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Last 50 tweets from @DamilolaSDG7
Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
Do you have a background in economics/engineering and want to build your career in #Energy? We want you on our team!

Join SEforALL team as an #EnergyTransition Intern and support our global engagement in #SDG7 ⚡️ and #SDG13 🌍.

Apply by December 12 👉
Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
More #minigrids in Sierra Leone 🇸🇱 can now supply electricity access for households, businesses, and productive uses, as @PowerGen_RE teams up with the Universal Energy Facility (UEF) to provide results-based grants to eligible organizations.

More ➡️
On #GivingTuesday, support @SEforALLorg’s efforts to create impact for people and planet by making a personal donation and joining our #UnSelfie challenge to inspire others!

Follow these 5️⃣ easy steps

#SDG7BeBold #SDG7
Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
The Universal Energy Facility (UEF), @giz_gmbh and German Ambassador H.E. Michael Derus met with the Republic of Benin's Minister of Energy, Hon. @houssoudjclaude to reassure of UEF’s continued support to Benin in increasing its #EnergyAccess.
About UEF👉🏿
Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  

We are looking for a PR/Communications firm to capture, disseminate and amplify impact stories in the communities served by selected hospitals in Sierra Leone 🇸🇱.

More details about the project and how to apply 🔗
Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
We're excited to announce the launch of #OpenAfricaPower 2023 at #COP27. This initiative is a partnership between @EnelFoundation and #SEforALL aimed at putting #women and #youth at the forefront of #SDG7 and the #energytransition.

Find out more here:
Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
Come work with us! 📣

Our growing #operations team is looking for:

1. Senior IT Specialist, ERP ➡️ 💻

2. IT Specialist, Infrastructure and IT Services ➡️ ⌨️

#vacancy #IT #opportunity #SEforALL

Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
In reply to @DamilolaSDG7
@DamilolaSDG7 answers the question "What are the economic & social benefits for accelerating the just #EnergyTransition?"

Watch this @UN #COP27 Dialogue with SEforALL, UN-DSG @AminaJMohammed , @MuyundaA , and @katehamptongray of @CIFFchild .

The #Africa Carbon Markets Initiative aims to unlock nearly USD 6 billion in revenue and support 30 million jobs, which will be transformative for the continent.

Read more about #ACMI_carbon here:…
Africa Carbon Markets Initiative inaugurated at COP27
Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
Half of the population cannot be left out of the critical need to accelerate the clean #EnergyTransition , increase universal energy access, and ultimately drive urgent #ClimateAction .

In this interview, SEforALL's @AnitaOtubu talks about the role of #women in #energy 👇
We’re looking for a company to work with @SEforALLorg on communicating the impact of hospital #electrification in #SierraLeone.


Find out more 👇🏾
🔎 We are looking for a PR/Communications firm to capture, disseminate and amplify impact stories in the communities served by selected hospitals in Sierra Leone 🇸🇱 and serve as the single point of contact with #SEforALL and partners.

Apply here 🔗
Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
📢 Vacancy notice ⬇️

We are looking for a Compensation and Benefits Expert (Consultant)

To find out more and apply click ➡️

#VacancyNotice #HR #SEforALL
Inspiring to meet these young women last week at #COP27 committed to #SDG7 and our collective #CleanEnergy future.

Eight vibrant young #womeninenergy joined SEforALL on Youth Day at #COP27 and participated in events at the #SDG7Pavilion and beyond.

With these emerging young leaders in the #energy sector, the future of #SDG7 is looking bright 😎⚡️ .

Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
We need money, urgency and a scale to keep the promise of Paris. #COP27
Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
We have the solutions to tackle the climate crisis with investments in renewables. Now we need to act. #COP27…
Watch the latest of the #COP27 Dialogues where #UnitedNations DSG @AminaJMohammed, @CIFFchild's @katehamptongray, @MuyundaA and myself speak with @UN's Nanette Braun about what it will take for a collective transition to renewable energy.…

Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
🎥 #SEforALL’s Finance and Energy Specialist @DrMuntaqa spoke on #COPTV about @NigeriaETPlan and what the #energytransition will look like for rural communities across #Nigeria. 🇳🇬

Listen to the conversation moderated by @daleenhassan:…

Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
All smiles this week, as the Hon.Minister of Energy, Dona Jean-Claude Houssou, with the German Ambassador present, were reassured of @SEforALLorg’s cont. commitment to increasing access to clean,reliable&affordable power-supply in Rep.of Benin under #UniversalEnergyFacility #UEF
Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
Fossil fuel addiction is hijacking humanity.

Renewables are the exit ramp from the climate hell highway.

Negotiators at #COP27 have a chance to make a difference. They must make it here and now.
Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
The Africa Carbon Markets Initiative launched at #COP27 with plans to develop their domestic carbon credit industries. Read ACMI’s roadmap report for scaling Africa’s voluntary carbon markets at #ACMI_Africa
Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
An initiative that will provide all Africans with clean #energyaccess while meeting the energy requirements for Africa’s economic development is launched at #COP27 this week, and SEforALL is proud to be one of its partners.

More about the 🆕 initiative:
There were a few key #energy sector developments from #COP27 that show progress, including Africa Carbon Markets Initiative, #EnergyTransition plans, and regional cooperation.

