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Last 50 tweets from @chetan_bhagat
The number of Indians who use 'false equivalence' has truly shot up even compared to last year.
Replying to @manujosephsan
U can’t compare to last year. That’s a false equi...😬
Chetan Bhagat Retweeted ·  
In reply to @chetan_bhagat
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Get peace in return , a brilliant article on @timesofindia written by @chetan_bhagat is a must read for everyone and why going for a tussle won't seem fruitful.
Chetan Bhagat Retweeted ·  
In reply to @timesofindia
@timesofindia @chetan_bhagat @arunp2810
Well written piece. And points well taken.

There are times when one must 𝒔𝒉𝒐𝒘 𝒇𝒂𝒄𝒆 And there are other times when one must 𝒔𝒂𝒗𝒆 𝒇𝒂𝒄𝒆 . We wouldn't have reached this current impasse, if we had a bit more of the former.
Writing to fuel up emotion: Easy (for me at least)

Writing with thought, reality and fresh perspectives: much harder.

My take on China. Different from whatever is being said and maybe will make you learn a few key things about Chinese culture - and how India can benefit!
Get Peace In Return

‘Face’ is very important in China. Allow the Chinese to save face

Read today's opinion piece by Chetan Bhagat 👇
We can disagree this time. That’s ok :)
IMO, Chinese top level is all about face and mutual deals (not cooperation). I lived that part of the world for over a decade.
In reply to @chetan_bhagat
Generally, our thinking matches, but not on this issue. I am also working lot with Chinese company but they don’t care nowadays. They don’t have face value nor mutual cooperation like thought process. Nevertheless, we can’t afford war at any cost.🙏
It’s never about “trust” or “believing”. It’s give and take. You aren’t making a personal relationship. You do a deal. That’s how the world works. Not “oh I trust you”.
In reply to @chetan_bhagat
If you still believe in Chinese then I think you are dreaming in day. They have backtracked the decisions taken in every de-escalation meeting. They have betrayed us and you are asking us to scratch their back? Are you serious?! One can never trust Chinese
Thanks! Glad u read it.
No fan of @chetan_bhagat 's books but this is a fairly rational article which argues that the way out for India right now is diplomacy. We cant afford to treat China like we treat Pak. Extremely well articulated,sensible and argues to resolve matters in a peaceful manner. Kudos!
It’s easy to join the mob and stir them up. Would take me 10min to write an article like that, charged but thoughtless. Will get lots of likes too.

Takes courage to think different and offer fresh perspectives. And that’s what I always try to do and ultimately works. Thank you!
More anger isn't more patriotism,love for country is one thing where stacks up against china is another, and in the end ,let's be less angry and more strategic ,is "best advice" @chetan_bhagat…
Thank you sir.
In reply to @chetan_bhagat
@chetan_bhagat Your article in ToI today is absolutely superb. And it needs courage to say it. Well done. Regards. Major Atul Dev
Hi All,

“Dealing with China:
Understanding Chinese concepts of face (miànzi) and mutual dependence (guanxi),”

My column in TOI today. Do read.
Constructive and civil feedback welcome.…
Get peace in return: Face is very important in China. Allow the Chinese to save face
Feeling anger when someone hurts you is natural.

However acting in anger may harm you more.

Banging your fist in the window when you are angry will only hurt your hand.

Wait. Calm down. Figure out a course of action. And then act. And act one must.
More anger isn’t more patriotism.

Staying calm and playing strategic is.
Dear @HUL_News in India, are you going to also stop advertising on channels that polarise the country and do hate for profit? Or it is ok here?
We have taken the decision to stop advertising on @Facebook, @Instagram & @Twitter in the US through the end of 2020.

The polarized atmosphere places an increased responsibility on brands to build a trusted & safe digital ecosystem.
Dear @unileverusa great that you paused Facebook ads to support no hate for profit.

Dear @HUL_News in India, will you also stop ads to TV channels who blatantly do hate for profit?

Will go a long way. @Unilever
Does giving up Maggi count?
In reply to @chetan_bhagat
Saar, you should download a few now and uninstall them immediately. Teach China a lesson! 😅
Replying to @Memeghnad
Does giving up Maggi count?
Never used any of those 59 apps anyway.
In reply to @geekwire
There are a ridiculous number of false positive C19 tests, in some cases ~50%. False positives scale linearly with # of tests. This is a big part of why C19 positive tests are going up while hospitalizations & mortality are declining. Anyone who tests positive should retest.
Replying to @elonmusk @geekwire
This is referring to something like this…
Probability puzzle.
Who can solve this?

