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Last 50 tweets from @CeddyOrNot
In reply to @CeddyOrNot
Idk what this means but it doesnt look too appetizing
Replying to @_elcappo_
OK lemme help you puke, someone decided to cook carbonara with raisins and condensed milk (sweet af). There.
In reply to @CeddyOrNot
Percentage of muslim in east Malaysia also quite low. So the bumiputera that you've seen there most likely from other religion. And we also have some stigma here. Non-muslim restaurants people directly assume they are haram. A lot of vegetarians chinese and indian shop exist too
Replying to @nenanue_
They wore tudung…
THANK YOU!! And I think it’s a beautiful scene where people of all races/ethnicities/religions come together. Suddenly it became a competition.
Replying to @CeddyOrNot
“You don’t know what halal means.” As someone who does food reviews and have to answer questions like that, it’ll be silly for me to not at least LEARN about what is halal kan? But takpe, those yang want to misunderstand WILL misunderstand, I know my context. ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼
THANK YOU!! And I think it’s a beautiful scene where people of all races/ethnicities/religions come together. Suddenly it became a competition.
In reply to @oriondeyellout
an influencer talking abt how sabahan muslims won't judge their fellow people for eating at a non muslim owned resto and won't usually have racial prejudice towards non muslim owners = "so you wanna butt in our religious affairs ?!??!?" manga dupang
In reply to @CeddyOrNot
Replying to @afifahmiyata
OK I of all people don't give a shit about the authenticity of Italian dishes but adding raisins in pasta is where I draw the line 💀🫥

The italians and terpaling I've-eaten-real-Italian food snobs should see this. I want them to throw up their organs out
Replying to @mishkatov
It’s the CONDENSED MILK hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
In reply to @CeddyOrNot
It was next to Maybank in PJ, but the kedai closed down edi 😂😂 the rest of their food was decent, only this carbonara was cursed
Replying to @leannascarlet
In reply to @imranfaisal_
Nak jimat, alang2 buat teh tarik buatla carbonara 😭😭
NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO !!!!!!!! 🥴😫😩😖😣🫠😵🤮🤢
NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO !!!!!!!! 🥴😫😩😖😣🫠😵🤮🤢
In reply to @CeddyOrNot
I ordered carbonara at this mamak (idk why lah but mistakes were made). I got this. And the "cream" is susu pekat manis 😭😭😭
be careful some might be triggered by this tweet 👀
Replying to @zullhaiiriee
Already have!! Hahahahahha
In reply to @CeddyOrNot
You should feel lucky you've never had to try carbonara with raisins okay 😭
In reply to @CeddyOrNot
For me, ceddy try his best, ckp no pork/muslim friendly etc sbb he's not obligated & didn't have to do it pun. Dia just nk kasi info to his muslim follower yet people still try to fight him ayoyo. Dia bukan nk educate korg pasal halal pun, it just additional info he threw je gitu
In reply to @CeddyOrNot
i think it’s like people are curious to know if the restaurant ure promoting is halal supplied or not. no issue if im at uk, asking the restaurant if theyre kosher, have vegan options or not. dietary preferences. u might not know the status and the customer cn google, but—
So how do you explain that EVEN when I’ve done my best to find out the halal status and people still ask me to verify the authenticity of the halal cert/ supplier?
In reply to @haneysomar_
avoids these stalls and does not patronise them has nthg to do with acceptance or integration or being "united". The same way a staunch Buddhist will avoid stalls that sell meat.
Replying to @haneysomar_
My tweet was a reference to my recent video about a Chinese restaurant owner who told me that she is in the middle of applying halal cert and she makes sure everything is halal compliant, yet there are racist comments, let’s not pretend it didn’t happen.
And sarawakian too
Replying to @fxckxngwxxrd
I wanna visit Sarawak!!!!!
In reply to @CeddyOrNot
Ceddy mybe by reading this u mgkin lebih faham konsep dia…
Replying to @mvsica1 @kfidzuan
I think you should show this to those who still eat there kan? Why me? Lol
In reply to @CeddyOrNot
Replying to @shujio_ @ayaffafif
Don’t get me started on those yang ASK ME TO FIND OUT IF THE SUPPLIER IS HALAL OR NOT. Lol
Usahla dikomen perihal halal dan haram Melayu Muslim. We have our own faith that u will never understand until u have one. Btw i eat at chinese seafood restaurant in Sabah but never in Semenanjung.
Replying to @ayaffafif
So why is it that when I makan at some chinese owned restaurants people MUST educate bout halal or non halal ? I’m not even a Muslim?
Halal haram bukan setakat babi dengan arak je u
Replying to @frhnpauzi
So Muslims yang makan di chinese owned restaurants di sabah/sarawak tak faham halalness juga ke? 🤣
Ceddy Retweeted ·  
Food courts here also got mixed, everyone is aware about not mixing cutlery as well, I was taught since young we cannot mix cutleries.

