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Last 50 tweets from @CathyYoung63
Good Lord. A woman just posted this comment to me in response to this famous historic photo of an escaped slave displaying the whipping scars on his back.

Sometimes, 'hellsite' is too kind a description for this place. 😲
Of course she would shout, she's in a Dostoyevsky novel.
(This is Mrs Khokhlakova in "The Brothers Karamazov", trans. Ignat Avsey)
The Daily Wire's Michael Knowles claims: "There's no such thing as 'trans rights'." This despite the fact that the conservative Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, a Trump appointee, authored the 2020 Bostock decision granting trans people employment discrimination protection.
In reply to @KevinR1990
lol yeah everyone wants to retvrn to the 1950s economy until they realize there's no air conditioning, color TV, or clothes dryers, and half of Americans don't have a phone.
In reply to @JosephPolitano
Anywho always funny to watch someone look at advertisements and go "wow this is what life really must have been like". Can't wait for trad accounts in 2070 to share scenes from Friends and go "this is what an average NYC apartment looked like in the 1990s, we must return"
In reply to @JosephPolitano
The US in 1950 had a GDP per capita of $15,000 2012 USD, which is 1/4 of current US output and roughly equivalent to output of Argentina/Poland/Turkey. Material wealth in the US is much, much higher today than in 1950. We spent 1/5 of our income on groceries as recently as 1960
In the 1950s there were three cars for every 10 Americans (compared to 9 cars for every 10 today), the homeownership rate was 55% (66% today), and 6% of Americans had a college degree (38% today)
"A collective amnesia sets in. We ask ourselves, 'Do you remember that time when Trump got impeached, said that super-racist thing, cozied up to dictators, threatened our elections, or oh, whatever that was?' Well, we at The Bulwark do."…
You don't have to be a fan of either Biden or Springsteen -- I would know -- to think: This is a lot of fun, and very American.
Whenever "AIDS" is trending, it's never good. People are usually peddling misinformation about Dr. Fauci's HIV legacy or claiming that Covid is the new AIDS.

I am weary.
Not going to retweet this awful piece. But @wrmead understands little of India's "complexity." @tunkuv is much too nice. WRM's regurgitation of BJP's talking points has made him the useful idiot of an illiberal, quasi-fascist regime much like @roddreher and his ilk are Orban's.
Ukrainians train faster on Patriots than everyone thought and the US is sending Abrams faster than it said it would. So far, we are par for the course on security assistance in this war.
This writer has died of a glioblastoma, the same cancer my mom died of at 54. I was expecting my mom to have words of wisdom like this when I traveled back to see her after her terminal diagnosis. But she had none. She’d already taught me everything.…
Russian living standards are only a little bit higher than they were when the Soviet Union fell. And given that Russia is *much* more unequal than the USSR was, median living standards could easily be lower.
“The Patriot…typically takes U.S. soldiers up to a year to learn. But after just a few weeks, the Ukrainians were already able to independently set up and operate the system against a simulated threat in under 45 minutes.”…
Poets Artyom Kamardin, Yegor Shtovba & Nikolai Dayneko detained after participating in a poetry reading session critical of Putin's military invasion to Ukraine face up to 10 years in jail
Anti-war activist Artyom Kamardin was allegedly beaten & raped with a barbell by riot cops
It’s almost like Never Trumpers were right all along.
The @nytimes failed us catastrophically over the past few years, seemingly existing "just to tell progressives how progressives should view reality," as fired editor @JBennet said.

As bad as the paper's been, we need it, so I hope @skmoskowitz is right:…
It really does. Everyone condemns Russia's insidious aggression. The question is how do you unwind a conflict so it doesn't last a decade and kill millions. Diplomatic answers will have to be considered, whether you like it or not.
In reply to @la_chatte_verte
Hush, I've finished reporting you. Go away now.
I muted that person a while back. Obviously for a good reason
I think indicting Trump for paying off Stormy Daniels is silly, but I doubt Rand Paul called for imprisoning the prosecutor who indicted John Edwards. And I don't remember a lot of RWers decrying the Edwards prosecution as unjust prosecutorial overreach.
"If this is how Trump and his acolytes respond to a glancing blow, just imagine how they’ll respond when the Florida governor starts throwing real punches."…
The anti-war position is to get Russia to stop.
The options, as with all international aggression, are resist or appease.
How much? With what? Until when? Those are details.
At least in the United States, there is hope. Great numbers on classic rock, rock, jazz, and classical music, which are obviously the best genres for anyone who actually likes music.
Students aren't taught illiberalism by faculty—they arrive on campus w/ it:

