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Last 50 tweets from @chelseahandler
This is the veteran running against Kevin McCarthy. Let鈥檚 help her win. @KimMangone
We need 3,000 retweets on our first ad: I am the single mother, United States Air Force Veteran and Democrat running against Republican Kevin McCarthy. Despite what Washington insiders will tell you: I鈥檓 going to win.
.@JoeBiden we need more surrogates from your camp speaking out. If we have a repeat of 2016 it will be because your campaign doesn鈥檛 think it needs the surrogates we do need. We need Bernie, we need Warren, and we need the Obamas. We need everyone on deck.
In reply to @chelseahandler
Barr is paving the way now for Trump to stage a coup in Nov. #CivilWar2
Trump says climate change, flooding, fires, and a pandemic is all going to disappear.
We have a chance in November to finally have a Democratic Party that is prepared to make life equitable for BIPOC, to end a pandemic, to take steps to heal our planet, and to love one another.
William Barr is preparing to take the rights away from women, Immigrants, and everyone who does not look like a white man. Are you prepared to have your daughters be assaulted by men who look like him, and have no recourse?
Woman in detention centers are getting unwanted hysterectomies from a doctor who thinks ICE detainees have no rights to their bodies. When you vote for Trump you are voting for The Handmaid鈥檚 Tale, and this is not fake news. These are women who have had their body parts stolen.
July 18th, 2020: 鈥淭rump says he thinks some Americans are wearing masks to show they disapprove of him.鈥
Press Sec. Kayleigh McEnany: "The President has always supported mask-wearing."
Chelsea Handler Retweeted 路  
Trump once again says what a great job he has done in North Korea

馃... I guess if you believe North Korea acquiring sub surface launch missiles capable of striking anywhere in the US a great job

Trumps has achieved what 5 presidents have been able to prevent

Kim is very happy
I鈥檝e had enough of Trump and Mitch McConnell's bullshit. We need leaders who will keep Americans safe, not cozy up with the NRA. And we need them now. Let鈥檚 flip the senate and end gun violence in America. Visit鈥 to support @Brady_PAC
I just gave to Brady PAC!
HEY #Kentucky! Your Senator #MitchMcConnell is blocking bills that will bring much needed economic relief to #KY. More election security, protections for those with preexisting conditions, and much more. #DitchMitch and VOTE for @AmyMcGrathKY.She will FIGHT for you!
I know she鈥檚 another woman, but go outside and be around Mother Nature. She鈥檚 on fire.
VP Mike Pence: "The choice in this election is whether America remains America."
In reply to @ddoregon2020
I鈥檝e been sealed up in my bedroom surrounded by 4 air purifiers cranked all the way up and it鈥檚 still hard to breath, smells like smoke, burning eyes and now I鈥檓 getting headaches. I鈥檝e never experienced anything like this
Replying to @CalamityJoey @ddoregon2020 and 2 others
Omg. Please take care of yourself and stay indoors, so sorry to hear this.
South Carolina!

#DemCast has launched an AMAZING resource to help elect DEM Candidates in SC!!!

This page has it all: candidate list, mobilize events, donation links, pre-written social media posts & more! #DemCastSC

RETWEET & #FlipSCBlue!
Pennsylvania! Here is your info.
In reply to @WestWingReport
Trump tonight heads to Philadelphia for an ABC News town hall 1) Trump won PA in 2016 by 44,292 votes (7/10 of one percent) 2) Unemployment rate: +163% on his watch to 13.7% 3) RCP avg.: Biden +4.3 (was 4.7 a month ago) 4) Tariffs have cost PA taxpayers $1.3 billion so far
.@SaraGideon for Maine!
We've had enough of Trump toadie Susan Collins. Time to elect @SaraGideon to the U.S. Senate and flip the Senate blue.

I hope you'll join me in supporting Sara's campaign by giving her a follow, sharing this video, and donating whatever you can to her campaign. #FlipFive #MESen
Michael Caputo attempted to retroactively change agency reports, including the CDC鈥檚 morbidity and mortality report. Today, Michael Caputo accused the CDC of harboring a 鈥渞esistance unit鈥 to undermine President Trump. Meaning: let鈥檚 lie to the American people about covid
So to sum up: The West is burning; the Arctic is melting; the National Hurricane Center is tracking eight major systems; and the WHO reports the largest single-day increase of coronavirus cases globally.鈥- Wapo. Trump supporters: is this all a hoax?
Once again, men are trying to undermine a woman鈥檚 authority. In Michigan, @realDonaldTrump鈥檚 Republicans are trying to strip @GovWhitmer of her executive powers that have saved thousands of lives during the COVID pandemic. #DeclineToSign their petition called Unlock Michigan!
Someone please just tell Republicans that climate change is a woman, so they try and control it.
Smoke from the West Coast fires extends 4,600 miles from Canada almost all the way to HAWAII
Putin is getting everything he wants between Trump and Boris Johnson. Complete anarchy of the west. Destroy our institutions, cause mayhem, and no one does anything about it. Trump supporters seem to not care that Putin is playing with Trump like a dreidel. That鈥檚 a Jewish toy.
The U.S. is number one in covid cases and #1 in deaths in the world, and Trump supporters want to vote for him again? Do you guys have any idea how preposterous it is that you want to vote for someone who has no regard for the country鈥檚 well-being or for you dying?
In reply to @chelseahandler
I grew up in Maine and I agree about the beauty! And while I'm not a current resident and can't vote Susan Collins out, I can support @SaraGideon's campaign. Maine deserves better!
In reply to @chelseahandler
So happy to hear you are enjoying our beautiful state! My best to you and yours and thank you for all your activism to support BLM and help bring about positive changes!
In reply to @chelseahandler
Thank you @chelseahandler We are thrilled to have you in our beautiful state! I hope you can make it to Old Orchard Beach!
I鈥檝e been in Maine for a few days now, and I have to say it鈥檚 one of the most beautiful places I鈥檝e ever been. And I think the only thing that could make it better is if they voted Susan Collins out.聽Vote her out and vote for @SaraGideon
Chelsea Handler Retweeted 路  
Friends here鈥檚 a way to help our neighbors in #Oakland.