It's part of Sabahan culture to share food, so we know how to respect each other beliefs.
In reply to @CeddyOrNot
Ye. You can OBSERVED. Then you are implying it is refeeshing. So kami yang kat Klang Valley ni tak makan kat kedai Cina tak cukup bagus ke?
Replying to @kfidzuan
You clearly have isu pemahaman. Sila baca replies under the tweet, I’m not the problem here. 😆
Memang tak follow pun, tapi dah keluar kat tweet feed. Don’t put your words in my mouth la. I was saying you yang tak faham tapi you made such remarks.
Replying to @kfidzuan
What does that have to do with me faham or not? I am tweeting about what I OBSERVED there.
Halal bukan sahaja tak jual babi/alcohol. Kalau boleh elak la komen mengenai hal agama ni. Fokus review makanan je .
Replying to @MuhdHafis_J
It was MY observation, if I kena elak komen mengenai hal agama kenapa RAMAI yang suka tanya I halal ke tak?
ini tweet untuk jadi kan satu topik perbalahan antara melayu semananjung and melayu sabah ke? lol
Replying to @ainaleyya21
Tak, ini cuma my own observation, yang nak gaduh tu I cannot control. 🤷🏻‍♂️
In reply to @CeddyOrNot
Eh, aku yang nak makan.. kau sibuk kenapa... pi main jauh2 dgn makanan subhah dan tak halal. Aku bukan sabah.
Replying to @KShafiq_
Diamlah racist.
Replying to @hitzsabah
Hahaha context: I was asked about the worst place I’ve tried, obv cannot name names but yes, generally the food in Malaysia is OK one, but some people decided to be overly creative. 😤
Ceddy Retweeted ·  
#HITZTikTokTalks “Aglio Olio is not sup ikan” @CeddyOrNot 😭😂🥲 #hitzsabah
Sebab tu aku tak follow orang2 mcm ni kat Socmed sebab memang akan ada je komen macam ni dia akan buat one day. Bukan apa, nampak sangat tak faham lagi konsep halal haram dan Islam tu sendiri apa.
Replying to @kfidzuan
Takyah follow. Jadi by your logic, the Muslims who makan there don’t understand the concept of halal lah kan?
Kdg2 dorang nmpk mcm melayu tp bkn Islam malah nama pun siap bin & binti tp bkn Islam.
Replying to @loneranger01
Siap dengan tudung lah.
In reply to @CeddyOrNot
I don’t mind either because for me orang chinese atau indian sekali pun dorang dah mmg tahu yang kita tak boleh makan benda haram. Even dorang tahu babi is not allowed and alkohol. They just want to do business and they also learn to respect muslims untuk provide makanan halal.
In reply to @CeddyOrNot
Ceddy we here makan sup ikan walaupun kedai cina. Faveeeee 🤣🤣🤣
Replying to @taek2710
Macam kedai ni ke? 🤭
In reply to @CeddyOrNot
as a sarawakian i can attest to this, most muslim folks here always go for chinese kopitiam cuz it’s almost everywhere and mamak is not that common here especially if you go to northern sarawak like sibu, sarikei and mukah
Replying to @veniceebb
I want to visit Sarawak soooooon!!!!!
Ceddy Retweeted ·  
In reply to @CeddyOrNot
as a sarawakian i can attest to this, most muslim folks here always go for chinese kopitiam cuz it’s almost everywhere and mamak is not that common here especially if you go to northern sarawak like sibu, sarikei and mukah
In reply to @CeddyOrNot
tbh in things like religion, we’re generally not that rigid! hehe we mind our own business 😆 at my hometown in sarawak, you can regularly see people exercising in work out clothes within the mosque gates, at the outdoor area (it’s got trees and stuff like a park).
This is so cool!! I love the “mind our own business” part!
In reply to @CeddyOrNot
In Klang Valley even if the Chinese owners sincerely want to cater to Malay customers, there will still be remarks like “Ee Cina punya restaurant, better avoid.” LOL
Replying to @CeddyOrNot
