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Last 50 tweets from @citizenstewart
An accurate depiction of how they want history taught.
In reply to @karinchenoweth
I don’t know how anyone can survey the landscape of what’s going on and not see that these laws (actual power being put into effect) and the disinformation campaign connected to them as the bigger threat.... but we are the problem for insisting white Americans face the history.
Replying to @andthom @karinchenoweth and 7 others
They hate "the left" more than they love reason, accuracy, truth, fair debate, or POC who fail to puppet all the words they want POC to puppet.
In reply to @citizenstewart
I am surprised because this review could have been written without reading the book. Dag, it wasn’t worth a critical read? Speaks volumes.
Replying to @LMichelleJ87 @andthom and 8 others
I've given up on this being about good faith intellectual debate. It's about dogma and cultural chauvinism pretending to be heterodox free-thinking.
Check out this article: Study: School choice in Indiana led to savings for state.…
If your village has any idiots - and every village does - white supremacy will find every one of them and give them weapons and titles.
In reply to @karinchenoweth
I'm kind of confused by that as well. "Radically pragmatic and unapologetically patriotic..." sounds every bit as political as the activism you say should be left at home. Kind of a weak move to quote @citizenstewart 's tweet while not interacting with his piece on the topic.
Replying to @andthom @karinchenoweth and 7 others
This piece ironically proves the point in the quote attributed to me.
This young lady is just so ugly—on the inside.
Replying to @soledadobrien
The sound of vapid entitlement and unearned privilege taking up a high-profile media seat in the infotainment business.
I love this here. I'm so tired of the left-wing attacks on Black parents who demand educational alternatives to the system that does us dirty every day. Constantly insinuating we do it for pay or out of ignorance or for ill motives is the height of fauxgressive racism.
#ICYMI @KrystalRBarnet1 with a word for keyboard bullies and talkers. Whew. 🔥
Seems like yesterday.
27-years ago today.

The OJ Simpson/Bronco chase…
I just wrote a sentence, re-read it, and went back and took the Oxford comma out and now I don’t even know who i am anymore.
Citizen Stewart Retweeted ·  
How can states making the most of the Emergency Connectivity Fund in the long-term?…
#DigitalEquity #DigitalDivide
Citizen Stewart Retweeted ·  
We need to quit conceding that CRT is being taught in public schools.

Conservatives do this thing where they redefine words and then people use those definitions as if they are accurate.

We gotta stop doing that.

If your kid is learning CRT, your kid is in law/grad school.
Citizen Stewart Retweeted ·  
"4-Day Workweek Boosted Workers' Productivity By 40%, Microsoft Japan Says"…
I mean, if you think privatizing education is bad, you haven't studied the publicization of it.
Groups that want to privatize public education will stop at nothing to get their message out there. We have to be smart media consumers and discern news from sponsored content.…
Citizen Stewart Retweeted ·  
I'm trying to write about teacher salaries, but I can't stop thinking about this chart:
Citizen Stewart Retweeted ·  
NEA employees picketed outside of union headquarters in DC this week, looking to get a larger chunk of NEA's $371 million budget. @The74
I don't know who needs to hear this,, but:

Normalize paying to get through paywalls. That work wasn't free.
Replying to @marlonawalker
Ok, yes. Could I have two qualifications? 1. Not for access to publicly-funded information (e.g. University studies). 2. Allow social media users to filter out promoted content to content that is behind firewalls.
Citizen Stewart Retweeted ·  
A lot of nyc mayoral candidates think that a proper response to untreated mental illness is putting humans in cages, and that’s evil.
Citizen Stewart Retweeted ·  
“When we lose one blessing, another is often most unexpectedly given in its place.”-C.S. Lewis
Citizen Stewart Retweeted ·  
"It's so important that we are including SAFE and INCLUSIVE environments for the children we are serving." @ShaynaTerrell1 #Pride2021 #BlackEducatorPipeline
Citizen Stewart Retweeted ·  
"Nephew said area friends suggested she apply to charter school Success Academy two years ago and that she won a spot." (Repeating a grade was not his fault though and I hope they can accelerate to get him back on track.)…
In reply to @citizenstewart
If these were results in the private sector, stores, business... these buildings would be shut down. Their customers would not be forced, by law, to keep shopping there or using their service.
Replying to @schoolchoicegal
The revolt would be unstoppable!
my rhymin' is a vitamin
without a capsule
Citizen Stewart Retweeted ·  
When my kids’ school began to teach CCSS math they brought parents in to show us. It helped us see how it was better and we supported it instead of railing against CCSS or feeling upset because we couldn’t help with homework. We can do this with US History. Bring parents along.
Citizen Stewart Retweeted ·  
I homeschooled 10 yrs before the pandemic. My dad homeschooled 4 out 6 of my siblings. There are 7 of us, 6 with Masters Degrees & 1 PhD. We are all productive & contributing citizens.

