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Last 50 tweets from @DefenceU
Today, @DeptofDefense announced that it will provide an additional 18 HIMARS to #UAarmy. Is the fear of getting clubbed by a policeman greater than the fear of being torn to pieces by HIMARS - the chance of which has just grown significantly.
Ukrainians will never understand.
Additional security assistance package for the #UAarmy from the US is another strong argument that we will win. These weapons &equipment will increase the effectiveness of our offensive&defensive operations!All Ukrainian territories will be liberated. Thank you to @POTUS @SecDef
Defense of Ukraine Retweeted ·  
$1.1 bln 🇺🇸 additional security assistance for 🇺🇦:
✅150 HMMWVs
✅20 multi-mission radars
✅40 trucks, 80 trailers
✅Tactical secure comms & surveillance systems
✅Explosive ordnance disposal equipment
✅Body armor
Other equipment
Thank you to @POTUS & @SecDef!
Defense of Ukraine Retweeted ·  
Today 🇺🇸 @DeptofDefense announced a new $1.1 billion security support package for 🇺🇦. We'll get 18 more HIMARS, other critical equipment that'll bring 🇺🇦 victory closer. A very timely decision showing that Russian blackmail does not work. Gratitude to @POTUS & all our 🇺🇸 friends!
Until recently, russians have been enjoying the “Squid Game" series on @netflix
After russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Netflix left the russian market, but "Squid Game" remains.
Two flags - both sewn with threads of freedom. Nothing will ever change the desire of our flag bearers to raise these flags over tyranny that has been defeated.
The father of a 13-year-old girl who was killed by a Russian missile in the Kharkiv region is showing a photo of the two of them together, which he found under the rubble.
Ukrainian law enforcement identified 5 russian war criminals. On February 25, they shot 10 cars with civilians trying to evacuate from the city of Hostomel, the Kyiv region.
The invaders killed 5 and injured 6 people.
All russian murderers will be found and punished.
Movement in the right direction.
A captured russian T-80U tank operated by the Ukrainian servicemen towing a captured russian Msta-B 152 mm howitzer in the Kharkiv region.
Defense of Ukraine Retweeted ·  
Story of one of the front-line villages: Kozacha Lopan. It has been occupied in first hours of Russian invasion and liberated only during Kharkiv counteroffensive. Dark times are behind for locals, 🇺🇦 is winning, freedom is everything. By @United24media.
"A life without fighting is a dead sea in the universal organism."
Machado de Assis

Total combat losses of the enemy from Feb 24 to Sep 28:
At a time when their peers from the around the world visit Disneyland and Legoland, Ukrainian children in Izyum, Kharkiv region, live surrounded by russian MLRS ammunition.
Ukraine must win.
For the sake of the future of all children on Earth.
📷Evgeniy Maloletka
The best fireworks that can be dedicated to beloved wives are fireworks that help liberate our land.
The village of Kupyansk-Vuzlovy in the Kharkiv region is liberated.
One of the largest railway stations in the east of Ukraine is located there. The occupiers used it in their supply route.
The offensive in the Kharkiv region continues.
🎥 @DI_Ukraine
Defense of Ukraine Retweeted ·  
Dear #fellas, have a look at this great piece in @WSJ.
Our union stands strong. #UAarmy will continue to crush the invaders. And you… well, fellas, you know what to do with those «vatniks».…
Ukraines Internet Army of NAFO Fellas Fights Russian Trolls and Rewards Donors With Dogs
russia lies. russia always lies. Even when russia claims that this is the one exceptional case when it is telling the truth, rest assured - it is lying.
Vladyslav Zhaivoronok, call sign Wikipedia,defended Mariupol in the ranks of the Azov Regiment.
After his captivity,exchange and rehabilitation,he's visiting 🇺🇸 Congress to advocate on behalf of 🇺🇦 PoWs suffering from 🇷🇺 blatant violations of the Geneva Conventions.
📷 Kate Jones
Defense of Ukraine Retweeted ·  
Just spoke with President @ZelenskyyUa & made clear that #NATO Allies are unwavering in our support for #Ukraine’s sovereignty & right to self-defence. The sham referenda held by #Russia have no legitimacy & are a blatant violation of international law. These lands are Ukraine.
Defense of Ukraine Retweeted ·  
I had a call with NATO Secretary General @JensStoltenberg to thank him for decisively condemning Russia’s illegal “referenda”. We discussed current battlefield developments and further support of the Alliance’s member states to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
With these bright flames, russian equipment sends a signal to its Roskosmos satellites that everything is going according to plan.
"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
Benjamin Franklin

Total combat losses of the enemy from Feb 24 to Sep 27:
Something you won't feel anywhere else, something you won't see anywhere else. Yes, war has its own romance.
If you are chilly this September evening, think about the russian occupiers who are being warmed by Ukrainian artillery.
And be glad the #UAarmy is on the side of good.
📸 libkos
The russian infantry fighting vehicle (БМП-2) was so nervous at the appearance of #UAarmy that it did not even notice that it ended up on the roof of the cowshed.
Sorry, it got a little burnt during its flight.
Kharkiv. Saltivka. A large and peaceful residential area. It was like that until russia came…Each missile brings russia closer to greater international isolation, greater economic degradation, and even clearer historical condemnation.
The #UAarmy is very careful not only with each received HIMARS, but also with each received missile.
Do you know why?
Because each one hits the target! Because each one brings us closer to our victory!
Another russian torture chamber in the de-occupied territories near Kharkiv.
This is what a russian electric chair looks like. Only this is not an instrument of justice for criminals, but a tool for russian executioners and sadists who tortured Ukrainians.
“You’re a disease. And I’m the cure.”
Lt. Marion Cobretti

