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Last 50 tweets from @CristobalJAlex
This is absolutely disgusting. While our government is shutdown and workers go without pay, @realDonaldTrump & @GOP spent $100m on a party so Trump “could make a big entrance”.

At Trump’s Inauguration, $10,000 for Makeup and Lots of Room Service…
1 1
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
This President is holding this island hostage all so he can build a 2,000 mile monument to xenophobia. @realDonaldTrump needs to reopen the government and help Puerto Rico recover from the devastation of Hurricane Maria.
22 50
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
Federal employees are literally reporting that they cannot afford essential prescription medications. Like insulin. Life or death stuff.

PBS just reported a woman who postponed an essential surgery.

This is shameful. Just shameful.

Trump has no shame though.
5,722 18,118
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
They sure added a lot of burgers to The Shining.
1,449 10,691
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
I’m proud of @MittRomney for this stance. Flame me if you want. This was a very strong stance. The right one.
153 1,606
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
Thank you. President Trump failed the people of Puerto Rico, but I will not. I believe that everybody counts, and I look forward to making sure Puerto Rico doesn’t just recover but that it thrives.
347 1,862
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
Thank you to @CarmenYulinCruz and @latinovictoryus for hosting me in San Juan. I was inspired by the folks on the ground putting in hard work to rebuild every day. Please continue to send support; there is still so much to be done here. #RebuildPuertoRico
156 702
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
Matt A. Barreto 🇵🇪 ⚽️
Highlights from today's @latinovictoryus summit PR 🇵🇷, poll findings that show 67% of Latinos more likely to vote Democrat if @JulianCastro is on the ticket in 2020, an 11-point gain off a generic Latino candidate on the ballot. #RepresentationMatters
19 32
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
Great to meet you, Clarita!
56 603
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
.@Vegalteno is kicking off our #LatinoPoliticalSummit:

“We’re here today in Puerto Rico because we need to make sure that we are still talking about this."

The largest congressional delegation ever to come to Puerto Rico is here today to hear about the crisis still ongoing.
6 19
Thank you ⁦@latinovictoryus⁩ co-founder ⁦@HenryRMunozIII⁩ for leading the way! 2020 here we come.
2 5
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
Matt A. Barreto 🇵🇪 ⚽️
Following his great speech at the LVP summit Prez candidate @JulianCastro stops to sign quick autograph from his biggest fan, and my 9-yo daughter Clarita! Gracias! 👊🏽🙏🏽❤ You are inspiring the next generation of Latinas!
11 122
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
“It’s unbelievable that we just elected the first Latinas to Congress from Texas… a place where we Latinos should have a lot of representation. And I’m not talking about Ted Cruz.”

🙌🏽 AGREED, @Vegalteno, agreed. #LatinoPoliticalSummit
7 14
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
Thank you @patrickgaspard for your wonderful words and vision at the @latinovictoryus 2019 Latino Political Summit
3 10
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
.@JulianCastro now making stop in San Juan w/ @CarmenYulinCruz. On Trump criticism of Dems in PR, Castro says they’re doing “substantive work” there & he wishes Trump would focus on job of POTUS vs. Twitter fights. Mayor: Trump doesn’t have “moral footing” to go after Ds in PR.
49 119
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
Helping Americans regain their livelihoods and jumpstart their economy is NOT a partisan issue. A strong #PuertoRico is a strong #UnitedStates. Criticism from @PressSec and the @GOP is pure politics and inappropriate. #GrowUp
2 2
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
The path for 2020. Lessons learned from 2018. Great insight and research from ⁦@CristobalJAlex⁩ and ⁦@realMABarreto⁩ from ⁦@LatinoDecisions⁩ at the ⁦@latinovictoryus⁩ Summit.
6 10
While @realDonaldTrump tweets & holds the country hostage, the largest Congressional delegation to ever visit #PuertoRico has been meeting with survivors & electeds to get the island the help it needs. Thanks to the @HispanicCaucus Members & allies for your courage and support.
Lin-Manuel Miranda pushes back on criticism over congressional delegation's Puerto Rico trip
  · SocialFlow · en
34 111
32 82
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
Thank you, Latino Victory Fund @LVFund! The surge of empowered Latino voters in this election helped Democrats celebrate historic wins, giving us the opportunity to make real progress #ForThePeople on health care, our economy, immigration reform, and more. –NP
131 394
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
.@JulianCastro acaba de lanzar una campaña histórica para la presidencia de los Estados Unidos.

