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Last 50 tweets from @dkaleniuk
Daria Kaleniuk Retweeted ·  
AFU volunteer from New Zealand found captured Ukrainian soldier Oleksiy Hordieiev in the basement near Bakhmut. The latter spent there 42d with the bodies of his killed comrades. He drank from the puddles and lost 38kg. Now he gets proper medical treatment
Source: AFU StratCom
Daria Kaleniuk Retweeted ·  
The best American F-16 pilot volunteered to protect the skies of Ukraine.

Dan Hampton has 151 sorties on his account, he participated in the wars in Iraq, Kosovo and the Persian Gulf and is ready to personally help Ukraine. In addition, he said that many American pilots agree to……
Some good news at anticorruption front in Ukraine
✅One more important milestone for judicial reform is passed - Selection Commission for the High Qualification Commission of Judges selected 32 candidates out of more than 300 applicants. Now the High Council of Judges has to appoint 16 best ones and HQCJ will become operational.
Daria Kaleniuk Retweeted ·  
russia again tries to discredit Ukraine by blaming the “Ukrainian footprint” in blowing off the Nord Stream last September. Detailed analysis of facts and technical evidence in favor of Ukraine in the article by an expert, Mykhailo Honchar…
Who and why came up with the idea that Ukraine blew up the "Nord Streams"?
When someone thinks "Crimea is a red line", "just give this territory to russia", we ask - how about people in Crimea? Are we ok with moscovia make russians from ukrainian kids and prepare them to become soldiers to fight in new moscovian wars?
📹 Russian media published a video allegedly from a school in temporarily occupied Crimea, where children are taught to assemble a machine gun, wear camouflage uniforms and conduct hand-to-hand combat. #StopRussianAggression

Source: RIA Novosti
This is what Moscovian terrorists do with Ukrainian civilians
The “Sculptures” series by Marta Syrko tell the stories of people injured during the war.

In the photos is Viktoriia. She has got her burns due to the #Russian shelling on #Vinnytsia. “I will never forget that moment. The grass, flowers, and I were burning”, says Viktoriia.
Moscovians are terrorists
one second you are inside your home in the middle of Europe. the next one: you are buried alive under the rubble by a r*ssian rocket. this is yesterday’s Kramatorsk in Ukraine.

r*ssia means genocidal terrorism.
A typical Ukrainian woman.

Art by Anastasia Haydayenko
New normality for Ukrainian children. My 10 years old son says he likes going to the bomb-shelter at school
We were visiting a school in the suburbs of Kyiv yesterday when an air raid siren went off. A sort of controlled chaos ensued as students headed to shelters. This has become the new normal for Ukrainian kids.
Daria Kaleniuk Retweeted ·  
For those in the global south who think they are not affected by Russians
Daria Kaleniuk Retweeted ·  
Great meeting with @gmfus and @SecureDemocracy during our US advocacy visit. @HopkoHanna, @OlenaHalushka with @NEC_Ukraine discussed wartime support, reconstruction, anti-corruption, sanctions, and the geopolitical importance of Ukraine’s victory in 2023. Thank you 🇺🇸🇺🇦
Daria Kaleniuk Retweeted ·  
This is how a terrorist state fights the war against civilians! #RussiaTerroristCountry
Daria Kaleniuk Retweeted ·  
There are just 10 years between the photos: dancing with his school teacher and standing with the commander-in-chief.
I didn't know much about Dmytro Kotsubailo (Da Vinci), just that he's a brave, respected commander. Now I read about him and realize what an incredible man he was
This committed 13 years old boy gave a speech back in 1990 demanding autonomy for Ukraine. Now Maksym who became human rights defender is a prisoner of war kept by moscovia.
In 1990, students in Kyiv went on a mass hunger strike to call for more rights and autonomy in the Soviet Union. It was Ukraine's 'Revolution on Granite.'

A 13 year old named Maksym voiced his support for them and for the independence of Ukraine. We all should know his name. 🧵
Daria Kaleniuk Retweeted ·  
Ukrainian mother with her child and a dog sleeping in a bathtub in their apartment during today's massive Russian attack on #Ukraine.