This takes away from the Brown v. Board symbolic Civil Rights #MakeSense
Citizen Stewart Retweeted ·  
Did any of the 7500 people running for Mayor mention this or any solutions last night during the debate? I watched the first hour, and education only came up during one of those too cute one-word answer segments...#ChildrenDeserveBetter #ParentsDeserveChoice
Citizen Stewart Retweeted ·  
"It's like thinking people, with a heart for justice for all... we're losing our country to Tucker Carlson world, anti-diversity, open racists.." @citizenstewart #UnPublic
Citizen Ed @CitizenEdu
Citizen Stewart Retweeted ·  
"The warriors of privilege are well resourced, well-organized, backed by think tanks and working to ensure their privilege stays." @citizenstewart #UnPublic
Citizen Ed @CitizenEdu
"Money’s not the problem. PS 134 spent $27,000 per student in 2019, more than double the national average... Catholic schools and small private schools in the area spend far less, with far better results."…
Black parents' righteous fury at NYC public school failure
"District-wide, just 28% of black students in grades 3-8 passed their 2019 state math exams and just 37% passed English. At some schools, almost no one passed: A whopping 94% of fifth-graders at PS 134 in Hollis flunked math; 83 percent bombed English."…
Black parents' righteous fury at NYC public school failure
Citizen Stewart Retweeted ·  
In reply to @citizenstewart
@citizenstewart and @selmekki: On #FreedomFriday and in honor of #JuneTeenth2021 Please remind the people that the system’s recommendation to the newly freed was to stay on the plantation and work for wages.…
In reply to @citizenstewart
If they unionize, will they have an office? Will they hire a staff? Can their staff unionize? Hire a staff? Is there an end to this?
Replying to @davidphardy
That’s the infinite religion.
In reply to @citizenstewart
In the NFL, the kicker gets fired for near misses. Just saying.
Replying to @davidphardy
In Minneapolis’ education system, they promote that kicker to General Manager.
Citizen Stewart Retweeted ·  
In reply to @LMichelleJ87
I just finished grading our incoming 6th graders math diagnostic. Simple: multiply 1 digit by 3, divide 2-3 digits by 1 digit, reduce fractions, vocab. 21% scored ≥75%😩🤦🏾‍♂️ Many left division blank. 5 yrs of elementary school wasted.
Citizen Stewart Retweeted ·  
We don't do a lot of webinars around here, but when we do, we release new data about what future teachers are learning about learning science -- and how their teaching will change as a result. 6/23 at 11aET -- and thanks to our many non-US attendees who've registered!
Citizen Stewart Retweeted ·  
Let’s be perfectly clear, Public education is destroying public education. Ask the parents who’s children live in a city where only 16% of its students read on grade level. Ask our state why did we just get a right to a BASIC education in 2020? Schoooools are failing children
Spy vs. Spy.
Inbox: Staff at the nation's largest teachers' union have authorized a strike against the nation's largest teachers' union.

NEASO President Robin McLean: "We refuse to back down from management’s anti-union tactics" that run counter to NEA's values.
In reply to @citizenstewart
Thats fine.. I've witnessed the inner workings of today's public schools with my own eyes so your logical flags don't really matter. Teaching is 100% without activism. It's literally not in the job description. Be an activist on your time, don't bring it to school curriculum
Apparently, teacher humor.
I love it when good people step up to serve the public interest.
Our children can’t wait on a world 🌎 class educational system. It’s time now. I’m officially running for school board in #Atlanta to do what needs to be done for children to succeed. #Allen4SB @citizenstewart @ZakiyaChinyere @204_aisha @Scharlesquinn @ChiBornfree @AAEteachers
In reply to @erickalenze
Board Q: 'Does your curriculum make kids cleverer if used with fidelity?' Vendor A: 'We can't know. Won't know for ten years. But at least the kids will DEEPLY UNDERSTAND their math.' Board, standing and applauding: 'SOLD! WE'LL TAKE EVERYTHING YA GOT!'
Replying to @erickalenze @GaleMorrisonEd and 5 others
More like... Board: Educators, which math curriculum do you think is best for students? Teachers at wealthier schools: The one with a lot of text. Teachers at poorer schools: The traditional math that has worked before. Board: Ok, let's go with a weak combination of both.
In reply to @dwofthepeople
Here is MCA math scores actual versus target goals of 2020 Strategic plan.
Citizen Stewart Retweeted ·  
A talk with @citizenstewart : Preparing our kids to be agentic.
If you want to help students, help their parents.…
Citizen Stewart Retweeted ·  
We've all been there. Watch FATHERHOOD starring Kevin Hart, June 18, only on Netflix. *claps twice*
STUDY: "I find that the use of exit exams can reduce arrest rates by approximately 7 percent."

h/t @laurawaters…
In reply to @citizenstewart
One look at his profile and the fact that he is implying the original poster is a white supremacist without evidence tells me everything I need to know. I worked with teachers just like Zach. They have abandoned their role as teacher and opted for political activism
Replying to @ThomasBirchfie6 @zfwright and 1 otherfalse
Your tweet raises logical flags for me: One look at a Twitter profile told you all you needed to know? Assuming he has no evidence without engaging his evidence Generalizing teachers "just like Zach" rather than addressing the actual Zach Assuming teaching is without activism
Citizen Stewart Retweeted ·  
TAP IN: @ZakiyaChinyere is joined by Bryan Walker of @HBCUPrepSchool to talk about introducing our students to HBCUs from a young age. #BuildingPower…
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