No podríamos estar más orgullosos de que nos acompañará en nuestra Conferencia Política en Puerto Rico mañana.…
Democrata participara en la reunion Latino Victory Fund en la isla
6 26
Brutal Ad.... American Nightmare | Latino Victory Fund (D) TV Ad
0 0
Replying to @HeliaERossini1 :
@HeliaERossini1 @RealJamesWoods I thought this was a pretty solid ad. Thanks for sharing it.
0 0
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
As a former judge, I can tell you that innocent people aren’t in the habit of destroying evidence.…
86 228
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
Don’t throw away your shot to watch @Lin_Manuel join our Latino Political Summit here in Puerto Rico TOMORROW! Watch on Facebook Live at 9 AM EST here:
6 24
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  

@JulianCastro just announced the most diverse campaign team ever.

Brilliant Black woman as campaign manager!

-Campaign manager: @MayaRupert
-Campaign chairman: @JoaquinCastrotx
-Deputy campaign manager: @Derek_Eadon
-Senior adviser for comms and digital: @Jennifer_Fiore
414 1,953
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
Matt A. Barreto 🇵🇪 ⚽️
Fortaleza. El Morro. Old San Juan. Getting ready for the @latinovictoryus summit and @HamiltonMusical to build Latino power and support @FlamboyanFDN @Lin_Manuel @HispanicFed
3 46
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
Excited to have @JulianCastro’s voice in the mix and to hear his ideas and vision for the future. Thank you for stepping up to run.
7 47
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
"The biggest threat to our prosperity in the 21st century is climate change." #Julian2020
63 252
.@JulianCastro’s “first campaign stop will be in Puerto Rico, where he will speak on Monday at the Latino Victory Fund’s annual summit and meet with residents still struggling to recover from Hurricane Maria.” 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾@latinovictoryus…
61 234
Worried about @CristobalJAlex given the score of this game.
0 0
Replying to @mcbyrne :
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
.@JulianCastro walking out to ‘Baila Esta Cumbia’ got us like:
28 103
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
This is cool as hell.
10 128
#BabyBoss and I watched @JulianCastro’s historic announcement together and then called him to say how proud we are. She loved the speech but wanted even more mariachi. BB then promptly slapped my face repeatedly while giggling. What a great day. #2020
9 74
Shaun is absolutely right!!! @JulianCastro

@JulianCastro just gave an absolutely masterful speech announcing his candidacy for President of the United States.

One of the best, most compassionate, energetic, authentic announcements I've ever heard.
476 2,788
24 128
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
"Yo soy candidato para Presidente de Estados Unidos," @JulianCastro also says it in Spanish #Julián2020
29 91
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
Julián Castro, the former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, has officially launched his 2020 presidential bid.

Castro, 44, will be one of the youngest contenders in the prospective 2020 Democratic field, and likely the only Latino candidate
  · SocialFlow · en
375 1,103
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
"Together we will show that hope can be bigger than fear, that light can be bigger than darkness, and that truth can be bigger than lies." #Julian2020
228 584
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
”Yo soy candidato para presidente de los Estados Unidos.”


This is a historic moment for the Latino community and the entire nation.
298 969
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
Land of the free and the home of the brave!

@JulianCastro announcement in San Antonio, Texas kicks off with the Star Spangled Banner.
39 140
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
Wow. Love this!
341 2,558
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
The twin brother of @JulianCastro, @JoaquinCastrotx says there are going to be lots of Democratic candidates, but his brother has the best ideas and biggest heart.
6 12
@CNN why aren’t you carrying the @JulianCastro presidential announcement right now?
0 3
If you're watching from home, we're about to get started. Head on over to my Facebook page to watch the livestream.…
126 486
Replying to @JulianCastro :
@JulianCastro Wow that’s a huge crowd. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
0 3
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
If you're watching from home, we're about to get started. Head on over to my Facebook page to watch the livestream.…
126 485
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
Thinking about all the little boys and girls with accent marks in their names who will now know that they too can run for president one day.

126 363
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
New: @JulianCastro is heading to Puerto Rico for his first trip following his 2020 announcement Saturday. He’ll attend @latinovictoryus summit there Monday and tour hurricane recovery efforts.
72 173
People like this don’t come along very often. @Lin_Manuel is doing whatever he can to get #PuertoRico back on its feet. Juxtapose that with a president who responded to the hurricane by tossing paper towels at survivors & now wants to divert aid for a…
  · Twitter for iPad · en
6 25
Cristobal Alex Retweeted ·  
Largest Congressional delegation ever to visit #PuertoRico examining failed response to Hurricane Maria. @SenatorMenendez asks PR Gov what diverting recovery resources for a border wall would do to the island. @ricardorossello: people already suffering impact of slow recovery.
43 77
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