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Last 50 tweets from @ConanOBrien
I’m selling this limited edition poster by @kiiarens on the #ConanAndFriends tour.
26 722
When Trump's kids are bad, they get coal subsidies in their stockings.
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628 6,079
Starting a tutoring company that only teaches entertainment reporters how to pronounce "Saoirse."
  · Hootsuite Inc. · en
403 6,132
.@daxshepard and I get to the bottom of our failed double date @
  · Hootsuite Inc. · en
29 933
I bet Hillary no longer finds it funny when she walks into a bagel place and people chant, "Lox her up!"
  · Hootsuite Inc. · en
502 7,911
Aaa yes, that time of year again when we all break out the word ‘Tis.
1,465 15,080
As part of her holiday give-away Ellen just gave everyone in her audience their own Netflix show.
515 8,320
Time to do the same thing I do every year at this time: hire the FBI to figure out who my Secret Santa was in 1995. I will find you, candle-giver.
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495 7,492
I like my pizza like I like my pizza: pizza.
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2,386 15,505
If you Google “How do I stop receiving Pottery Barn catalogs?” the top result is a page with instructions for faking your own death.
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888 9,818
If I could only listen to one album for the rest of my life, I would probably wonder what kind of fascist regime I was living under.
  · Hootsuite · en
1,290 12,110
.@billburr and I talk about conspiracy theories, Burt Reynolds, and growing up with red hair @
  · Hootsuite · en
173 2,807
I wonder if Crackle and Pop ever say, “Oh, Snap.”
  · Hootsuite · en
735 8,147
Ah yes, time for the annual debate between people who insist “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie and people who don’t give a shit.
  · Hootsuite · en
3,812 34,183
Spent a day with President George H.W. Bush at Dartmouth College in 2010. He could not have been kinder and he was absolutely lovely to my parents. It was an honor I’ll always remember.
622 14,333
Should have just said, “Who wants a cocktail?” instead of “Who will join me in briefly drowning out the shriek of The Abyss?”
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591 5,045
We can’t sleep, and now you can’t either. #ConanAndFriends
215 4,248
@ConanOBrien You’re cordially invited come down to @FirstAvenue tonight and sit in with us and Eddie Angel after your set 🎸 🎄⚡️🦅@TeamCoco
4 54
Replying to @jdmcphersonjr :
@jdmcphersonjr @FirstAvenue @TeamCoco I would love to sit in with you tonight but my show doesn’t end until 10:30pm. How late are you guys going to be there? And do you have a tuba?
3 74
I’ll be sending this out as my holiday card this year. Apologies to my family. #ConanAndFriends
106 2,076
Simple way to get my kids to brush their teeth and do their homework: if they don't, they have to be a guest on my podcast.
  · Hootsuite · en
357 6,913
I rented a new family while I was in Japan. Yes, you can do that there. Check it out and then tune in to #ConanJapan tonight @ 10pm on @TBSNetwork.
Conan Rents A Family In Japan
240 1,948
It evens out, because most climate scientists can't believe Trump is president.
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6,348 38,144
  · Hootsuite · en
1,001 15,375
Someone visiting Ireland sent me this photo of an ancient bog person. It looks just like me when I forget to moisturize.
565 10,043
Conan O'Brien Retweeted ·  
.@IMKristenBell gave me some great advice about friendship and face lift tape.
  · Hootsuite · en
55 685
.@IMKristenBell gave me some great advice about friendship and face lift tape.
  · Hootsuite · en
55 685
Product idea: honey, packaged inside a little human, but with a bear chasing it.
  · Hootsuite · en
202 3,037
Every time I see a giant pink bouncy castle going up in my neighbor’s back yard, I’m reminded that he still has my giant pink bouncy castle.
  · Hootsuite · en
388 7,128
I don’t need to buy anything on Black Friday, I just want to get in a fistfight at Bed Bath and Beyond to feel alive.
  · Hootsuite · en
4,220 28,822
Conan O'Brien Retweeted ·  
Will Ferrell sat down for the premiere episode of my new podcast. If you like Will Ferrell and Conan O’Brien but hate our faces, check it out!
  · Hootsuite · en
884 13,600
Having an authentic Thanksgiving celebration this year. I’m giving my family smallpox.
  · Hootsuite · en
2,114 16,264
Do you think Abe Lincoln would have declared Thanksgiving a national holiday if he knew it would mean the Lions play every year?
  · Hootsuite · en
896 7,127
Fun fact: the guy who had the idea for turducken was watching porn at the time.
  · Hootsuite · en
498 4,964
I bet a part of Mueller is also hoping this thing wraps up soon so he doesn't miss the next season of Game of Thrones.
  · Hootsuite · en
329 4,549
Please, show some respect and use its full name: "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald: The Plight of Scamander: The Ritings of Rowling: The Windfall of Redmayne: The Disregard of Depp-cusations: The Disbelief You Read This Far: MagicTimes FunWithWands ZipZap.”
  · Hootsuite · en
1,241 10,469
In my experience, an apple a day keeps Hugh Jackman away, but, no, I can't confirm that they're connected.
  · Hootsuite · en
209 3,292
Will Ferrell sat down for the premiere episode of my new podcast. If you like Will Ferrell and Conan O’Brien but hate our faces, check it out!
  · Hootsuite · en
884 13,600
This is my favorite time of year: every Sunday, the boys come over, we order hot wings and watch "Love Actually."
  · Hootsuite · en
1,798 24,556
I was just adopted by this bachelorette party in Austin. #girlsweekend
102 2,938
In Texas, this is a light breakfast. #ConanAndFriends
556 9,404
This is the 47th wedding I’ve ruined. When I hit 50 I can retire. #ConanAndFriends
557 10,024
Studies show young people are having less sex than previous generations. I knew I was ahead of my time.
  · Hootsuite · en
2,062 23,315
On my tour, I’m selling these limited edition posters by @kiiarens. Ah, I was such a sweet young girl. #ConanAndFriends
155 2,865
When Lou Dobbs said illegals were coming into our country to vote, maybe he was thinking of this comedy bit we shot:…
The White House Has Proof Of Widespread Illegal Voting - CONAN on TBS
73 561
Either the barista got my name *really* wrong, or I just drank Erica’s mochaccino.
  · Hootsuite · en
399 5,900
Conan O'Brien Retweeted ·  
New BS Podcast: a long, overdue hang w/ @ConanOBrien on SNL, The Simpsons, funniest people, Ted Williams, Greg Daniels, the past/current/future state of late night, his new podcast + much more. Starts at 24-min mark. (GSW stuff plus NFL picks at top.)…
The Bill Simmons Podcast by The Ringer on Apple Podcasts
  · Twitter for iPad · en
42 456
Just had my first non-Tootsie Roll breakfast since Halloween.
  · Hootsuite · en
378 5,888
Terrible office scheduling here. Somehow, Bring Your Dog to Work Day is on the same day as Wear Steak Pants to Work Day.
  · Hootsuite · en
340 5,121
Visit to bid on four VIP tickets to my show in Burbank. All proceeds go to @HomesForOurTrps, who are building homes for our most severely wounded post-9/11 veterans.
Four Tickets to CONAN and Photo Op
64 478
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