Read more:

Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
SEforALL had the honour of welcoming H.E. Xie Zhenhua, Special Envoy for Climate Change🇨🇳, to the #SDG7Pavilion at #COP27 for a productive meeting and a high-level dialogue about scaling up #RenewableEnergy in Africa.
Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
In reply to @SEforALLorg
Refugees have limited potential because of their lack of #EnergyAccess. "Access of power means access to information and opportunities around you." @joellehangi25 says that energy is not one of the first aids given to refugees. they are also excluded in national energy plans.
Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
58 #reneweableenergy companies in 🇳🇬 pre-qualified in the Universal Energy Facility's Stand-Alone Solar for Productive Use (SSPU) programme & participated in a workshop last 11 Nov. SEforALL briefed them about the UEF programme requirements and other support available to them.
Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
The Africa Carbon Markets Initiative launched this week with a bold ambition to scale African carbon credits 19x between 2020 and 2030. Read our new report on how Africa can seize this opportunity at #ACMI carbon.
Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
We challenge cites around the 🌎:
Can you beat the heat?

SEforALL with @UNEP @ActOnCooling and @RockyMtnInst challenge municipalities and regional govts to increase their high-quality nature-based #coolingforall solutions by 2030, with demonstrable progress by 2025.

Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
There is incredible growth in voluntary carbon markets in Africa. To make sure this growth continues the Africa Carbon Markets Initiative was launched at #COP27. Read our roadmap report at #ACMI_carbon
Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
🟡On today's #EnergyCompacts Showcase at the #SDG7 Pavilion:

The pavilion welcomes @eni, @thinkcopper, @c40cities and @RailMinIndia

⏲️11:45 - 12:15 Egypt time

Attend in person, or watch virtually

Follow @SEforALLorg for updates from the #SDG7Pavilion
Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
➡️ UP NEXT at the #SDG7 Pavilion, :
Join us and @UNEPCCC as we launch the Mission Efficiency Marketplace, bringing together energy efficiency stakeholders to elevate #energyefficiency in the devt agenda, support 🌐 progress and increase investment across sectors.

Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
Great to see @POTUS announce a $20B effort to move beyond coal in Indonesia — one of the biggest climate finance initiatives ever brokered by governments. Or as someone might say: a big f-ing deal.
Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
Renewable carbon-free energy ➡️ decarbonization ➡️ healthier climate

@DamilolaSDG7 & @KateEBrandt write about how renewables create a domino effect in mitigating #climatechange + a "24/7 carbon-free energy" approach that big energy buyers need to adopt.
Clean Power Is the First Domino | by Damilola Ogunbiyi, Kate Brandt and Kate Brandt - Project Syndicate
Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
"We need unity, solidarity & multilateral solutions to address the food & energy crises, and to eliminate the trust deficit that is undermining global action across the board."

-- @antonioguterres at #G20 summit in Bali.…
Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
#Africa has a huge opportunity for a clean #EnergyTransition but needs ample funding and support to make this happen.
Decarbonizing power grids worldwide is possible, but it will require new investments, supportive public policies, and collective actions to accelerate the deployment of advanced #cleanenergy technologies.

@KateEBrandt and I write about this in @ProSyn.

@247CarbonFree #COP27
Decarbonizing the world’s electricity grids is necessary for climate action. Companies and governments can step-up and drive greater impact via “24/7 carbon-free energy".

More from @DamilolaSDG7 & me in @ProSyn 🧵

#GoCarbonFree #COP27…
Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
As the #G20 Summit commences, SDG stimulus package is high on our agenda as is a just and urgent transition to renewables.
Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
Cities are getting hotter, but nature holds the 🗝️ to #BeatTheHeat🌴. Hear about a new initiative that helps #cities unlock the #cooling power of nature🏙️.

Join us tomorrow, 16 Nov at 9:00 EET
at the📍#SDG7Pavilion #COP27
or online🔗
At #COP27, @SEforALLorg convened a high-level Africa-EU Ministerial on #energy cooperation and what a just and equitable #EnergyTransition would look like for the #African continent.

They said never to meet your idols 😀
Well, I just introduced myself to one of mine, @DamilolaSDG7, the CEO of Sustainable Energy For All @SEforALLorg at @COP27P She’s an incredible woman, so inspiring!
“We can’t really tell pple to stop something when there are no alternatives”
Replying to @TheDroneLady @SEforALLorg and 1 otherfalse
Wonderful to meet you as well!
Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
Speaking at the Consigning Coal to History session at the #UK Pavilion #COP27 , @DamilolaSDG7 as @UN_Energy Co-chair, calls on countries who have yet to sign the No New Coal Energy Compact to join the commitment on #coalphaseout.
Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
In reply to @SEforALLorg
addresses partners and the audience, and underlined the need for scaling up #renewableenergy . Speaking up for Africa, Damilola says, "We don’t want light. Light is nice but we want development, we want industrialization and we want a future".
Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
I addressed a high-level panel on "African Youth and Women Leadership for a Global Clean Energy Transition" at the ongoing UN Framework Convention on Climate Change - COP 27 in Egypt. (1/3)
Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
Soon at 14:30 EET, UK Pavilion #Cop27 :
@DamilolaSDG7 joins the panel to talk about the @UN_Energy No New Coal Energy Compact.

Stream this event, live
Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
Latin America & the Caribbean hosts some of the most dynamic renewable energy markets & can become a global #cleanenergy hub🔆

Join this #SDG7 Pavilion event at 15:00 EET with @EnergyAlliance @the_IDB on changing energy for good in the continent:
Damilola Ogunbiyi Retweeted ·  
🔴Join us now for a High-level Dialogue on Enabling the Scaling Up of Renewable Energy in Africa

We are joined by the Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association #CREIA @BloombergDotOrg
@ClimateWorks @AfricanClimateF and @WorldResources
Good discussion with @ETC_energy chair @AdairTurnerUK and @WRIafrica’s @RebekahGShirley on the Energy Transition Commission and critical data gaps for informing #EnergyTransition decisions for African countries.

Great to meet with @idechina from @rdc_anser at #COP27.

@SEforALLorg looks forward to working together to implement the Universal Energy Facility (UEF) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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