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Last 50 tweets from @charliekirk11
President Trump should tell Pelosi she can watch the state of the Union: on TV while he delivers it from the White House in front of an audience of veterans and angel moms

Constitution says the President will deliver the state of the union - it doesn’t say where

RT if you agree
10,081 17,586
The same Democrats attacking Trump for serving fast food in the White House were just getting drunk on the beach in Puerto Rico alongside lobbyists during a government shutdown
4,351 10,874
The Washington Post had one of their lead reporters do an entire investigation into the calorie count and cost of Trump serving fast food, yet they did little investigation into 30 congressional Democrats getting drunk on the beach with 109 lobbyists during a government shutdown
6,796 15,928
Facts about men in America:

97% of all military casualties since 1992 are men

94% of all industrial deaths are men

Men are victims of 76% of all homicides

80% of all suicides are men

Men die on average 5 years earlier than women

“Boys will be boys”
2,600 6,597
Since January 1st in Chicago:

Shot & Killed: 12
Shot & Wounded: 58
Total Shot: 70
Total Homicides: 14

Toughest gun law in the country, and 2019 is already on pace to be yet another bloody, deadly, horriric year - all run by Democrats
4,985 10,023
Imagine if the media cared about the corruption at the FBI and DOJ as much as they cared about Trump serving fast food to Clemson’s football team
3,077 8,935
One of two recent Presidents did nothing when Putin invaded Crimea, asked Russia for more flexibility until after the election, let Assad cross a red line, had his Secretary of State sell our Uranium to Russia, and allowed Putin to build a pipeline to Germany

The other is Trump
4,313 9,423

Kristen Gillibrand was a partner of and continues to take hundreds of thousands of dollars from the law firm that represented sicko Harvey Weinstein

Where is the outrage here?

7,371 15,577
The TSA should be defunded & privatized

In 2015, they failed 95% of undercover tests from DHS agents

That number was down to roughly 80% in 2017

That means 80-95% of the the flights we get on could be compromised

Why are we spending 7.6 billion per year for failure?
6,219 14,645
Democrats just announced they are disbanding the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Terrorism

...To create a new committee to investigate President Trump

Democrats hate our President so much they would rather put our country in blatant danger than see him succeed
8,153 16,503
If Democrats were so concerned about ending the government shutdown, they would spend their weekends working in Washington D.C.

Not in Puerto Rico with 109 lobbyists on the beach getting drunk watching Hamilton
6,665 16,930
Only in America would you not be allowed to ask people living in your country whether they are citizens or not
8,022 22,334
Anyone else notice that Russia stories against Trump always conveniently come up as soon as he begins winning on other issues?

This is a fake character assault against a successful President designed to destroy his Presidency and everyone around him
6,920 18,807
No one accused Obama of being a Russian agent after he asked for “more flexibility” until after the the election, or when Obama ignored Putin’s invasion into Crimea, or when Assad used chemical gas in Syria and Obama’s red line was crossed
19,807 60,503
Do the Math:

Trump’s wall is $5 billion, illegals cost $165 billion a year
16,906 44,030

Prior to 2018, unemployment has only been below 4% 5 times since 1970

Under Donald Trump, in 2018, unemployment dipped below 4% 7 TIMES—in ONE year!

What exactly are the Democrats resisting?

16,301 54,085
Since 1953, we have been in South Korea protecting their border

When will Democrats give us the funding to finally protect our own?

5,645 14,721

Killed hundreds of innocents with endless drone strikes

Let Syria gas its citizens

Oversaw the rise and expansion of ISIS


Ended the Korean War

Defeated ISIS

Bringing troops home

One has a Nobel Peace Prize and the other is facing impeachment threats

12,309 28,573
Did you know:

Chuck Schumer

Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton

Joe Biden

Dianne Feinstein

… ALL voted to spend billions on a “Secure Fence” in 2006

Why are they opposed to an upgraded steel barrier now?

12,689 31,921
It is a national disgrace our FBI investigated PRESIDENT Trump for being a “Russian agent” while refusing to investigate Hillary selling our uranium for cash to Russia or investigating Bill Clinton meeting with Loretta Lynch on a tarmac secretly or Obama illegally spying on Trump
14,260 35,512
Make no mistake, if 30 Republicans got drunk on the beach with 109 lobbyists in Puerto Rico watching broadway plays during a government shutdown, it would be the number one story in the world and the media would be screaming for resignations
22,911 56,954
Strange how liberals keep smashing and destroying Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, yet nothing has happened to Kevin Spacey's or Bill Cosby's star

6,515 19,206
Make no mistake, the ultimate goal of the Democrats is to allow illegal foreign nationals to vote in our elections

They are losing their base and need millions of new voters, because they represent foreign interests more than the average American
9,266 19,812
If Trump was really controlled by Russia, why did he strengthen NATO, undercut Russia’s gas pipeline to Germany, arm the citizens of Ukraine, strike in Syria against Putin’s wishes, refuse to acknowledge the annexation of Crimea, & close a record number of Russian consualtes?