I was informed that the correct usage is Bumiputera, not Malay. I stand corrected!
In reply to @CeddyOrNot
ermm... I'm prefer you to use term Bumiputera because since this is Sabah, it doesn't mean the ones who came in tudung are certainly malays. it can be dusun muslims or bajau muslims or any other races practiced Islam.
I stand corrected! Thanks!
In reply to @CeddyOrNot
Kan! Vegetarian pun diorang persoal halal ke tidak. Macamlah timun nak kena sembelih betul-betul. Soal bersih atau tidak pulak macam MOH/kerajaan tempatan dah tak wujud.
Replying to @HamzahNazari
And everywhere must have halal cert baru consider halal. Hahaha
One thing about Sabahan as I noticed is that I’d see Malay folks relax je makan kat Chinese owned restaurants, as long as the place doesn’t sell pork/alcohol, they OK je. Very refreshing!
In reply to @KawaiiFoxita
Side note: you are glowing and gorgeous and I want you to know!
Replying to @KawaiiFoxita
I APPRECIATE YOU!! Thank you!!!!! 💚💚💚
Aku mimpi kena kejar dengan Najib Razak sebab aku rampas pistol dia. Aku lari pace 4 dia lari pace 7. Aku mengah banyak kali dia steady je. Last last aku panjat pokok, buang 1 peluru dia. Pastu aku terjaga, guna cheat code TheSims dapat 50k terus buat rumah.
Sis what happened… 😭😭😭
Just recorded an interview with @hitzsabah today! They were so sweet to reach out to me upon finding out that I am here!! Tune in at 4PM today to catch my quick and fun interview! 💚
In reply to @EOGawd
I tried a few, so far lagi banyak sedap lagi yg fail. So i rasa i can trust his taste.
Y’all got this person pissed at me even though I didn’t say anything!!! 😭😭😭
In reply to @CeddyOrNot
Have you try kelapa bakar ? Haritu i makan lokan dgn kelapa bakar sedap nak mampus.
Replying to @azmizmr
Haha yes I have!!
Makan lokal? More like makan LOKAN! 🤤 And to my Sabahan friends, thank you so much for being so welcoming, I am taking in your suggestions and I will try the food/places you recommended!
Some people told me that after makan lokan, they kena food poisoning. Now PERSONALLY when I ate it years and few days ago, I’m ok lah. Then again, it’s a valid concern because the place isn’t exactly hygienic so if you have sensitive stomach, please avoid!!
In reply to @CeddyOrNot
I understand but thrifting was supposed to be sustainable environmental, economical friendly 'activities'. If these what thrifting are about, expensive and not at all inclusive, in most thrifting events, it will eventually beat the purpose.
OH I absolutely stand with you!!! These thrift shops become greedy is what I mean. Soon they’re going to match Zara’s prices if the “trend” keeps going.
"Kenapa org Malaysia suka kutuk negara sendiri?"

Sbb kita tahu we can be better.

Sbb kita tahu negara kita kaya,

Sbb kita tahu makan sedap sini murah sbb orang kita murah hati

Sbb kita tahu kalau tak kerana korupsi, Malaysia boleh jadi lebih baik dari sekarang

Itu sebabnya.
Replying to @tenoq @mabitxch
Tulah! Kalau buat baik baik siapa nak kutuk sampai macam ni?
In reply to @sara_nikka
Easy answer, thriftin is a trend, they're just banking on these kids. You or me or someone else might complain, but there are people who are willing to pay for these prices. They just need these few people who are willing to pay to "make it".
You’re so right, I’ve personally known influencers who thrift and when their followers ikut, the thrift shops pun jack up the price lah kan tiap tiap hari ada customers, why not kan?
In reply to @CeddyOrNot
Ceddy!🤤🤤sedapnyaaa..u makan kat area mana tu
Replying to @eiffajamalulail
It’s at Tuaran ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼
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