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Last 50 tweets from @charliekirk11
Democrats' "Star Witness" Bill Taylor who testified today:

—Met with Schiff staffers 12 days after Schiff's Whistleblower filed his complaint

—Has close ties with Burisma, the corrupt Biden-linked Ukrainian oil company

What is Schiff trying to cover up by hiding his testimony?
Charlie Kirk Retweeted ·  
CAUTION! Two weeks before the left goes completely nuts. Have you gotten your copy of TRIGGERED? Order it now! Get one now and better yet send one to your favorite liberal friend! Maybe they’ll learn something.…
The MSM are outraged that Republicans would "storm" a "top secret" secure facility "run by the CIA/DOD" where Adam Schiff is holding impeachment hearings

I'm outraged that Adam Schiff is holding impeachment hearings there in the first place

What are they trying to hide?

Adam Schiff is holding his sham impeachment hearings in a "Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility" or SCIF

What is a SCIF?

Hillary Clinton set one up in her home where she kept her secret email server

Why are they treating impeachment like a cover up?

Stop the HOAX!

Miguel Martinez, 44, was arrested for over 100 child sex crimes

He is also a illegal who entered this country criminally and was never deported

Democrats are allowing this lawlessness to continue

Build the wall

Deport law-breakers!

Restore the rule of law
Where is the Whistleblower?

Why don’t Democrats want to force his testimony anymore?

Schiff’s impeachment hoax was built on whistleblower lies

The truth:

There was no quid pro quo

Ukraine’s President said there was no pressure

There was no “favor” relating to Joe Biden


Democratic have issued 56 subpoenas aimed at taking down President Trump

Compared to only 46 bills passed into law

9 were ceremonial, like renaming post offices

Democrats don’t care about doing their jobs

They only care about destroying Trump

RT if you’re sick of it
In Arizona illegals are:

142% more likely to commit a crime

45% more likely to be gang members

And illegals age 15-35 make up 2% of AZ population yet make up 8% of prison population
In two days we have filled massive gymnasiums with thousands of students

We have even more students unable to come in because colleges won’t give us big enough space

There is a MOVEMENT growing on campuses across the country

Watch this video!

Thank you Mr President, we are winning BIG on campus!
Young campus Conservatives are flocking to Turning Point USA & other Conservative speaker events all over the Country, AND IN RECORD NUMBERS. Thousands of students are turning out. “I just want to compliment the President of the United States for signing that historic Executive..

An eagle egg:

— Illegal to destroy
— Punishable by $250,000 fine
— Destruction can carry a 2 year prison sentence

A human life:
— Legal to abort
— Taxpayers forced to fund abortion providers
— Abortion actually encouraged by 1/2 of lawmakers

A gay, Asian journalist—was beaten by ANTIFA in the streets of Portland until he had a brain hemorrhage:

Silence from Democrats

Jussie Smollett committed a fake hate crime

Democrats call it a "modern-day lynching"

If the left didn't have double standards, they would have none
Joe Biden 2019:

"Our country has a dark, shameful history with lynching, and to even think about making this comparison is abhorrent."

Joe Biden 1998:

"Even if the President should be impeached, history is going to question whether or not this was just a partisan lynching"

Great OpEd from @Surabees!

Obama and the Democrats did the bidding of Big Insurance when they passed Obamacare and now Republicans must stop it from happening again. No bailouts for Big insurance cronies!…
Andy Surabian: Big Insurance Cronies Don't Need Another Bailout
Schiff's impeachment hoax just got even more insane:

Republican committee members are no longer allowed to read transcripts from interviews or hearings unless Democrat staff is present

Why are Democrats fighting so hard to keep Americans in the dark?

What are they hiding?

America needs more public servants and less career politicians

That’s why I’m proud to support @JasonChurchWI—a combat veteran who lost both legs to an IED in Afghanistan

He’s ready to stand with President Trump to Keep America Great

Check him out here:…
Jason Church: Lace Up Your Boots

Kamala Harris called the debunked Jussie Smollett hoax a "modern-day lynching"

Jerry Nadler accused Republicans of running a "lynch mob" against Bill Clinton

No one accused them of racism

There weren't any Mainstream Media calls for their removal from office

Where is THIS Lindsey Graham?

Our president is under constant attack from all sides

It’s time for Republicans to ACT and fight back against Adam Schiff’s dangerous impeachment hoax

@LindseyGrahamSC said he would get to the bottom of this

So do it.

Nancy Pelosi says “nobody is above the law”

So what would the punishment be for a Democrat House Committee Chair who:

Colluded with a rogue CIA agent & lied about it

Lied under oath about the Trump phone call

...All to take down the President

Why is Schiff above the law?

This is your daily reminder:

Progressives don’t actually care if someone is a racist

Ralph Northam is polling at 51% in Virginia despite his blackface/KKK scandal

Justin Trudeau was just re-elected after having worn blackface as recently as 2001

It’s all just virtue signaling
Open borders are inhumane borders

Open borders are a sign of a weak country

Open borders create political and societal chaos

Open borders allows the flow of drugs, crime, and illegal guns into America

A nation is defined by its borders

Build. The. Wall.
Biological men who think they are women should not be allowed to compete in sports against biological women
The media doesn’t want you to see this.

Democrats don’t want you to believe this is real.

Conservatives ARE on college campuses

Our movement is growing faster than ever with INCREDIBLE energy

The left says we don't exist

RT to prove them all wrong
Imagine if:

Don Jr. came back on Air Force One with $1.50—much less $1.5B from China

Ivanka got $83 a month from a corrupt Ukrainian oil company—much less $83 THOUSAND per month

The MSM would lose their minds

Democrats would immediately impeach

Yet the Bidens get a pass?

