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Last 50 tweets from @cstross
In reply to @HNTurtledove
My impression is that to religious Jews the NT must look as weird as Mormonism and Scientology do to Christians.
Not a religious Jew here, but raised Reform and went to a school where compulsory (Xtian) Bible was on the curriculum. The NT looks like weird-ass syncretistic religious fanfic, untill you get to Revelations, which is just plain hilarious revenge porn.
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
The Roma refer to the Holocaust as "the Devouring" because of how many were killed. The UK just elected a party that had pogroms against the Roma and travellers as a part of its manifesto. Never again is right now.
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
Not this year kitty
(Photo: u/vickymarwari…)
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
When the Space Shuttle was about 600 feet from the Space_Station the crew used to maneuver it through a backflip rotation to expose the heat shield to the station crew. This is Atlantis STS-129 in 2009
20/20 hindsight is some drug. Also: Tony B. Liar was sometimes right,
Replying to @cstross
… And you probably have NO IDEA how much I hate admitting that Blair could be right about *anything*.
20/20 hindsight is some drug. Also: Tony B. Liar was sometimes right,
Tony Blair warns Jeremy Corbyn that fighting an election before #Brexit is decided is an "elephant trap", urging Labour MPs to vote against any plan by Boris Johnson to force a general election
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @NicolaSturgeon: "Last night the SNP won an incredible 80% of seats in Scotland - an overwhelming endorsement of our campaign and message." #indyref2020

🤳 Share if you agree it's time for independence.

✍️ Pledge your support for independence here:
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
Damian Green Tory MP saying on @lbc that we all need to start paying towards an insurance type system to pay for our care.

And there it is.

That is what we are going to get.

In reply to @photos_floues
I don't like the guy, though acceding to EU demands could be the smart thing to do. He gets to unethically play both sides this way, and moves closer (ostensibly) to the political center.
Replying to @JRScribe @photos_floues and 1 otherfalse
News: he's not a centrist.
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
Once again @BBCNews doesn't understand that @scotgp and @TheGreenParty are completely seperate and disagree on quite a few things. Do the Scottish Greens regret taking votes from Swinson? Not only no, but hell no
TLDR; the market can’t successfully monetize new antibiotics because of perverse incentives, so drug companies are pulling out of the field even as lethall antibiotic-resistance proliferates. This is insane and deadly!
An absolute must-read for anyone even vaguely interested in antibiotic development -- this is reality:
Biopharma has abandoned antibiotic development. Here’s why we did, too.…
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
Scotland needs independence from this Westminster disaster - join the Greens today and help us win it.
In reply to @cstross
Does anyone have an idea why the british wanted to turn itself into another isolationist laisse faire capitalist hellhole?
Being a world empire is a hell of a drug, and the withdrawal symptoms are giving the English the national equivalent of delirium tremens.
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
Seeing lots of people RTing about a free foodbank app. That free app charges foodbanks to register and is owned by a Tory MP. Use other methods to find foodbanks to help, that don't take money from foodbanks and put it in the pocket of people who want to perpetuate hunger.
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
Votes per elected MP:

Conservatives 38,304

Labour 50,649

Liberal Democrats 331,226

Representative democracy? Discuss.
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
I’m not saying that Boris Johnson’s victory is a victory for fascists.

But fascists are.
Wonder what the polling showed...
Replying to @jgordonshare
The Tories increased their vote share by 1.1%; Labour dropped 6%. Tory "landslide" victory was delivered by about 42% of the electorate. The system is broken.
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
An annual reminder that both our non-proportional voting system and split left vote are utter trash garbage:

14.4M for Tories & Brexit
16M for Labour, SNP, Lib Dem, Plaid & Green

Take a tiny morsel of solace that we are actually the majority of the country. #ElectionResults2019
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
In reply to @LR_Lam
I hesitated because it is uncomfortable to plug your creative work in the face of tragedy. But I hoped to offer some escapism to those who want it. I've already donated to a food bank, but if sales somehow surpass that amount, I'll donate the difference as well. ❤️
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
Kinda hesitate to plug my romance novellas, buuut they are basically set in an alternate world where Brexit never happened and Trump isn't president. Plus girls kissing and talking about bookish things. Free on Kindle Unlimited.…
Laura Ambrose
Follow #itfutures fort the conference I'm at today.
In reply to @phoenix_nghbr
My question too. Is this something you can share?
New blog entry: my IT Futures conference talk, “AI: Threat or Menace?”… #itfutures
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
"Fools! Do you not see 'Get Brexit Done' was written on the side of that bus?" exclaimed Benjamin the donkey.

And the animals on the farm then realised that the United Kingdom was off to the glue factory.
At EdUni for the IT Futures conference, to give a talk titled, "AI: Threat or Menace?"
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
Tories have now lost 17 General Elections in Scotland in a row. They've been rejected over & over. And yet we're waking up to a gleeful & empowered Boris Johnson. Surely this isn't as good as it gets? We're blessed with so much talent & resources. Surely we can do so much better?
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
More evidence (as if it were needed) of just how unrepresentative our electoral system is?

Very small improvement in Tory vote share yields huge gains.

