she use it to help her navigate the ups and downs of sixth grade? Learn more about #TheMagicalRealityOfNadia: @Byoussef
Bassem Youssef Retweeted ·  
Bassem Youssef Retweeted ·  
From scalpel to satire and stand-up: Comedian Bassem Youssef set for @FunnyStop shows this Friday and Saturday nights.… via @beaconjournal
Bassem Youssef Retweeted ·  
Comic/Author Bassem Youssef @Byoussef (The Magical Reality of Nadia) was a star in Egypt with his show "El-Bernameg" until the government turned against him and he was "cancelled" and had to flee. Listen to this incredible story #Egypt #Interrogation
Bassem Youssef Retweeted ·  
Start listening to an audio excerpt of #TheMagicalRealityofNadia, a new humorous and heartfelt story, perfect for kids 8-12: @Byoussef
Yup , tried it . You can’t
You can’t hum while holding your nose closed
Bassem Youssef Retweeted ·  
Did you know this #FridayFact? Check back every Friday as we share a new fact inspired by the new book #TheMagicalRealityOfNadia and learn more here: @Byoussef
Bassem Youssef Retweeted ·  
Start listening to an audio excerpt of #TheMagicalRealityofNadia, a new humorous and heartfelt story, perfect for kids 8-12: @Byoussef
Bassem Youssef Retweeted ·  
In reply to @xoxolibrarian
- Born a Crime by Trevor Noah -Revolution for Dummies: Laughing through the Arab Spring by Bassem Youssef
Bassem Youssef Retweeted ·  
For #KidLitSupperClub, how about hummus for @Byoussef @scholastic Nadia and mango from Marie Arnold's @versifybooks The Year I Flew Away? Chime in with more Egyptian and Haitian food-- I don't really like to cook!
Bassem Youssef Retweeted ·  
In reply to @kerathink
.@BYoussef is a political satirist, the former host of the first political satire show in the Middle East, and a former Correspondent for #TheDailyShow. He joins us to talk about a children's book he co-authored titled, "The Magical Reality of Nadia."
Bassem Youssef Retweeted ·  
Start reading #TheMagicalRealityOfNadia, a story of a sixth-grade Egyptian immigrant who is navigating the ups and downs of friendships, prejudice, and empathy: @Byoussef
Had an incredible time on this podcast . This is the promo stay tuned for the whole episode
Revolution, Reinvention & Defying Expectations

@Byoussef is a Doctor, satirist & vegan advocate
باسم يوسف طبيب، ناقد ساخر، نباتي

Watch the FULL Sarde on YOUTUBE Here ⬇️
شاهدوا المقابلة على اليوتيوب ⬆️

Don’t forget to ♥️/👍 & subscribe to our channel!
In reply to @Byoussef
باسم انا وضحتلك ان دا حصل في رووم تانية بعد الروم دي ما قفلت و هفقكرك اللي حصل لما بنت قال لك احنا مش هنعرف نتكلم برحتنا بعد ما الناس بتوع الاندرويد يدخلوا قولتلها اه حاولوا تستمتعوا به قبل ما يدخلوا مفيش اي حاجه تخلني اكدب والله انا بدخل توتير مره في السنة
Replying to @3bmo3ty
يعني برضة حد تاني قال الكلمة دي في رووم تانية و انا علقت . يعني حاجات بسيطة زي دي بتفرق في التويتة يا فندم و بيفرق في رد الفعل . عشان لو القصة اتقالت زي ما قلناها بالتسلسل بتاعها مَش حتجيب ضحك مَش كده ؟
In reply to @Byoussef
باسم الكلام دا اتقال بالحرف في المدخله بتاعتك في الجروب اللي بعدها و انا مفيش حاجة بيني و بينك شخصية بالعكس انا بحب البرنامج بتاعك كعمل كوميدي والتويت من باب المفارقة ان انت كنت بتتكلم عن تنمر الناس للمشاهير و بعدها ب ٥ دقائق قولت بالحرف استمتعوا بيه قبل ما بتوع الاندرويد يدخلوا
Replying to @3bmo3ty
حضرتك الكلام حصل بالظبط زي ما انا كاتبه. فيا اما انا كذاب يا اما انا كذاب . تحياتي
اهو ده مثال لواحد بينقل كلام و ناس تنقل منه و الكلام ده ما حصلش. في اخر الروم فيه حد بعتلي نكتة على انستاجرام و انا قلتها بتقول ما تخافوش امن الدولة مَش حيخش عشان معاهم اندرويد . و قلت النكتة و الناس ضحكت و خلصنا . لكن لازم طبعا حد يجود و اصلا الموضوع الاساسي كان على حاجات تانية
Get your tickets for the Houston Improv 19-21 February…
الحلقة الاولى من بودكاست "إشتغالة" و انا اول ضيف في البودكاست ده مع كريم سامي و عمرو سكر . لقاء غير تقليدي و كلام كله اشتغالة
باسم يوسف هيحكي لينا رحلته مع عملية التغيير و العوامل اللي أثرت فيها زي التحرر من توقعات الناس و استخدام التغيير كأسلوب بقاء.
Listen to us on the go:
مبسوط جدا اني اكون اول ضيف على بودكاست "إشتغالة" مع عمرو سكر و كريم سامي . ده "التيزر" و لا مؤاخذة و الحلقة تنزل بعد يومين . مبسوط ان بقى فيه بداية لانتشار ثقافة البودكاست في مصر و متحمس اني اكون ضيف في اول حلقة معاهم
استنونا الأسبوع الجاي في حلقة مختلفة شوية، هنستضيف ناس كنا حاببين نسمع منهم اشتغالة من الاشتغالات اللي في رحلتهم.

