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Last 50 tweets from @CORDIS_EU
Green washing to be proud of – with the world’s first alternative to microplastic fragrance capsules for laundry 👖🌿

With 🇪🇺funding, @CalyxiaHQ developed #biodegradable laundry fragrance microcapsules to battle #microplastic pollution.…
EU Research Results Retweeted ·  
Preventing sudden #cardiac death in children: ERC-supported research led by Silvia Giuliana Priori at @unipv investigated a novel #genetherapy 🧬 for two inherited diseases that can cause this tragedy ➡️

🇪🇺#EUfunded @CORDIS_EU #WorldRestartAHeart
#EUfunded researcher @ErezNeta at @TelAvivUni🇮🇱 is examining how fibroblasts aid cancer #metastasis.

This could open the door to new ways of treating advanced #cancers 🧫
EU Research Results Retweeted ·  
📢#SaveTheDate for #EUSPA’s Space Downstream Innovation Days, taking place both online and in #Prague🇨🇿 8-9 November. The hybrid event will present the latest EUSPA funding opportunities, including #HorizonEurope, #CASSINI, #FundamentalElements, & more!…
Today is the #WorldFoodDay 🥕

Europe has achieved a stable supply of affordable food but this success has come at the cost of the environment 🌿

Meet 11 🇪🇺funded projects that are putting Europe's farming sector on a more #sustainable path 🍏

To accept or reject, that is the question 🤔
We have selected the @TiPES_H2020 as the #EUProjectoftheMonth this time 🏆

The project focusses on the urgent need to examine the #Earth system's tipping points while developing the models of prediction for it 🌍
#MachineLearning algorithms that match tumours with treatments 🩺💊

#EUfunded researchers at @ICO_cancer have combined data from the 🇪🇺 and 🇺🇸 to identify new #biomarkers for breast cancer tumours.…
Bringing innovative #blockchain technology into the financial mainstream ⛓️💳

In our latest #researchEU we are catching up with @BillonGroup that set out to open up access to secure, simple and low-cost digital payments to everyone. #FinTech
What the past can tell us about the future ❄️

@MSCActions🇪🇺-supported researchers at @AarhusUni_int🇩🇰 are unravelling the secrets of the #Arctic ice to better forecast the evolution of its sea-ice melt 💧…
Seeing the star formation in a new light 🔦

Scientists at @chalmersuniv🇸🇪 created an innovative map that shows the location and structure of thousands of star-forming gas clouds in the #MilkyWay 🌌

Supported by @ERC_Research 🇪🇺🔭
EU Research Results Retweeted ·  
We're rolling our sleeves & getting ready for action 💪
We will begin our workshops - a total of 20 online & presential sessions - that will debate cutting-edge issues, practical solutions & promote responsible #robotics.
It's all happening very SOON - stay tuned! ⏳
EU Research Results Retweeted ·  
📚Get to Know more about #AmyotrophicLateralSclerosis

The use of biotelemetry to explore novel #ALS disease progression markers: watch out the results of an exploratory study aimed to objectively monitor ALS patients at home🏡

Fearless researchers supported by @ERC_Research🇪🇺 scaled volcanoes to capture samples of bacteria living in the hot, acidic soils there 🌋

Why? To find clues for how we can capture greenhouse gases such as #methane 🔍
Scientists supported by @ERC_Research🇪🇺 & hosted at @EPFL_en🇨🇭 grew a crystal as large as a newborn baby 👶 to investigate its potential in optical computers💻, #photovoltaics ☀️🔌 and more.
EU Research Results Retweeted ·  
Welcome to the🆕 account for the EIT’s HEI Initiative: Innovation Capacity Building for #HigherEducation! 👩‍🏫

The initiative will support 🇪🇺 projects providing a big impact on #entrepreneurship & #innovation.

Follow us to learn about news📰, calls for proposals📢and more!✅
EU Research Results Retweeted ·  
"Intelligent design-to-production platform creates custom-built furniture" - exciting article (in six languages) about Many thanks to @CORDIS_EU!

