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Last 50 tweets from @CNN
President Trump spread at least four false claims about the conclusions and costs of the Russia investigation, while pushing back against Democratic leaders who are trying to pick up where special counsel Robert Mueller left off
Resveratrol, a compound produced in the skin of grapes to defend against insects and bacteria, is present in red wine. Mice that were fed large quantities of this compound experienced a beneficial drop in blood pressure, according to a new study.
Michigan Rep. Justin Amash said President Trump's threat to hold up legislation until Democrats drop their investigations into him is "irresponsible"
In the '90s, Soul Asylum -- in partnership with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children -- released the "Runway Train" music video featuring missing children from around the country. There's a new version for the video's 25th anniversary
Barack Obama 2012 was better than Donald Trump 2020 | Analysis by @CillizzaCNN
McDonald's is taking a lot of heat from workers' rights groups leading up to its annual shareholder meeting Thursday.

This week, the burger chain has been accused of failing to protect workers from sexual harassment and violence.
A 10-year-old migrant child died while in the care of the Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Refugee Resettlement in September of last year, according to a department spokesman
"Being President isn't another round of golf at Mar-a-Lago," says Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin, reflecting on Pres. Trump's unwillingness to work with Dems while probes continue. "It's a tough job. ... The question now is whether he wants to govern in the closing two years."
"I wish I had a camera, it would have made the highlight film of the Trump presidency," says Sen Dick Durbin, describing today's meeting at the WH which Pres. Trump ended after 5 minutes.

"It was dramatic...but it didn't get the job done in terms of serving the American people."
This human-like robot can climb steps, walk on uneven terrain and stay balanced even if it's bumped. Ford is testing the robot, called Digit, with the goal of having it carry deliveries from self-driving cars to customers' doorsteps.
"It was bizarre and also very disappointing."

That's how Michigan Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow described her meeting along with other congressional leaders at the White House today, which President Trump reportedly ended after just 5 minutes.
.@andersoncooper: The idea that President Trump makes the finest wine anywhere in the world? I'm no sommelier... I can't even pronounce it... but that just doesn't smell right. #TheRidiculist
Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters says she'll continue to use the House Financial Services Committee, of which she is the chairwoman, to investigate President Trump's finances whether or not Democratic leadership decides to support impeachment.
President Trump was "triggered" by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's “cover-up” comment, says New York Times White House correspondent @maggieNYT, on why Trump blew up an infrastructure meeting with congressional leaders just 5 minutes after it began.
"I don't think he does well with strong, smart women," says Sen. Debbie Stabenow on President Trump's reaction to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the White House today.
"It was bizarre and also very disappointing."

That's how Michigan Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow described her meeting along with other congressional reporters at the White House today, which President Trump reportedly ended after just 5 minutes.
.@andersoncooper: Once again the world is learning how easy it is to get under the skin of the most powerful man on earth.

Today after storming out of an infrastructure meeting, Pres. Trump unloaded on live TV. That is not normal. Not even by the lights of these abnormal times.
"President Trump is fueling this crisis of division. We're going backwards not forwards ... you got to be able to bring people together."

Democratic presidential candidate @Hickenlooper, on Trump walking out of infrastructure meeting amid feud with Dems.
"It was odd...there were people sitting at the table I've never seen before...I think it was a staged event."

@RepPeterDeFazio describes the infrastructure meeting in which Trump left after announcing he'd no longer work with Dems. amid oversight requests
Disney knew it wouldn't recast Princess Leia in the new movie "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker." And a digital version of the late Carrie Fisher wouldn't do her or the character justice. But the director found another option.
This brutal creature is wiping out everything besides itself | By Carl Safina for @CNNOpinion
CNN Retweeted ·  
From campaign finance to environmental impact statements, trade to tax law, construction, technology, drones, and debt, this list of things Trump knows more about - than everyone else - is ever-growing. We can move infrastructure into the mix.
Rep. Adam Schiff says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's strategy of holding back calling for the start of impeachment procedures is "bearing fruit," adding that "we have two courts that have ruled in our favor."
.@WolfBlitzer: "For the first time today, the House Speaker...said the Trump administration, the President of the United States is engaged in a cover-up. Do you agree?"