Total combat losses of the enemy from Feb 24 to Sep 26:
Tens of thousands of russians are trying to cross russia's borders to avoid mobilization and inevitable death in Ukraine. Be careful when denying them a visa. They may return to russia and accidentally overthrow the government.
Private Roman Glomba was awarded the title Hero of Ukraine for shooting down SIX enemy planes.
Our golden MANPADS.
Congratulations to our colleagues @ng_ukraine
We will definitely liberate our entire country - from Kherson to the Luhansk region, from Crimea to the Donetsk region. We will not allow the occupier to go unpunished. Every murderer and torturer will be brought to justice for what he did against 🇺🇦.
📷 72 Brigade
Maryana Mamonova, a military medic released from captivity, gave birth to a daughter today!
The girl was born on September 25 at around 4 a.m. with a weight of 3250 g and a height of 57 cm.
We understand that not all russian troops are like this;russia still has remnants of a professional army that #UAarmy hasn’t yet destroyed.
We also know that soon these "soldiers" will be at the front,and with such a love for alcohol,it will be easier for them to die on our land.
“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”
Napoleon Bonaparte

Total combat losses of the enemy from Feb 24 to Sep 25:
Life and death
🎥 by ВАУ creative union
Night falls, "Peonies" bloom.
Senior Soldier of the 93rd Mechanized Brigade Serhiy Sova was posthumously awarded the title Hero of Ukraine by @ZelenskyyUa
The photo of his mutilated hand with a 🇺🇦 bracelet found at the mass burial site in Izyum became a tragic symbol of russian atrocities in Kharkiv region.
Possibly sensitive media. Public access unavailable.
Today is a good day for #UAarmy and a bad day for russian aviation. Su-25, two Su-30, Su-34 have gone to f..k themselves.
Defense of Ukraine Retweeted ·  
Ten months ago, in WDC, I asked for Stingers 4 #UAarmy & heard "It's impossible."
Many times.
Today, rus Su-30 jet was shot down by 🇺🇦 Stinger in the Kharkiv region.
So...the impossible is indeed possible.
Thanks to our partners.
We will win! 🇺🇦
🎵 Горить, “Палає техніка ворожа”
russian general called the Syrian and the Mariupol's Butcher has been promoted.
Mikhail Mizintsev is now the russian deputy minister of defense.
The butcher will build a new slaughterhouse.
Remember the photo of a war criminal who will by convicted by the tribunal.
.@oleksiireznikov for @WSJ
"This war requires quick and nonstandard solutions... Ukraine has begun carrying out some complex repairs of Western-style armaments in Ukraine and mastered the production of around 10% of needed spare parts."
Defense of Ukraine Retweeted ·  
All this chatter about “referenda" is profanation.russia planned to grab as much as it could.
But we’ll drive them out of our land.The documents of the occupiers, like this school certificate from IZYUM Kharkiv region,will have legal status only in a tribunal
Ents joined the ranks of the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces @SOF_UKR to fight against the hordes of Mordor.
"All I kept thinking about, over and over, was 'You can't live forever; you can't live forever."
F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Total combat losses of the enemy from Feb 24 to Sep 24:
In 1943, Tehran became a place of hope for a new life without Nazism.
In 2022, fundamentalist Tehran became a place that supports russian Nazism and the murder of peaceful citizens.
Today, #UAarmy destroyed 6 russian kamikaze drones provided by Iran.
Ukrainian soldier Mykhailo Dianov is among the fortunate ones: in contrast with some of his fellow POWs, he survived russian captivity. This is how russia “adheres” to the Geneva Conventions. This is how russia continues the shameful legacy of Nazism.
Possibly sensitive media. Public access unavailable.
Defense of Ukraine Retweeted ·  
Today, I spoke with Ukraine’s Defence Minister @OleksiiReznikov and reaffirmed Canada's unwavering support for Ukraine and its sovereignty. Putin's unprovoked war of choice is failing. Canada will continue to provide comprehensive military aid and equipment to Ukraine. 🇨🇦🇺🇦
Exhuming procedures of the FIRST mass grave in Izyum are being completed today. In total, 436 bodies of victims of russian occupation have been exhumed. Most bear evidence of a violent death, and 30 were tortured.
Defense of Ukraine Retweeted ·  
Had a very meaningful conversation today with our close friend 🇨🇦DefMin @AnitaAnandMP.
We discussed upcoming Canadian assistance & further steps to strengthen #UAarmy capabilities.
Cooperation of our Armed Forces & friendship of our Nations is stronger than ever 🇺🇦🤝🇨🇦
The legendary television series "M*A*S*H" turns 50.
One day there will be many great films and series created based on the stories of our brave soldiers and medics.
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