Math lovers, check this out.
Chetan Bhagat Retweeted ·  
38 leading educators of the country share with the world their contributions, their inspiring stories and what makes them an Education Evangelist. Watch them on Skilltree’s Education Evangelist of India on, powered by GPTS, starting this Monday, June 29.
Chetan Bhagat Retweeted ·  
.@chetan_bhagat loved reading this. So measured and so apt for life in general. Thanks.

The Underage Optimist : How to survive cut-throat Bollywood? The best advice came from Rahman…
How to survive cut-throat Bollywood? The best advice came from Rahman
Chetan Bhagat Retweeted ·  
Diversify your life and Rahman"s advice about the pond are the best things in the article
Chetan Bhagat Retweeted ·  
“No glamorous party or job success is above your inner happiness.”~CB.
Chetan Bhagat Retweeted ·  
Simple and clinical piece by @chetan_bhagat
AR Rehman lesson to Chetan Bhagat: Diversify. “Bollywood is like a beautiful pond. However, it has crocodiles in it. Hence, it’s OK to stand in a corner and take a bath. Do not fully swim in it. One foot in, one foot out, always.”
This is an excellent interview of Kai Po Che and Kedarnath director @Abhishekapoor by @ShomaChaudhury on #SushantSinghRajput

One of the few saner, nuanced perspectives out there.
I think people know which is the country that has given the supari to do this to India.
Jawans die. Their families suffer.

Let's not go war mongering please. It has to be the last, last resort. There are many, many different ways to approach any issues, which must be tried beforehand.

It's not a movie or video game to satisfy someone's need for pride or thrills.
You would think it would be fairly obvious to all sides that a war in the middle of a pandemic and an economic recession is a terrible idea.
Chetan Bhagat Retweeted ·  
How does @chetan_bhagat see books and publishing changing post-pandemic?

Here's a short clip, and listen to the full #WorldLit series podcast episode with Chetan, @Shrabonti & @BlrLitFest at:…
Did a nice podcast discussing the lockdown, life, writing, motivation and more. Listen by clicking link below.
"Part of a writer's life is in lockdown mode anyway," says @chetan_bhagat in the first BIC-BLF #Worldlit series podcast.
There’s a privileged set in India. Then there are their darbaaris, the ones who live on the scraps of the privileged set.

The darbaaris help the privileged set keep the self-mades out, as much as possible.

They want to keep the system that serves them and only them.
Self made people are discriminated against. In already hyper-competitive fields, it makes the job much harder. You not only have to withstand competition, but also humiliation.

Takes enormous amounts of mental strength, apart from talent, to bear it all.

Some just can’t.
Some lessons that helped me survive the craziness and hyper-competition.

Thought will share with you.
Love you so much man. Still not believable. Thinking of you.

Meethi Boliyaan, sun lo, aasmano si

Girte sambhalte chalte ladkhadaye
Haan magar ye honsla na dagmagaye

Rest in peace, wherever you are Sushant.…
Sushant, you were a friend and inspiration. You were my favorite. I used to give your example everywhere. I still can't believe this. This should not have happened.
Love you always, rest in peace. 😢💖
Chetan Bhagat Retweeted ·  
@chetan_bhagat⁩ nice article
Possibly sensitive media. Public access unavailable.
Dear @chetan_bhagat You have changed the reading habit of an entire generation. My son Ayansh is turning 2 on 11th June. Due 2 restrictions v r unable to celebrate his birthday. Your wishes & blessings will make his birthday special. Regards @tgoyal3480 #HBDAyansh
Why did we lockdown the world then? Why did we wreck economies, industries and millions of jobs? This is an absolutely baffling statement from WHO.

So much for 'listen to the experts' !

Asymptomatic spread of coronavirus is ‘very rare,’ WHO says…
Thank you 🙏🙏 @chetan_bhagat
for writing this soul searching article. May it inspire our nation.…
My son is trying to help stranded travellers wishing to travel to/from India. Ppl interested can fill this simple form Please share with anyone who wants to travel to/from India. Info will be sent to relevant authorities to help them take further action.
Travel To/From India
.⁦@chetan_bhagat⁩ on the three mistakes of India’s (economic) life: 1. Voters don’t care about the economy. 2. Governments (of all parties) are anti-business. 3. Indian industrialists lack innovation.…
Chetan Bhagat Retweeted ·  
In reply to @chetan_bhagat
@chetan_bhagat says it as it is. And before we jump on Anti Modi, pro-Modi bandwagon, realise that this is a commentary on Indian people and our mindset. After all, यथा राजा तथा प्रजा - the king is after all a representation of the citizens…
Chetan Bhagat Retweeted ·  
Why don’t Indians care for economy? It’s a confounding& fascinating question. Maybe Indians arent ambitious enough. Maybe w believe in fate too much. We think money will only come if God wants, not if we work for it. As long as we get tasty food and a bed to sleep in, it is enoug
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