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Last 50 tweets from @danheld
You may not like #Bitcoin, but the Central Banks of the World have noticed and are concocting their antidote: CBDCs. Inversely the antidote to CBDCs is BTC. Eventually there will be only one choice between financial slavery to central authority, or self sovereignty through #BTC.
Euro falls under $0.97 for the first time in 20 years.

I wonder how much longer #Bitcoin can defy gravity. When the speculators who've been waiting for Bitcoin to moon finally throw in the towel, it will come crashing back down to earth. The free fall will accelerated with forced sales related to margin liquidation. Look out below!
JUST IN - First nuclear reactor in Belgium will be shut down today despite high power prices due to a law on nuclear phase-out.
Replying to @disclosetv
JFC 馃う鈥嶁檪锔
Credit Suisse since the 2008 GFC.
Replying to @PrestonPysh
What a shitcoin
Ok boomer 馃憢
In reply to @danheld
@danheld you鈥檝e got a new student in me

Thanks for the tip @AltcoinDailyio
Vote Democrat.
Vote Republican.

Everything stays the same.


Vote Bitcoin.

Everything changes.
Bitcoin 馃槀
In reply to @PeterLBrandt
Yeah that's a cheap conspiracy theory borrowed from the gold bugs.
Replying to @TuurDemeester @PeterLBrandt and 2 others
Lame ass cope from the gold bugs
鈥..not to be distracted by their darkness. To run straight for the finish line, unswerving.鈥

Happy to have stayed the course and spoken the simple truth.

I think we presented a very strong case and shed new light on a story that does not bear scrutiny. The truth will prevail.鉁
#JesPoS seemed like less work. @krakenfx is in excellent hands with @DavidLRipley. I'll continue to be highly engaged as Chairman. Big thanks to the team for trusting me, our investors for taking a chance, and all my industry peers on the front lines. 馃檱馃徏鈥嶁檪锔鈥
Replying to @jespow @krakenfx and 1 otherfalse
Great run Jesse 馃憦
BofA: "In our view, declining liquidity and resiliency of the Treasury market arguably poses one of the greatest threats to global financial stability today, potentially worse than the housing bubble of 2004-2007." 馃槼
There are more conference attendees than active users in crypto 馃槀
"Lightning or on-chain?" will be the new "cash or card?"
Replying to @stephanlivera
I don鈥檛 that鈥檒l ever be the convo. It鈥檒l work so seamlessly that most won鈥檛 know the technicals happening behind a transaction.
We can HODL longer than they can FUD.
Come listen to 鈦@pete_rizzo_鈦, chief Bitcoin historian, and myself chat about the beginnings of Bitcoin 馃憞鈥
The #Bitcoin buy signal is here! 馃槀
Social Security and Medicare.
A woman's right to choose.
An assault weapons ban.
Voting rights.

It鈥檚 all on the line in November.
Replying to @JoeBiden
Inflation less than a 40 year high...
In reply to @DevinFidler
Nope, that was completely debunked. Moronic researchers concluded correlation = causation 馃檮
Yep, in university they teach you how to calculate compound interest but they never tell you why it exists at all and how this is to be evaluated morally. They don't tell the whole story from the beginning, they just get in the middle of it.

That is why we have so many +
Replying to @muzlimdeveloper
Whoa what? Nothing is wrong with compound interest.
How many of you accept #Bitcoin as medium of exchange?

Let's see if it's money!
Replying to @criptobastardo
Money has 3 purposes: MoE, UoA, and SoV. Gold only has SoV and is worth $13T. You must first value it (or store value in it) in order to then want to transact. Usually doesn't happen the other way around unless you're using the immutability value prop (ex: Silk road).
Replying to @nikcantmine
You weren't before?馃槀
In reply to @danheld
You mean embarrassing takes like intentionally directing misleading FUD to gain engagement?鈥
Replying to @MatCote3
How is this FUD? I literally tweeted a price chart.
Fucking embarrassing take from Bloomberg.

"Tulip mania." Really?

What is this, 2014?
Replying to @danheld
If Bitcoin is in a bubble, it would be the longest bubble in human history.
Fucking embarrassing take from Bloomberg.

"Tulip mania." Really?