باسم يوسف، هيحكي لنا جزء من رحلته في أول حلقات #EshtghalaLounge

تقدروا تسمعوا الحلقات اللي فاتت:
Today is the day! #TheMagicalRealityOfNadia is available now. I’m so excited for you all
to get to know Nadia. Learn more:…
Amazon link :…
Very happy to be on the cover of @EsquireME . For full interview and more photos check out the link….
Fun fact about my new children’s book with Scholastic #TheMagicalRealityofNadia,
Coming out TOMORROW: It is full of engaging comics as well as lively
black-and-white illustrations throughout.Get your copy here:…

link for Amazon :…
Fun fact about my new children’s book with @Scholastic #TheMagicalRealityofNadia,
Coming out TOMORROW: It is full of engaging comics as well as lively
black-and-white illustrations throughout,get your copy here:…

link for Amazon :…
In 2 days you’ll be able to meet Nadia, a sixth grade Egyptian immigrant who
discovers her hippo amulet is holding a hilarious -- and helpful -- secret! Pre-order your
copy of #TheMagicalRealityOfNadia:…

link on amazon:…
Announcing new tour dates. Check for tickets on my website
My new book for young readers with @Scholastic, #TheMagicalRealityofNadia, is
coming in one week! It’s a humorous, heartfelt story about sixth grade Egyptian
immigrant Nadia who is learning about friendship, empathy, and courage! Pre-order
your copy:…
See you in Subai 16 January please use this link to register . Limited spots.
تجربة التطعيم النهاردة بمركز زعبيل الطبي بهيئة الصحة بدبي كانت سهلة و سريعة زي الفيديو ده بالظبط الاجراءات و التسهيلات كانت ممتازة و انا اشكر هيئة الصحة بدبي على المجهودات الكبيرة اللي بيقوموا بيها عشان يقوموا بتطعيم اكبر عدد من الناس في اقل وقت. اتمنى السلامة للجميع @DHA_Dubai
Got vaccinated . Video and details soon . #COVID19 #CoronavirusVaccine
Trump mobsters are so racist that they have to fight their urge to assassinate Biden so they won’t be ruled by a woman of color.
No! A populist didn’t destroy democracy. He tried. He failed. His followers failed. Transition of power still happening. And he and many of his followers will face consequences for their actions. A bunch of clowns can shout and vandalize but they remain a bunch of clowns.
Bassem Youssef Retweeted ·  
Here you go. Senators
•Josh Hawley
•Ron Johnson
•Ted Cruz
•Kelly Loeffler
• James Lankford
•David Perdue
•Steve Daines
•John Kennedy
•Marsha Blackburn
•Mike Braun
•Cynthia Lummis
•Roger Marshall
•Bill Hagerty
•Tommy Tuberville
Bassem Youssef Retweeted ·  
In reply to @kshaheen
Bassem Youssef Retweeted ·  
Facebook and Twitter giving Trump a little time out is NOT ENOUGH.

Trump instigated an act of domestic terrorism against America.

Facebook and Twitter have banned other extremists PERMANENTLY.

They must ban Trump PERMANENTLY. NOW!

Bassem Youssef Retweeted ·  
As a screenwriter, I can't tell you how laborious it is to come up with a plausible way for terrorists to take over a government building.

Today they just... walked right in.
Bassem Youssef Retweeted ·  
So Trump has access to the nuclear codes but he can't Tweet or post to Facebook.
Bassem Youssef Retweeted ·  
I know this isn't a popular take amid all the alarmism but I've covered civil war and these whiny cosplayers who think masks are tyrannical with laughable tattoos and viking beards wouldn't last 5 minutes in an actual civil war.
Bassem Youssef Retweeted ·  
Rioters left this message inside The United States Capitol
How is that going ?
If @realDonaldTrump were to lose (he won’t) his supporters will go to work tomorrow just as we do everyday. When Biden loses, his “supporters” will likely loot and riot. Tells you everything you need to know! #Trump2020
Bassem Youssef Retweeted ·  
Adolf Hitler was convicted of High Treason in 1924, for which the penalty could have been death. The judges sentenced him to five years, holding sympathy for his patriotic motives

Hitler was released after serving just nine months and became a dictator within eight years
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