6,836 16,874
Liberal logic:

We need socialism in America to help all those people coming across the border escaping horrible socialist countries
6,423 16,166

From 2012-2015, Veteran’s Affairs added 39,454 employees to their payroll

Only 3,591 were doctors.

Maybe this is why so many Veterans died waiting for care under Obama?

7,099 16,323
Kevin Brandon Aragon Luna was arrested and deported at the end of November by ICE for being a part of a terrorist organization, after illegally crossing into the country through the Southern Border

Terrorists are coming across the border

Not having a wall is a security crisis
3,351 7,725
Anyone else notice there wasn’t any immediate polling after Trump’s wonderful national address or border visit?

There has been a sudden drop in the polls regarding people’s perspective on the wall and the shutdown

This is proof Trump is winning this battle - keep fighting!
6,686 19,191

A statue honoring Saudi Arabia has been placed on the ground zero World Trade Center site

The country that funded, planned, and orchestrated 9/11 now has a statue honoring their evil ways just feet from where 3,000 Americans died

This is a national disgrace
14,203 32,792
Right now 30 Democrats are vacationing on the beach alongside 109 lobbyists while Trump is still in DC trying to broker a deal to build a wall and reopen the government

The Democrat party is vacationing on the beach while our amazing President fights like hell to save America
7,667 17,611
Planned Parenthood spent $30 million to help the Democrats win back the house

Yet we still give them $500 million in taxpayer funding each year

If they have that kind of cash and engage in that blatant partisan activity, why am I forced to fund them with my money?

23,697 57,589
The Left claims to support vigorous background checks on gun purchases for Americans.

Why don’t they support the same vetting for:

Voting/Voter ID

Illegal Aliens


15,998 40,617
The difference between Republicans and Democrats:

Under Obama, government employment grew 6 times faster than manufacturing jobs

Under President Trump manufacturing jobs grew 6 times faster than government jobs
10,453 26,090

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign was fined by New York for not having working compensation coverage for her campaign staffers for a month

She pretends to fight for workers yet when it comes to her actually doing it she avoids taking responsibility - @AOC
10,808 28,994
Privatize the TSA and make the shutdown of their program permanent

They are an unbelievably incompetent, slow, wasteful, useless, ineffective, and bureaucratic nightmare - like all government programs
11,460 35,191
It’s amazing how hard the Democrats fight to keep the government closed just to advocate for illegals who broke our laws
12,422 36,840

4,000 illegals are in Texas prisons for sexual assault

62% of those assaults are against children, including American children

A Wall would stop this.

But Chuck and Nancy think $5.7 Billion is too high a price to protect our children from violent criminals and rapists
14,417 28,213
Fact: 95% of Border Patrol agents say WALLS WORK!

...So why in the hell would we listen to Chuck and Nancy when they say they don’t?

@realDonaldTrump—don’t give in. Keep the government shut down as long as you have to

We should only open government once we close the border

12,140 22,016
Voter fraud is real:

Los Angeles county has a registration rate of 112% its adult population

The entire state of California has a registration rate of 101%

11 of 58 counties in CA have registration rates above 100%

Is this why California is solid Blue?

18,547 42,529
There IS a crisis on our Southern border

Last month:

20,000 children smuggled into the U.S.

60,000 attempted illegal border crossings

In FY18:

800 gang members were arrested—50% increase from FY17

Don’t reopen the government until the border is closed

6,873 14,984
Hey, @Acosta, the reason the border is so “tranquil” is because there is a giant wall next to you

Thank you for so clearly proving @realDonaldTrump’s point—Walls DO work!
9,164 29,062
Democrats don’t care about border security

They only care about importing millions of new voters from foreign countries

They don’t care about the thousands of kids being sex trafficked

They don’t care about sons and daughters killed by illegals

They just want power
8,362 20,416
Did you know:

Nancy Pelosi has been in Congress for 28 years with an annual salary of $193,400

So how is her net worth nearly $200,000,000?

Even if she invested 100% of her salary and paid 0 taxes for 3 decades, with 10% ROI, she should only be worth $30,000,000 at most

23,673 50,470
How can Border Patrol be racist when 52% of their agents are Hispanic?

9,227 31,191
Los Angeles has the highest homeless population in US

This is real footage of the streets of LA

LA facts:

Democrat city council

All Democrat represented congress

Democrat mayor

All Democrat state reps

Democrat Governor of CA

Show me a ghetto, Democrats are in charge
15,786 26,530
If illegals were likely to vote for Trump and Republicans the wall would be built, totally financed, and anyone who would dare oppose it would be called a racist
3,307 10,870
In 2018, @RealDonaldTrump:

Created almost 4 million jobs

Achieved lowest ever unemployment

Gained 400,000+ manufacturing jobs

Achieved highest EVER median household income

… And Democrats think he should be impeached

Is it because they can't beat his record in 2020?

7,492 18,929
Did you know:

That when polled 95% of active front-line border patrol agents said YES to wanting a wall when surveyed?
4,007 10,720
Did you know:

Last year ICE saved 900 kids from human trafficking last year

Democrats went to abolish the number one protector of children
4,366 10,164
Democrats hate Trump more than they love America
8,380 32,531
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