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Last 50 tweets from @danielhowell
So my phone presented me with a “Dinners in London over the years” memory ..and it is literally the most cursed video I’ve ever seen
Replying to @AmazingPhil
i’m actually scared
In reply to @danielhowell
I think Twitter will shadowban you again for this
Replying to @easilyfor
it’s only fair goodbye
In reply to @danielhowell
will i get through 2nd year of Law because at this point it doesn’t feel like it
why would you ask me about the second year of law are you rubbing it in
In reply to @danielhowell
try to sell him your book
Replying to @spaceplumbs
hello sir can i interest you in this d and also a book that might transform your mental health
In reply to @danielhowell
this one shoulda stayed in the drafts
Replying to @glamourlester
i’m sure this was a big problem i had to clear up
In reply to @danielhowell
is this what the ‘tomorrow’ chapter means
Replying to @9Osjimin
and the walk of shame after that
In reply to @danielhowell
thank you for clearing this up before i sent my mom a link of a dating site (even tho she needs it)
Replying to @PERSONAPHIL
mom can i get this book and can you get some ass
Replying to @aurorastarpml
it’s the ‘ay’ in ‘jay.22ay’ that does it for me it reveals a true sense of fun
Replying to @dnparesoulmates
you will get though this special night
In reply to @danielhowell
so what you’re saying is you signed up
Replying to @themarkofoxin
i’m not saying i’m not adding horny locals in my area
i just want to clear up some confusion that you can pre-order my new book on and NOT the ‘premiere adult dating site’ though i’d like to get a hard copy of ‘Spaventu’ if you know what i’m saying
In reply to @danielhowell
is ur life still a joke
Replying to @c0medypartners
yes but i feel like we're all in on it now
In reply to @danielhowell
So this is what you’ve been doing! Amazing!!! Can’t wait to read ☺️
Replying to @icantevenkatie
yes one of the things! i can't wait to talk about the rest whenever it is ready thank you
In reply to @danielhowell
i love this title because i struggle with mental health a lot and it feels like i am lost in this endless void,with bursts of light on some days, and also i love nighttime because it's so peaceful but it's also dangerous because it gives time for your thoughts to wander
Replying to @_itsblanche
i'm completely with you there i think it's an experience many of us have but we are not alone
In reply to @danielhowell
is the cover matte or glossy i need to know
Replying to @tylersketches
this is a whole journey i get to share soon i'm pushing for some tasteful EMBOSSING
In reply to @danielhowell
does norman like the book
Replying to @strongfordnp
i'll put a quote at the top centre of the cover 'blub'
In reply to @danielhowell
i am so ready to not understand what you wrote because you use a lot of big words and i am french
Replying to @_itsblanche
i got you let's petition @HarperCollinsFR for a translation
In reply to @danielhowell
how many times have you delayed the release date of the book or is may 18 your initial plan all along
Replying to @dnpsuniverse
yes many things have had many delays but there is like literally a global pandemic so i guess okay that's fair
In reply to @danielhowell
what do you mean when you say ‘professional advice’?
Replying to @cu9ids
everything i write will be checked and approved by a professional psychologist as it's important to be careful and correct when talking about mental health!
In reply to @danielhowell
will u show us any shoot pics or smthn
Replying to @LOSTRAGERS
there be pics and they will be post
In reply to @danielhowell
Will we be seeing more poet dan we like it
Replying to @lesbianbrain
i like a cryptic teaser tweet once or twice but we know i'm a BIG CHUNK OF TEXT guy
In reply to @danielhowell
thank you thank you thank you so much for making the video so inclusive!!! i feel like so many people often ignore the fact that poc can also suffer from mh issues!
Replying to @IlmaSmile
you're exactly right that this issue needs to represent all of us as it's something all humans have in common!
In reply to @danielhowell
so is this going to be like personal stories with advice to help you get thru it or like textbook or both
Replying to @7SECHALLENGE
yes literally the concept is most people don't read textbooks so how can we strain that info through my brain and hands to change peoples lives but in a way that is funny and emotional leaving my soul naked and bare
Replying to @ladydoordnp
it's okay i kept the yellow to stop it going full emo
In reply to @danielhowell
will you ever be making content for youtube again?