@traceyecorder is my friend, so I know this is real. Thank you Tracey.

Pls RT 鈾ワ笍
Trump supporters think everything is 鈥渇ake news,鈥 because it allows them to ignore the inhumanity of what he does every day.
EXCLUSIVE | The Trump administration has secretly siphoned nearly $4 million away from a program that tracks and treats FDNY firefighters and medics suffering from 9/11 related illnesses.鈥
When I was 17, I took my SATs on acid, but I never murdered two people.聽
Note to all Republicans: your guy鈥檚 son thinks killing two people is just growing pains.
Trump Jr. on alleged Kenosha shooter: "We all do stupid things at 17"
"If Collins is unwilling to disagree with a president of her own party, then what is the point of having her in the Senate representing us?" - @JQCalderwood former Chief of Staff to Senator Olympia Snowe.
#mepolitics #StopSusan鈥
I happened to catch @LouDobbs the other night talking with an evangelical preacher about how grateful they are to have a such a Godly president in Trump. The damage that Trump is bestowing on Christianity may be paramount to the damage he has bestowed on the Republican Party.
New reality show idea: Republicans have to try and stay alive during a pandemic under the very same benefits they give to Americans.
New "targeted" GOP stimulus excludes second stimulus check, offers some unemployment relief鈥
Reply YES if you understand.
Our country is in a dumpster fire that Trump is incapable of putting out. 7 months into Covid- no plan. Climate change- no plan. Women鈥檚 rights- take them away. Brown, Black, indigenous people-let then die from covid and prevent them from voting. Trump signs are sickening.
Chelsea Handler Retweeted 路  
When intelligence reports said Russia was offering bounties to kill US troops in Afghanistan instead of outrage and action, @EliseStefanik remained silent.

She will protect @realDonaldTrump at any cost鈥 but won't show up and do her job to protect American heroes.

And furthermore, Mainers鈥擬aine was not even a part of the Confederacy. So, if you are in Maine, waiving a confederate flag off your porch or car鈥攜ou are rooting for the losers of the Civil Ear, and you are rooting for slavery. Happy Labor Day to all the people who choose love.
As I spend time in Maine, I鈥檓 noticing many confederate flags on properties and cars. To be clear, the confederacy was alive for 5 years, and their pursuit was to keep slavery legal in the US鈥攁nd they lost. It seems many people with confederate flags don鈥檛 seem to know this.
As long as Trump is president this will continue. Cases in the U.S. rose by 44,452 on Saturday, and the total death toll surpassed 188,000, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. The nation鈥檚 total number of confirmed cases is more than 6.2 million.
Chelsea Handler Retweeted 路  
Thought exercise. Imagine a pro-police rally. And a car filled w/ Black Lives Matter protestors plows through the crowd. They track down the driver. Interview him. Let him go. Days later, the NYPD is still trying to decide whether a crime was committed. Can鈥檛 imagine it, right?
Trump supporters: this country and the CDC as well as your president had the capability of a targeted national strategy to deal with covid where everyone would be back to work and back school. He simply has chosen not to.
The only 鈥渟uckers and losers,鈥 are all the Republicans who sit and do nothing while this president does zero to protect our military, our democracy and his Putin worshiping. You guys are so shameful. Look at all the Republicans who are against Trump and ask yourself why.
Chelsea Handler Retweeted 路  
Let鈥檚 FLIP THE SENATE BLUE!!! I JUST DONATED to @GaryPeters ! Come on #Michigan! Let鈥檚 get this done! Join me!! #DemCastMI @DemCastUSA鈥
Chelsea Handler Retweeted 路  
Donald Trump called our fallen troops "suckers" and "losers."
They can't speak for themselves, but these 6 Gold Star families speak for our fallen.
Here is their POWERFUL message.

#GoldStarParentsAgainstTrump #VeteransAgainstTrump
This makes you think 鈥渋n what world鈥 does this happen and the police don鈥檛 get arrested鈥 but it鈥檚 not the world, it鈥檚 America.
The family of a Black man in Rochester, New York, is calling for the firing and arrest of all of the police officers involved in his death in March, in which they say a bag was placed over his head.
We need more @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @SenSanders @AOC @ewarren we need a unified party campaigning loudly against Trump鈥檚 lies. This can not be a repeat of 2016. We need unification from all party members to tell the truth and win this election. Come on, guys.
Chelsea Handler Retweeted 路  
Susan Collins just launched a 16 county campaign tour.
We cannot find a single public notice of her events.

Sign our Petition asking her to publish her campaign schedule so she can hear directly from Mainers. #StopSusan #mepolitics #DemcastME
Maine's secretary of state appeals judge's ruling on ranked-choice voting.

This is unique to Maine and will have an impact on elections. Please keep an eye on this!

#DemCastME #Focus14 #mepolitics鈥
Maine secretary of state appeals judges ruling on ranked-choice voting -
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