📷 is shared from Maria Genkin's Facebook, with her permission. The woman in the picture is her family.
Daria Kaleniuk Retweeted ·  
Legend. Hero. Best of the best . Our future leaders sacrificed lives for bright future… of Ukraine and the world. Photos - Yan Dobronosov
Tonight russia fired 81 missiles, including 6 kindzal ballistic missiles. F16 are able to shoot down cruise missiles at the early stage of their entrance to the UA air space. Now we have to rely only on ground air defense, which will never be able to stop all cruise missiles
Replying to @dkaleniuk
It is in NATO and the US air defense concept to rely on modern fighter jets. Why until now there is a denial of F16 for Ukraine if they could increase significantly our ability to protect UA critical infrastructure and civilians? @POTUS @JakeSullivan46 @SecDef
Tonight russia fired 81 missiles, including 6 kindzal ballistic missiles. F16 are able to shoot down cruise missiles at the early stage of their entrance to the UA air space. Now we have to rely only on ground air defense, which will never be able to stop all cruise missiles
We need F-16.
With these aircraft, we will be able to better protect the people and infrastructure of Ukraine.
The F-16 will give us the ability to shoot down more russian cruise missiles
Daria Kaleniuk Retweeted ·  
Kharkiv this morning after massive Russian missile attack with at least 15 S-300.
Daria Kaleniuk Retweeted ·  

A few minutes ago, Russia fired an additional wave of cruise missiles from the Black Sea over Moldovan air space and toward cities in Western Ukraine, near the border with Poland.
Russia is a terrorist state
The State Emergency Service has released the first photos from the scene of a Russian missile attack on Lviv Oblast.Rescuers have already found the bodies of four dead people.

Work to remove debris in the destroyed buildings continues. There may still be people under the rubble.
Love it!
My new favourite, on March 8 message from Georgian women!
RIP, legend!
To ENG-speaking followers.

Today Ukraine lost Dmytro "Da Vinci" Kotsiubailo. He took up arms to defend Ukraine from Russia in 2014 when he was only 18. One of the brightest UKR fighters, the "Hero of Ukraine" awardee.A true leader. Killed in action near Bakhmut.

Rest in Glory.
Brave Georgian people are resisting pro-russian government. Let the world stand with them!
Police using water cannon against peaceful demonstrator waving EU flag outside the Georgian Parliament protesting the adoption of the Russian-style anti-NGO law.
Bandura or Kobza. This is Ukrainian national music instrument. It has 55-65 strings. We say in Ukraine - a nation that plays balalaika (russian folk 3 string music instrument) can't win over a nation that plays bandura.
In #Kyiv, I heard a beautiful song in the underground passage.

Twin sisters Olga and Svitlana played bandura, a #Ukrainian folk music instrument, to collect money for army.

Soon, sirens of an air raid started but the girls kept singing.

#UkrainianSpirit #SlavaUkraini
Why Wagner group is still not designated by the US as a terrorist organization?
In February, Wagner field commander “Zombie” gave a 30 min interview to notorious propagandist Vladimir Solovyov. He describes fighting 3R in the Central African Republic, and facing Ukrainian forces, says they are much tougher than “African bandits.”
Daria Kaleniuk Retweeted ·  
Russia is kidnapping our children. It is the largest state-sponsored kidnapping of 🇺🇦 children. With this forced deportation, 🇷🇺 tries to erase the family & national identity of young Ukrainians. It is the genocide of a nation. Everyone who organized it will be held to account.
Daria Kaleniuk Retweeted ·  
Around 17 thousand Ukrainian children were kidnapped by russians. Only 307 were returned back. A tragedy of enormous scale #GenocideOfUkrainians #devastating
Daria Kaleniuk Retweeted ·  
If Russia wins in Ukraine, it sends a message to autocrats & dictators around the world that violence & violation of international law pays off.

We won’t send that message. The U.S. stands with Ukraine.
Daria Kaleniuk Retweeted ·  
What is known about family with 8-months-old daughter killed in Russian missile attack on Zaporizhzhia…
Daria Kaleniuk Retweeted ·  
The Ukrainian children stolen and sent to camps by Russia. Read this, then tell me how you can be “tired” of supporting Ukraine.…
The Ukrainian children stolen by Putin and sent to camps
Daria Kaleniuk Retweeted ·  
R.I.P Combat medic Yana Rykhlitska 🕯️
Hero forever ❤️
Ukrainian hero being executed by russians for saying "Glory to Ukraine"
‼️ WARNING: very sensetive content

Genocidal russians shoot Ukrainian POW for saying "Glory to Ukraine", while filming all of this.