In reply to @danielhowell
i have a question is it like a story or more like informative or what
Replying to @aIlsaints
it's very much informative about how our minds make us feel and how to overcome it - but all told through my personal experiences and jokes at my expense so i hope you'll really enjoy
In reply to @danielhowell
how did you come up with the title it feels like a warm hug i love it so much
Replying to @emgirdle
more than just 'getting through' life - with mental health we have that moment specifically at night where we are accountable to our minds but it is something you can get through and understand so you can THRIVE
In reply to @danielhowell
how does it feel to be active on social after a long break
Replying to @embracethedjh
don't get excited i'll ghost for two weeks and suddenly post something cursed again
In reply to @danielhowell
hardback thats so sexy
Replying to @bittertangerjne
hell yeah i'm sure it'll be paper eventually but i gotta be honest i like it hard
In reply to @danielhowell
how many pages are we talking here
Replying to @fantasizedjh
more than 1 less than 1000
In reply to @danielhowell
so will there be some live book signings and such once the state of the world gets better?
Replying to @danieIinu
depending on the state of the world in any case there will be an abundance of promotional shenanigans i'm sure
In reply to @danielhowell
did you find it easier to write than what you’ve previously done in the past?
Replying to @readypml
some of it is personally difficult but i guess i've done a lot of that which is strange to think about lmao
In reply to @danielhowell
can you tease any of the content inside of the book? is it like big pieces of text or pictures or both ????? i want to know good sir
Replying to @aIlsaints
it's going to be a thicc text book and i'm sure many sneak peeks will pop up until the release day
In reply to @danielhowell
how does it feel finally being able to announce this
Replying to @coIourfuImess
an incredibly exciting and stressful relief
In reply to @danielhowell
so that’s next chapter then
Replying to @coIourfuImess
just the first page!
Replying to @amordnp
don't worry there is a plan for content featuring my face in a future when people are allowed to film and mingle again
In reply to @danielhowell
"daniel and depression" was a changing point for me, i finally faced my situation and slowly started asking for help. when i can get my hands on this, i know i will know something i didn't before. i admire you so much and always wanted to know what you know and your story.
Replying to @embrcethevoid
that really means a lot thank you and i think this book will be a real next chapter in that journey for me
In reply to @danielhowell
im so ready for u to call me tf out and say TAKE CARE OF URSELF
Replying to @camerahowell
don't worry i'm calling myself out the entire length of the book
In reply to @danielhowell
When its not available in your region😭
Replying to @Minaa93
more retailers will be available around the world closer to release - but some may be able to ship to your country like @irlmerchandise!
In reply to @danielhowell
R u going to do an audio book?? I hope so ur voice is so calming.
Replying to @Bigheart_39
indeed there will be a whole asmr journey
In reply to @twinklinglestr
thanks me too!! yes i'm so glad this cover concept came through i think it really reflects the themes of the book
In reply to @danielhowell
it’s so nice to see u back with something your passionate about n able to help others with. so proud of u
Replying to @whatsaphan
yes i'm very passionate about this book i hope it has the power to really change how a lot of us treat ourselves ..and make you laugh a few times also
Okay, so @danielhowell changed his photo and I'm-
Replying to @ayuuishere
when the icon updates you know shits going down
In reply to @danielhowell
How long have you been working on this? I'm so proud of you!
Replying to @F0REVERDES
since early this year and the ride is not over yet it's a full pregnancy
In reply to @danielhowell
this is released on my birthday!! 😭
Replying to @secretBTRfan
you literally manifested this into reality linds thank you
Thank you @danielhowell , I’m excited to try and get my hands on this book, you have helped so many of us including me though some rough times and this means so much to us, we are so proud of you the trailer was beautifully made and made be cry (in a good way ofc) #ThisNight
Replying to @cat_of_kiwi
thank you i really appreciate it i hope this book will help any of you as much as it has helped me
You Will Get Through This Night - written by Daniel Howell. Coming May 2021, available to pre-order now! #ThisNight
Replying to @danielhowell
i’ve written a book about understanding your mental health - it’s deep it’s dark it’s personal it’ll make you laugh it’ll make you cry and it actually has profound professional advice that might completely change your life so please pre-order it thank you
You Will Get Through This Night - written by Daniel Howell. Coming May 2021, available to pre-order now! #ThisNight
there’s a moment at the end of every day
where the world falls away and you are left alone with your thoughts
a reckoning
when the things you have been pushing to the background come forward and demand your attention

In reply to @danielhowell
they take a pink cake and a blue cake and put them INTO a black box labeled the void with black glitter glue. they shake the box, open it back up to see a mangled cake. “this is how we all end up” they say
Replying to @zoeamira
that was truly beautiful
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