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Last 50 tweets from @djrothkopf
Silence in the face of what Trump is doing is complicity. There is an imminent threat to our democracy..and it is Trump and his enablers. We must stand up to them..and devote every bit of energy we have to remove them from office via whatever legal means we have at our disposal.
This is one of those moments at which any patriot, anyone who is committed to the ideals upon which the U.S. was founded, must stand up and speak out and be counted against the president. If you are former cabinet secretary or former military leader, if you have stature, use it.
Trump used massive force to clear away protestors...for a photo op.
David Rothkopf Retweeted ·  
The next Secretary of Defense will have to spend most of their time unwinding the damage to our military done by successive Defense secretaries under Trump. She will have a very tough job.
The president is using the thinnest and most bogus pretense to take up arms against his opponents. No less than that.
"Open your eyes America. We are teetering on the brink of a dictatorship. ...The president is playing a very very dangerous game here." Don Lemon with the 100% righteous take on what is happening here right now.
Trump is mobilizing the military against the citizens of the United States.

That's it. That's where we are. Weep for your country. Despair for its future. Revile these dangerous, corrupt and hateful leaders.
There has never been a more dangerous enemy of free expression in America than Trump.
An appalling display by Trump...both evil and moronic at the same time.
Trump, once again placing the Second Amendment ahead of the 1st, the 14th and a whole bunch of others.
We are witnessing the sickest, most hypocritical form of demagoguery. Trump's agenda has been racist divisiveness from day one...this is just the latest and one of the ugliest chapters in that story.
David Rothkopf Retweeted ·  
Gassing unarmed protesters. Firing rubber bullets. On people who are committing the crime of chanting slogans.
There should be a million people in the streets of Washington tomorrow. The president and his regime of thugs have desecrated the city in one of the most grotesque ways imaginable.
Trump has chosen to side with the murderers of George Floyd, to make a clear stand in favor of police brutality.
The president is orchestrating police brutality against peaceful protestors as the opening act to his Rose Garden remarks. This is calculated and as cynical and ugly as anything we have ever seen from an American leader.
The scenes from Lafayette park...of mobilizing military force against citizens exercises their right of free speech...are among the most nauseating I have ever seen in Washington.
The scenes from Lafayette park...of mobilizing military force against citizens exercises their right of free among the most nauseating scenes I have ever seen in Washington.
Time to update cliches, for example:

"The shining fortress on a hill."
"The beacon of authoritarianism."
"Land of the free, home of the president who is hiding in the basement."
In reply to @djrothkopf
Just finished reading, and you did not let me down.
Replying to @raykwong
I'm glad. Sorry it all had to be so grim.
⚠️ Posting this in the blind b/c @djrothkopf is that good.
David Rothkopf Retweeted ·  
Beyond stressed by what we are about to hear. #braceyourselves
Waiting for a statement from our dangerous unfit president while listening to the helicopters circling overhead, hearing the sirens going by, knowing the curfew in NYC starts in a few hours, that 8000 police are in the's all dread, all the time.
David Rothkopf Retweeted ·  
Powerful reflections and great leadership from @cmsaf18.
"The state of the union is deplorable." Remarkable tallying up of our mounting disasters, from @djrothkopf:…
David Rothkopf Retweeted ·  
"The state of the union is deplorable." Remarkable tallying up of our mounting disasters, from @djrothkopf:…
David Rothkopf Retweeted ·  
"As mind-bogglingly horrific as our current situation is, we must brace ourselves for these current crises to deepen and for more shocks to come."

@djrothkopf warns of a truth:

None of the crises today (health, economic, domestic turmoil) is close to end…
Likelihood that Trump will make things worse with his Rose Garden remarks in "six" minutes? Close to 100%.