Charlie Kirk Retweeted ·  
Thank you for all of the support. I’m up 7th on @DancingABC tonight. Please vote right at 8pm ET 20 times. Text SEAN 10 times to 21523 & cast 10 more at Only votes cast between 8pm - 9:55pm ET (6-8pm CT, 5-7pm PT) count. #teamsweetnspicey #DWTS #DWTS28
ABC Home Page -

Democrats just blocked an attempt to censure Adam Schiff

He has lied to the American people for 3 years about Russia

He is trying to overturn the result of the 2016 election in complete secrecy

Why are Nancy Pelosi and Democrats protecting him?

RT if you're FED UP!
This is the "tolerant" left tearing down @TPUSA posters at @UofNH—where I'll be speaking this week

Colleges are becoming breeding grounds for ANTIFA

It shouldn't be dangerous to be a conservative on campus

Will these students be reprimanded for their behavior?

Did you know:

California Democrats just passed a bill allowing illegal aliens to serve on government boards

Illegal aliens can now control local government

In San Francisco, they paid $310,000 to register illegals to vote

This is true foreign interference in our democracy!
For the past three years, global elites have fought to stifle the will of the people:

President Trump has been ceaselessly investigated as a way to overturn the 2016 election

And, across the pond, Brexit has been endlessly delayed

Charlie Kirk: In Brexit chaos, as in Trump impeachment, globalists plot to subvert popular will
Here’s what we know about Adam Schiff’s whistleblower:

—CIA operative

—Ukraine specialist


—Worked with Joe Biden

—Secretly colluded with Adam Schiff

It’s no wonder Democrats don’t want him to testify publicly anymore

RT if the Senate should subpoena immediately

Co-conspirators in a massive fraud scheme had this to say about their relationship with Hunter Biden:

“You see...who we’re doing business with? You don’t get more politically connected than that”


What corrupt fraud scheme were the Bidens NOT a part of?

Our President is under a multi-front attack to remove him from office

The media

The GOP establishment

The deep state

Are all targeting him for full removal from office

They are targeting YOU

When will @LindseyGrahamSC start to fight back?

They are undermining our country
Adam Schiff SHOULD have been removed from office when he lied about "Smoking Gun" evidence of collusion

He SHOULD have been removed when he tried to accept foreign dirt on the president

He SHOULD have been removed when lied about the Ukraine call

Why is he STILL in office?

Did you know:

Last week a Democrat Congresswoman was caught having an affair with her female staffer

She's currently the Vice Chair of the House Oversight Committee—tasked with impeachment

If she were a Republican this would be a huge scandal

Why the double standard?

Justice under the Trump administration:

The DOJ just took down one of the world's largest child pornography rings—arresting 337 and saving 23 children from their abusers

"Justice" in Gavin Newsom's California:

3 illegal alien felons just pardoned to avoid deportation

Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff are overseas meeting with Middle Eastern leadership in Jordan

They’re actively trying to undermine President Trump’s peace plan in Syria

Not only do they want to undermine him at home—they want to do it abroad too

This is an outrage

Logan Act?

Did you know:

23 House Republicans have yet to sign on to a bill censuring Adam Schiff

Who has:

Hidden impeachment in the capitol basement

Blocked Republicans from hearings

Lied under oath about the president’s phone call

He shouldn’t just be censured

He should be removed!
Elizabeth Warren just released a new policy

Under her plan anyone who identifies as transgender while trying to illegally cross the border “must” be allowed to enter the United States

So what would stop illegal aliens from “identifying” as a different gender for free entry?

Did you know:

Los Angeles County taxpayers were forced to pay out 1.3 BILLION dollars in welfare to illegal aliens over the course of 2 years

Imagine living in LA:

Illegal aliens are a massive tax burden

Rampant homelessness

AND Adam Schiff is your congressman

This is the left.

Rioting in the streets, attacking disabled veterans in wheelchairs

RT if it’s finally time to classify ANTIFA as a domestic terror organization

You know Trump hasn’t done anything wrong when the Democrats have to fake phone calls and letters to try and make him look bad

Adam Schiff is scheduling two witness depositions per day now in the Capitol basement

He’s holding them simultaneously—forcing members to either be in two places at once or to miss one

This is an abuse of power and a blatant attempt at a coverup

Stop the HOAX!

Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State for 4 years

She was a US Senator for 8

If she thought Russia was such a grave security threat that they could singlehandedly topple our democracy

...Why didn’t she do anything those 12 years?

All she had was the failed Russian Reset

Does anyone else find it strange:

The same woman who paid for a Russian dossier to win an election

Whose husband made $500k for a Russian speech

Who sold 20% of US Uranium to Russia

Whose foundation received $150M from Russia

Keeps calling others Russian assets?

Socialism Sucks:

Cuba is now breeding ostriches to feed its starving masses

They eat "steaks" made of dried grapefruit rind

The Cuban Ag commissioner is encouraging people to eat rodents he says taste "better than beef"

This is what Bernie’s America will look like
Just look at who has endorsed Bernie Sanders:


Ilhan Omar

Linda Sarsour

Rashida Tlaib

It’s very clear:

Bernie’s campaign isn’t about improving America

Judging by his endorsements, he’s running to fundamentally change & destroy America
This sick billboard in Times Square is intended to raise money for Planned Parenthood

But even Planned Parenthood said they won’t accept any funds from the ad campaign

Now where are the rest of the Democrats condemning this?

I’m sure they would if it depicted Barack Obama

This is your daily reminder that Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for Russian intelligence to take down Donald Trump

This is the true foreign interference

In fact, Hillary and the Democrats were the ONLY ones to coordinate with Russia

Does that make her the Russian puppet?

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