Rep. Schiff: "I absolutely agree... It's hard to look at the Mueller report and reach any other conclusion."
House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff calls a federal judge's decision to uphold House subpoenas for President Trump's financial records a "resounding win for our system of checks and balances."
Rep. Ted Lieu: "Let me just be very clear. Democrats are not saying impeachment. What I'm saying, what some others are saying, is an impeachment inquiry. Which is we have to start these investigations to see if we should do impeachment. Those are very different issues."
Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu says President Trump's abrupt end to a second round of infrastructure talks shows "that the President is a petulant child, and that has serious consequences."
"Democrats ultimately believe this is all an effort to kill what could be one bipartisan accomplishment even though the two sides were at odds over that key issue." - Manu Raju on House Democrats' reaction to the President abruptly ending a second round of infrastructure talks
A baby girl, just a few months old, died after being left in a day care van in Florida, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office
In 1992, Soul Asylum in partnership with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children released the iconic "Runway Train" music video featuring missing children from around the country. There's a new version made for the song's 25th anniversary.
Three more parents pleaded guilty in federal court, the latest to fall in what authorities called the largest collegiate admissions scam ever prosecuted
Republican Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana said Democrats need to "urinate or get off the pot" when it comes to impeachment proceedings against President Trump
Health officials in New York distributed information sheets in an effort to stem the tide of a growing measles outbreak in ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities. But something got lost in translation: the Yiddish was mangled, according to language experts
John Walker Lindh, the so-called "American Taliban" whose capture in Afghanistan riveted a country in the early days after the September 11 attacks, is set to be released from prison this week
Republican Vermont Gov. Phil Scott intends to allow a comprehensive abortion rights bill to become law, as other states led by Republican governors across the nation work to restrict the procedure
Abortion is not always a red v. blue issue | Analysis by @zbyronwolf
Sen. Chris Murphy warned that President Trump is considering using an "obscure loophole" in arms control law that would allow his administration to sell a new batch of bombs to Saudi Arabia without congressional approval
A cheaper generic version of the rapid-acting insulin Humalog has hit the market, according to a statement by drugmaker Eli Lilly.

The company announced its plans in March amid growing concerns about the soaring prices of drugs, insulin in particular.
FIFA says the number of teams at the next men's World Cup will remain at 32.

FIFA had considered expanding the field for the 2022 finals, to be held in Qatar, to 48 teams.
CNN Retweeted ·  
Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin faces questions from @ChrisCuomo, 9p ET tonight on @CNN and
Pres. Trump honored 14 public safety officers for their acts of heroism with the Medal of Valor at the White House. Honorees included an Ohio State University officer who thwarted an act of terrorism & a fallen Dallas officer killed during a mass shooting.
President Trump's angry threats too not work with congressional Democrats until they stopped investigating him came at a sensitive time for talks over several important issues that bipartisan negotiators had hoped to wrap up before Memorial Day recess
The senior Democrat and Republican members of the House Armed Services Committee criticized acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan over a new policy which they say seeks to limit congressional oversight of the Pentagon
SpaceX's rivals just blew the cover off the rocket company's secretive lawsuit against the US government
Amazon won a facial-recognition vote as shareholders rejected a proposal that asked the company to stop the practice, but the worries surrounding the technology are unlikely to dissipate
"I think it is rather outrageous for the go storming out of the meeting," says Dem. Sen. Bernie Sanders on the the dispute between congressional leaders and Trump.

"If he can't take a little bit of criticism, he should think twice of being President," Sanders adds
"It may well be a time for an impeachment inquiry to begin," Sen. Bernie Sanders says, responding to President Trump's dispute with congressional leaders. He worries other concerns won't be noticed, but "I do understand where House members are coming from"
Tesla's new Navigate on Autopilot feature performs much worse than a typical human driver at things like changing lanes and passing and poses a serious safety risk, according to Consumer Reports
Democrats' dilemma: To impeach or not to impeach? | Analysis by CNN's @GloriaBorger
A book that examines the effect of the criminal justice system on black men is reportedly not welcome in Arizona prisons
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