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Last 50 tweets from @danielhowell
In reply to @danielhowell
thank you for speaking about this!! youve been really quiet recently ive missed you! hope youre doing good <3
Replying to @tiredseas
thank you i have just been on a particularly wild ride with the things i'm working on and trying to paddle to safety
In reply to @danielhowell
i just signed, early intervention or prevention is so important thank you for sharing this dan
Replying to @windhowell
yup usually people are put on long waiting lists until it's too late and then finally someone steps in to pick up the pieces
In reply to @danielhowell
Don’t think could have added my name fast enough if I tried 💕
Replying to @Shotgunsinner_X
and your name is moderately long to type so that's talent right there
In reply to @danielhowell
thank you so much for sharing this <3
Replying to @phansonlybar
apparently politicians really do panic and do things when there's a petition so here's hoping for some positive peer pressure
you souldn't have to wait until you are in a crisis to get help

please add your name to this open letter to @RishiSunak for the government to prioritise mental health in the upcoming 'spending review' - it would literally save lives
Join our Activists in calling on Rishi Sunak MP to #FundTheHubs
Dear Rishi Sunak, listen to these young people. They are sending you this open letter because there is not enough early mental health support for them. You can change that. Invest in young people’s mental health and #FundTheHubs.
In reply to @theneedledrop
@theneedledrop waiting for dawn of chromatica yellow flannel
In reply to @danielhowell
The thought of actual social interaction makes me want to vomit so I'll take a parasocial relationship any day🙂
Replying to @SBloberino
watching 10 streamers in separate tabs and pretending i'm having a party
In reply to @danielhowell
interactions are just speed dates
Replying to @florapml
the ratio is the people sat either side judging your conversation
In reply to @danielhowell
attachments who i don’t even know her
Replying to @cnIyforever
healthy attachments are when we're charging our phones rights
In reply to @danielhowell
wait that's us
Replying to @lennonspotato
it's all of us all the time it's too late
In reply to @danielhowell
Literally me with any broken villany fictional character
yes maybe i can fix them or they break my neck either way it works out
In reply to @danielhowell
don't be shy bestie tag them
Replying to @phanwavess
i mean it's just everyone i follow
🥺 what if we had a parasocial relationship and i spend a year mentally dating you instead of making real attachments 👉👈
Replying to @tyleroakley
here i am simply trying to get through the day
In reply to @danielhowell
look at the g i hate it ggggg
In reply to @danielhowell
what are you working on dan you've been very quiet lately
Replying to @tiredseas
something neverending and something new
In reply to @danielhowell
he looks so good in that suit !!!
it scared me i’ve only seen pyjamas since last march
In reply to @danielhowell
i cant believe how boring british cereal is lmao
Replying to @mydarlingIou
we really have grain flakes and wheat balls
In reply to @danielhowell
what’s the bar in ur room danny
Replying to @DIVORCEDDNP
for securing headrests of course
In reply to @danielhowell
thoughts on the new twitter font update ?
Replying to @lostsouldan
oh my god i thought my eyes were doing something weird i hate it
In reply to @danielhowell
we’re technically watching this together
Replying to @cevanstommo
literally who at crayola thought ‘yes cereal makes sense’
In reply to @danielhowell
why did u hide the prize ur evil
Replying to @bokinnie
this property is a strictly taste having zone and no metallic swine are allowed
why am i crying laughing and screaming at a cereal review video i need to guzzle some eggos immediately
new and probably controversial video - I review the WILDEST American cereals I could find!
In reply to @danielhowell
Replying to @danenthusiastt
looks like my time is up i’ll release all the drafts and immediately deactivate
In reply to @danielhowell
w-what are you doing to the fences
Replying to @daggersnrozes
taking both sides literally
In reply to @danielhowell
looks like you’re going through something there bud
Replying to @daggersnrozes
just want something going through me tbh
In reply to @danielhowell
daniel that appeals to the male gaze AND the patriarchy... do better
Replying to @probablysorry_
im a disgusting disappointment that wants the d
In reply to @danielhowell
this sounds like a straight girl thing
Replying to @JustCalledKatie
the girl gays win once again
In reply to @danielhowell
why does this sound like something a dog would say
Replying to @manchester_eyes
please pat but no touch
In reply to @danielhowell
the actual question is why men?
Replying to @gloomsoulness
i should change lanes to something more caring like dirt or fences
i hate men but i want them to touch me
if i could actually eat my feelings i’d literally explode
In reply to @danielhowell
the impact the players are having on the world is the positive thing that’s coming out of this
Replying to @philsfineline
absolutely they actually made me feel proud representing this country and i hope everything they've done has made an impression on people that need it
In reply to @danielhowell
people were vandalising even before the game it’s like they want to cause trouble for no reason it’s disgusting
Replying to @eclipticpml
exactly it shows how sad and angry these people must be all the time which is tragic until they hurt others
In reply to @danielhowell
i mean i am also very good at repressing my emotions and yet i don't go around assaulting people
Replying to @_itsblanche
exactly they learn from a mob mentality culture that tolerates it
In reply to @danielhowell
men are trash
Replying to @philspuns
the only bad thing about being gay tbh
In reply to @danielhowell
I hate how this is such a universal thing and I wish there were more steps we could take to help stop it )):
Replying to @christmaspunk
we need to raise men better and generally live in a fairer society that doesn't breed so much resentment
In reply to @danielhowell
but these same men will shame teenage girls for being overly emotional about the most harmless things
it's just projecting as they wish they were 'allowed' to be honest about they feel too which is depressing
In reply to @danielhowell
Pride isn't allowed cos of covid but thousands of football fans are??🙃🙃
Replying to @beth0407
yes and the police going soft on them while preemptively coming down hard on blm/pride/extinction rebellion
In reply to @danielhowell
💯 the scenes after the match last night were absolutely shocking!
Replying to @Chloee96x
before during and after no matter the circumstance which shows it's always there under the surface
In reply to @danielhowell
honestly the only reason I wanted it to “come home” is to protect the kids and wives at home
Replying to @teddydnp
even if they win there's still an increase showing many men literally can't just be excited without turning violent
shoutout to toxic masculinity making football fans repress their emotions until they can use a bad sports result as an excuse to vent through racism misogyny homophobia and violence
just let football come already this edging is exhausting
In reply to @danielhowell
Replying to @weird_kid
okay i’m out
In reply to @danielhowell
Well, not me (im asexual)
Replying to @lesherlockian
i got my eyes on you
In reply to @danielhowell
why is dan flopping
Replying to @triviadnp
because you only see mention tweets in your tl if you follow both accounts let me be a nerd
In reply to @danielhowell
you do not want to know what i was looking at when this notif popped up…
Replying to @formlessbIob
that’s some unfortunate cropping or is it yes it is
Replying to @manchester_eyes
don’t want to know what the confetti means
In reply to @danielhowell
Matt Hancock
Replying to @Chloee96x
and now we’ve said it
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