—81% faculty vs 48% students: allow controversial speakers
—80% faculty vs 63% students: against blocking entry to a speech
—'15-'22: 408 attempts to sanction faculty speech by students vs 138 by faculty
Long chatty pub lunch with the amazing Susan Clarke of ABC. She's a force of nature.
And that's called sticking it to the elites, kids!
I find it hilarious that one of the first actions of @realchrisrufo and other DeSantis-picked board members was to pay their handpicked president a huge salary New College doesn’t have the funds for. Now they’re scrambling.…
I find it hilarious that one of the first actions of @realchrisrufo and other DeSantis-picked board members was to pay their handpicked president a huge salary New College doesn’t have the funds for. Now they’re scrambling.…
Your regular reminder that if you define certain speech as “hate speech” unprotected by 1A and enforced at the end of the barrel, you’re not gonna like it when it’s the other guy holding the gun.
It’s evident by all the “I can’t believe Trump did X/threw Y under the bus” tweets that y’all *still* do not understand Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Oh, to be so innocent & not have the direct personal experience to fully believe it.
The definition of woke: The reracialization of American life that suggests that people who were historically oppressed are today victims. It's imposing a power differential onto a physical attribute—race, gender, sexuality—then suggesting it's fixed in stone and must be reversed.
Replying to @bungarsargon
How does this definition gibe with your claim that support for Ukraine's defense in its defensive war against Vladimir Putin's invasion is somehow a function of "woke" ideology?…
This is the most insane article I’ve read. The “cis ally” here is… Brianna Wu. Brianna Wu is transgender.…
Replying to @kittypurrzog
Hasn't Brianna always been coy on whether she's trans or not?
Is fascinating this corner of the internet where people point and scream "white woman!" with the kind of tone one might expect from the 1970s Body Snatchers movie.
Xi: Boy you're in deep shit, pal
Pu: Can I just time-warp to when George W. Bush was my bestest bud
In reply to @CathyYoung63
The skin in the game part is just factually true. The rest is well rhetoric. This is the same language of George Fitzhugh (1806 – 1881) an American social theorist who published racial and slavery-based sociological theories in the antebellum era.
Replying to @AusRotten77
Yes, it's a fascinating convergence between racist paternalism and socialism. Didn't Fitzhugh (whom we studied in my poli-sci class at Rutgers ages ago) argued that the real problem was not having slavery for poor white folks too?
Aside from the question of who made those conditions unsafe ... the Russian "children's rights commissioner" bragging about those kids being educated out of stuff like singing the Ukrainian anthem somehow makes me doubt this promise
Russia intends to return children who have been evacuated from the conflict zone to Ukraine when the conditions there are safe enough for that, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya said:
Wanna ask:

Would anyone be interested in reading an essay - a retrospective if you will - by me on Christopher Hitchens & the Iraq question, specifically his 'metamorphosis' on it & the meta-arguments he gave for it?
1) Primakov and Chernomyrdin might well have walked Pu’s walk, why not? Plus, another likely election winner—Luzhkov— threatened Ukraine way before Pu did; 2) if next Ru leader is “liberal”, the key is to watch whether he deimperializes, not to defer and cut slack as w Yeltsin.
Do not miss @JVLast on @BulwarkOnline+ on whether the apparently upcoming #TrumpIndictment is "overreach," and who's to blame.…
In reply to @CathyYoung63
IMHO, Far Left rants about moderate libs are equally divided between (1) scurrilous claims that Chait/Singal etc ARE right-wingers; (2) bad faith claims that Chait/Singal etc gladly abet right-wingers; & (3) baseless claims the Chait/Singal etc unintentionally aid right-wingers.
In reply to @CathyYoung63
Well, yeah. Really your fault for assuming the activism was in FAVOR of human rights.
In reply to @GorinMoti
Pan-sexual people are attracted to each and every gender (there are many, many genders). Omni-sexual people are attracted to people of every gender, but not to the genders themselves.
In my experience of speaking to ordinary Ukrainians, this is absoluely true. They will not stop fighting if the West stops supporting them - the way to end the war is to help them push Russia out of their country.
A "human rights" activist according to his profile, ladies and gents
In reply to @Brent_Dragoo
On net, slaveholders put their own lives on the line, abolitionists didn’t. The northern factory owners weren’t rushing out to take up arms either. Slaves in the South were materially much better off than workers in the north, and emancipation condemned most to poverty.
In my grandparents’ generation, Japan was a destroyer, not a defender. Now Kishida is in Ukraine, a strong democratic voice. As an ethnic Chinese, I then see Xi with Putin the same week and honestly, the contrast — it makes me sad.
Sorry to shout, but come on. US started a war compared to Russia started a war against a US partner. US troops killing and dying compared to neither of those. Divided West compared to united West.
No wonder people think of the wars differently.
Ah, the humble US tradition of vowing retribution, calling for the "termination" of the Constitution, and encouraging violence against law enforcement.
Don't know if this is trolling for hate clicks, a desperation for normalcy, or drinking some weird Kool-Aid, but it's not good.
Adult women have gotten breast implants for decades. There is no limiting principle for stopping adult men from doing so, as absurd as it is. Live and let live, even unto absurdity, for adults.
In reply to @CathyYoung63
Not for much longer. And given how many obvious lies people buy, looking real under scrutiny might not matter that much.
Replying to @NGrossman81
Oh, I don't mean in the sense that "it looks fake." More in the sense that "anyone with a functioning brain would know that Putin would not kneel to Xi and kiss his hand."
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