EU Research Results Retweeted ·  
We are pleased to inform you that the SeaDataCloud project and the SeaDataNet infrastructure have been presented by Michele Fichaut, in collaboration with the CORDIS Editorial Team, in the “Results in Brief” article @CORDIS_EU #SeaDataNet #marine #data
#DYK that seaweed has been used for centuries in traditional medicine and food?

Now #EUfunded researchers are showing us how cultivated seaweed can be good for us and the environment 🌍

Have you ever eaten seaweed?
The Nobel season is wrapped up for this time 🥇

Congratulations to 🇪🇺-backed laureate Benjamin List, a German🇩🇪 chemist whose groundbreaking research into molecular construction has earned him the 2021 #NobelPrize in Chemistry 🧑‍🔬⚗️

Cargo trucks have been used as weapons for terrorist attacks. 🥀

The 🇪🇺funded @TransSec project brings together the #auto & #tech sectors to help secure #RoadTransport and prevent truck-based intentional attacks 🚛

Extraordinarily ‘clean’ process water opens the floodgates of innovation in the #semiconductor industry 💡💧

#EUfunded ULTRAWAT project developed an integrated #wastewater treatment & resource recovery system to isolate all contaminants ❌☠️

EU Research Results Retweeted ·  
🆕Happy International #DayoftheGirl! ♀️👩

📌#H2020 projects @shemakes_eu & @Equals_EU aim to empower future women innovators, focusing on creating role models for girls & develop solutions for girls’ digital inclusion! 💪🔝

ℹ👉!Q4Hm7J #IDGC2021 #UnionOfEquality
EU Research Results Retweeted ·  
🆕 As the #CoP15, the biggest biodiversity conference in a decade, just started, nature is looking at us

It’s time to tackle the #NatureCrisis with the same urgency as the #ClimateCrisis

The 🇪🇺 is leading efforts to achieve an ambitious 🌍 agreement…
Driving Europe towards #ZeroEmission road transport with a novel electric vehicle battery 🚗🔋 #EVs…
Deep-sea #sponges are fascinating, ancient animals.

They also play an essential role in maintaining the #ocean’s health 🌊

@MSCActions🇪🇺-supported researchers took a closer look at these often-overlooked animals 🔍

EU Research Results Retweeted ·  
🇪🇺funded @CircularCityEU is closing the loop of two of Europe’s major waste streams: #biowaste, and construction & demolition waste 🏗️🧱

Now the project is introducing composting islands in Porto🇵🇹 so residents can deposit their organic waste ♻️

EU Research Results Retweeted ·  
🗄️ ERC grantee James Kapalo dug into secret police #archives to shed new light on the lives of religious minorities in 20th century central and eastern #Europe.

Read 👉

🇪🇺@CORDIS_EU @EUScienceInnov @eurireland
@hiddengalleries @UCC @UCCDeptReligion
#EUresearch is tackling many of today's key challenges by developing solutions to help:
🌍 beat the #ClimateCrisis
🦔 preserve our precious #biodiveristy
🩺 boost the #efficiency of Europe's health systems

So let's hope that the #science of today is the #tech of tomorrow 🤍
How to reduce the #construction industry’s carbon footprint? 🤔🏗️

Prefabricated wooden buildings can provide plausible options to achieve nearly #ZeroEnergy requirements in a more cost-efficient manner to help combat #ClimateChange 🌍🏘️

How to farm mussels and oysters more sustainably? 🦪

With a novel precision #aquaculture technology that helps farmers predict water quality events 🌊🔍

Developed by 🇪🇺funded @gain2020 ⤵️
Historic representations of #Gypsy life in the western #Mediterranean tend to be selective.