Likelihood that Trump will make anything better with his Rose Garden remarks in "six" minutes? Close to zero.
It'll be the third story in the news cycle. It may be the end of the Republic. But it has been a busy news day.
JUST IN: President Donald Trump is considering invoking a 213-year-old federal law that would allow him to deploy active-duty U.S. troops to respond to protests in cities across the country, according to people familiar with internal discussions.
David Rothkopf Retweeted ·  
Well, the upshot is that if he pulls this fascist play now, he can't pretend that it's necessary to do it again at the election, right? Or we'll just have martial law and troops in our neighborhoods for the next five months
David Rothkopf Retweeted ·  
WH pool has been called to gather. Trump expected to make an announcement shortly.
Wannabe strong man? Or Daffodil-in-Chief about to tiptoe back into his bunker with his binky?
NEW: @POTUS has ordered DC’s National Guard in to help protect the White House and federal monuments from the #dcprotests #protests2020 They “may be armed for personal protection”.
A terrific piece @djrothkopf Right on money. The Reoublic’s condition is going to get worse before it gets worse.…
Replying to @aarondmiller2
Thanks, Aaron. (From right here under my desk where I intend to remain for a few more months to come.)
David Rothkopf Retweeted ·  
A terrific piece @djrothkopf Right on money. The Reoublic’s condition is going to get worse before it gets worse.…
Watch this.
A Minneapolis police officer once called @IlhanMN a “zoo animal,” she told me today.

Many black people have dealt with police who “not only dehumanize us, but ultimately interact with us as if we’ve committed a crime,” Omar said.
Today has been one of the most disturbing days of the Trump presidency. The worst of those days, like today, are the ones where you think the system might not hold, the checks against abuse of power may no longer work, the corruptors intent on destroying it all may be succeeding.
Not sure why this is not a massive scandal right now. Our most vulnerable are at risk because of system-wide failure and neglect. Hearings? Prosecutions? Nearly 30,000 nursing home residents died during coronavirus pandemic, government report shows…
David Rothkopf Retweeted ·  
JUST IN: DOJ responds to Flynn's petition to D.C. Circuit to force Judge Sullivan to grant its motion to dismiss, arguing prosecutorial power sits solely in the executive branch and the district court has no power to embark on extensive inquiry/scrutiny/oversight. @CourthouseNews
David Rothkopf Retweeted ·  
Barr will stop at nothing to tilt the 2020 election: carefully-timed revisionist findings and potential indictments about 2016, public comments on ongoing matters, squashing damaging investigations, opposing mail-in voting. Everything’s on the table.…
David Rothkopf Retweeted ·  
Let’s be clear: Judge Sullivan is right. Full stop.
David Rothkopf Retweeted ·  
I think we can all agree I had no choice but to do this
remember when we thought impeachment would be the biggest story of the year?
Replying to @JRubinBlogger
Remember impeachment? I can barely remember May. And that was yesterday.
David Rothkopf Retweeted ·  
Buried in this very good @Schwartzesque profile of Barr is the revelation that Barr is regularly briefing Trump on the findings of the ongoing Durham probe. WTF - I thought it was a criminal investigation?…
David Rothkopf Retweeted ·  
In reply to @djrothkopf
@djrothkopf: "What can we expect of such a president as the election draws near? Only the worst. He has already repeatedly demonstrated he values nothing more than his own skin or his own bank account."…
David Rothkopf Retweeted ·  
“What the administration is trying to do is delegitimize peaceful protests,” by suggesting that they "are all driven by some illicit purpose or organization," @RepAdamSchiff tells us:
We face four crises at once--public health, economic, civil unrest & corrupt, failed leadership. Where do we go from here? My latest for @TheDailyBeast is now out from behind the paywall. If you like your truth ice cold, come and get it!…
The State of the Union Is Deplorable
The worst public health crisis in 100 yrs. The worst economic crisis in 90 yrs. The worst civil unrest in 50 yrs. The worst standing in the world since WWI. And it is all likely to get worse before it gets better. My latest for @TheDailyBeast.…
The State of the Union Is Deplorable
David Rothkopf Retweeted ·  
Eyes on the prize. Vote this bloated sack of protoplasm and his evil empire out this November. Register to vote NOW.
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