What is this, 2014?
Bitcoin鈥檚 collapse makes for a decent new entry in the tulip mania archives
In reply to @danheld
No, it's not. Here is the updated point 3 (oligarchy). I've clarified it better now. If you think it's wrong, just pick one and I'll clarify it to you.
Replying to @off99555
Not going to spend hours debating you when you need to spend a good amount of time learning the basics 馃し鈥嶁檪锔
In reply to @danheld
In what context? Are you scolding McShane or Tina? Confusing
It's not confusing at all. Scolding TINA of course.
In reply to @danheld
You may want to read this classic to understand why price stability is a direct consequence of liquidity. 鈥鈥
Replying to @fnietom @alejandre1899 and 2 others
Yep! But not to your definition of "SoV stability"
In reply to @danheld
Great, then we agree you can hedge uncertainty at a cost. You can make the value of your portfolio more predictable, and keeping part of it in liquid assets (like money) is the simplest way to achieve that.
Replying to @fnietom @alejandre1899 and 1 otherfalse
Uh no, because over the long term (1-2 yrs depending on the IV/realized vol) you've effectively hedged nothing as your stored value is worth $0.
In reply to @danheld
Yes it is! And people should be aware of the real impact it has. Currently a single transaction is equivalent to the power consumption of an average U.S. household over聽48.10聽days. You can check here the impact that it supposes馃憞鈥
Replying to @majolillus
Let's start by auditing your TV watching behavior! Sound good?
In reply to @off99555
Here is my Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake summary
Replying to @off99555
So many things wrong here 馃う鈥嶁檪锔
Capitulated after yelling at us for 2 years. Neither the first nor the last.

Only the strong can hodl #Bitcoin
Replying to @mcshane_writes
JFC 2 years is nothing.
In reply to @danheld
It's not there anymore bro
Replying to @MGurdyal
"oooohhh nooo someone is bullish"
In reply to @danheld
PoS has nothing to do with governance.
In reply to @danheld
These are properties needed to be a good money. But sth will never be if no one accepts it. Money is a social institution that was born to ease the exchange. Thus, it needs to be the most liquid and stable asset. You can add these two as well.
Replying to @alejandre1899 @jsm011782 and 2 others
Liquid but stable is impossible so no.
In reply to @danheld
U should be charged for telling people to hold. They don't have the money u do
Replying to @MGurdyal
Lol. I'm sorry I told people about Bitcoin when it was $100?
In reply to @off99555
If you think PoS variants can't replace PoW then you would think that inefficiency is OK, but many people don't agree with that. And that's the whole reason why many people think BTC is wasteful. Not because it's not useful, but because PoS seems like a sane alternative.
Replying to @off99555
Uh nope, PoS has some tradeoffs I do not agree with. Oh and btw not sure if you know this but ESG also stands for governance, not just environmental.
In reply to @danheld
Not when the entire houses electrical usage for a week doesn't support one Bitsh1t transaction. It is a wasteful joke of a supposed asset.
Replying to @ClayemoClaye
A/ Not true. That calculation is wrong and done in a dishonest manner. B/ How much energy does the dollar use? Those battleships have nuclear reactors!
In reply to @danheld
It鈥檚 not about the right to waste, it鈥檚 about it not being sustainable in the long run. We need an extra planet if growth in consumption keeps going up at this rate. Looking away and whataboutism will not solve that.
Replying to @NilsParmentier
ok great! Let's start first by auditing your TV and porn watching habits. Sound good?
In reply to @jsm011782
A SoV is a SoV or it isn't. It keeps constant your PP or It doesn't. I don't know any. Dan said the same "Nothing has "stable" PP". But if you define SoV as he does "sth not controlled by a CP and has PoW mechanism which regulares supply to an extent", maybe Iron or Cooper are 馃え
Replying to @alejandre1899 @jsm011782 and 2 others
No, because Iron and copper don't have the basic properties of money you would want, one of those being durability. Also, once Bitcoin came around it crushed on both being digitally native but also having a credible and unchanging monetary policy, which further accrues demand.
In reply to @danheld
You know you can trade volatility, right?
Replying to @fnietom @alejandre1899 and 1 otherfalse
I do all the time for fun! You know there鈥檚 a premium right? Hedging forever quickly exceeds principal.
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