By tapping into new sources, #EUfunded researchers have succeeded in recreating a vivid picture of what life was really like 🖌️…
Philosophy of science 💡

Our new episode of #CORDIScovery 🎙️ explores the energy and excitement of curiosity 🧠🤔

Listen now ➡️
With the support of #EUfunding, this innovative Italian🇮🇹 design company @mogumycelium is using a natural, mushroom-based🍄 material to create a #sustainable alternative to plastic-based floortiles ⤵️
EU Research Results Retweeted ·  
In reply to @ERC_Research
What a week! 🏅🇪🇺 ERC grantee Benjamin List wins #NobelPrize in Chemistry! He developed efficient catalysts that help build e.g. new molecules for medicines or solar cells, making chemistry greener & more selective. We supported him for over a decade!👇…
📢 #HBPSummit 2021 is a 4-day scientific conference organised by the @HumanBrainProj 🧠

Join the online event and exchange ideas around groundbreaking brain science 🔬

Register before 10 October 👇
Towards better patient care with the 🇪🇺funded @iMPACT_HTA project 👩‍⚕️

New tools and methods for #HealthTech assessments will improve decision-making & promote cooperation among the Member States 🤝

💊 A new #drug for treating pulmonary arterial hypertension, or #PAH, developed by @ATXA_Ireland🇮🇪 & w/ the support of #EUfunding, could represent a game-changer for treating this debilitating & often fatal #disease:

EU Research Results Retweeted ·  
"How do Europeans expect connected and autonomous vehicles (#CAVs) to affect driving efficiency, road safety, data protection and sustainability?" Discover the survey's results in the @CORDIS_EU's article 👉
Our next #CORDIScovery 🎙️ podcast episode focuses on #philosophy 🤔, including Objectivity, Perspective Realism, and the Philosophy of Magic 🎩

📢 Which research topic should we dive into next? Let us know 👇
A hair cell and liver cell have the same #DNA, but very different functionality 🧬

#EUfunded physicists at @PhysAstroEd🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 have been untangling the secret of how our bodies tidy away all the genetic material 🔬

EU Research Results Retweeted ·  
🪐An exoplanet orbiting a young star >300 light years away has given researchers insight into the atmosphere of planets beyond our solar system, & the process of planet formation.

Read about this "super Jupiter" 👉

@UniLeiden @maxplanckpress @CORDIS_EU
A growing population & #ClimateChange mean that agricultural productivity must increase sustainably 🌾📈

Researchers at @MPIMP_Potsdam turn to synthetically engineered plants for a solution🌱 They could be the green chemical factories of the future 🌍

Religious minorities were often repressed during the 20th century under both #fascism and #communism.

@hiddengalleries is exploring the confiscated artefacts from secret police archives to shed new light on this 🔍

Supported by @ERC_Research🇪🇺 & hosted at @UCC🇮🇪
🇪🇺funded @CircularCityEU is closing the loop of two of Europe’s major waste streams: #biowaste, and construction & demolition waste 🏗️🧱

Now the project is introducing composting islands in Porto🇵🇹 so residents can deposit their organic waste ♻️

EU Research Results Retweeted ·  
📫SPATIAL Press Release is out‼️

SPATIAL project covers #DataPrivacy, resilience engineering, and legal-ethical accountability, in line with Europe's priority to achieve trustworthy #AI.
It is coordinated by @aaronyiding (@tudelftTBM)


EU Research Results Retweeted ·  
A fish farming system called NEPTUN 🐟

This #EUfunded project developed a closed-cage system creating an environment-friendly, biosecure habitat for raising Atlantic salmon & minimising:
🌍 pollution
🤒 disease outbreaks


#aquaculture #ecofriendly
EU Research Results Retweeted ·  
Discussing science #dissemination with Alessandra Fornetti @ale__for, the project coordinator of #H2020
@quest_eu 🗣️

Among other ideas, she highlights the importance of:
🔵 sharing good/bad practices ✅❌
🔵 opening the dialogue with the general public 💬

EU Research Results Retweeted ·  
To achieve our climate goals, we must boost the #EnergyEfficiency of our buildings 🏘️🔌

But doing so requires #upskilling the building professionals 👷‍♂️

Enter the @CEN_CE_ project that is training experts in energy-efficient construction ⤵️
EU Research Results Retweeted ·  
#Antibiotics are not automatic quick fixes 🙅‍♂️

Resistant bacterial strains do emerge, rendering treatments ineffective.

The Tolerome project studied bacterial pathways to #AntibioticResistance, providing game-changing results ➡️…
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