Lib Dems gains most in vote share and lose seats.
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
when the marriage isn't working, but you stay together due to sunk cost fallacy
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
Important: this election was not *won* by the Tories — their vote was only up 1%. It was *lost* by Labour whose vote decreased by 7%.
In reply to @cstross
Would it be possible for a version of the NHS to remain present in Scotland while it is dismantled in England and Wales? Or will BoJo, as you say, do everything in his power to dismantle it in Scotland despite the wishes of the Scots?
Fictional thought: I'm considering re-reading Richard Condon's "The Whisper of the Axe". I feel a surprising degree of sympathy for the protagonist right now …
I have to go give a keynote talk at a conference this morning.

Afterwards, I think I will quietly go and drink myself into a stupor. (The venue is just round the corner from a favourite pub.)
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
In reply to @ZombieJohnsus
There's a quote from Transmetropolitan which is appropriate here...
In reply to @cstross
Yes, yes, you are right. We'll have Laura back quick smart. We wanted her for next leader, you know.
Replying to @Jakujin
I’d never heard of her. (I tend to be a lot more focussed on Scottish politics, TBH.)
We cannot overstate this. But Laura Pidcock and Emma Dent Coad are more of a loss.
Replying to @Jakujin
They’re young enough that I suspect they’ll be back eventually.
In reply to @cstross
What a time. Just horrible all around. I am so sorry you all are going to be subjected to the criminal privatized medical system we suffer with in the USA.
Replying to @KateElliottSFF @JulietEMcKenna and 1 otherfalse
Healthcare is a devolved issue in Scotland (under Scottish government control, who’re strongly pro-socialized-NHS). Bad news: BoJo has zero respect for the constitutionality of devolution — Tories opposed it from the get-go.
In reply to @cstross
Why would a London-controlled UK allow any cheap and disposable source of labour to exit the country?
Replying to @kithrup @KateElliottSFF and 2 others
Remember, there’s a persistent myth on the right that the regions, including Scotland, don’t “pull their weight” economically. (It’s false but pernicious Little Englander consolatory myth-building, to believe everyone else is a parasitic drain on John Bull.)
In reply to @kithrup
(Which is a very angry way of asking, "Even if Scotland does want to leave, what requirements are in place to ensure the UK allows it?" The Irelands have the BFA, at least, but even that can be thrown out on the UK side.)
Replying to @kithrup @KateElliottSFF and 2 others
It’s VERY much not clear. Especially with a dangerous demagogue in Number 10 who’s willing to play fast and loose with established constitutional procedure. OTOH he might just say “fuck off, already” to increase his baked-in majority in Englandshire at this point.
In reply to @cstross
When does brexit happen now? Is there a deal, or does the UK lose all its trade agreements at midnight some particular night?
Replying to @kithrup @KateElliottSFF and 2 others
Answer is too long and complicated for twitter.
In reply to @cstross
I hear you. What other outcomes do you foresee, given this result?
Replying to @KateElliottSFF @JulietEMcKenna and 1 otherfalse
Asset-stripping and privatization of the NHS, destruction of British industry in a chaotic no-deal Brexit, destruction of British higher education sector’s profitability (by excluding foreign students — classes as “immigrants” by the Home Office), full Depression within 5 years.
In reply to @cstross
Charlie, is Scotland going to leave the UK in order to stay in the EU? Or just because they're done with England?
Replying to @KateElliottSFF @JulietEMcKenna and 1 otherfalse
In Scotland, 80% of the seats were won by a center-left party (the SNP, who want independence). There’s a stark chasm between English and Scottish politics this century, and it’s widening by the year; I’d say the answer to both your questions is “yes”.
In reply to @JulietEMcKenna
I mean, wouldn't that be a good thing?
Replying to @KateElliottSFF @JulietEMcKenna and 1 otherfalse
I’d have preferred an outcome to the 201x’s that led to the UK restructuring around a written constitution and a federal system like Germany’s. National disintegration can be extremely dangerous. See also Yugoslavia.
In reply to @cstross
Irish reunification is a whole lot closer now.
Replying to @JulietEMcKenna @JonCG and 1 otherfalse
That’s probably the one silver lining of this shit-show.
Guide to yesterday’s British election for Americans:

It’s just like Trump won re-election by a landslide (and the Republicans re-took congress and Nancy Pelosi lost her seat).

Yes, it’s that bad. The UK is now officially fucked.
In reply to @KateElliottSFF
Yes. It's burning down the house so others can't share it. Game changers are size of SNP vote in Scotland, and no unionist majority in N Ireland for first time since 1921
Replying to @JonCG @KateElliottSFF and 1 otherfalse
I'm calling it for the disintegration of the UK within 5 years, 10 at the outside. The internal contradictions are too glaring to sustain the illusion of unity any more.
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
With most of the results declared, the Leave/Remain share of the vote is as follows:

▪️Leave 47%

▪️Remain 53%

The outcome? A whopping seat majority for leaving the EU.
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
It begins: Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party won 43% of the vote, yet @nytimes imagines “a landslide win” and the “radical reconfiguration of the nation’s political map.” No, Johnson and the Tories are “winning” roughly 1% more than Theresa May and her Tories secured in 2017.
Charlie Stross Retweeted ·  
‘The forest was shrinking, but the trees kept voting for the Axe, for the Axe was clever and convinced the trees that because his handle was made of wood he was one of them.’

- Turkish proverb

In reply to @TechnicallyRon
How secure are UK voting methods? Is there a heavy use of badly implemented electronic voting machines for instance?
No electronic voting machines in the UK. That's a US-only problem.
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