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Last 50 tweets from @cstross
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
How many times I've seen white male westerners telling women from the region to shut up and obey Islamist males...……
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
Trump was nearly but ultimately not cast as the President in SHARKNADO 3, meaning that our current reality is dumber than SHARKNADO 3
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
Unnamed @FiveThirtyEight staffer upon returning from a two-week overseas vacation: "quick question, who is Anthony Scaramucci?"
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
In reply to @mims
Seriously you should drop everything and read this about how young people don't know about broadcast TV……
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
Is anyone cheating on a perfectly good book right now?
In reply to @bronzelemon
@bronzelemon @raudelmil even more relevant meaning then! (I didn’t zoom on the map. My bad.)
@bronzelemon @cstross well, ... given that american ira is "individual retirement account", I can only shudder to think
@raudelmil @bronzelemon This is in London, where IRA means something slightly different …
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
wtf are starbucks planning???
In reply to @Chris_Levesque_
@mil_historicus @cstross Personally, I'm reading the Stross. :)
@TanyaHuff @mil_historicus embarrassed that I stalled out on number 3 of the Valor books and need to restart the series.
In reply to @capetrov
@capetrov @cstross I was thirteen before our family got a colour tv

It were grim up North!
@VonHitchofen I hear your thirteen and raise you twenty.
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
Who can forget the time that Harold Wilson sent Ted Heath to the gulags?
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
The Express being angry at border queues – given Brexit – feels like performance art.
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
Theresa May confirmed her absurd public image by singing the national anthem while leading the country to catastrop…
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
Tomorrow's Daily Mail front page translated
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
No better endorsement for IndyRef2 than this.
Scottish independence ‘would be terrible’ says Donald Trump…
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
God I love what the Laundry books by @cstross have evolved into. I know this wasn't the early plan, but I love coming back to this series.
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
"Death by bureaucratic snu-snu"
Equoid, a great little short story by @cstross. Enjoy!…
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
In reply to @cstross
@cstross @scottlynch78 In your next series could you write about sane politicians making sensible, well-thought out decisions and see if reality apes that instead?
@MyzLilith Just you wait! The New Management has you covered. (In fire ants, probably, but covered in them for sure.) @scottlynch78
In reply to @cstross
@cstross @Atrios Ahem back atya: UK ain't Labour ruled last I checked-Cursed be Gods according to gulag romanticizers. Key word:LEADS TO as in breeds evolves
@222t @Atrios UK has been run by Labour for plenty long enough to build gulags if they wanted to. Your play, Yankee imperialist!
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
And in related news; the Evening Standard's front page tonight. Nice juxtaposition!
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
OK, Finland, that is a stamp.
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
Some spyware w/ that latte? Salesperson *brags* to me that this $5.5K net-enabled Jura coffeemaker reports to its H……
In reply to @cstross
@cstross *nods* We didn't get a color TV until I was 10.
@capetrov my parents got a colour tv when I gave them one. After university.
Suddenly realized the reason the redshirts thing never worked for me is that I grew up watching original Star Trek on a B&W TV set.
In reply to @richard_littler
@richard_littler @cstross That may be my new favorite insult.
@raechkanati @richard_littler Illiterate Pork Gibbon is the name of my new band (need to learn to play a musical instrument first, though)
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
But WE WANT you to keep tweeting, you illiterate pork gibbon. It's all going in your psych appraisal: the paranoia,…
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
This might be the craziest polling I've ever come across
In reply to @cstross
@cstross @longitude_prize Flight to Gatwick, train from there?
@ChrisO_wiki I boycott LHR and LGW. Because they’re shit.
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
You know that's not what I meant, @Wolfram_Alpha
In reply to @cstross
@cstross wondering if you might be interested in British Science Fest pub evening in Brighton, reading a story from our Infectious Futures?
@longitude_prize as Brighton is about 500 miles from home, that’s a two day journey there and back!
Signs you’re using a particular train service WAY too often: when the catering service people recognize you on sight.
On a train *again*. This is something like my seventh EDI-LDS round trip in six weeks.
In reply to @murphyslawyer
@murphyslawyer @cstross Remember, only reason she's not PM is that her constituency majority is too slim.
@colmanareilly @murphyslawyer Am beginning to wonder if the current selection criteria for UK PM is a peculiar comb……
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
Occam's razor implies that yes, our Home Secretary really is this stupid. Whether by birth or a willing lack of edu……
In reply to @cstross
@cstross @Atrios Haha "To secure" is key alright, but as humans are shits TO
Secure by powerful leads ONLY 1 way: security for the powerful, gulags for rest
@222t @Atrios Ahem: that was Clause IV of the UK Labour Party constitution. Not many gulags here, last time I checked.
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
Friday is a good day to buy music
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
1. While we watched Trumpcare implode & the White House declare war on itself, something else interesting happened
Sympathy to all my fellow fantasy writers out there who are like "Jesus, my elaborate palace intrigues suddenly feel so tame and sensible."
@scottlynch78 Did I moan at you about having to rewrite half of THE DELIRIUM BRIEF because the Brexit lunacy made m……
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
Not sure a UK paper would have dared to print this:…
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
Brexit latest, in which, if you're confused, it's probably because you are paying attention… @IanDunt @politics_co_uk
This will seriously affect locksmithing.
In reply to @Mord_Fiddle
@charliejane @nataliereed84 Downside is when we assume today's moral/social outlooks are universally applicable and self-evident in an historical context.
@Mord_Fiddle @charliejane @nataliereed84 A bit of travel outside North America/EU/western-developed nations often h……
That thing where you are going away and your cat teleports into her secret hidey-hole when the cat-sitter comes to collect her. Dammit.
... And guess who has just mooched back into my office?
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
Wow, 3 days. I didn't expect it to come around this quickly. #Scaramucci
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
In reply to @cstross
@cstross At this point, a vote for Azathoth is a vote for less chaos in the White House.
I'm calling the 2020 US Presidential Election RIGHT NOW — a vote for Mr Bean is a vote for less chaos in the White House!
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
Man, seems like this soap opera is dropping all its minor villains in a single episode.
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