#RussiaIsATerroristState #RussiaIsANaziState #WarCrimes
Daria Kaleniuk Retweeted ·  
Former US Secretary of the Treasury @LHSummers on using the hundreds of billions of dollars of seized assets from #Russia to fund #Ukraine in the defensive war against Putin.
"The expedient, popular & easy thing is also the right thing" and has precedent.
Not good news at internal Ukraine’s anti corruption front. Sadly. It is also my fault as I was away from UA for a while advocating for weapons. I beg @POTUS @JakeSullivan46 finally approve f-16 for UA so that I could come back & focus entirely on good governance reforms in UA
⚡️ Commission for the selection of NABU director announced the results of the competition:
✔ Semen Kryvonos, head of State Inspection of Architecture and City Construction
✔ Serhiy Hupiak, SBI investigator
✔ Roman Osypchuk, head of the internal control department of the NABU
A year of non-stop international travels, comments, reports, meetings - all aimed to advocate for everything Ukraine needs to win the war. On the 10th day of Russia’s full scale invasion we set up @ICUVua. Joint effort of @ANTS_NGO @ANTAC_ua @opora @FundPulaskiego
A year ago @HopkoHanna @dkaleniuk @OlenaHalushka @Aivazolja established ICUV with @KPisarska @FundPulaskiego support.
We are grateful to all with whom we fought side by side throughout the year. There is still a lot of work ahead of us, but we are sure that we will win together!
Daria Kaleniuk Retweeted ·  
“I want F-16s there and I’ve said that from the beginning…has anybody forgotten that 🇷🇺 provided fighter jets and trained pilots in Vietnam, and other wars that we have been in, certainly 🇰🇵? It is time for us to return the favor!”

- @SenatorRisch during our event w/ @cepa

Daria Kaleniuk Retweeted ·  
Dnipro.. military cemetery. One of the biggest in Ukraine. Many young people in their 20s. Some still unidentified. Futures which will never be realized. An enormous price Ukraine is paying to stop the monster..

🎥@ukraine_world @yermolenko_v
Daria Kaleniuk Retweeted ·  
russian bomb killed Yevhen Kovalenko, his fiancee Polina Zheldak and her family members on this day a year ago in Chernihiv. Never forget
Daria Kaleniuk Retweeted ·  
In reply to @dkaleniuk
They need these fighter jets, plus other ones we have that are just sitting unused in the Arizona desert, nothings impossible, the Ukrainian Air Force has been flying with the California national guard for 9 years, learning to use these jets would be a breeze for them.
Daria Kaleniuk Retweeted ·  
« Russian torture centres were not “random” but instead planned and directly financed by the Russian state » - good to see @EU_FPI managed #EU support 🇪🇺 to #Ukraine 🇺🇦 being useful for investigating war crimes by @GP_Ukraine…
Kherson torture centres were planned by Russian state, say lawyers
Daria Kaleniuk Retweeted ·  
Zaporizhzhia bravely resists ru-aggressor. In retaliation, it attacks civilians. A high-rise building was deliberately hit last night. 3 floors are completely destroyed, people died. We continue to search under the rubble. My condolences to the victims. We will not forgive this.
Daria Kaleniuk Retweeted ·  
I look forward to welcoming 🇺🇦 President @ZelenskyyUa at the #NATO summit in Vilnius this July!

Daria Kaleniuk Retweeted ·  
A new report from @IPHR and NAKO has found:
Western-made components have continued to reach Russia long after its full-scale invasion of Ukraine
💥 Such components have been and continue to be used in weapons involved in Russian suspected war crimes.…
Daria Kaleniuk Retweeted ·  
Bakhmut. Photo Evgeniy Maloletka
Possibly sensitive media. Public access unavailable.
The entire generation of young women and men sacrifice their lives and health for our chance to live in freedom. Our obligation is now to take care of them. This is part of our recipe for victory.
Ruslana is a 19 year old #Ukrainian defender. A year ago, she joined #UAarmy and became a signal operator. On February 10, she was seriously injured, while performing combat mission. Today, she wants to become an example for everyone who lost limbs in 🇷🇺 bloody war.
📷 @Liberov
March 1. Spring. We went through the hardest winter in Ukrainian history. Due to the sacrifice of thousands of Ukrainian servicemen and women. With help from our allies.
Daria Kaleniuk Retweeted ·  
Competition for selection of NABU director advances to the next stage. Last week the Commission selected 11 candidates who would go through last stage of professional interviews on Feb28 - Mar1. Then 3 best candidates will be selected and suggested to the Cabinet of Ministers.
For this particular reason and for stupid spam tweets I blocked Elon Musk tweeter account from my feed a while ago.
Elon Musk @elonmusk called the Revolution of Dignity a coup. It's as accurate as Musk took over Twitter in a raider attack.
Brilliant interview of @RepMcCaul for @ABC regarding long-range munitions & F16. "I know administration tells as long as it takes, but I think with the right weapons it shouldn't take so long"…
Video F-16s to Ukraine are not off the table: Rep. Michael McCaul
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